Mejor cuando es valiente

✓ Mejor cuando es valiente ✓ Jay Crownover - Mejor cuando es valiente, Mejor cuando es valiente Algunos hombres son mejores cuando son valientes Titus King ve a el mundo en blanco y negro Entre el bien y el mal Por eso cuando era adolescente dej atr s a la nica familia que hab a conocido para

  • Title: Mejor cuando es valiente
  • Author: Jay Crownover
  • ISBN: 01
  • Page: 204
  • Format: Kindle

✓ Mejor cuando es valiente ✓ Jay Crownover, Mejor cuando es valiente, Jay Crownover, Mejor cuando es valiente Algunos hombres son mejores cuando son valientes Titus King ve a el mundo en blanco y negro Entre el bien y el mal Por eso cuando era adolescente dej atr s a la nica familia que hab a conocido para buscarse una vida mejor Ahora era polic a en una de las peores ciudades del pa s y no pod a negar que su vida hab a adquirido un mill n de tonos de gris El nuevo elementoAlgun ✓ Mejor cuando es valiente ✓ Jay Crownover - Mejor cuando es valiente, Mejor cuando es valiente Algunos hombres son mejores cuando son valientes Titus King ve a el mundo en blanco y negro Entre el bien y el mal Por eso cuando era adolescente dej atr s a la nica familia que hab a conocido para

  • ✓ Mejor cuando es valiente ✓ Jay Crownover
    204Jay Crownover
Mejor cuando es valiente

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    Jay Crownover is the International and multiple New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the Marked Men Series, The Saints of Denver Series, and The Point and Breaking Point Series Her books can be found translated in many different languages all around the world She is a tattooed, crazy haired Colorado native who lives at the base of the Rockies with her awesome dogs This is where she can frequently be found enjoying a cold beer and Taco Tuesdays Jay is a self declared music snob and outspoken book lover who is always looking for her next adventure, between the pages and on the roadYS I finally have a newsletter, so if you want to sign up for exclusive content and monthly giveaways you can do that right here jaycrownover subscribeYou can email me at JayCrownover gmail


  1. 4 stars Better When He s Brave has been a highly anticipated book for me After keeping up with the Welcome to the Point series, I ve been anxious to get my hands on Titus s story Titus is a cop He s a good man in a place full of bad where doing the right thing is hard But he manages He does what he has to do and follows the law Titus is a man who you can always count on to do whats right Even if that means arresting his own brother He s proven time and time again that his job is something import [...]

  2. 4 stars I ve been fighting every single day of my life Sometimes I think all I have left is fight Finally got around to reading this one I ve been enjoying The Point series and this book didn t disappoint Titus is a character I ve been intrigued about since the first book and I am so glad he got his own story.Better When He s Brave is about bad girl Reeve and good guy cop Titus Reeve has made some horrible mistakes that she feels she can never atone for, but she s going to try her damn hardest I [...]

  3. Hiding was the for weak I am always excited to go back to The Point and was super excited to finally get Titus story Titus is one of the few good guys left in The Point and remaining good and true is a full time job for him Never was this job difficult than when Reeve shows back up in town.Reeve has left WITSEC and returned to The Point against everyone s wishes Her being there is a liability to the case and bad for just about everyone, including Titus.Despite his better judgment Titus is attra [...]

  4. 4.5 Stars Since starting this series I ve been looking forward to Titus story He s the one man on the right side of the law in The Point, which has made for a tricky relationship with his younger brother Bax I did sense an intensity in Titus that hinted at him being than just a rigid cop He turned out to be a complex man in a constant fight to keep his darker side leashed, one who struggled with balancing the law with real life Turns out Reeve was just the woman to both unleash and soothe his i [...]

  5. DNF 53% this is a rating ONLY for the parts I ve managed to read 3 STARS I will make THIS worthwhile I will make THIS enough until we can tackle THIS matters, whatever it is, and for now THIS is everything, okay Okay THIS with you is than MORE was with anyone else anyway I ve been over excitedly waiting for Titus and Reeve s story since Book 1, becausewellwho can resist a sexy romance between a good cop and a corrupted bad girl Certainly not this perv right here cough cough The romance aspect [...]

  6. This one quote is the essence that symbolizes the true meaning of Welcome to the Point Series We ve seen Dovie and Bax, Race and Brysen battle through the Point, battling known enemies and fighting to survive Finding love in all of the wrong places, holding on tight and moving forward Jay Crownover, gives us her new instalment with a twist This time, we re given Titus s story The good guy falls for the bad girl.Told in dual POV s, Titus and Reeve gives us their marvelous story, while traveling d [...]

  7. Happy belated book birthday US amzn 1DhWb0bA thrillingly intense, seductively addicting, keep me on the edge of my seat read about a woman looking for atonement, a man determined to save his city and the attraction neither can ignore The cop and the sexy criminal with the heart of gold Titus King has dedicated his life to uphold the law, to protect the citizens of the city known as The Point, one of the most dangerous and corrupt cities in the world But with the demise of the city s underground [...]

  8. I don t know who has Jay Crownover chained to her computer popping out books like Pez, but I d like to thank them The 9 likes are for the above comment.3 9 15 The fuck This cover is aaaaaawwwwful I still want to thank whomever is Miserying JC, but I d like to pimp slap the person making these covers The first one was cool, the second one looked like it was some stock photo from the 80s and this one looks like the cover of a bodice ripper Granted, the guy s built, but ugh

  9. Original review on Julalicious Book ParadiseOkay, I think I have found my new favourite book in this series Titus and Reeve are two very intriguing characters The chemistry between them was sizzling whenever they were in the same room.Both of them have issues and you discover and in this book In the first two books, you see Titus as only the good guy the guy who believes in justice and want to help out everyone And yes, this Titus is still in this book, but we discover a darker side of him som [...]

  10. I m upset.I mean, I knew my good book streak had to come to an end eventually, but I never for one second thought that this would be the book that shattered my dreams.I went into this hopeful The first book in this series was a book that renewed my faith in Magic Dick Lit The second one was a shit show, but I really hoped that this one would bounce back and get back to the level where the first one left off And for the first half of this book, it looked promising The opening chapter was amazing [...]

  11. The foundation of this story was so enticing I was desperate to read Titus s story I love tormented good guys But I felt like too much was lost on descriptions At the beginning, I think I read 5 pages of Titus describing what type of man he isgot it I think 1 2 the book is describing what a shithole the Point it And then the rest is reading Reeve describe her best intentions and how she admires the kind of man Titus isgot it I totally dig these characters and the villain is a gooood one H [...]

  12. Titus is the law in a city that has become pretty lawless He believes in right and wrong even when it meant sending his own brother to jail When Reeve returns to the Point, the attraction between them can t be denied but Reeve has been on the wrong side of Titus s right.Reeve is a nice person who has made some really bad life choices in her quest for vengeance and now she has to face the consequences When a bad element makes it self known in the point, Reeve decides she wants to help Reeve now m [...]

  13. Yeah I started reading this one evening and I just never stopped It kept me turning pages until 4AM I needed to know every detail so I just kept reading.Why The characters I adore both main characters, Reeve and Titus Both of them come from impossible situations and have crazy awful choices to make They live in a bad place but it s part of them and leaving just isn t a choice While this story is far from my reality and it s larger than life, it spoke to me These characters felt real And they are [...]

  14. Titus has pledged his life to protect those who can t protect themselves in the Point, and in doing so, he refuses to blur the lines between right and wrong, justice and revenge, good and evil But what he learns with the war that s brewing in his domain is that there s always exceptions to the rule and sometimes people have to go into the gray in order to make the changes that need to be made Sometimes being brave means adapting and unleashing their inner beast in order to get the job done.In al [...]

  15. Hell yeeeeeeeeah this series is badass, already drooling for the next Five stars all the way The storyline was intense, who in their right mind wouldn t love Titus Badge, uniform, smoking hot bod, jeesh now I m getting worked up Enjoy

  16. Titus King es detective en una de las zonas m s conflictivas La Punta , no hay d as de descanso pero a pesar de ello a Titus le gusta lo que hace, vive por y para ello Su vida y sus planes se tambalean cuando reaparece Reeve Black, la joven que traicion a la novia de su hermano Bax y que es testigo protegido del caso Novak y por la que siente algo m s que desprecio.Cuando comenc esta trilog a me pareci aceptable porque era original en ciertos aspectos, ha tenido libros mejores que otros pero en [...]

  17. DNF 59% Esto si que es una sorpresa y es realmente triste porque me encanta como escribe Jay Crownover y AMO el primer libro Tengo una obsesi n con Dovie y Bax y es por eso que probablemente segu leyendo este libro, porque necesitaba saber lo que suced a con Bax Sin embargo, creo que es una p rdida de tiempo porque no consigue atraparme Hasta donde le , el libro no es malo Iba bien creo y si decid leerlo fue por Titus Desde los anteriores libros, l me gustaba Me parecia que era un policia leal y [...]

  18. La historia en s me ha gustado, pero la relaci n de amor entre los protagonistas me ha parecido muy muy fria, le faltaba m s sentimiento y m s calor.

  19. Better When Hes Brave es el tercer libro de los seis por el momento que forman la serie Welcome To The Point de la autora Jay Crownover y narra la historia de Titus hermano mayor de Bax y Reese, personaje secundario que conocemos en el primer libro.Algo que he notado en los tres libros de esta saga que llevo leidos es lo lento que empieza a desarrollarse la trama en el inicio, todo empieza con un ritmo lento y quizas un poco tedioso hasta que la trama despega y entonces tiene un ritmo mas fluido [...]

  20. La mia recensione qui leggereromanticamente Love Forever il terzo autoconclusivo romanzo della serie ambientata a The Point, il famigerato quartiere malavitoso che la Crownover si diverte particolarmente ad utilizzare come ambientazione, ma i suoi protagonisti principali li abbiamo gi incontrati nei libri precedenti Aspettavo infatti con ansia la storia di Titus King, ma avevo paura di rimanere delusa per via della protagonista femminile Il detective e la criminale una coppia improbabile che pro [...]

  21. Era la citta peggiore che chiunque potesse scegliere di servire e proteggere, eppure io lo facevo, con ogni singolo respiro Quando una citt devastata dal terrore, dalla delinquenza e dominata da uomini pericolosi e donne spietate, fare la cosa giusta diventa una vera vocazione Titus King il famoso poliziotto che pur di fare giustizia fa rinchiudere in galera il proprio fratello, perch la giustizia uguale per tutti e lui un uomo determinato a difendere la propria citt contro tutto e contro tutti [...]

  22. Well, non stop action I was hooked from the beginning Having waited for what seems like forever for Titus I was not disappointed This is a standalone novel, but includes all the characters and , from the previous 2 Welcome to the Point books Though it isn t necessary to start at the beginning, it does assist in the understanding of The Point and all that live there It follows a Detective, Titus King, and the beautiful, Reeve Black, who is in witness protection The story centres around a new to [...]

  23. MAS VALE TARDE QUE NUNCA Aqu est la rese a crecererasencilloNo quiero dar mucha cosa en esta opini n porque ten a pensado hacer rese a en el blog pero me es irresistible asique venga os suelto algo ME ENCANTA TITUS3 su faceta como polic a no le ha impedido parecer todo un malote en este libro En cuanto a Reeve, creo que ha sido un poquito monta a rusa, as como era una roca era una chica fr gil Este ha sido el libro que sent que la historia iba m s r pido pero a n con todo me encanta estoy desean [...]

  24. 2.5 Stars rounded up I found it really hard to get into this oneSomehow it didn t work for me Am not even quite sure why.It s well written as one would expect but somehow it felt preachy Again I can t explain why.I really struggled through the first half The second half kept getting better And in the end I was much happier with this than halfway through hence I rounded up I plan to definitely read Nassirs story and whatever else Crownover writes in the future

  25. It was nice to go back to the Point I definitely like our hot cop, Titus It took me awhile to warm up to Reeve But I think she did a great job of redeeming herself after what happened in book 1 Nassir s book is up next But I can t wait to get my hands on Booker s book I love and adore Karsen That potential even if a bit taboo relationship has SO many possibilities

  26. I m 59% done with Better When He s Brave DNF, I m struggling to finish this one I m a big Crownover fan but this one isn t doing it for me It s super wordy with hardly any dialogue, I m not connecting with the MC s at all Too bad, since I enjoyed the first two books in the series Aug 11, 2015 08 17PM update status

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