Seducing the Marquess

Free Read Seducing the Marquess - by Callie Hutton - Seducing the Marquess, Seducing the Marquess London Richard Marquess of Devon is satisfied with his ton marriage His wife of five months Lady Eugenia Devon thought she was too until she found the book Their marriage is one of respect

  • Title: Seducing the Marquess
  • Author: Callie Hutton
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  • Page: 447
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Free Read Seducing the Marquess - by Callie Hutton, Seducing the Marquess, Callie Hutton, Seducing the Marquess London Richard Marquess of Devon is satisfied with his ton marriage His wife of five months Lady Eugenia Devon thought she was too until she found the book Their marriage is one of respect and affection with no messy entanglements such as love Devon s upbringing impressed upon him that gentlemen slake their baser needs on a mistress not their gently bred wLondon Free Read Seducing the Marquess - by Callie Hutton - Seducing the Marquess, Seducing the Marquess London Richard Marquess of Devon is satisfied with his ton marriage His wife of five months Lady Eugenia Devon thought she was too until she found the book Their marriage is one of respect

  • Free Read Seducing the Marquess - by Callie Hutton
    447 Callie Hutton
Seducing the Marquess

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  1. I wish I hadn t read thisIf you don t like the H to go to bed with anyone but the h after he meets her don t read this He visited his mistress the night before his wedding but that was the last time he had sex with her Then he just played cards with her for five months after that until she died he did bed his wife three times a week but it didn t satisfy his lust like he was used to WTF My stomach hurts from reading this book I know I am a freak but I just wish I hadn t read it Even in the make [...]

  2. 2.75 Stars Even though lately I ve been reading a lot of contemporary romances, historical will always be my first love There s just something swoonworthy about dukes and rakes and lords Lady Eugenia and Richard, the Marquess of Devon, are newly married Theirs is like any other aristocratic ton marriageere is respect, admiration, care and even a bit of affection, but their marriage is without passion Even though Eugenia is very much in love with her husband After the death of Richard s mistress, [...]

  3. Seducing the Marquess by Callie Hutton is the story of Lady Eugenia Devon and Richard, Marquess of Devon Devon and Eugenia married about 5 months ago Their marriage is what most marriages of that time were Devon thought Eugenia would suit him and it would be just a regular town type marriage Eugenia liked Devon from the first but she went through the marriage knowing that it was just an arrangement just as other on her day were married But Eugenia always wanted something and when her husband s [...]

  4. 2.5 stars.The blurb for Seducing the Marquess sounded great Lord Devon and his wife Lady Eugenia are newly married, it s a marriage of convenience rather than one of love despite that not being what either craves, and when Eugenia finds the 19th Century version of The Joy of Sex she embarks on a sexual quest in making Devon fall in love with her She was a respectable and proper lady Whilst is started fairly well, I found the seduction element was lacking, and we entered a lather, rinse, repeat c [...]

  5. She knew passion and desire lay buried inside her The little girl had wanted her knight in shining armor She would have it What an absolutely delightful romp this was It was quirky, unique, and just so much fun to read The historical efforts of seduction had me laughing out loud An accidental peek at a woman s ankle can be alluring than her naked body Each chapter s snippet of the seductive book was as fun as the seduction efforts themselves Watching the poor couple deal with mixed signals, mis [...]

  6. I enjoyed Eugenia and Devon I found Seducing the Marquees to be a charming and delightful read I loved that our hero and heroine were already married, and it was wonderful seeing how Devon and Eugenia tried to adjust the intimacy of marriage The author crafted each character with care, and they were written well Eugenia s need to be loved by her husband, and to pleasure and love him in return was heartfelt and felt so genuine I connected with her and I was rooting for her to successfully seduce [...]

  7. This novel was quite entertaining and the romance between the MC s developed in a very quirky, unconventional and lovely manner The MC s are already married at the start of the story and they have both been conditioned, by their respective parents, to have a very cold and businesslike approach to matrimony It was so funny reading about the way the hero s father had brainwashed him into believing that his wife was never meant to be an object of lust or passion His dead old daddy had told him to g [...]

  8. Since I love romantic comedies and historical romances this book was perfect for me I enjoyed lighthearted story of Lord and Lady Devon Both know what they want but are unable to express their needs to each other Story started in a very interesting way and kept be engrossed until the very end.Lord Devon has been taught to live a life in a certain way He doesn t want scandal of any kind So when he finds a sensible young woman, he considers himself very lucky His wife is just as proper as she shou [...]

  9. 3 stars I like the premise but the story just felt repetitive as the couple circle each other Their conversations and interactions were also flat There s a lack of real spark.If you want to read another HR with a very similar premise wife tries to seduce their husband with the help of a scandalous book, and husband starts to suspect an affair, I would recommend Lessons From a Scarlet Lady

  10. When I read the description of this, I had to request it A lot of the historical romances I ve read revolve around the characters falling in love before they marry but in this story, Richard, the Marquess of Devon and his wife, Lady Eugenia have already been married for a few months Both are impeccably well bred and it s probably one of those society matches that everyone looks at with approval.However, Eugenia is slightly dissatisfied with her polite society marriage and she wants She wants he [...]

  11. The blurb of Seducing the Marquess sounded like something I needed to read Newly married, Lady Eugenia Devon and Richard, Marquess of Devon, have a proper marriage A marriage of convenience It is one of respect and affection, but lacks love Devon s been taught that you take care of your needs with a mistress not with your gentle wife But once he s married, he s not interested in a mistress any longer He only really wants Eugenia Eugenia, also only wants Devon, so she tries to entice him to fall [...]

  12. I loved seeing Devon all flustered, and And And You cannot wear that He gestured toward her That is not a proper gown for a married woman I loved this book, I loved that Eugenia could drive Devon mad.

  13. In Callie Hutton s Seducing the Marquess, the first installment in the Lord and Ladies in Love historical romance series, this introduction would leave you hot and bothered to start a scandal of your own After Eugenia s husband s mistress dies, she s than relieved to have him for herself But when she perused a local bookstore, she picked up a book of a scandalous nature and plans to start seducing him For Lord Devon, he notices the changes in Eugenia s behavior and picks up on it His daily visi [...]

  14. AssumptionsLady Eugenia Devon AKA The Ice Queen s had just heard her nemesis and her husband s mistress, Mrs Forestor just died in a carriage accident She kept her usual cool smile in place until she was alone in her bedchamber, then she wanted to shout with joy After stealing the book Secrets of the Bedchamber, and learning what passion they could have together Now was the time to win her husbands attention before he took a new mistress, even though it was common practice A wife in the early 18 [...]

  15. Seducing the Marquees by Callie HuttonLords and Ladies in Love series London EnglandOctober 1819Lady Eugenia Devon is a proper perfect miss so much so that she was dubbed The Ice Queen For you see Eugenia did everything right and proper, her hair perfectly coiffed her manners and dress were ever proper nothing scandalous She even had the perfect proper courtship required of her Married to the perfect man whom she was head over heels in love Richard the Marquees of Devon Married 5 months a perfec [...]

  16. A decadent tale of love lust and blatant sensuality are the words to best sum up Seducing the Marquess Can a marriage built on etiquette survive the storm brewing behind closed Doors Eugenia is willing to break all the rules in order to gain her husband love, but will she end up breaking her own heart in the process Bring on the naughty It s getting hot in here Passion, confusion and romance are the driving force behind this steamy but magnetic love story.

  17. Recency novels not my top choice but Callie Hutton hasMade me a fan I don t know if it is the constraints of society or the games people had to play that I just don t care for that said, Callie Hutton s characters are enchanting and are stuff that true love is made of it was a good read.

  18. I received this from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review This was a very good read It was entertaining and just made me laugh I enjoyed the read so much The characters were great I just wish that he was less of a jerk The two just needed to have a conversation and thing could have gone better for them I do look forward to from this author

  19. The fact that I like this story mesmerized me I m enjoying myself reading Eugenia and Devon story and oh so scandalous book.

  20. Reigning Regency Romance Regent, Callie Hutton, writes another scintillating tale to woo readers everywhere As a fan of Hutton s Marriage Mart Mayhem series, I was looking forward to sinking into a new series written by her I was not disappointed by the story of Devon and Eugenia.Usually a great romance starts with the meeting, but not for this than proper couple Both raised to believe marriage was a business arrangement, Devon assumed the woman nicknamed The Ice Queen was the perfect lady for [...]

  21. What made this story for me was the humor I totally love a book with humor The author brings to the table very likable characters that pull you in giving you a highly entertaining read Devon has been bought up with strict ways a wife, or married couple should act he thought he found the perfect lady in his lovely new wife Eugenia She has such grace, just the right tones, the right actions to make those in the ton very happy No one can or will find fault in his lovely wife He really is thrilled t [...]

  22. What Is It About Richard married Eugenia to satisfy the ton and produce the heir that is expected of someone in his position He was raised with the notion that passion isn t needed in a marriage and it should be saved for a mistress But Eugenia isn t happy with that arrangement Yes, it is a good arrangement but there s no passion or love Until Eugenia finds out that Richard s mistress died, and finds a book that explains seduction and sex all of which she plans to use on her husband.What I Liked [...]

  23. Publisher s Description Richard, Marquess of Devon is satisfied with his ton marriage His wife of five months, Lady Eugenia Devon, thought she was, too, until she found the book Their marriage is one of respect and affection, with no messy entanglements such as love Devon s upbringing impressed upon him that gentlemen slake their baser needs on a mistress, not their gently bred wives However, once married, he was no longer comfortable bedding a woman other Eugenia When she stumbles onto a naught [...]

  24. Unlike most romances at least the ones I read , this one featured a couple that s already married Both go into the marriage thinking they only want it to be business, but both end up falling in love and wanting it to be than business This ends up causing hilarious misunderstandings, which is part of why I enjoyed this story so much Romances don t usually involve humor, but this one had the perfect amount, in the perfect places Because of that, and the nice change from the normal I want you but [...]

  25. In typical ton fashion the Marquess of Devon and his wife, Lady Eugenia have a marriage that closely resembles a business arrangement But Lady Eugenia thinks there might be hope to change things when word gets out that Devon s mistress has died in a carriage accident.Each of them have been raised to be the proper ton member Eugenia as been given the nickname, The Ice Queen, because she is always demur, proper and would never cause a bit of scandal That is the Eugenia that the ton sees the priva [...]

  26. Romantic and humorous too I loved this book Devon and Eugenia both had so much to learn The path was not easy for them but very funny and entertaining for the reader The author made it very real and interesting with two POV I grew to love them both over the course of the book P.S I would love to get my hands on the book.

  27. Very entertaining read.I am an additional historical romance reader and being the first in the series, it has truly wet my appetite for the others in the series The characters were entertaining and a well constructed read Enjoy, I certainly didn t as this is one of my favorite authors.

  28. I thought this was a good book as I think all her books are I like the way she tells the story heat levels is a 4 she s the type of author you get just by seeing your name you don t even have to read the synopsis

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