The Herring Seller's Apprentice

[PDF] Unlimited Ú The Herring Seller's Apprentice : by L.C. Tyler - The Herring Seller's Apprentice, The Herring Seller s Apprentice Ethelred Tressider is a crime writer with problems His latest novel is going nowhere mid life crisis is looming and he s burdened by the literary agent he probably deserves Elsie Thirkettle a diminu

  • Title: The Herring Seller's Apprentice
  • Author: L.C. Tyler
  • ISBN: 9780230529656
  • Page: 377
  • Format: Hardcover

[PDF] Unlimited Ú The Herring Seller's Apprentice : by L.C. Tyler, The Herring Seller's Apprentice, L.C. Tyler, The Herring Seller s Apprentice Ethelred Tressider is a crime writer with problems His latest novel is going nowhere mid life crisis is looming and he s burdened by the literary agent he probably deserves Elsie Thirkettle a diminutive but determined individual who claims to enjoy neither the company of writers nor literature of any sort But however bad things look they can always get worse as E [PDF] Unlimited Ú The Herring Seller's Apprentice : by L.C. Tyler - The Herring Seller's Apprentice, The Herring Seller s Apprentice Ethelred Tressider is a crime writer with problems His latest novel is going nowhere mid life crisis is looming and he s burdened by the literary agent he probably deserves Elsie Thirkettle a diminu

  • [PDF] Unlimited Ú The Herring Seller's Apprentice : by L.C. Tyler
    377L.C. Tyler
The Herring Seller's Apprentice

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    L C Tyler grew up in Essex and studied geography at Jesus College Oxford University and systems analysis at City University in London During a career with the British Council he lived in Malaysia, Sudan, Thailand and Denmark More recently he has been based in Islington and West Sussex and is Chief Executive of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health He is married and has two children and one dog.Series Elsie and Ethelred Mystery John Grey Historical Mystery


  1. The Herring Seller s Apprentice is a terrific mystery which, at least at the beginning, made me laugh out loud several times My husband thought I was losing it when I was reading it I m only about 50% done at the moment, and it s gone from laugh out loud to smiling with a bit of a twitch as things are getting rather tense.It s told in first person, from the perspective of a writer who has three author personas, including a mystery writer and a romance writer His agent dubs him the herring seller [...]

  2. This is so funny I loved it A couple of favorite quotes both from page one and I just kept loving snippets Just when you think you have committed the perfect crime, things most unfairly take a turn for the worse I had picked up the receiver quickly and listened for a few moments to a familiar voice trying to do irony at one o clock in the morning something that is as difficult as it is pointless.

  3. I really thought I would like this book cozy mystery, literary agent addicted to chocolate, set in picturesque England what s not to love I found Elsie to be pushy yet a little endearing in her tenderness towards Ethelred and I was really disappointed in how Ethelred turned out in the end A little vague I know, but I don t want to give anything away.Disappointed in the book and won t be reading the others in the series.

  4. This book was full of the quirky type of humour I love with two lead characters that throughly entertained me Ethelred with his various pseudonyms writers block pushy Elsie with her live of chocolate theres some great one liners.A good read that will surely make you smile.

  5. L C Tyler s hugely enjoyable murder mystery revolves around another crime writer and his obnoxious, rude and chocolate addicted literary agent Middle aged and disillusioned writer Ethelred Tressider makes a moderate living by writing under three different pen names Nothing much has happened in his life since his divorce from enigmatic and entirely untrustworthy, unfaithful Geraldine When his ex wife s rental car is found on the beach near Ethelred s home with a suicide note torn from his own wri [...]

  6. This delightful mystery is both an homage to and a spoof of Agatha Christie and a treasure all its own.Ethelred Tressider is a mediocre mystery writer, or herring seller as in red herrings Actually, under various names, he s two mystery writers and a romance writer, all of them unable to write about sex and all of them mediocre Elsie Thirkettle is his agent, who loves chocolate and disdains writers in about equal measure When a lovely body turns up in Ethelred s rather out of the way part of Eng [...]

  7. The Herring Seller Apprentice is a lightly satirical turn on cosy crime fiction Although competently written, it did little for me I suspect that this is partly a matter of taste Cosies are not my crime fiction of choice I am a great fan, however, of fiction that tries to play with and subvert the genre such as that by Malcolm Pryce, Jasper Fforde and Donna Moore But even on this level, the book felt a little flat and insubstantial The whole thing felt too contrived and knowing The result was I [...]

  8. Ethelred Tressider writes moderately successful mysteries selling red herrings, as it were His agent Elsie a short, fat woman who dresses like a tall, slender one knows authors are idiots, but still has a well concealed soft spot for Tressider When his faithless ex wife disappears, Elsie is ready to help him look for the culprit Someone must have killed Geraldine, she reasons she had so many enemies Elsie knows Tressider is hiding something from her, but she s also sure that he is not a killer B [...]

  9. A delightful read Ethelred Tressider is a writer His agent is Elsie Thirkettle Fun quotes That s what I love about the country Hello, I see you re a total stranger why don t you come in You ve got at least an hour to clean the place out, if you need that long Dearie And It s amazing how many crap decisions you can make in a single evening if you put your mind to it.

  10. Thoroughly enjoyed this very funny murder mystery The two main characters made me laugh out loud, and the author captures their voices perfectly As the author says There s an important difference between fiction and real life Fiction has to be believable Not sure the plot was entirely believable, but the characters certainly were, and I didn t care anyway, because I was having too much fun.

  11. LC Tyler casts a wry eye over the process of writing detective fiction while providing a most readable murder mystery and a couple of delightfully loopy main protagonists in Ethelred, a hack author of detective fiction and Mills and Boon style hospital romances and his agent, Elsie Murder shouldn t be so much fun And yes I got the in joke Will definitely try the sequels.

  12. Slightly baffled at some of the sniffy reviews This is a very clever subversion of the traditional mystery while still playing fair Full review at classicmystery.wordpress.

  13. From the read dates you will see I whizzed through this book, which implies it is an easy read It is, but none the worse for that The story concerns a writer, his agent and the death of his ex wife The agent is something of an Agatha Raisin in that she is a professional woman who can t keep her nose out of other people s business The narrative starts with the writer and continues with his for nearly half the book, then the agent, Elsie takes over for a number of chapters while warning that she a [...]

  14. Author Ethelred s ex wife Geraldine goes missing and then he is called upon to identify her body Ethelred seems to his agent Elsie to be keen on carrying out an investigation of his own, rather than helping the police.Ethelred was very entertaining, although I went off him by the end Elsie on the other hand was an extremely good character, both in the chapters when Ethelred is talking about her and in those chapters in her own voice I found the sections where Ethelred is trying to write his next [...]

  15. Oh, dear The actual mystery in this book is OK if a little obvious but L C Tyler couldn t have created a less sympathetic character than Ethelred, a man who is unable to either take responsibility for anything that has gone wrong in his own life or enjoy any of the things that are going well Elsie is far endearing stubborn, intelligent, tenacious but Tyler through the eyes of Ethelred can t help but point out that she s fat as much as possible She eats chocolate all the time Because she s fat, [...]

  16. This is a very strange book I m not entirely sure I liked it, but it is a quick read Mostly it is told from the viewpoint of Ethelred Tressider, a hack writer of mysteries, historicals, and romances under several names , but ocassional chapters are by his agent Elsie Thirkettle A few are even Ethelred s attempts to begin a new detective story The mystery begins with the disappearance of Ethelred s ex wife, Geraldine Naturally he can t help but do his own bit of investigating, despite his scorn o [...]

  17. 3 stars out of 5 A relatively slow read for such a slim novel, probably because I m not a big whodunit fan It did have an utterly surprising ending though, which has induced me to order Herring On The Nile from because the library system doesn t have it.

  18. Well that was not great It had a few amusing moments in the beginning but then it went all downhill And the mystery was just not great either.

  19. Love the author s sense of humour Enjoyed the first two thirds a lot but not so keen on the denouement which didn t quite ring true I shall read of his books though.

  20. A fun quick read in the style of cosy crime It s genuinely funny and genuinely biting and spot on about the book trade The mystery is also fun and will keep you guessing Enjoy it for what it is.

  21. There is an important difference between fiction and real life Fiction has to be believable L C Tyler seems to be born to tell stories Here, he writes a book full of wonderful English humor, creates mystery and suspens with lots of imagination, and of course he does not tell us evertything The style is beautiful, even lets us enjoy beautiful landscapes Almost all of these descriptions of landscapes are situated in English pastures or fields, where it is always raining This adds humor to it, but [...]

  22. On seeing the title I was surprised that my husband actually picked this book Since when had he started reading about herrings, sardines, or tuna Once I looked at the cover properly and found no sign of piers, nets, or trawlers, I realised that the book was not about fish.In fact, this mystery writer was writing about a mystery writing author and the herrings in the title were those misleading clues with which mystery writers tend to sprinkle their works.Apart from the expected murder, there wer [...]

  23. Sometimes, when browsing the shelves of a bookshop, a title leaps out and demands attention This may seem a rather random way of selecting a book, but it has worked for me so many times that I am not going to give up on it just yet The Herring Seller s Apprentice is one of those titles that could go either of two ways it was either going to be a deeply worthy piece of literature about the east coast fishing industry, or not In this case it is very much the later.The herring seller referred to in [...]

  24. I chose The Herring Seller s Apprentice by L C Tyler from a limited English language selection when swapping books at Camping Casteillets, Ceret, France, so was pleasantly surprised at just how much I enjoyed the read Cosy mystery stories aren t my usual fare, but my eye was caught by the great title The herring seller in question is the wonderfully named Ethelred Hengist Tressider, general hack writer by trade whose most popular book series is crime fiction, hence the fish moniker he sells red [...]

  25. Etrange suicide dans une Fiat rouge faible kilom trage est une bonne surprise, une friandise rafra chissante l humour british d cal , qui revisite les codes du polar classique et laisse le lecteur sous le charme d une enqu te men e tambour battant Avec la l g ret et la spontan it qu apporte une narration deux voix, L.C Tyler signe une intrigue passionnante et bien ficel e, qui happe facilement le lecteur Mais surtout, il offre la fantaisie d un duo plus qu improbable, qui rel ve davantage de la [...]

  26. Overall this wasn t my cup of tea I didn t enjoy the writing style or the relationships between characters All the self referential bits were annoying as well and if you read the author s bio, there s another layer of it However, I did appreciate the ending Also, I suspected Mary Jones was involved somehow but was quite wrong as to how 2.5 stars Geraldinehad a nickname for you I know, I said The Herring Seller It was a facetious reference to the red herrings that she considered my stock in trade [...]

  27. I enjoyed this book The characters were well written and the plot flowed along nicely It was an interesting read However, there was a small issue for me personally as I got the order of the books wrong initially This is the 2nd Ethelred and Elsie story that I have read I made the error of reading the 2nd one 1st but this at least gave me context That being said, because I had read Ten Little Herrings earlier this year, I was aware of the twist that the story was building up to Fortunately, due t [...]

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