All-Star Section Eight

Free Read All-Star Section Eight - by Garth Ennis - All-Star Section Eight, All Star Section Eight The world s weirdest super team is back PREACHER co creator and visionary writer Garth Ennis and artist John McCrea THE DEMON return to Section Eight the fan favorite group of bizarely wonderful super

  • Title: All-Star Section Eight
  • Author: Garth Ennis
  • ISBN: 9781401263263
  • Page: 352
  • Format: Paperback

Free Read All-Star Section Eight - by Garth Ennis, All-Star Section Eight, Garth Ennis, All Star Section Eight The world s weirdest super team is back PREACHER co creator and visionary writer Garth Ennis and artist John McCrea THE DEMON return to Section Eight the fan favorite group of bizarely wonderful superheroes not seen since the end of Ennis and McCrea s cult series HITMAN The DC Universe is in grave danger and there s only one group of superheroes who can save the day The wor Free Read All-Star Section Eight - by Garth Ennis - All-Star Section Eight, All Star Section Eight The world s weirdest super team is back PREACHER co creator and visionary writer Garth Ennis and artist John McCrea THE DEMON return to Section Eight the fan favorite group of bizarely wonderful super

  • Free Read All-Star Section Eight - by Garth Ennis
    352 Garth Ennis
All-Star Section Eight

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    Ennis began his comic writing career in 1989 with the series Troubled Souls Appearing in the short lived but critically acclaimed British anthology Crisis and illustrated by McCrea, it told the story of a young, apolitical Protestant man caught up by fate in the violence of the Irish Troubles It spawned a sequel, For a Few Troubles More, a broad Belfast based comedy featuring two supporting characters from Troubled Souls, Dougie and Ivor, who would later get their own American comics series, Dicks, from Caliber in 1997, and several follow ups from Avatar.Another series for Crisis was True Faith, a religious satire inspired by his schooldays, this time drawn by Warren Pleece Ennis shortly after began to write for Crisis parent publication, 2000 AD He quickly graduated on to the title s flagship character, Judge Dredd, taking over from original creator John Wagner for a period of several years Ennis first work on an American comic came in 1991 when he took over DC Comics s horror title Hellblazer, which he wrote until 1994, and for which he currently holds the title for most issues written Steve Dillon became the regular artist during the second half of Ennis s run Ennis landmark work to date is the 66 issue epic Preacher, which he co created with artist Steve Dillon Running from 1995 to 2000, it was a tale of a preacher with supernatural powers, searching literally for God who has abandoned his creation.While Preacher was running, Ennis began a series set in the DC universe called Hitman Despite being lower profile than Preacher, Hitman ran for 60 issues plus specials from 1996 to 2001, veering wildly from violent action to humour to an examination of male friendship under fire.Other comic projects Ennis wrote during this time period include Goddess, Bloody Mary, Unknown Soldier, and Pride Joy, all for DC Vertigo, as well as origin stories for The Darkness for Image Comics and Shadowman for Valiant Comics.After the end of Hitman, Ennis was lured to Marvel Comics with the promise from Editor in Chief Joe Quesada that he could write The Punisher as long as he cared to Instead of largely comical tone of these issues, he decided to make a much serious series, re launched under Marvel s MAX imprint.In 2001 he briefly returned to UK comics to write the epic Helter Skelter for Judge Dredd.Other comics Ennis has written include War Story with various artists for DC The Pro for Image Comics The Authority for Wildstorm Just a Pilgrim for Black Bull Press, and 303, Chronicles of Wormwood a six issue mini series about the Antichrist , and a western comic book, Streets of Glory for Avatar Press.In 2008 Ennis ended his five year run on Punisher MAX to debut a new Marvel title, War Is Hell The First Flight of the Phantom Eagle In June 2008, at Wizard World, Philadelphia, Ennis announced several new projects, including a metaseries of war comics called Battlefields from Dynamite made up of mini series including Night Witches, Dear Billy and Tankies, another Chronicles of Wormwood mini series and Crossed both at Avatar, a six issue miniseries about Butcher from The Boys and a Punisher project reuniting him with artist Steve Dillon subsequently specified to be a weekly mini series entitled Punisher War Zone, to be released concurrently with the film of the same name.Taken from enpedia wiki Garth_Ennis


  1. All Star Section Eight is the funniest comic I ve read all year It s Garth Ennis and John McCrea once gleefully pissing on superheroes and I laughed all the way through Spinning off from Hitman, Sixpack is somehow still alive and the only surviving member of Section Eight But a new threat is coming and only they can stop it Section Eight Assemble Meet the new Dogwelder a lunatic who welds dogs to things , Powertool a prat with a drill in his face , Bueno Excellente the world s biggest pervert , [...]

  2. Yet another Garth Ennis book of superhero satire You d think, if the guy hates superheroes so much, maybe he shouldn t write them so often, eh Still, it s a hilarious book, if you can look past all the shit, piss and vomit that seems to plague almost every comic by Ennis The Batman issue was especially laugh out loud funny, with all the homages to classic Batman images in the context of him getting a fine for parking in the wrong place If you re an Ennis fan, check it out

  3. It may not be Garth Ennis best work, but it s still funny and he parodies some big characters in DC Maybe I enjoyed it because I m not a fan The artwork is as disgusting as you might expect we re talking about Sixpack, a character who is a drunkard but the exaggerations are welcome and fitting.After a return to alcohol, respected art critic Sidney Speck transforms into our beloved Sixpack He knows about a deadly threat which is totally not coming from his booze induced haze He decides to rebuil [...]

  4. A very effective trick of Garth Ennis and John McCrea s excellent HITMAN series was to establish a space within a superhero universe where superheroes would simply look out of place Sure, Hitman and his cast would and did seem absurd dealing with the crossover du jour, but Noonan s Bar was a zone where they could turn the tables and present a world in which Green Lantern or Batman would come across as dickheads In doing so they gave their comic a dignity not generally afforded to minor titles.Of [...]

  5. Delusional alcoholic superhero Sixpack and his compadres well, such of them as survived their original appearances, anyway return, thanks to a brief window of relaxation in DC s recent obsession with consistency and house style Given Garth Ennis hates superheroes, John McCrea makes everything look disreputable, and the other team members include Bueno Excellente who fights crime through the power of perversion and Dogwelder who does what it sounds like , you can guess the general tone But as Six [...]

  6. Here we have Ennis and McCrea, the original Irish bad boys of comics, at their most playful, starting with the series title itself DC s All Star moniker is typically reserved for iconoclastic takes on its best known characters However, the titular super hero team hasn t been seen since Ennis and McCrea s Hitman run, and I doubt anyone else could have crafted such an effective revival The series takes some easy pot shots early on at the mechanics of superhero fiction, following erstwhile leader S [...]

  7. I was a huge fan of Hitman back in the day and was very excited to see that Ennis and McCrea would be revisiting some of those characters This series really won t disappoint you if you re looking for of that kind of stuff While it contains a smattering of Justice League appearances yeah, don t look for those characters to be handled in ANY way like you ve seen before , this series is firmly centered on Six Pack and his band of idiots.The first few issues felt a little typical, if enjoyable, in [...]

  8. 2 3 Stars Garth Ennis has made it clear that he doesn t like Superheroes see Hitman and The Boys Garth Ennis is also someone whose works can be beautific Preacher, War Stories, Heartland and then just revel in low brow shits and giggles I tend to not like that Garth Ennis As such, All Star Section Eight kind of straddles the two the commentary is generally not overtly clever, but each issues basically teases the the thought and sensibilities of each member of justice league Batman, Green Lantern [...]

  9. If this was by somebody else than Ennis, this would be brilliance But as I expect from Ennis, this is just so so So sick funny bits, misses but still nice and fluent read.But the main thing for me John McCrea art after quite awhile He is one of the best, so grim and funny art His art should come to my hands .

  10. Some of this is great particularly when it gets grim , and McCrea s art is A throughout, but a lot of the jokes are misses.

  11. Were the jokes a little cheap More than a little.Still it was a fun book with sympathy for underdogs and some unbecoming hatred of the overdogs.

  12. Or four stars Sixpack, an alcoholic, attempts to put together a new superhero team by provoking the A listers of DC Comics to join him, and so, Ennis sets off on another piss, crap and boke over the supergods and it should maybe be tiresome yet manages innovation, wonder and hearty roaring laughs McCrea brings together his fine skills of iconic rendering, grotesque malarkey and portrayal of twisted mental and physical delirium and it s sealed It mostly works It s a line em up and shoot em down w [...]

  13. read the floppy version which means I missed the preview story This is the problem with DC and Marvel Why, in a million years, would I think to buy an issue of Harley Quinn or whatever in order to get a special preview story of the new Garth Ennis comic I am done with supporting these horseshit companies and will no longer buy their monthly comics Piss on them.This one was simply okay First half was weak other than the flat out stealing of Batman art in the first issue with the second half not q [...]

  14. A pesar que cuenta con el equipo creativo original, y algunos chistes como no pod a ser de otra manera para el tono y los personajes, Secci n Ocho es una miniserie que se siente m s como un trabajo a pedido que una propuesta personal de los autores.

  15. Okay Garth Ennis, I see what you tried to do I m going to do us both a favour and pretend that this never happened, ok Done.

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