✓ Selfie ☆ Amy Lane - Selfie, Selfie One year ago actor Connor Montgomery lost the love of his life to a drunk driver But what s worse for Connor is what he still has a lifetime of secrets born of hiding his relationship from the glare

  • Title: Selfie
  • Author: Amy Lane
  • ISBN: 9781626493841
  • Page: 142
  • Format: ebook

✓ Selfie ☆ Amy Lane, Selfie, Amy Lane, Selfie One year ago actor Connor Montgomery lost the love of his life to a drunk driver But what s worse for Connor is what he still has a lifetime of secrets born of hiding his relationship from the glare of Hollywood Unable to let go of the world he and Vinnie shared Connor films a drunken YouTube confession on the anniversary of Vinnie s death Thankfully the video was siOne year ago actor C ✓ Selfie ☆ Amy Lane - Selfie, Selfie One year ago actor Connor Montgomery lost the love of his life to a drunk driver But what s worse for Connor is what he still has a lifetime of secrets born of hiding his relationship from the glare

  • ✓ Selfie ☆ Amy Lane
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    Amy Lane dodges an EDJ, mothers four children, and writes the occasional book She, her brood, and her beloved mate, Mack, live in a crumbling mortgage in Citrus Heights, California, which is riddled with spiders, cats, and than its share of fancy and weirdness Feel free to visit her at greenshill orwriterslane, where she will ride the buzz of receiving your e mail until her head swells and she can no longer leave the house.


  1. nope.just like that black guy with zero reaction to that language except burbling devotiony lane has lost her goddamned mind again she just gets worse and worse with this bullshitere s just no excuse for dark chocolate monkey of love none.____________this book s publisher, the excellent Riptide Press, has responded riptidepublishing riptide ____________for the full story of how this went down, see this storify genao amy lane wr

  2. This book just did not work for me on just about every level I was trying to write a brief review as to why and I just couldn t, so be prepared for things to get ranty here I m going to try to organize my thoughts here and break it down though because SO many things went wrong here that its hard to know where to begin.First of all, the cover Why does it only have one person on the cover And its the white guy in the book Could they not find any black Am Indian models Why was Noah left off the cov [...]

  3. This is a story about grief And it s a story about healingIt s a story about losing love, and finding it Have you ever written in the sand You think that first wave is going to just eliminate everything, but it doesn t No there s scar tissue on an ephemeral tablet, little bumps and ridges and reminders that there was something important there, and just because it s gone now doesn t mean it didn t exist.When Connor Montgomery, action movie star, loses Vinnie, his lover of ten years, in a tragic a [...]

  4. 2.5 stars I ve not had the greatest run with Amy Lane in the past year, with all of my recent reads from her falling in the 3 star range While I ll still always seek out those Amy Lane gems Christmas Kitsch, Truth in the Dark, The Locker Room that have ended up on my favorites list, I m going to have to be picky with what I try from her in the future This book has lots of love from many reviewers whose opinons I respect, so I think this is just a matter of it s me, not you However, I struggled [...]

  5. I was two, 2.5 Stars for this and then the I dwell on it, the ANGRIER I get This book should come with some major warning labels Spoilers ahead, starting with section ThreeFirst, the good The first half of the book or so was really good I liked how Connor was depicted and I liked his transition to Bluewater Bay I liked his insecurity over if he was actually talented as an actor or just fit a certain type, and I liked how acting was seen through his eyes Second, the bad Noah is a cipher in this [...]

  6. Seriously, if you re going to include PoC in your books, you need to make at least minimal effort to not produce racist screed This isn t the first time it s happened, it s been pointed out before, and yet there s no growth or self awareness from this author Really disappointing.For specific reasons why this book is so problematic, see Sarah s review which articulates the issues really well.

  7. There are a couple of things about this book you need to know from the beginning First, this is one of those FEELING books It will slowly zap you with small jolts of electrical zings as if a current runs from the words directly to your heart It won t destroy you but you will FEEL it Second, this is a lengthy book Prepare for a time investment because it s not a quick, easy read It s deep, sharp and amazing Third, Noah is mine and if anyone has anything less than stellar to say about my boy we wi [...]

  8. 5 Amy lane s feels stars Connor Noah You know what kind of book Amy Lane s write, yeah Either it s funny, fluffy at it s best, or sad, bitter and tear jerking Then what if the two of it mingled together Yeah, I know This is one of those book, that will ripped your heart, puffy eyes after reading, but also has it s own fun and fluffy times.But this one, lots of grieving, sadness, the feeling about losing your half And you know how smooth Amy with this kind of stuff.Noah, oh bless his heart I thin [...]

  9. 4 Stars This book is about loss and living I really enjoyed this book but I want you to know it s a hard book to read, it s a painful book to read is about losing the love of your life, losing your entire world along with them and then finding a way to survive even when you don t want to keep going This book is about grief It s about not only losing your lover but not being able to fully grieve the loss of your lover because, your relationship doesn t exist I had a really emotional time when I w [...]

  10. There s a reason Amy Lane is widely considered one of the greatest m m romance authors of all time, and this book is a shining example When Lane is on her game, she makes other competent writers look like children writing essays with crayons and craft paper The emotional complexity of the main character is unparalleled, and the dynamics of his relationships, both with lovers and friends, are masterfully wrought The story is simultaneously heartbreaking and uplifting, sweet and sad It s rare for [...]

  11. 4.5 stars hurts Everything is something he won t hear or see, and I want to tell it to him, and there s no space in my head for me because it s all about telling Vinnie This book is a subtle punch in the gut It s not the angst and pain, Amy Lane that the author is famous for, but it s not the light Candy Man type either It s somewhere in the middle, but it s heartbreakingly beautiful, and I shut down my Kindle as I finished with a loud Sigh I think I went through the entire gamut of emotions whi [...]

  12. Edit several days laterMany already know what went down after one of the several issues with the book became viralized and after some brand names started in on the topic Since then, the editor of the book has apologized for their glib original response, Riptide has issued a response and Amy Lane has fucked up even worse.My initial feeling as a POC was one of skepticism and truthfully I sneered After a few days of consideration, I continue to feel the same.Look, Riptide apologising and somewhat o [...]

  13. Full review now posted 4 16 16Once again, Amy Lane does not disappoint What a beautiful, emotional journey about learning to live again after the loss of a loved one Selifie by Amy Lane, is a story of a movie star, Connor Montgomery, learning to live life again after the death of fellow movie star and boyfriend Vinnie Walker The world knew them as best friends, always together and having fun But they were much than that, they were the world to each other After Vinnie is killed in a car accident [...]

  14. Although this didn t quite make it to the top ranks of my favorite Amy Lane books, of which there are many I was touched by the pain Connor went through as he tried to deal with a loss he couldn t openly share Being in the closet has toxic effects that are much deeper and pervasive than it might seem One of the worst, throughout history, has been the way it not only crimps sharing a life together, but forbids a gay person from taking their place at a lover s side, near death, at death and after [...]

  15. 2.5 stars it s not the book, it s me This book is about grieving, healing, coming out, having a second chance It s packed with angst and so, so much emotion, and great characters So why not stars the writing style completely threw me off I kept reading sentences again and again as if I couldn t read in English any and therefore couldn t connect with the MCs it kept coming and going, sadly going than coming and the lack of Noah s POV didn t help I felt like I missed something all the time, a re [...]

  16. Absolutely my favourite one yet in this series This book deals most beautifully with grief and how it can utterly cripple you to the point where you simply cease to be You can function but you basically stop living.For Connor that happened when the love of his life, Vinnie, was killed by a drunk driver and their 10 year relationship became a source of constant pain because as Hollywood actors they d spent those 10 years hiding everything about how they were lovers, partners, friends, irreplaceab [...]

  17. This review is going to be offensive so in case you are very sensitive, don t read it.I really liked the book Amy Lane can write and her characters are funny, quirky, damaged, weak and strong, sbumissive and dominant and.oh, wow, sometimes not even white.How often does the not white community yes, I use this phrase because silly me just doesn t know which is the right way to adress and include everybody who doesn t indientify as white at the moment in case you haven t noticed, the political corr [...]

  18. This a very emotional story about grief and second chances Connor and Vinnie were Hollywood actors who were in a relationship for ten years before Vinnie is killed in a car accident The incident spirals Connor into a pit of despair On the one year anniversary of Vinnie s death Connor makes a drunken video chronicling his pain and posts it on YouTube The incident shows his manager how bad things have gotten and she pushes him to take a role on a television show in Washington in an effort to start [...]

  19. Full review closer to release date but note I cried in EVERY SINGLE CHAPTER while I read this.I stayed up til 3 am to finish it.I want my very own Noah.Let me warn you right now You will need Kleenex Lots of them For this book.If you combine The Bells of Times Square with The Locker Room you get a small inkling of how painful this book ised here on release day openskyebookreviews selfie

  20. It was ok Too much angst Con trying to get over Vinnie s dead got old after a while The conversations with Vinnie s ghost were a little ridiculous.Overall ok Nothing to call home about.

  21. 4.5 starsI thought I could make it I was sure this was going to be the very first angst heavy Amy Lane book where I wasn t going to cry I was sure I wasn t going to shed a tear Oh how wrong I was this one hit me late in the book, in the last 20% even, that s why I never saw it coming But when it did, it was so painful it simply took my breath away yes there were tears and real crying, and my heart simply HURT We know from the blurb that Connor lost the love of his life, his best friend and partn [...]

  22. FGMAMTC Blog Review GiveawayFGMAMTC Blog TopReads2015 Author Interview Selfie Excerpt RevealConnor is having a hard time coping His boyfriend of 10 years died a year ago, but since they never came out, he isn t seen as a man morning his partner He s sinking He s in the public eye, which highlights to the world any mistakes he makes Noah is strong and real, exactly what Connor needs He quickly falls in love with Connor and patiently guides him back to the land of the living Selfie covers so many [...]

  23. First, I want to mention that the Bluewater Bay books can all be read as standalone You will find character crossovers in the books, but they re not so predominant that you can t easily follow along So, if you haven t read any of this series, don t be daunted by the fact that this one is 13 I will say that both of my favorite books from this series so far were both written by Amy Lane Amy Lane has this thing where she writes a story that when I read it, it makes me feel all the feelings, sometim [...]

  24. 4.5 stars When we meet Connor Montgomery, he is basically at rock bottom Having woken up with a helluva hangover, AND discovering that he filmed himself in a drunken stupor raging, crying, and singing over the anniversary of the loss of his best friend and love, Vinnie it seems he couldn t really sink any lower With the help of his agent, he picks himself up read his agent drags his ass out and does everything that needs to be done , and takes a part on the hit TV show Wolf s Landing I truly did [...]

  25. I loved being back in the small town of Bluewater Bay Revisiting different places and catching up with some of the town s memorable residents was a treat Small town romances are my weakness, and this fictional town in the Pacific Northwest makes my inner sap very happy.At the beginning of Selfie , Connor is a pretty pitiful character He lives as a recluse, shutting himself off from the world and drinking away the pain of his lover s death Being in his head was heartbreaking We get a front row se [...]

  26. Amy Lane use to be an instabuy for me, not so much any I think the problem is that she is chugging them out without taking the time to develop her characters, plots, etc Her editors are doing her a grave disservice If this book is a romance, its a romance between Vinnie and Connor The insta love between Noah and Connor was not only unbelievable, but trite I honestly think the book would have been better if Noah was removed and the book focused on Connor coming to terms with his loss, picking up [...]

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