Mr and Mrs

Unlimited Mr and Mrs - by Alexa Riley - Mr and Mrs, Mr and Mrs Welcome to Alexa Riley Promises This series is dedicated to old romances It s tropes galore with all of our usual over the top alphas and sweet cheesy goodness These short books will focus on traditi

  • Title: Mr and Mrs
  • Author: Alexa Riley
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 208
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Unlimited Mr and Mrs - by Alexa Riley, Mr and Mrs, Alexa Riley, Mr and Mrs Welcome to Alexa Riley Promises This series is dedicated to old romances It s tropes galore with all of our usual over the top alphas and sweet cheesy goodness These short books will focus on traditional and classic tropes while sticking to the Alexa Riley code no cheating and always with an HEA That s our Promise to you Mr and Mrs Phillip has been married to MollyWelcome to Alexa Rile Unlimited Mr and Mrs - by Alexa Riley - Mr and Mrs, Mr and Mrs Welcome to Alexa Riley Promises This series is dedicated to old romances It s tropes galore with all of our usual over the top alphas and sweet cheesy goodness These short books will focus on traditi

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  • Unlimited Mr and Mrs - by Alexa Riley
    208 Alexa Riley
Mr and Mrs

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    Alexa Riley is two sassy friends who got together and wrote some dirty books They are both married moms of two who love football, donuts, and obsessed book heroes.They specialize in insta love, over the top, sweet, and cheesy love stories that don t take all year to read If you want something SAFE, short, and always with a happily ever after, then Alexa Riley is for you Feel free to follow us each on twitter smut_sasshole SassNSmut


  1. All the Smut StarsTask 1 Think of your favorite Harlequin book Task 2 Think of your favorite smutty McSmutty book.Task 3 Pretend those two books got freaky together and had a book baby A naughty book baby And named it Mr and Mrs If that baby sounds like a baby you want to hang out with Read this book.Laters baby Find me at

  2. 4 Alpha Stars Molly and Philip are married for about one year and completely in love with each other In fact, Philip is so in love with his wife that he s trying to keep his feelings hidden so he doesn t scare her with them This leads to some misunderstandings that causes some trouble Until she gets in an accident and loses part of memory which makes Philip think that he just got a second chance to make his wife fall in love with him all over again Only this time he s not holding back at all Let [...]

  3. Quick sexy read Not too much brain cells required while reading this one but it is what it is LOL OTT, alpha male who is quite dominating and totally smitten and in love with his woman.It costs about a buck for the kindle book Worth it in my opinion but it is a short read.

  4. Today is my 10th year anniversary of being together with my husband Prior to our tonight s celebration, I have decided to read a bit of Alexa Riley s books and feed my addiction to them You know these books They are the ones in which the two lovers live in their one love bubble, nobody and nothing affect them and they are in love forever.Mr and Mrs is an excellent book Riley style There is not any insta love thing between the two main characters like other books by the same writes Mr and Mrs are [...]

  5. 2.5 starsThis felt a little different from my usual AR.I disliked the way the misunderstanding came up The book stayed true to the whole no cheating thing and it still bugged me.Also, it was something new seeing a couple already formed I like my AR alphas in full form from the start Why wait for a difficulty to arise in order to realize you need to act on your feelings That aside, you get the usual smuttiness and HEA.

  6. 3.5 to 4 I wasn t sure exactly what to expect from this book since the couple in question Phillip and Molly are already married when the book opens You see I like the initial meeting, the blossoming of the romance that leads to the HEA so what would I do here As it turns out I didn t need to worry I was instantly hooked.No, there s nothing new here but I enjoyed it anyway Phillip fell instantly in love with Molly the first time they met, he s ten years older and totally obsessed and people who v [...]

  7. The 4 Stars is for the Hero The Hero is divine, he worships the ground the heroine walk in, but I was a little disappointed with the heroine She should have talk to the Hero, instead jumping to conclusions I did not like her disappearIng and keeping herself and the baby away from the Hero for so many months and then she smacked him, when he had done nothing wrong I wish the heroine would have faith in him and be less insecure, when he had never gave her a reason to doubt him

  8. I don t think this one is for me I have never read a Harlequin book and never wanted to This is a little too sappy for my tastes The female character, Molly, is extremely insecure and doubtful I found it annoying Plus it has the miscommunication trope Something happens but it s not what it looked like eyerollI got to 20% but it just wasn t working for me I didn t find Phillip all that sexy, but I never got to a sex scene Meh Oh well On to the next I like their outlandishly juicy over the top sm [...]

  9. What a great start for this series I m not into angsty books I like easy, lighthearted books but Alexa Riley know how to make it work I ve read a lot of their books but this one was a little angsty than the rest I loved it maybe because I know the book is completely safe so I don t have anything to worry about.The story was about Phillip, 32 and Molly, 22.Molly s been married to Phillip for a year now They ve been trying to get pregnant but he s busy lately, it made her feel lonely and not good [...]

  10. This novella satisfied my need for some quick, fun and quirky and smutty read Exactly the break I needed from the books I m currently reading I felt all the feels in the world while reading this Thumbs up to the two epilogues by the way The second one s my favourite Omfg, it was hilarious.

  11. 3.5 4 My love Stars It s always good to have something sweet, hot and short when you are between books That s why normally I go directly towards Alexa Riley s books I was pretty excited because in this case AR has started a new series on old romances Mr and Mrs is the first installment in this new series called An Alexa Riley Promise and it tells the story of Phillip and Molly Tanner, a married couple who love each other so much and after a year of being married they start to draw apart Everythi [...]

  12. I really enjoyed reading this short, sweet, and sexy story just what i needed between books As expected, Alexa Riley did it again although in my opinion this one was a little toned down than her usual It also started off a bit different because Phillip and Molly are already married Don t get me wrong it s still full of hotness and all trademark Alexa Riley material Molly and Phillip s story was great and I liked how crazy these two were for each other I immediately fell in love with Phillip He s [...]

  13. 4.5 stars This was angsty than typical Alexa Riley, but I loved it Despite the angst, I felt secure in the movement of the storyline because well, this is Alexa Riley we are talking about Their heroes are solidly, obsessively, devoted to their heroines, and that just doesn t change DAs usual, I got a non manwhore perfectly awesome hero, wonderful epilogues loved a scene at s soccer game at the end lol , lots of lust, lots of love Can t wait for the next book by these authors Alexa Riley has gat [...]

  14. This is only my second read by Alexa Riley and I enjoyed it It was a quick, sweet and sexy read, so if you like those types of books then you may enjoy this.Phillip and Molly have been married just over a year They are both head over heels in love with one another Phillip is secretly trying to get things in place at work so that he can hand over the reigns and let someone else handle the day to day stuff so that he can spend time with his wife This of course has him working long hours and getti [...]

  15. This story was just ok for me I could not love a hero that practically ignored his wife for a year other than to have sex Because he was worried he would overwhelm her Seriously While I did not agree with the heroine s decision to run and stay away for so long, I also thought the hero was no prize I get that he got all crazy OTT alpha AFTER he got her back, but he had lost me by then.

  16. Lo dejo Definitivamente Alexa conmigo ya perdi su toqueAdem s este ni siquiera fue tan hot como los que suele escribir Si saben de alguna autora que escriba libros parecidos a los de AR me avisan

  17. I can t honestly say that this was my favorite Alexa Riley read but I can tell this new series is going to be something that I really enjoy The storylines and tropes aren t unique but when you add a modern day spin on it it gives it a unique feel Add in AR s cheesiness and I m all in Phillip and Molly have a lot of obstacles to overcome in this one, and they actually spend quite a bit of time apart before they find their way back to each other, and this wouldn t normally be something I would enj [...]

  18. It was such a hot, short, Alpha story I enjoyed every second of it, it was a fun read with a bit drama and lot s of hotness.Damn how much I love a Alpha, a very very alpha No need to tell , it was so damn good

  19. I didn t even know women existed before you Alexa Riley delivers the first book in her new promise series and it s yet another quick read that was layered with sweet and sexy love between with the characters The story is told in dual POVs as a misunderstanding, long work hours take its toll on this couple I can t do this Don t follow me This is my second book by this author and both have been deemed a success Both books have hit the spot with the wonderfully devoted alpha men and relatable heroi [...]

  20. Spoilers One of AR s better books.This one has story and conflict which I prefer We all know AR and what to expect hot, spicy, OTT alpha males but for me, I need a little story as well and this one came through No pun intended.I do however wish it was longer no pun intended and I would like to see a few love making scenes thrown in as opposed to all sex scenes IMHO it would enhance the romance making these books seem less like porn not that I mind porn LOL Safety All is safe I can t honestly t [...]

  21. DNF 38%This book was too cheesy and I knew that before starting it but it had waaaaay too many tropes that I love so I felt that I should just give it a try I ve come to the conclusion that having all of those situations in ONE book is a recipe for the ultimate dish of fromage Time to move on to other things.

  22. 3 3.25 my wife is mine STARS My every thought began and ended with you First offis gif has NOTHING to do with the story, so calm your tits girls I just happen to f cking LUUUUUURV Mean Girls and this is one of my fav scenes, so yeahNow if we come back to our actual topic The book Meh.Maybe it s because I m in a sh tty mood these days and am cranky and over critical and quite franklya total b tch, but I just didn t love this story Yes, it was cute Yes, the guy was perfect in a VERY unrealistic wa [...]

  23. Naughty, naughty Harlequin ish story with all the typical shenanigans of that brand the OTT possessive hero, the too innocent heroine, the big misunderstanding leading to a temporary separation between the H h and, gasp, pregnancy and amnesia Too much Too hot, that s what it was.

  24. 2.5 starsKind of meh But I did like some of the moments I hate that she just ran away without hearing any explanation from her husband.

  25. This story reminds me a little of the old Harlequin Temptation books that I used to read Where the heroine sees something and then gets into an accident and the hero pretends they were happy, etc The one major difference is the sexy scenes in this book I guess that is what the Alexa Riley Promise series is all abouta nod to the old romance plots with the usual over the top alphas oh, yes and the sweet cheesy goodness I love the cheesy and no cheating This one doesn t disappoint except for how th [...]

  26. So cheesy, but so good I need to start reading of Alexa Riley This is my 2nd book by them I love these over the top, cheesy books

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