Heating Up

Heating Up Best Read || [Stacy Finz] - Heating Up, Heating Up Nugget California is remote picturesque and the perfect place to fall in love Even when you re trying desperately not to Dana Calloway is tired of being second choice No question she was her parent

  • Title: Heating Up
  • Author: Stacy Finz
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  • Page: 334
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Heating Up Best Read || [Stacy Finz], Heating Up, Stacy Finz, Heating Up Nugget California is remote picturesque and the perfect place to fall in love Even when you re trying desperately not to Dana Calloway is tired of being second choice No question she was her parents consolation prize and now she s placed second in the race for a guy s heart a guy she could have sworn was The One Is it any wonder such a normally type A person accideNugget California Heating Up Best Read || [Stacy Finz] - Heating Up, Heating Up Nugget California is remote picturesque and the perfect place to fall in love Even when you re trying desperately not to Dana Calloway is tired of being second choice No question she was her parent

  • Heating Up Best Read || [Stacy Finz]
    334Stacy Finz
Heating Up

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    Stacy Finz is an award winning former newspaper reporter After than twenty years covering notorious serial killers, naked tractor driving farmers, fanatical foodies, aging rock stars and weird Western towns, she figured she finally had enough material to launch a career writing fiction She is the author of the Nugget Romance series Kensington Lyrical Press about a small mountain town that has a strange way of giving people unexpected reasons to start over and find the most irresistible chances to fall in love Look for her Garner Brothers series Zebra in 2017.Visit her website stacyfinz.Join her newslettereepurl bCEHeTFollow her on Twitter twitter sfinz lang enVisit her on Facebook facebook Stacy Finz A


  1. Publication date July 19, 20164.5 stars This book can be read as a standalone.Full review to be posted closer to release date A copy of this book has been provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review

  2. This entire series is at the top of the list for me when I want to get my small town fix because the town itself is just as important as the characters and the romances HEATING UP is another enjoyable installment with a sweet and charming opposites attracts romance and as usual, Ms Finz s characters and the emotions and experiences they go through are easy to relate to and leave the reader feeling very satisfied Firefighter and arson investigator Aidan McBride made the move from Chicago to Nugge [...]

  3. Kitty s review posted at Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews 4.5 starsThere is a part of me that really wants to go back and read the first six books in the Nugget Series I wouldn t be surprised if they were as interesting as Heating Up.I love quirky characters and, Nugget, CA is full of them Aiden wasn t as strange as Dana but, they both had their moments The rest of the people in the town all have their own characteristics that make them both interesting and strange When they all get together, it s [...]

  4. ARC REVIEW This is book seven in the Nugget series by Stacy Finz As usual I really enjoyed this one, I loved the main characters and the story Love Firemen The end of this one was predictable something similar happened in my hometown when I was little and remember my Dad telling me about it But that doesn t take away from the story or the romance between Dana and Aidan Aidan is the brother to Slone from the last book Aidan s girlfriend of many years breaks up with him because he s doesn t want t [...]

  5. I have enjoyed reading this series and Heating Up fits right into it I like the small town feel, get new characters and some new ones too Drama, romance and a little mystery too Some steamy scenes from the fires and sex scenes, how steamy I don t know I skimmed them.Aidan McBride is pretty new to Nugget CA, He is the new fireman and CAL Fire arson investigator He moved from Chicago His sister Sloan is Nugget cop.Dana Calloway burned her house down by for getting There is only one rental property [...]

  6. I really love this series Most of these books just keep getting better and better This one centered on two fairly new characters Aidan, a fire fighter and fire investigator who sister, Sloane was in the last book and Dana, a real estate agent who was mentioned briefly in the last one or two books and you learn of her back story I really enjoyed this story, there are a slew of fires that have been set in the small town of Nugget and there is a mystery behind who dun it If you enjoyed Robyn Carr [...]

  7. This was just a nice little opposites attract romantic story without a whole lot of drama That is if you don t want to consider Dana s issues with her parents or the arsonist running around Nugget setting fires I thought Ms Finz did a nice job of fleshing out both main characters Dana is a very professional and very ambitious real estate agent But when she s not selling properties she s very much an introvert who is uncomfortable in her own skin because of her relationship her parents Her charac [...]

  8. I received an ARC in exchange for a honest review.I m new to Stacy Finz and the small town of Nugget I honestly didn t know what to expect when starting this novel, but I LOVED it Heating Up is part of a series, but can be read as a stand alone I typically don t like to read a series out of order, but I didn t feel lost or that I missed out on anything from previous books I was introduced to people who are now couples, so I definitely want to go back and read how they found their HEA.This novel [...]

  9. Regular Nugget readers will most definitely enjoy this book It would have benefited from a little tighter editing and I wish we had seen of the transformation for Dana and Aiden but it was overall a nice story.Nugget is a small town which makes it difficult for Dana Calloway after she accidentally burns down her house The only rental she knows of and since she s one of the town s real estate agents, she knows the rentals has just been signed by a newcomer in town, Aidan McBride.Aidan just got o [...]

  10. I ve ready all the Nugget books, but I don t think you need to in order to be able to read this book Finz does a good job of including bits and pieces of past stories in this book so that the reader isn t baffled by what is going on Of course, they should read the first six books because they are good Aidan McBride is a fun and confident firefighter and arson investigator Dana Calloway is a shy and over organized real estate agent When she accidentally burns down her house and is left with no wh [...]

  11. I was given an ARC by NetGalley for an honest review.This is my first book from this series, and this author While it can be read alone, I think so much background would have been filled in on the other characters in the story by reading them in order It s a small town story, where everyone knows everyone s business and there are generally no secrets.Aiden is a firefighter, arson investigator relocated from Chicago to California He is confident, fun, and outgoing Loved him Dana is one of two Rea [...]

  12. I loved Aidan and Dana s story Meeting the sexy new fire fighter is the only bright spot in an otherwise craptastic day for Dana Calloway Too bad Dana has sworn off men After coming in second place in all her relationships, she s decided to just lay low It s bad enough she has to watch her ex parade around town with the love of his life, now she finds herself homeless after accidentally burning her house down Aidan McBride, Nuggets newest firefighter and arson investigator, knows a little about [...]

  13. I was given an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review Having said that, it does not change my opinion of this book.Nugget is a great place to visit So great that you may just decide to stay The town of Nugget is as important to the story as the characters It is definitely a place for love.I appreciate Finz s ability to craft characters that are relatable, dynamic, and worthy of my interest The plot is well written with witty and emotional scenes and dialogue The suspense keeps the pag [...]

  14. I have discovered a real gem in reading this wonderful book by Stacy Finz.This was my first book in the Nugget series While I was comfortable reading it as a stand alone, I will now go back and start with the first book since I have been now been briefly introduced to all of the characters.This is Aidan and Dana s story Aidan, a fire investigator, has moved to Nugget to recover from a difficult break up Dana, a successful realtor in the town, has suffered through two difficult break ups They mee [...]

  15. This seventh entry into Stacy Finz Nugget series is probably my favorite so far Dana Calloway is resilient Her house has just gone up in flames and she needs a new place to stay Unfortunately, the last decent place to rent in town has just been leased by the new arson investigator in town, Aidan McBride, whom she briefly met at the scene of the fire the night before In a moment of sympathy, Aidan offers to co lease the house with Dana.As both Dana and Aidan are dealing with breakups, they try to [...]

  16. This was a perfect love story with a bit of drama and suspense thrown in From the moment that Dana and Aidan met at her house fire, there chemistry was evident and never overdone Ms Finz allowed the relationship to naturally progress while each character provided just enough insight into their thoughts and insecurities.Both the hero and heroine were multi dimensional characters, who excelled at their jobs and eased into a natural relationship that factored in the importance of day to day interac [...]

  17. I love to visit Stacy Finz s small town of Nugget I know I can count on some quirky characters, a little small town nosiness and drama and whole lot of wonderful romance I was not disappointed on this visit either with Heating Up This is an excellent addition to the series It has all I like in a great story engaging characters Aiden and Dan who have different personalities that complement each other Then a vivid setting Nugget is than a town almost a character Add sharp witty dialogue with some [...]

  18. 3.5 4 stars This is a fun story That feels a little weird to say since there s an arsonist wreaking havoc for much of it Yet, it s true I think that happy feeling has a lot to do with the hero He s hot, super chill, friendly and alpha in the best sort of ways He made the story for me The heroine is nice too, but shy, uber organized and living a bit too much in the shadows of her past I guess that s what makes them work so well They re both overwhelmingly accepting of each other and she gives him [...]

  19. Aiden is the new Fire Inspector in town Dana has accidentally burned down her own house beware of candles Through a series of events, they become roommates He s outgoing, kids love him, and he s just coming out of a 3 year relationship She s shy, a real estate agent, an organizer extraordinaire, and has been dumped twice Neither is really interested in another relationship But a few fires in town, a hot guy, and lots of chemistry make this story a great summer read.Stacy Finz has written another [...]

  20. Ah, the little town of Nugget where everyone not only knows your name, but probably your shoe size and what you had for dinner Poor Dana, she s always been number two child and sort of odd man out She s always felt that she doesn t fit in and her first meeting with the hunky fireman Aiden McBride doesn t go well He thinks she s a ditz and she s vowed to not be attracted to any man, period She needs a place to live after her house burns down, he has extra space and somehow makes the room mate off [...]

  21. I ve read all of the Nugget books by Stacy Finz and this book is my absolute favourite by far As with all of the Nugget books, Stacy pulls you in with the very realistic emotions, thoughts and troubles of her main characters and continues to pull in her other minor characters to round out this story Heating Up s Dana and Aidan had an amazing chemistry but also had a great, easy, quirky friendship that kept me laughing right till the end Dana s feeling of inadequacy really struck a cord with me [...]

  22. I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review I have read all of the Nugget series to date and have loved them all Dana has had a rough time in life, including having her house burn down But her luck in Nugget improves when firefighter Aidan offers to share the space of his house he just rented with her While the two of them do their best to fight the attraction between them, it s only a matter of time before they cave And it s a good thing Aidan is a firefighter, because the passion betwee [...]

  23. This was my first book by Stacy Finz that I have read I have to say that I will be reading from her Heating Up was a fast paced, funny, feel good book I really enjoyed it Aiden McBride is the strong, hot, Fire Arson Investigator that has a huge phobia about relationship commitment He just can t bring himself to even the thought of marriage.Dana Calloway has not been lucky in love She has been burned one to many times What happens when Dana and Aiden meet for the first time Will sparks fly Or wi [...]

  24. I sort of fell into the Nugget series Stumbled across Going Home while searching for free reads on my ereader What grabbed my attention is the irony of how this one desolate town could attract so many big city wanders Nugget, California is the place no one looks for but proves to be the perfect spot to do some soul searching and settling down Heating Up lives up to that lost and found theory It amazes me how Aidan and Dana pride themselves on how in control they are but are messed up then the p [...]

  25. Awesome This book was great I love this series in Nugget The people certainly are friendly helpful Like one very large family This time it s Aidan and Dana s turn Dana is a local real estate agent Quiet, shy, while we didn t hear a lot about her in earlier books, she was mentioned as dating Griffin We have Aidan, who is from the Chicago fire department After visiting his sister Sloane in Nugget, he fell in love with the place and decided to move there and start over after breaking things off wit [...]

  26. This is another home run for Stacy Finz and the little town of Nugget I really want to go for a visit I love that each book is as good or better than the last book in the series I really loved the two main characters of this book Aidan who has just moved to Nugget and is working for CFS, and Dana, who is a realtor working in Nugget Both are dealing with issues in their past There s also a bit of mystery with an arsonist.This book was my kind of romance, with a plot and believable characters Now [...]

  27. Every book I read of Stacy s them seem to get better and better each time Heating Up could be read as a stand alone but you will want to read all the other books Stacy Finz drop in details from the previous books so you can be drawn into the current book Dana a real estate agent and Aiden a fire investigator who recently moved to town Dana s home burns down and Aiden gets the only decent rental in town so he offers to be her roommate Dana who has always kept to herself but with Aiden in her life [...]

  28. When Dana accidentally burns her house down, she meets sexy arson investigator Aiden McBride.He s still hung up on his ex and she s sworn of men after being second choice one too many times.Somehow, they feel that sharing the last available rental in town will benefit them both They didn t count falling for each other.This is a great next installment in the series I realize the author is trying to set us up for the next book about Gia, but I found some of the book had too much fluff when I reall [...]

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