Come Home, Angus

[PDF] Come Home, Angus | by ↠ Patrick Downes - Come Home, Angus, Come Home Angus Angus woke up mad and knew today was not his day His dachshund Clive walked too slowly His canary Pennycake was too loud And to top it off his breakfast pancakes were way too skinny Angus was in

  • Title: Come Home, Angus
  • Author: Patrick Downes
  • ISBN: 9780545597685
  • Page: 238
  • Format: Hardcover

[PDF] Come Home, Angus | by ↠ Patrick Downes, Come Home, Angus, Patrick Downes, Come Home Angus Angus woke up mad and knew today was not his day His dachshund Clive walked too slowly His canary Pennycake was too loud And to top it off his breakfast pancakes were way too skinny Angus was in a bad mood and he decided to run away He walked two blocks three blocks five blocks then suddenly everything seemed scary and dark When his mother found Angus he reaAngus woke up [PDF] Come Home, Angus | by ↠ Patrick Downes - Come Home, Angus, Come Home Angus Angus woke up mad and knew today was not his day His dachshund Clive walked too slowly His canary Pennycake was too loud And to top it off his breakfast pancakes were way too skinny Angus was in

  • [PDF] Come Home, Angus | by ↠ Patrick Downes
    238Patrick Downes
Come Home, Angus

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  1. Angus learns a good lesson about anger that many adults still haven t Want to know what it is Then read this book Written by Patrick downes, illustrated by Boris Kulikov and published by Orchard Books PB anger emotions

  2. I am surprised this book came out this year, for it has the feel of some of the older books that are steeped in symbolism yet light in the portrayal I think the artwork may have added to that feel as well I liked seeing his mother on every page after he leaves the house, along with the pets I wish my mother could be there on my off days Though I ll admit the sardine sandwich almost made me gag I ll have to imagine in my own kind to make that pleasant Also, if I were to read this aloud to a group [...]

  3. We all have days like this Angus gets out on the wrong side of the beds and it s clearly everyone else s fault His mother, however, has certain expectations leading to discord In the spirit of full disclosure, Patrick Downes is a member of my Quaker meeting, and I consider him a good friend.

  4. 3.2 starsGot this from a list of 2017 Caldecott predictions.Angus s bad mood when he first wakes up colors his morning.

  5. We ve all had one of those days where nothing goes right, starting from the moment we wake up and feel inexplicably grumpy In the case of Angus, even his cat, his bird, and his cat, displease him with their slowness, their singing, and their purring, respectively When he complains about his breakfast to his mother and she reminds him that he needs to be polite, he bristles and runs away from home After getting lost, he settles on a bench and waits Eventually, his mother arrives with a sandwich, [...]

  6. I loved this book because reminds me of the conversations I have with my kids now when they talk about how BIG they are and how they can be left alone or take care of themselves You live in a bubble that Mommy and Daddy allow you to live in You have no idea how hard things are out there and we want it that way Stop rushing to grow up In this book Angus wakes in a bad mood and doesn t know why He just knows everything is bothering him The one person he could turn to is his mom even she isn t gett [...]

  7. In tune with toddler emotions and actions, the text and artwork pair nicely to convey the angry mood which changes to fear and then relief and happiness From the time Angus wakes up, his world is upside down everything but his bed is wrong and he is angry His anger is large and Angus is depicted as such Everything else remains the correct size We see a giant Angus walk a block one step As he continues along, a very small mother and two pets follow When Angus finally stops, he is his own size aga [...]

  8. Angus wakes up angry He does not really know why he is just out of sorts He snips at the pets and complains about the pancakes His mother reminds him that it might be OK to be angry but it is definitely not OK to be rude Angus decides he will run away He is drawn quite large when he is angry but being in a strange and unfamiliar place full of strange and unfamiliar faces makes him shrink back to normal size And when he realizes he forgot to pack his sardine sandwich well, all of that anger just [...]

  9. This is a really cute book about a child having a tantrum and a mother sticking to her guns, so to speak She tells Angus he must apologize for to his friends for his actions, but he refuses In the throes of his tantrum he decides he doesn t have to listen to his mother and decides to leave home The illustrations show a very angry child as he leaves home and as he walks he becomes smaller and smaller, much like his temper This book is great because it show children that while they may wake up in [...]

  10. Angus, a preschooler, wakes up grumpy and angry, for no real reason But after he s scolded by his mother for being mean to the pets, he decides to run away But what happens when he s far away from home and feeling better His mom, letting him spread his wings and explore, has secretly followed and even has a sardine sandwich for him.I loved the illustrations in this book The illustrator, Boris Kulikov, showed how much space an angry person can take up in the world by making Angus huge when he s u [...]

  11. I have mixed feelings about this book I like the way Angus gets larger with his anger and smaller as he runs away into the city I like the way you can spot his mom or at least her skirt and shoes as she shadows him he thinks he s on his own, but he isn t But the textures of the art are not pleasant It s a retro look that goes with the mom s old fashioned clothes, but it s jarring to the eye, especially when Angus gets large and you see his skin It looks sort of like snakeskin here, and the faces [...]

  12. A charming, thoughtfully illustrated book where the design of the images tells as much or than the words do Angus s wrong side of the bed bad day is portrayed with him as a giant, vague and scribbly form This form shrinks with every block he passes after leaving home, until he is finally a small, lost child in a hustle of adults and tall buildings If you look carefully you ll see his mother following him at a distance, ready to rescue him with sardine sandwich at hand when he settles down to fe [...]

  13. I liked this enough It s not a strong 3 star rating Angus didn t only wake up on the wrong side of the bed, everything is upside down I m not sure what the point of all the cross hatching on Angus was all about It gave him a doll like, artificial appearance Between that and the over sized Chuckie eyes, Angus is pretty scary And downright mean to his pets, especially his little dachshund As he got smaller, he loses his crosshatchings and the adults all have it Symbolic, I guess Sweet enough story [...]

  14. July 2016 I love the use of size and illustration style in this book There s a nicely told but not hugely original text about a boy waking up grumpy and running away from home, and the illustrations really take it above and beyond Angus changes size relative to how angry he is, and the way he s illustrated changes, too I love that you can spot his mom on each step of his trip, but she stays back.

  15. Angus wakes up in a bad mood and he feels a sense of his own power in it After arguing with his mother, Angus decides to run away Out in the big world, Angus feels small once again, and lost, and scared Luckily, Mama followed him and is there to comfort him with a nearly perfect sandwich and a hug.Acrylic wash, graphite pencil, pen, ink, nd oil pastel artwork PreK 2.

  16. Sometimes you just wake up mad but even when so you can t be mean Angus s mother scolds and Angus decides to run away from home in a huff Angus s mom is never far behind and Angus learns a good lesson when he realizes he is lost and surrounded by strangers Children will recognize that bad mood that most of us have to deal with now and then.

  17. Started out strong, with Angus getting annoyed by everything including skinny pancakes And I liked that he got smaller as he walked farther away from home But the ending annoyed ME And the illustration style was slightly creepy.

  18. Angus is in a fowl mood when he gets up and is having trouble managing his anger When his mother reminds him that its fine to be angry but not to rude he decides to run away from home After being along for a bit he realizes he s safer and happier at home Great illustrations

  19. A book about ego, with a little boy s appearance blown all out of proportion A little too lesson oriented for my taste and I didn t really like the stretchy, sketchy art.

  20. Cute story about a boy who wakes up on the wrong side of the bed, decides he will run away since he doesn t like anything, and realizes he misses everything about home.

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