The Baby Pact

The Baby Pact Best Read || [Wolf Specter Rosa Swann] - The Baby Pact, The Baby Pact Gail an Omega has been hiding from other shifters for over half a decade determined to choose his own path in life even if that means working two jobs During the day he works at a bookstore and in

  • Title: The Baby Pact
  • Author: Wolf Specter Rosa Swann
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 367
  • Format: Kindle Edition

The Baby Pact Best Read || [Wolf Specter Rosa Swann], The Baby Pact, Wolf Specter Rosa Swann, The Baby Pact Gail an Omega has been hiding from other shifters for over half a decade determined to choose his own path in life even if that means working two jobs During the day he works at a bookstore and in the evenings he is an exotic dancer Lucien and Cyrus an Alpha and a Beta love each other a relationship condemned by shifter society and have never felt the need to finGail an Omeg The Baby Pact Best Read || [Wolf Specter Rosa Swann] - The Baby Pact, The Baby Pact Gail an Omega has been hiding from other shifters for over half a decade determined to choose his own path in life even if that means working two jobs During the day he works at a bookstore and in

  • The Baby Pact Best Read || [Wolf Specter Rosa Swann]
    367 Wolf Specter Rosa Swann
The Baby Pact

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    Growing up, Wolf believed there was a ghost in his attic To this day, he still believes that ghost creeps out of the shadows from time to time He wishes it would say hello.Wolf s stories explore the complicated, sensual bonds between men There are always happy endings just as there is always a dash of otherworldly delight.His work is exclusive to.


  1. I ve gotta call this one a DNF Did not finish I like the content itself but the writing I could not handle It s very stilted and awkward The conversations appear formal without any use of words like he s instead it is he is nearly every time and it kept pulling me out of the story so terribly that I finally gave up It s not grammatically incorrect though there are plenty of those errors but it doesn t read fluid it reads choppy and jarring I am normally not one to critique heavily for SPaG error [...]

  2. I hope there is a sequel to this It definitely calls for one I felt really, really bad for Gail for like 90% of the story, I hate how he was treated by his family and by society in thisbut I guess that goes to show how much I liked him and wanted him to have a happy ending Also, there were times where I felt like we were just told about things that happened as like a summary, and I would have rather gotten to experience that Still, it s not a horrible cliffhanger type of ending, but I definitely [...]

  3. This is not a full length novel, it s simply long It has a cliffhanger ending and angst than a teenager Now I m just pissed off and not sure if I m going to waste time reading the next.

  4. Originally Posted on Kiki s Kinky Picks The Baby Pact by Wolf Specter and Rosa Swann was a fast paced story of three men discovering just how far they d go to protect the people they love The first in their Baby Pact series, things start off with an intriguing combination of soap opera esqe drama and smoking hot sex.I haven t read a lot of A B O stories fanfic doesn t count, right so I was interested in checking one out The idea of a deeply segregated society rings a note of relevance to this da [...]

  5. I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review Gail is trapped in a world where every decision, every movement made by omegas like himself, needs to be done with permission To get even a bit of freedom he s run away to the only city that gives them just that little bit of freedom he so craves He works two jobs, a bookkeeper by day, an exotic dancer by night, and though he has pressure from his family to marry and breed, he s happy with his little semblance of freedom Lucien and Cyrus, an Alp [...]

  6. Spoiler Ahead This was a really good book the only problem that I had was the ending I wanted Lucien and Cyrus, an Alpha and a Beta, love each other, a relationship condemned by shifter society, and have never felt the need to find an Omega They sometimes pick up humans to spice things up, but never Until one night they end up in a bar, where they see a dancer Gail they can t keep their eyes off They want him, even if only for one night Gail agrees to go home with the guys to dance for them he [...]

  7. I really liked this story It happened very fast and I know there s to come, so I am okay with that This encompassed a lot of what I like best in romance, so I was very happy to read it I thought all three MCs were likable and interesting I liked that there was interaction between all three but also one on one It was an interesting premise about power over an adult based on a characteristic they have no control over I thought the story was a light and easy read and moved along in a good pace I w [...]

  8. Alpha Lucien and Beta Cyrus are a gay shifter couple They are not accepted by their families as mates because they cannot reproduce They frequent a strip club and they are attracted to one dancer who does not do private dances for anyone Gail is an Omega and takes suppression drugs so he will not go into heat, and he is the dancer of their eyes Must read for Male pregnancy shifter fans It ends in a cliffhanger and I can t wait to read the rest of the trilogy.

  9. Interesting This was a good story but it is not a stand alone book It ends abruptly and does not have a hea Have to read next book to learn what happens.

  10. What, wait That s the end I swear I didn t realize that this was part of serial so when I hit the HUGE cliffhanger and tons of unfinished issues I was outraged Since then I have come back to and found out that it s part of a serial Thus far it s excellent The characters are all suffering under the pressures and expectations of a rigid and prejudiced society that expects and allows certain things for each of the caste sex of individuals Gail is the most sympathetic character and has been deeply w [...]

  11. What I got to say is I can t wait for the next book I couldn t put this book down I love it Gail is an Omega that doesn t like how he is treated His family thinks of him as property and not a person So he is hiding from all shifters and his family While Lucien Alpha and Cyrus Beta are in love but their relationship is look down on However they don t care and stay together even if their family doesn t like it Well these three meet and sparks are flying.But their families are not happy I just love [...]

  12. Menage M M M romance with a solid Beta and Alpha romance that find a Omega wolf shifter to have their babies.Gail is trying to make his own life as a solo gay wolf shifter when he meets the sexy Lucien and Cyrus, an Alpha and a Beta who are in a committed relationship.Don t know how I feel about guys getting pregnant, but it works great in Eress s series of hermaphrodites in Sacred Fate or Hallowed Bond which I prefer to this book.225 pages and kindle freebie2 stars

  13. The book had slight editing issues but not enough to detract from the story I found the world that the three MCs inhabit quite interesting Cyrus and Lucien have loved each other for a long time, but when they meet Gail they don t want to let him go, as he is the one who makes them a family All three of the MCs families interfere and try to decide how the three men should live, without a single thought to their happiness or well being.The ending was abrupt and leaves the way open for the next boo [...]

  14. I love MMM romance and this book did not disappoint Normally I would like when all the 3 men become a couple together But I liked this story with a beta and alpha together who are drawn to the omega and vice versa the omega becomes turned on by these 2 men Both parties avoided things that was expected of them by their families and they were content in their lives Neither men wanted to be mated but the pull between these 3 men was too much Of course once that occurred not only do they have to dea [...]

  15. I ve never cared for the M M M, but Wolf Specter pulled this one off with no jealousy and only total commitment between the three The story is developed so you feel the connections between the three of them and the problems they have with family harassment to do what they are responsible for and not for the sake of love.I didn t care for the cliffhanger, which means I have to buy the second book, but it ll be worth my money to see how this turns out.

  16. Love The Baby Pact Wolf Specter has created a story that is romantic, sexy, hot, and heartbreaking all in one An Alpha a Beta deeply in love with each other An Omega who medicates to suppress his shifter side Three extraordinary Men who find what they didn t realize they need in their lives Three families that will stop at nothing to rip them apart Their story has only begun and I can t wait to read book 2 in this amazing series

  17. I received an ARC for an honest review.Loooooved It Yes it is a cliffhanger but do not let it deter you from reading this book The story sucks you in and doesn t let you go until the end Now I sit here and wait to find out what happens next and surprisingly, I don t mind I can t wait Lucien, Cyrus and Gail have chemistry with each other and with all the problems they have coming their way, I can only hope things turn out well for them.

  18. So good Loved this first book Gail, Lucien and Cyrus are great together I felt like the story was just getting sarted when it ended, but I know there is coming I can t wait I love how the shifter human world dynamics politics culture are so different between Wolf Specter series It s never the the same old same old I love that

  19. Wonderful, erotic, and unexpectedThose are the things that first come to mind in this wonderful story of two men, with different backgrounds, and yet are as steamy as ever together Wished the story was longer, he ending was a wee bit of a cliffhanger, but it was still in the lines of a HEA My only vice is the grammatical and spelling errors they were quite numerous.

  20. Well, I can honestly say I never read a book like this one before Very entertaining concept I liked the characters and their personalities There is a lot of M M M in this story with lots of steamy parts But with that being said there was also a good story under it It ends on a happy note but not everything is resolved what s next

  21. Lucien and Cyrus were hot on their own but once you put in Gail they are 100 times better The pressure that they receive from their parents to find proper mates is astounding I love the idea of a virgin erotic dancer It breaks the stereotype of what people expect a dancer to be like.

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