Assassins are People Too

Assassins are People Too Best Download || [S.C. Wynne] - Assassins are People Too, Assassins are People Too Marc Francis is a paid assassin Other than that he s a pretty normal guy like how he s got a little thing for the blond guy in D Just a normal guy with a normal crush until one of Marc s enemies

  • Title: Assassins are People Too
  • Author: S.C. Wynne
  • ISBN: 9781682520284
  • Page: 166
  • Format: ebook

Assassins are People Too Best Download || [S.C. Wynne], Assassins are People Too, S.C. Wynne, Assassins are People Too Marc Francis is a paid assassin Other than that he s a pretty normal guy like how he s got a little thing for the blond guy in D Just a normal guy with a normal crush until one of Marc s enemies tries to get the drop on him in the elevator and then it s the blonde cutie to the rescue Dillon Carter from D sacrifices his potted plant to save him Instantly Marc aMar Assassins are People Too Best Download || [S.C. Wynne] - Assassins are People Too, Assassins are People Too Marc Francis is a paid assassin Other than that he s a pretty normal guy like how he s got a little thing for the blond guy in D Just a normal guy with a normal crush until one of Marc s enemies

  • Assassins are People Too Best Download || [S.C. Wynne]
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Assassins are People Too

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    S.C Wynne started writing m m in 2013 and did look back once She wanted to say that because it seems everyone s bio says they never looked back and, well S.C Wynne is all about the joke She loves writing m m and her characters are usually a little jaded, funny and ultimately redeemed through love S.C loves red wine, margaritas and Seven and Seven s Yes, apparently S.C Wynne is incredibly thirsty S.C Wynne loves the rain and should really live in Seattle but instead has landed in sunny, sunny, unbelievably sunny California Writing is the best profession she could have chosen because S.C is a little bit of a control freak To sit in her pajamas all day and pound the keys of her laptop controlling the every thought and emotion of the characters she invents is a dream come true.If you d like to contact S.C Wynne she is amusing herself on Facebook at all hours of the day or you can contact her at scwynne dslextreme


  1. THREE HEARTS Assassins I love them The darker the character the better Give me a complex criminal I can sink my teeth into and I m one happy reader I ll admit, I saw the cover and squeed only a little because we always need assassin romances in the world In S.C Wynne s Assassins are People Too , don t expect dark Instead, it s lighter, closer to campy and snarky.The novella starts off with a bang ways than one I question the swiftness of some actions shrugs but the reader is taken along for a [...]

  2. Assassins hold a sinister attraction for me that I know is morally questionable or worse , but that I cannot seem to escape I think it is the idea that they only kill the bad guys and who doesn t want that, right So when I find a book with a title like Assassins are People Too , of course I want to read it Worlds collide when Marc, the international assassin, and Dillon, a harmless bookstore clerk with a big heart, meet in the elevator of their building and Marc is attacked by guy number three i [...]

  3. A Joyfully Jay review 5 starsThis novel began with a bang and never let up This was a breathless rush toward an ending that actually made my jaw drop and prompt me to throw my kindle across the room in disbelief and frustration Oh dear author, how could you let us hanging like this But, I must readily admit that it would have been a terrible injustice to a really excellent novel of intrigue and murder to wrap up the ending in a neat bow Instead, we are given just that little bit of potential for [...]

  4. 3.5 starsI was adoring this for the first half the assassin regular guy thing was fun and sexy The second half, though, seemed to go in a different direction Not nearly as fun, and the relationship seemed a little forced The epilogue wasn t really a true epilogue since it just led to a cliffhanger ending So, in the end, my feelings were a little mixed.

  5. The concept of Assassins are People Too by S.C Wynne interested me right away A man thaws an assassin s formerly icy heart to bring desperately needed love to both of their lives In the first scene, the civilian, Dillion, rescues Marc, the assassin, from certain death with a potted fern I was able to look past the sophomoric writing because that had to be the best life saving technique ever.But then they had sex right after almost being killed And the believability and thus my investment went do [...]

  6. What a wonderful and exciting book Yes yes there was a cliffhanger but there will be a second book so hold on to your panties It wasn t a sad cliffy so don t get all freaked out Dillon and Marc are adorable together Geeky bookstore guy meets hired assassin What s not to love about that We get to see both of their POV s which I was very happy about I think I would have gone nuts wondering what Marc was thinking This is a very exciting book and I found myself wondering who s good and who s bad I c [...]

  7. 4.5The first part of the story was pure fun I love S.C.Wynne s sense of humor Then it got serious, especially what Dillon was feeling, and I found this refreshing I wasn t quite sure what I wanted to happen I m still not sure that what happened is what I wanted to happen, but the fact that I m still thinking about these characters, and will be for a while, wondering how they re faring, I just love that And I d love a sequel

  8. I love action stories, but this one didn t really work for me It s a novella, so character and relationship development felt speedy and shallow Also, thumbs down for the surprise cliff hanger This was my first book by this author, so if you are interested in checking them out, I personally would recommend checking another title instead.

  9. I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads.Marc is an assassin who is closed off and has never been in a meaningful relationship Dillon is your average guy, decent, honest with regular day job When they come together Marc knows he shouldn t see Dillon again because it would put Dillon s life in danger but he can t stay away They have great chemistry In the case of this couple, opposites attract.I enjoyed Assassins Are People Too This story is easy reading, with sex, [...]

  10. I received this book in return for a fair and honest review.This is my first SC Wynne story and I really enjoyed it I liked the chemistry between the MC s and how, with the use of alternating POV s, I was able to feel connected and invested in their story.Perhaps there could be a little character relationship development showing than tellingbut the story would have needed to be fleshed out and much longer in length I wouldn t have minded this being a full length novel The story is interesting [...]

  11. 1st read 11 28 15Cliffhanger Warning I didn t notice any indication in the blurb that this was book one It was a decent story Not a ton of character development There s no detail on Marc s jobs , just guys coming after him It s also a short story, so no insight is given on Marc and Dillon s relationship developing It s mostly just telling, that Marc keeps coming back over months and they spend time together Not really much sex, doesn t overwhelm the story Alternating POV s I do get a sense of co [...]

  12. This is a very fast moving and funny beginning to a series It ends on a cliff hanger but it s not too terrible just enough to keep you interested.Marc and Dillon have amazing chemistry and their banter is witty and entertaining I really enjoyed this beginning to the series and can t wait for it to continue.It s a short story so my hope is we ll see of these guys characters in the coming books.

  13. The beginning Mmmphff HOT Loved it, and I definitely enjoyed reading about this Glad I had the second book to read right away as this definitely leaves you with a cliffhanger I don t read too many stories where one of the MCs is an assassin, but I enjoyed this one I m actually glad it wasn t too, too angsty and full of drama, it was really about Marc and Dillon.

  14. Liked the story and Marc and Dillon s chemistry Will say though that I didn t appreciate the cliffy of an endingHate those Definitely crossing my fingers for a book 2.

  15. Marc has been watching his neighbor Dillon for some time but would never have initiated contact had a hitman not tried to take him out Marc is a pain assassin working for a nebulous government agency who would deny his existence should he ever be in real trouble like, say for instance, an attempt on his life in his own apartment building However, this is not Marc s first time at the rodeo But, when his would be hitman gets him in an awkward choke hold, Dillon, who is riding the same elevator, ha [...]

  16. Very cuteYou knew where it was going all along, but it was worth the trip Good characters, funny dialogue, moved right along I will read the sequel.

  17. Book Assassins Are People Too Assassins in Love 1 Author S.C WynneStar rating No of Pages 115Movie Potential Ease of reading very easy to read and follow.Would I read it again YES Give me I WAS GIVEN THIS BOOK, BY THE AUTHOR, IN RETURN FOR AN HONEST REVIEW Reviewed for Divine MagazineNooooo Cliffhanger alert Cliffhanger alert Okay, so I literally just finished reading this andwhat can I say It was brilliant Funny, quirky in a great way, intense but also sweet and sensual andyou get the picture. [...]

  18. Review can be read at It s About The Book I really liked this novella It s action packed Full of tension and sexy as hell It doesn t hurt that Marc is an assassin and I LOVE assassins It was pretty much a must read for me and I m so glad I picked it up It does end of a cliffhanger I know I don t love them either but I m not upset I read it As soon as I finished I went directly to the author s FB page to look and see if there was word on book 2 and apparently she s writing it So no worries If you [...]

  19. Assassins in Love 1I have to admit that the title, Assassins are People Too is what originally attracted me to this book I mean outside of the duh factor of course assassins are people because guns don t kill people, people kill people it s cute and kind of catchy But once I read the blurb that described what the book was about, I was hooked.I m not a big fan of first person stories Very few people do them well enough not to irritate me Sparkly vampires aside, Stephanie Meyer writes an excellent [...]

  20. 3.5 Something was terribly wrong when my most viable option of romance was a paid assassin who popped in when he was bored.

  21. Emotions are not part of the equation for paid assassin Marc Francis Nevertheless, Marc s head could not overrule his heart s strong attraction to his apartment neighbor, Dillon Carter.Assassins are People Too is an energetic action plot of two men who become unlikely lovers with little to no future of a normal relationship Marc and Dillon s stolen moments of intimacy are marred by murder attempts from Marc s enemies.Marc is a shadow man who has lost his humanity He is trapped in an unsupported [...]

  22. From the so cute elevator scene to the crap I guessed, now you re gonna have to kill me This is not your typical assassin book And I thoroughly enjoyed it.Dillon is this completely unassuming guy that works in a book store comes home and talks to plants Or at least that s how he see s himself.Marc, or that s the name he s going by for our purposes See s Dillon in a different light He see s this charming, kinda shy, tough guy that he wants but because of circumstances is better off not following [...]

  23. 3.5 starsWhy can t an assassin find insta lust or even insta love just like any other fictional character Once I suspended belief just a bit, I really enjoyed this Short, sweet and fun, it was just what I needed Really liked Marc and Dillon, and I have to say for a novella, these two guys went through quite a bit Quick paced with a bit of a cliffhanger ending, I found myself wanting I am definitely looking forward to the next book there has to be one, right Received a copy from the author for a [...]

  24. Bland, superficial and childish Also, incomplete How about finishing a book before trying to sell it This idea of selling a book only to find it is only the first installment of a series the author may or may not complete is very dishonest Lucky I didn t actually pay for it or I would be asking for my money back I wouldn t read the next one even if it was free anyway.

  25. I was a bit disappointed that it just ended , but I understand there will be Sometimes I found it took me a while to deal with the changes in POV I would forget which one was speaking and kind of have to stop and focus on who said what and then start reading again Not sure why that happened But I enjoyed both characters and am curious to see how the sequel progresses.

  26. Reviewed for Prism Book Alliance I am a fan of SC Wynne She always has solid stories that keep me turning the pages Assassins are People, Too Is just such a story It isn t terribly deep or even terribly unique, but it has characters you can t help but like and just enough plot to keep you interested For full review see Prism Book Alliance prismbookalliance p 4

  27. Good read but not too deep I liked this book a lot but the characters were not all that deeply developed It s a quick read and was pretty enjoyable It s the book equivalent of a package of MMs, I wouldn t recommend it if you ve got a craving for Godiva chocolate cheesecake.

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