A Mended Man

Free Download A Mended Man - by Jaime Reese - A Mended Man, A Mended Man Detective Aidan Calloway is rock solid strong He s a man of justice loyal to his friends family and job even if it requires bending a law or two He shields himself behind an abrasive fearless facad

  • Title: A Mended Man
  • Author: Jaime Reese
  • ISBN: 9780990778615
  • Page: 321
  • Format: ebook

Free Download A Mended Man - by Jaime Reese, A Mended Man, Jaime Reese, A Mended Man Detective Aidan Calloway is rock solid strong He s a man of justice loyal to his friends family and job even if it requires bending a law or two He shields himself behind an abrasive fearless facade until a phone call one night chips his armor and throws his perfectly planned hollow life into a tailspin Jessie Vega is the epitome of optimism His carefully crafted aDetective Aidan Free Download A Mended Man - by Jaime Reese - A Mended Man, A Mended Man Detective Aidan Calloway is rock solid strong He s a man of justice loyal to his friends family and job even if it requires bending a law or two He shields himself behind an abrasive fearless facad

  • Free Download A Mended Man - by Jaime Reese
    321 Jaime Reese
A Mended Man

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    I get this huge dorky grin on my face when I receive a message from someone who has taken the time to read my book I know readers have a choice in a sea of many options I m humbled when someone chooses one of mine Thank you JRAbout meJaime Reese is the alter ego of an artist who loves the creative process of writing, just not about herself Fiction is far interesting She has a weakness for broken, misunderstood heroes and feels everyone deserves a chance at love and life An avid fan of a happy ending, she believes those endings acquired with a little difficulty are cherishedd yes, it was totally weird reading something about myself in 3rd person Where am I WebsiteFacebook Author PageTwitter


  1. This series is about wounded, imperfect men who find their HEA through struggle and sacrifice The road to happily ever after is stained with blood, sweat, and tears.But there s love There s always love What I appreciate about Jaime Reese s books is that past trauma is never easily or magically fixed It takes hard work and determination.A Mended Man is not an easy read It s broody and sad It begins and ends with a brutal attack, and deals with issues of abandonment, rape, and PTSD.Content warning [...]

  2. 4.5 StarsFirst, I just want to say isn t that cover just delicious Yum yum yum I got to be one of the few people to actually lay eyes on that cover last year at GRL, and I actually drooled a bit The cover still has that effect on me, actually He makes the perfect Aidan, too Delicious Of all the covers in this series, this one is my favorite, hands down Why did it take me six months to read it I don t even know.A Mended Man is not an easy read Of all of the MC s in this series, I think that Aidan [...]

  3. This series just keeps getting better and better Who doesn t love a damaged hero afraid to open his heart but unable to resist when it comes to the one he loves one who also has his own terrible past to confront Aiden a man with walls and defenses so impenetrable, he s pretty much closed himself off to anything beyond the superficial He s overwhelmed by grief and guilt, and despite the fact that he can t physically will himself to engage with Jessie, he truly thinks he doesn t deserve him His o [...]

  4. Dayummmm This was long and tragic, but beautifully hopeful I get why it was so long, why the author took so long to get to the end Nobody with that many internal scars is healed that quickly or easily and it was good how we were there watch them heal and grow together But it would have flowed much better if trimmed a bit And the whole mystery ended a bit abruptly I was glad that part wasn t what was dragged out but it felt like it was too rushed and felt pointless to the story I m so happy I fin [...]

  5. This is book number four in this series and I loved ever single one of them This time it s Jessie and Aiden s turnd I ve been waiting for their story anxiously Jessie was Hunter s assistent book 2 and Aiden the grouchy detective is Hunters best friend and Ty s brother book 3 These two have been sniffeling around each other for ages, so the time has finally come for them to get together The hardest part for me to read in this book, was the reason they finally do come together There is a major tra [...]

  6. BR with the Dutch Girls Susan, Wendy and Karlijn 4,5 stars Boy, did these men had to work hard for their HEA This is the fourth book of the series The Men of Halfway House I wanted so to read Aidan and Jessie s story Aidan was Hunter s Cam s boy toy best friend We already knew he was a very troubled man He meets Jessie as Hunter s assistant and immediately he finds that Jessie gives him peace and keeps him grounded But because of his past he s afraid to commit, to even dream of having an intimat [...]

  7. Deep topics, an important book, so relevant I ve loved every story in this series This time it s big, tall, Aiden the cop, on the book cover who has met the Halfway House men through various encounters He s been to war, had trauma, been tortured, and is a tough, hard, closed off man, until his old friend, Jessie, needs help, having been kidnapped held, and this time, he fought back Jessie Aiden responds immediately, turns off work, and life and concentrates on Jessie s healing Jessie is smaller, [...]

  8. While I love this series, this book didn t engage me as much as the previous books had First off, the good stuff This book was absolutely brimming with mental and emotional intimacy steps forward and backwards, things said and left unsaid and that part was beautiful I loved how real the characters struggles to tear down their walls and let someone else in felt I loved that sometimes they didn t succeed I loved how obviously each character tried to help their partner tear down their walls, and di [...]

  9. I m conflicted I loved Aidan and Jessie in the previous books and to be honest I did love them in this but I didn t love this book as much as the last one in this series and I just wasn t as invested as I was in previous books Both Aidan and Jessie s journeys are heartbreaking and what they endure, is at times, difficult to read At the start I was excited about the section titles because I thought that it would be a story of love but also one of healing wounds that aren t visible and while it di [...]

  10. As much as I love this series and really liked Aidan and Jessie and their individual stories, I struggled with this book I found it frustrating and actually walked away for a bit before picking it back up again I appreciate where the author was going with it and that the men went through a lot individually As much as they are perfect for each other and as attached as they were, it still took so long for Aidan to open up I felt like I was reading a lot of the same thing over and over again I m in [...]

  11. BR with Elsbeth, Wendy and KarlijnThanks for this lovely BR girls This is a hard book to review This is one of those books where my expectations went one way and the story took me another way Don t get me wrong, I still liked it, but I think this is my least favorite of the series While I was expecting it to become my favoriteYes, this book had hurt comfort to the max, but I felt it was a bit much having first concentrated on Jessie being hurt and then Aidan who had to overcome the trauma of his [...]

  12. Well, that was a journey A long journey that covered SO many emotions It was so well done though that I didn t take any notice of the page count or percentage count as I read I was way too engaged in the evolution of Aiden and Jessie to even pay attention I ve been hooked on this series since Julian and Matt in A Better Man I read that one in 2012 and reread it again and again Julian has always had a special spot in my heart I love strong protective characters with tough pasts The characters who [...]

  13. 5 StarsIt s no secret that my love for this series borders on obsessive, and as such, my expectations going into this book were extremely high I realised early on in my reading that Aidan and Jessie s story was going to be very different from the story I had been hoping for all these years different, but luckily, still amazing I guess I had been so focused on the eventuality of finally getting these two characters together romantically that I didn t really consider how that was going to happen S [...]

  14. DNF 43%Dissenting opinion here, but I finally give up I got the book a few months back and have been trying to finish it since It doesn t hold my interest at all, and it s been a few pages here and a few pages there It s too freaking long and slow glacial pace , and in need of tightening up I tried because I liked the rest of the series, but can t do no .

  15. Quick question, you know The Men of Halfway House, right Yes excellent No ohh Well, I ll wait right here while you acquaint yourself I promise you ll thank me Alrighty then, I think we re ready now Everyone knows and loves Julian Matt, Cam Hunter and Ty Cole and is ready for Aidan Jessie Do you have a favorite I know, I know, it s nearly impossible to choose With the Aidan time we ve had thus far, I can confidently tell you Aidan was not my favoriteor even close to the top Truth be told, I ve al [...]

  16. 5 Stars A Mended Man is book four in Jaime Reese s Men of Halfway House Series and is a book I have been unpatiently waiting for now for just over a year So when I saw an ARC come around you can be assured I greedily raised my hand and gobbled this bad boy up Let me tell you, the wait Worth it I am not going to sugar coat it however there are things in this book that might be too much for some, the things that our MC s go through are horrific So be ready for an emotional ride and also be ready f [...]

  17. I love this series and was so excited when I got my hands on the next book in Jaime s The Men of Halfway House series As always the wait was worth it and Jaime delivers yet another stunning but very different book You never know what you re going to get with Jaime and this one couldn t be different in style to the third book if it tried In the former book A Restored Man we were introduced to Ty and Cole, Cole your cheeky guy with a quip and superhero undies I loved this combination as Ty being [...]

  18. What a stunning book this was like reading the slow build of a tsunami Aiden Jesse both suffered torture, pain and nightmares that they carried through much of their lives It kept them closed off to others and struggling to build trust or form relationships When the beast resurfaces and almost kills Jesse, Aiden is faced with his deepest fears how to move forward and love protect Jesse without letting him in Jesse is relentless in easing Aiden from his past and bringing him into the now by const [...]

  19. ANGST Self Loathing Grinding of jaws Bad Things Happening Pain Hospitals Suffering More Self Loathing Person an absolute mental mess with no one noticing Who Suffers A Lot As does the other guy For Different Reasons And it went on and on an onuntil I had no sympathy for anybody.I couldn t stand it quite frankly I even lost interest in the crime stuff which usually keeps me reading when I lose interest in the characters Reading this was extremely unpleasant.

  20. I have been waiting for Aidan and Jessie s story for awhile and this did not disappoint I didn t expect for Jessie s story to have the past that he had I loved the progression of Aidan s character and their relationship It was definitely a five star read for me.

  21. 4.5 stars from me There were triggers which could make some readers uncomfortable with this read, so just be forewarned, but I ve been waiting a long time for Aidan and especially Jessie to get their HEA, so there was absolutely no f g way I wasn t going to read itter all, the author is as good at writing stories as she is designing wonderful covers for other authors Yes folks, Jaime Reese Reese Dante is one extremely talented lady As is usual with Jaime s stories, there is little or no sex and [...]

  22. Not my favorite of the series, definitely worth the read, but after Cole s book this one just didn t move quite fast enough for me It was rough and the beginning was stellar Still beautiful moments and it pulled on the heart strings a few times

  23. 3 stars.I swear if I didn t have to read this for a challenge, I would have DNF 40% It was extremely too damn long.

  24. A Mended Man The Men of the Halfway House Book 4 by Jaime Reese Oh, I m sorry, Captain At what point did we crack open a beer and shoot the shit about whether I liked dick or not Buckle in Book Lovers, you are expecting turbulence with slight chances off hail, coursing a very bumpy ride This series for me is everything I know, I know you may think I say that a lot But seriously this journey started back in 2012 when I was gifted a copy by the author to read A Better Man, the first in the series [...]

  25. Each and every one of the books in the Men of Halfway House series so far has been an outstanding novel, an excellent character study, and so intense that I usually need a few days to recover in the best possible way A Mended Man is no exception In fact I think it is the best one yet I knew going in that Aidan s story would be powerful, and the blurb is a clear and truthful indication of the level of passion and suffering that both Aidan and Jesse face before they get their happy end But let me [...]

  26. A Joyfully Jay review 5 starsThis is perhaps the hardest review I have ever had to write, and before you think it s because this story somehow fell short, let me stop you right now I am having a difficult time reviewing A Mended Man, Jamie Reese s fourth s novel in The Men Of Halfway House series, because I cannot simply say it any better than this this story is one of the most INCREDIBLE books I have ever read It made me scream in frustration, gasp in horror, cry, cry some , and finally left me [...]

  27. A Mended Man is not a quick read and deals with a lot of psychological events that have occurred to Aidan and Jessie Their emotional struggles add to the progress of really getting to know each other before the relationship becomes serious They both have issues that need a lot of work, especially for Aidan, and even though Aidan seemed liked he would be the stronger character, I found Jessie in the positive role and really giving solid support to Aidan.What really held this lengthy novel togeth [...]

  28. Finally Aiden and Jesse s story And another installment that was as good as 2 for me These guys sigh , they re so freaking broken And stubborn, well Aiden is anyways I don t even have the words to describe their relationship It was something really special And you want to talk about a slow burning relationship This would in the dictionary under the definition But it was perfect because it had to be that way and it was so wonderful to see the whole progression I would say this is almost the perfe [...]

  29. Loved every single second of this book The bond between Jesse and Aidan is a tangible thing and watching them work together to work through their issues had me squeeing and sniffling along Cameos from all the past residents of Halfway House, might have a little hint for who is next and I m really hoping to get to know Wall better.

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