The Way He Loves Me

[PDF] Read ✓ The Way He Loves Me : by Diamond Johnson - The Way He Loves Me, The Way He Loves Me Mackenzie King was Miramar High school s most popular girl All the boys wanted her and majority of the girls envied her She was even captain of the school s varsity cheerleading team But she only had

  • Title: The Way He Loves Me
  • Author: Diamond Johnson
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 322
  • Format: Kindle Edition

[PDF] Read ✓ The Way He Loves Me : by Diamond Johnson, The Way He Loves Me, Diamond Johnson, The Way He Loves Me Mackenzie King was Miramar High school s most popular girl All the boys wanted her and majority of the girls envied her She was even captain of the school s varsity cheerleading team But she only had eyes for Darryon Jordan Darryon was no good for Mackenzie but it was something about him that kept her coming back for Fast forward ten years later and MackenzieMackenzie King w [PDF] Read ✓ The Way He Loves Me : by Diamond Johnson - The Way He Loves Me, The Way He Loves Me Mackenzie King was Miramar High school s most popular girl All the boys wanted her and majority of the girls envied her She was even captain of the school s varsity cheerleading team But she only had

  • [PDF] Read ✓ The Way He Loves Me : by Diamond Johnson
    322Diamond Johnson
The Way He Loves Me

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  1. Awesome read Great read and I can t wait to read book 2 It s some low down mess going on in this book and I hope they pay for how they did my girl This book was awesome just short

  2. Never Disappoints Jesus take the wheel because it s really about to be some drama The moment I started reading the book and got introduced to Maddison I knew her butt was sneaky, and that dang on Darryon is a sorry excuse for a man I m so glad Mackenzie got out of that dark place I just hope with this information it doesn t take her back there Janeiro is BEA he s awsome So ready for part 2 cause I know it s gone be

  3. The way he loves meThis book had me wanting to grab Darryon by the throat and choke him until his eyes popped out and once they popped out, I would stomp them into the dirt The way he treated Mackenzie was so uncalled for Her sister needs to be choked out as well I couldn t believe that she did her like that A definite page turner that had my emotions all over the place and anxiously turning the pages to see what was going to happen next On to part 2.

  4. Another Banger Diamond Johnson seems to give you stories that are relatable, something you can say you went through personally or you know someone who has Darryon broke McKenzie down and I personally wanted to jump thru the book to strangle him McKenzie s sister doesn t make things any better That cliffhanger was everything and I can t wait to see what s in store for us in part 2.

  5. Yesss She has created another oneWhen I say Author Diamond Johnson is dropping hit after hit This has an awesome story line and it s very relatable to day to day situations I can t wait for Kenzie to crack the faces of her trifling baby daddy and no good Ass sister I need part 2 like yesterday.

  6. Some peopleMan oh man what a way to find out that ur niece is really ur sons sister and the baby ur sister is carrying is really ur son sister as well and ur baby daddy has been fuckin ur sister the whole timeDiamond Diamond Diamond why u do me like that with that dramatic ending was such a good read y all readit

  7. Page turnerI hate how the main lady was treated in the beginning by someone who she loves and is supposed to loved but as soon as she started getting that happiness back and it started getting good it was over Need book two ASAP

  8. The way he love meI truly don t even know where to start This book made me laugh and cry I loved Kenzie and felt bad for her Madison I can t wait to she get what she deserve because karma is something else I m getting ready to start part 2 right now.

  9. Omgggggggg This book was everything im glad Mackenzie got over that no good baby father of hers this book was everything please hurry with part two

  10. OMGI m just speechless This book deserves than 5 stars It was so good It makes you want to cry at how Mackenzie is being treated All the dirt eventually came to light at the end So ready for part 2.

  11. BangerBaby I don t know why it took me this long to read this book I been had downloaded That darn darryon was so lowdown then her sister lord y all this book was a page turner I couldn t put it down til I got TO BE CONTINUED.

  12. Good StoryThis is a lot different from what I normally read but I enjoyed That damn Darryon and Maddison needs there tails beat This should finally move old girl on from him On to part 2.

  13. Oh yes, there s a part 2 to MacKenzie and Janeiro s relationship Hopefully she sees Darryon, her baby s father, for who he is Loser And her sister, Maddison is playing her for a fool too I plan to read Book 2 next I gave this one a 4 rating.

  14. I really enjoyed this read I love how the author likes to show the depth of flawed women and how they try to climb out of the bad situations they find themselves in It s interesting that she likes to write about strong men who are also a little controlling

  15. Excellent I could not put this book down What a twist of plots this book has in it I am so sorry for the havoc McKenzie sister is about to rain on everyone in this family.

  16. excellent readpeople are so messy, that sister I would beat the brakes off of, on to part 2 to see what happens next

  17. Wow I loved this book This is a book of fiction but this is really something that some women go through with men on a everyday basis.

  18. Love itThis was my first time reading a book by this author It was good and had me sad upset at some parts I will definitely read from this authors.

  19. Good readI really liked this book Aside from a few typos which is the reason for the 4 stars I felt so bad for Mackenzie but I hope she don t let go of Jay.

  20. Very good book on self esteemThis was very well written besides a few grammar mistakes Great story I could not put the book down I cant wait to read part 2.

  21. An awesome storyThe book was truly amazing It was hard for me to put down but I guarantee you that I am getting ready to read part two of this story to find out whether Mackenzie and Janeiro get married and what becomes of Darryon.

  22. I need part 2This is a great read I m glad Mackenzie got someone willing to break down the walls Karma is going to get her sister and baby daddy Who would stoop so low I hope I don t have to wait long for part 2.

  23. One of the better one I read this yearNow it has been a long time since i read a book cover to cover in a day but I did with this one I was so mad I wanted to beat some ass then I wanted to punch a fool in the throat Jealous is a bitch can t wait to read it he follow up hope my girl lives happily ever after with her new lover and have plenty of babies and I want her no good baby daddy and sister to live the trifling life with no money and in the slums

  24. Boy ByeGosh talk about trifling ppl Mackenzie sister baby daddy are true definition Mr Armstrong I likely with his cocky self So good seeing Mackenzie get her happy back Oh but the jealousy gonna be even in pt2 Baby daddy just needs to run my girl her 10k back with his lying ass.

  25. Love itA must read Diamond Johnson always deliver ,mesmerized from the beginning.Love the story line and the characters especially Kenzie and Janiero Darryon and Maddison are trifling great read Can t wait for part 2

  26. Loved itThis book was really good, well written, just way to short I can t wait to dive into part 2 I hope its just as good

  27. omg yessssi can not wait to read part 2 omg im about to get it right now and read it because i know mr armstrong is going to fuck darryon up on sight lmfao

  28. YessssThis book was good from start to finish I can t wait to dive into book 2 You all have to check it out

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