The Drought

✓ The Drought Ð Steven Scaffardi - The Drought, The Drought Dan Hilles is a pretty regular kind of guy regular job regular bunch of mates regular male aversion to shopping But following his break up with long term girlfriend Stacey he finds himself single

  • Title: The Drought
  • Author: Steven Scaffardi
  • ISBN: 9781909122314
  • Page: 469
  • Format: Paperback

✓ The Drought Ð Steven Scaffardi, The Drought, Steven Scaffardi, The Drought Dan Hilles is a pretty regular kind of guy regular job regular bunch of mates regular male aversion to shopping But following his break up with long term girlfriend Stacey he finds himself single again He s been out of the game for a while and is a little out of practice Soon the very irregular and increasingly worrying issue in Dan s life is the extended droughtDan Hilles is a pr ✓ The Drought Ð Steven Scaffardi - The Drought, The Drought Dan Hilles is a pretty regular kind of guy regular job regular bunch of mates regular male aversion to shopping But following his break up with long term girlfriend Stacey he finds himself single

  • ✓ The Drought Ð Steven Scaffardi
    469Steven Scaffardi
The Drought

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  1. Steven Scaffardi

    Steven Scaffardi is the author of the Sex, Love and Dating Disaster series His first novel, The Drought, is the laugh out loud tale of one man s quest to overcome the throes of a sexual drought After the stormy break up with his girlfriend of three years, Dan Hilles is faced with the daunting task of throwing himself back into the life of a single man With the help of his three best pals, Dan is desperate and determined to get his leg over with hilarious consequences The Drought and his new novel The Flood a comedy about one man trying to juggle four women at the same time are both available for just 99p on the Kindle at.You can follow him on Twitter SteveScaffardi Praise for the books Steven Scaffardi s first novel is absolutely hilarious and will leave every reader, male or female, laughing out loud Chick Lit Plus A pleasantly darker alternative to the offerings of Mike Gayle All hail the arrival of Steven Scaffardi Ortis Deley Television Radio Presenter Steven Scaffardi has a Mary Poppins handbag of hilarity that goes on and on until I had to put the book down from fear of actually splitting my sides The Book Magnet I laughed so much I spat my tea out Best Crime Books And More The Drought is a hilarious novel that I think would definitely make a belter of a movie or television show By The Letter Book Reviews This book was so much fun to read it brings the whole dating scenario from a totally different perspective My Book File


  1. It gives me great pleasure to award the Guinness World Record for the longest period without sex to Mr Daniel Hilles, the adjudicator proudly announces to the crowd in an annoying nasal monotone accent Polite applause starts up as he continues Mr Hilles has not come into contact with the female genitalia for two months, eclipsing the previous record held by 97 year old Hubert Grayson In case all of you are wondering who is this Daniel Hilles.Readers,he is our hero And no,no,don t worry.What you [...]

  2. Where to begin I am 49, can t bear football, cry regularly at soppy films and moving books, am very in touch with my feminine side and am quite happily ensconced a little to the left of the neutral line when extreme right is hetero Neanderthal and extreme left is Julian Clary so I would have to say that i am not quite the target audience for this book.The four main characters are horrible The hero is a whiney, self obsessed tosser who breaks up with his girlfriend on New Year s Eve Day and then [...]

  3. While it doesn t quite rank up there with Portnoy s Complaint, The Dr ught is one of the enjoyable books I ve read on the subject of Man s never ending quest to get laid.Dan has just ended his relationship with his girlfriend of three years, and boy, is he out of practice in the ways of wooing and winning women As the dry spell stretches from days to months, he attempts to get back in the saddle again, but always, always, some hilarious something jealous boyfriends, vicious dogs, nausea, a lack [...]

  4. First let me say this I don t think I ve ever smiled as much or laughed as hard as I did reading this book, multiple times a had to cover me face to stop the laugh coming out while on public transport.This book follows Dan and his numerous disasters in the dating world Although I felt for the guy I couldn t help but laugh at the events that played out.One of the best things about the book for me was that the author hit dead on with the events, so much so that it reminded me of my own life at poi [...]

  5. I laughed out loud at some of the adventures and situations Dan has throughout his Drought , some of them were a little implausible, but nonetheless really fun It was a light read, entertaining, and I haven t heard before the term lad lit before I m giving it 3 stars because I wasn t satisfied with the ending and I didn t care too much for any of the characters, I felt Dan and his friends were kind of jerks, fun jerks obviously, lol.

  6. It was like Take That turning up at a Black Panther Party convention Absolutely friken loved that.This was my first ever experience reading lad lit.Sorry, the word lad lit seems like such a naughty word it makes me giggle I feel as though it should be used describing a pornoYWAY Me and my husband made a deal If I go on 1 fishing trip with him, he would stop hassling me about my purchases from for a month After much heated negotiations it ended up being 2 and a half months no bitching and moaning [...]

  7. Okay, so I am a little bias seeing as this is my book But for that reason alone it had to go on my bookshelf It has been called chick lit for me or lad lit and already it has received positive feedback including TV presenters Ortis Deley from Channel 5 s The Gadget Show and Choice FM, and Angellica Bell from BBC1 s The One Show.You can find info about the book at my website stevenscaffardi Please feel free to drop me a line too.

  8. I decided that little Dan had been punished enough, and he had a long overdue date with Palmala Handerson The art of masturbation is a skill that does not get the press it deserves With no visual or audio aid to assist, a true pro stoker will take a dip into the resource pool that is the wank bank in this particular case the hot red head who sat opposite me on the bus Thursday evening Dan s inner thought Wow this story was just piss your pants funny I received a message from the author asking if [...]

  9. This was a welcome light hearted read after having read some pretty sinister ones lately British down to earth humour when it comes to understanding the opposite sex this applies to both men and women When I was just checking out the cover again while pasting it in here, I immediately had to think of the following video clip If you think this is even remotely funny, you re going to love this book If not, oh well, tough luck, you should still try this watch v FbtI8So we re basically [...]

  10. This book is imbecelic, which in itself is not a problem as the topic is men in their 20s trying to persuade women to sleep with them, which in my personal experience led me to do a toe curlingly stupid things Also in the interest of full disclosure I had to look up how to spell imbecelic so perhaps not best placed to fling around judgements The problem with this book is that both the topic and the depiction is imbecelic I spent most of this book trying to figure out how drunk i would have to be [...]

  11. Prior to this novel, I haven t heard about the existence of lad lit I have read stories which were written by men, but not the counterpart of chic lit It made me curious as to how something can be classified as such, so after I finished the book I was reading, I didn t waste time and start checking what the fuss was about.The story started at the end well, that s what the chapter said anyway This was refreshing as most of the novels I have read recently didn t use this technique Right away, the [...]

  12. Dan Hilles is just a normal guy with a job, a small group of friends and a long term girlfriend, but not for long Things start to change for Dan when he breaks up with his girlfriend Stacey and he finds himself single again for the first time in three years Unfortunately for him things don t change in his favour and he enters a period of drought.With some near death experiences, than a couple of awkward dates and some really embarrassing situations, things are getting real complicated But Dan h [...]

  13. OMG this book is just to funny I seriously couldn t stop laughing even my kids asked me what I kept laughing at I was actually crying with laughter at one point I don t know how I didn t pee my pants LOL The Drought is the first lad lit that I have read and I m so glad it was recommended to me by BCB and .What is Lad Lit I hear you all saying, well its the male version of chick lit But I have to say The Drought can be read by both especially if you have a dry cheeky sense of humour This says alo [...]

  14. I received an ARC of this book for an honest review.A very enjoyable read about a young man who has broken up with his steady girlfriend and now is on the search for a new conquest It seems the harder he tries the longer his drought becomes and the frustration builds up All of his buddies know the trials he is going through and they are always there with advice and things for him to try His mother even gets into the act trying to understand what is going on in his life.The book is the story of [...]

  15. The Drought has been patiently waiting on my kindle for a whole year I know My apologies, Steven, but better late than never I m working my way through my review list slowly, but surely Anyway, if you haven t already read this book you really should as it is hilarious Reading it in bed, next to a sleeping husband, trying not to laugh out loud has been quite a challenge The main character, Dan Hilles, is struggling to get his leg over since splitting up with his long term girlfriend and The Droug [...]

  16. Loved it100% the best and funniest book I have reads this year It s funny and romantic Not a chick flick and not a guy s book, it s so well written and gives a insite to men s mind

  17. Occasionally I receive emails from authors asking if I would be interested in reading their debut novels Steven was no different and to be honest when I checked out the bio of him I was a little shocked Yes I had heard of Lad Lit but to be honest had never really delved into the world of the Mike Gayle s and the Nick Hornby s I figured that as I was being offered a chance to read it free, then why not What I didn t realise was that Lad Lit is the perfect combination of humour and reading for me [...]

  18. This review originally appeared on BrizzleLass BooksI really wasn t sure what to expect from this novel, I m not the target market, a lad , and I don t tend to read funny books But I was game and gave it a go.Dan has just split with his girlfriend and is experiencing a sexual drought his friends are offering lots of advice which is getting Dan into some awkward scrapes Steven Scaffardi can t be faulted on his skills as an author, he writes well and as someone who doesn t tend to get jokes he had [...]

  19. From the very beginning of reading it, I felt a warm feeling in me because I could positively see that the book was a relaxing one It set the right mood from the moment it began I love the way the author gave attention to little details throughout the book He has definitely thought the whole plot through very very well There were certain moments I just laughed out LOUD He plays around with words in a very hearty manner You gotta love Steven for not messing with the actual harsh reality of life H [...]

  20. Really enjoyed this one 5 stars without question The humour in this book is just so good it got me laughing all the way through every moment in the book i would have burst out laughing or put a hand over my face hoping the character does not do what i think he is about to do absolutely hilarious and embarrassing My only disappointment with this was wanting towards the end and seeing the book come to an end But i hear there is going to be a sequel so really cant wait for that A simple plot about [...]

  21. This is Lad Lit at its finest and I loved it from start to finish and you can t say that about many books I enjoyed it so much that I recommended it to the hubby, who informed me that it was bound to be wittier than chick lit because men are naturally funnier than women and that s why there are no decent, British female stand up comedians Hence the debate that followed about him challenging me to name any famous ones, apart from Jo Brand, which was on the tip of my tongue So I expressed a liking [...]

  22. Gah ate my review I had previously posted this brilliant review that took me bloomin ages to write because I d really thought it out, and it had references to Jazz and 3D Stereoscopic Pictures that I d Googled Google especially to find and when I came to look at it today, it d gone vanished into the blue, which is how I feel right now having to write another one.d there was me feeling all antsy because the author had been putting Like next to all the other reviews, but had not liked my beautiful [...]

  23. The first thing I can say is that The Drought made me laugh, not your normal laugh but a side splitting laugh that still make you laugh even now The second thing is that everyone should read itw The story follows Dan Hilles who after breaking up with his girlfriend is having a bit of a sex drought, no matter what he tries seems to end with him getting beaten up or a laughing stock from his friends The story is told through entries from different days that are before and after his break up from h [...]

  24. WARNING This book will make you cry with laughter I m a big fan of lad lit I read a hell of a lot of it than I do chick lit, and I m a chick , and Scaffardi has packed everything you could possibly want into this voyage of self and sexual discovery Dan is a tragically comic character let s face it, we all know a guy who isn t so successful with the ladies and tries just a little too hard with hilarious outcomes and his mates are just as daft All are present and correct the smooth cheater who th [...]

  25. This book is frickin hilarious I have to admit I was a bit apprehensive when I first had the request to read review this book It just didn t seem like it was my kind of reading A book based on a man and his four buddies trying to get him laid just wasn t my kind of book Boy am I glad I was wrong So With uncertainty I began the book And I was instantly hooked.Dan, Ollie, Jack Rob were just a perfect fit together Each adding their own personality spice to the mix that made you look forward to each [...]

  26. The Drought by Steven Sca fardi is a novel which fol lows an unfor tu nate man try ing to get laid The title refers to the period the pro tag o nist goes through between hav ing sex The book is being mar keted as a genre called lad lit which, to me, seems appropriate.Dan Hilles broke up with Stacey, his long time girl friend Dan has been out of the dat ing game for so long he has no idea on how to pro ceed, talk to girls or even behave as a sin gle man.But Dan has his friends, Ollie, Jack and Ro [...]

  27. Got the book free on Smashwords with an offer code from the author.I do like contemporary fiction written by male authors, giving an insight into the male psyche though sometimes its best not to know This book is the nitty gritty end of this genre lad lit, if thats a word This book did make me laugh a number of times, though the 4 guys frightened me in that I have a son who may become one and a daughter who may meet them British lads with their beer goggles on, what do I need to say everything [...]

  28. When the book starts, it s September 13 and Dan has just gotten tossed out of a bar, where he was drowning his sorrows, by a female bartender.Then Dan takes us back nine months earlier, to January 1, to fill us in on how he ended up in this predicament He and his girlfriend of three years, Stacey, had just broken up They had grown apart since they graduated from university last year she d gotten nasty and clingy It s been a while since he s been single and his friends, Rob the funny one , Jack t [...]

  29. I had read The drought because the author send me a link from I downloaded ebook I had never before read this kind of book but I enjoyed it despite a few things that annoyed me The story begins unfortunately with a big spoiler so if you want a surprising story you will be disappointed and almost whole The drought is pretty predictable In entry to the story, main character Dan is depressed and very horny because of his inability to get laid Desperation is pushing him to a disaster and he starts h [...]

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