Marrow: A Love Story

Marrow: A Love Story Best Download || [Elizabeth Lesser] - Marrow: A Love Story, Marrow A Love Story The author of the New York Times bestseller Broken Open returns with a visceral and profound memoir of two sisters who in the face of a bone marrow transplant one the donor and one the recipient begi

  • Title: Marrow: A Love Story
  • Author: Elizabeth Lesser
  • ISBN: 9780062367648
  • Page: 462
  • Format: ebook

Marrow: A Love Story Best Download || [Elizabeth Lesser], Marrow: A Love Story, Elizabeth Lesser, Marrow A Love Story The author of the New York Times bestseller Broken Open returns with a visceral and profound memoir of two sisters who in the face of a bone marrow transplant one the donor and one the recipient begin a quest for acceptance authenticity and most of all love A mesmerizing and courageous memoir the story of two sisters uncovering the depth of their love through the lifeThe a Marrow: A Love Story Best Download || [Elizabeth Lesser] - Marrow: A Love Story, Marrow A Love Story The author of the New York Times bestseller Broken Open returns with a visceral and profound memoir of two sisters who in the face of a bone marrow transplant one the donor and one the recipient begi

  • Marrow: A Love Story Best Download || [Elizabeth Lesser]
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Marrow: A Love Story

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  1. I received an advance readers edition of this book from HarperCollins This memoir explores the connection between the author and her sister Maggie Maggie, suffering from cancer, receives a bone marrow transfer from her sister Liz Through the process, the sisters also work on connecting with and accepting one another, sifting through decades of unspoken hurts and misunderstandings that were rooted in their childhood In addition, this memoir is the author s personal reflection and advice to her re [...]

  2. I don t really have the words to describe how I feel about this book just beautiful and so many things I will take from this

  3. This was not at all the book I thought I signed up for I was expecting a fiction about sister love and cancer False, I did not read the cover too thoroughly I guess This was a self help book framed around two sisters and their experience when one of them had cancer and the other, the author, donated her bone marrow to her The self help style and language just is not my thing I should have turned it into a drinking game the number of times marrow of the soul came up I started skimming through or [...]

  4. Love story between sisters Honest, authentic look at family dynamics and the journey alongside one sister who is dying Elizabeth Lesser is a great writer and this memoir was touching, funny, sad and inspirational.

  5. MARROW A Love Story HARPER WAVE Books by Elizabeth Lesser is a mesmerizing and courageous memoir the story of two sisters uncovering the depth of their love through the life and death experience of a bone marrow transplant Throughout her life, Elizabeth Lesser has sought understanding about what it means to be true to oneself and, at the same time, truly connected to the ones we love But when her sister Maggie needs a bone marrow transplant to save her life, and Lesser learns she is a perfect ma [...]

  6. I received this book for review from HarperCollins and TLC Book Tours.Marrow is a memoir about the author s journey with her sister as her sister battles cancer It is the story of love between sisters through an experience that is painful and brutal but that also brings them together in ways they never anticipated.I always catch myself being surprised at how much I loved a memoir after I read it I think I need to just come to terms with the fact that memoirs are one of my favorite genres to read [...]

  7. I was really intrigued by the synopsis for this book and decided to try it out I found Marrow to be both a mix of self help and memoir But at its heart it is a beautiful tribute to the author s sister and their relationship It s always hard to critique someone s writings of their personal experience, though In the end I loved parts and didn t like others.My favorite parts of the book were the snippets from Maggie s journal and writings The peek into her thoughts were compelling and I would have [...]

  8. While I didn t cognitively love how this book was structured it felt like an odd combination between memoir and self help to me my emotions loved it, especially the last hundred pages First on the odd combo piece while the majority was memoir with self help type stuff woven through, which normally I am fine with, there were a couple of chapters that seemed out of place, like one entire chapter on meditation with little of the overarching story weaving through it That threw me off a bit I love se [...]

  9. I love books like this, that help my soul find respites and revelations and comfort in this life Having gone through a traumatic health emergency myself, I related to the inner work that you feel compelled to do in order to adjust back to living life like a normal person But you re not the same person as you were before the trauma happened You discover about yourself and about how you fit into life, what used to work for you likely no longer does, in terms of unhealthy patterns and thoughts and [...]

  10. I m not typically a fan of self help books but this one came recommended to me by a friend so I felt obligated to read it It has some good nuggets of wisdom that I should have probably highlighted, but I got a little tired of hearing about getting to the marrow of this and the marrow of that The book didn t know if it wanted to be a self help book or an account of the author s story with her sick sister and I was honestly interested in how that played out, and wish there had been of it The boo [...]

  11. I enjoyed this book, there were some challenging bits for me but over all I loved Lesser s language and ability to capture the paradox and duality of love, love of self and others As well as the paradox of life, death and finding meaning in that which is the reality of our messy lives Throughout the telling of her and her sisters experience of cancer, a bone marrow transplant, councelling related to this and the ultimate death of her sister Maggie I found myself listening to the words and reflec [...]

  12. Marrow is a love story, about a deep memoir, self help book This love story goes through phases of some of the deepest challenges trialed through, yet through the most beautiful spiritual moments in life This story is about the immense love carried between two sisters in the middle of a life or death situation, a bone marrow transplant Elizabeth the author grew up in a family of four girls, with parents who were very liberal and anti religious As the Lesser girls grew up, their relationships kep [...]

  13. This book affected me on many levels, personal, spiritual and intellectual Firstly, for the past ten years, I ve had and incurable form of smoldering bone marrow cancer, I have two daughters, and it is an ode to love and caring and lessons in sibling harmony It s a love story about two sisters, who were who get close out of necessity Maggie has cancer, so author Elizabeth Lesser donates her bone marrow to save her sister s life, forming a bond that transcends any bond they ve ever had before Les [...]

  14. Just finished Liz Lesser s Memoir Marrow This book touched me in so many ways The fact that I have 2 sisters made much of it ring very true for me It is a very quick read or at least I couldn t seem to put it down Liz Lesser tells the story of her younger sister, Maggie, getting a very bad cancer diagnosis and then needing a stem cell donor Of her 3 sisters, Liz turns out to be a perfect match Now not only are they up against great physical trauma, but also they yearn to reconcile all of the way [...]

  15. This will remain on my shelf of favorite re readable books forever I felt at times that Elizabeth was speaking with my own voice It felt that familiar to me and yet she went deep, to places I have rarely been to She is so tender and insightful and yet so unsentimental the absolute best qualities in memoir are here in this book I had an immediate impulse to send it to my siblings, but this book is about a lot than sibling relationships It is primarily about the relationship one has with oneself [...]

  16. Having witnessed my own father undergo a stem cell transplant for late stage Non Hodgkin s Lymphoma, I was curious to see how Elizabeth Lesser handled the subject matter I thought this was an extremely well written book Even if a reader did not understand the scientific intricacies behind treatments like stem cell transplants for cancer patients, the book was written so that you grasped the treatment protocol quickly You understood the seriousness of it and the courage it would take to not only [...]

  17. I heard Elizabeth Lesser speak on a panel not too long ago and was drawn to her A few months later, I was happy to find a copy of Marrow, A Love Story at the library Well, I was not disappointed Lesser poured her heart and soul into that book and the result was a beautiful account of being human Spirituality is a theme throughout the book but it s presented in a such a down to earth tone, I felt in touch with my spirit than I should if judging by the efforts I ve been making to be in touch with [...]

  18. 3.5 I saw Elizabeth Lesser interviewed on Oprah Winfrey s Super Soul Sunday and found her intriguing Marrow is a memoir of two sisters who, in the face of a bone marrow transplant one the donor Elizabeth and one the recipient Maggie began a quest for acceptance, authenticity, and most of all, love They had always had a contentious relationship so Lesser decided they should work on their relationship while the Doctors were working on saving Maggie s life They spent a year examining their family h [...]

  19. Elizabeth Lesser is an impressive human being she is a co founder of the Omega Institute, a conference center which offers retreats and trainings in various mind body connection programs and social change movements She thinks and feels deeply The title of her book Marrow A Love Story accurately describes what it s about Her younger sister Maggie has cancer and needs a bone marrow transplant Elizabeth is a perfect match, but she finds that the tensions in their sibling relationship need healing t [...]

  20. I heard about this book on the Beautiful Writers podcast and immediately checked it out at the ibrary After a few pages, I laid it aside deciding it wasn t for me Then a few days ago, I picked it up again and couldn t put it down Timing is everything apparently This is not a happy ending story, as you learn early on from the author, but it is a real story, a heart story, skillfully woven around the ravages of a terminal illness that result in glimmers of life and light, bouts of vulnerability an [...]

  21. Lesser is one of the co founders of Omega Institute in upstate New York a wonderful retreat and teaching facility where I spent a week many years ago Her memoir reveals an in depth view of the woman herself as she writes about her role as the bone marrow transplant donor for a younger sister and the healing journey they took together while her sister s health continued to fail I loved this book because it shows how self reflective and responsible Lesser is when it comes to her care of others and [...]

  22. This book caught my interest because I am a blood cancer survivor who thankfully was able to avoid a bone marrow stem cell transplant on my road to remission The experience for every cancer patient is so similar.This is is a beautiful story of the relationship between two sisters, one dying of cancer and one donating her marrow I truly enjoyed reading about their relationship, how they went to therapy before transplant, how they found the meaning of a life well lived Unfortunately for me, that b [...]

  23. So this was a self help book disguised in a story It wasn t quite what I expected as I went into it thinking I d be reading a story and not learning as much as I did, and it was very good Lesser is excellent at sharing what she has experienced and works for her, without one feeling that you are being told how to function or improve within the world She s very open minded to different beliefs and shares some very basic tenets that go across all religions Worth a read but be sure you have time to [...]

  24. Elizabeth Lesser donates bone marrow for her sister, Maggie who has cancer I had never thought about some of the things in this bookr example Elizabeth wills her good cells to work against the cancer in her sister I just always figured once the cells were out of your body, you had no control over them Interesting way to think about all of this.The sisters even go to a therapist to help them think about the bone marrow transplant.Lots of food for thought about living and dying.

  25. Powerful read Even if you don t have a sister or you aren t close with a sister, this book is about love It can be applied to any relationship I marked it as I went along and now will re read those notations to let the messages sink in even deeper I am suggesting it to my daughters and to my friends Thanks to my niece for her recommendation we read it at the same time I am looking forward to talking about it with anyone who would like to discuss it.

  26. I agree with one of the reviewers that this is a self help book around a memoir of sisters and a family dealing with cancer and death and dying I feel that my interest in self help books waxes and wanes with my mood and situation in life Definitely can take away a few things, glad that these sisters could come together It makes me wish I could be a deeper person but on the other hand I like who I am Interesting read.

  27. A deep and soulful journey between two ordinary sisters facing a not so ordinary reality I loved this story It s a beautiful healing between two people amidst the roller coaster of terminal illness and the digging deep to be true, honest and find love in the darkest of places My type of memoir of living, dying and the speed bumps in between

  28. Two sisters embark on a heartfelt journey to find peace, acceptance and unconditional love between one another prior to their anticipated bone marrow transplant in an effort to create the best possible outcome with all the positivism they can muster Along the way, the reader may discover ways to soul search and allow for a truthful, yet freeing approach to living.

  29. This book was a Lesser GREAT I acquired so much wisdom, so much value, from every page Elizabeth fills the chapters with childhood and adult experiences, present discoveries about life and love and personal wishes for a future for herself, loved ones and mankind at large If you like to dig deep, Lesser takes the reader there with the support of her beloved sister, Maggie.

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