Run to Ground

Run to Ground Best Read || [Katie Ruggle] - Run to Ground, Run to Ground He lost his mentor He lost his K partner He almost lost his will to live But when a ruthless killer targets a woman on the run Theo and his new K companion will do whatever it takes to survive and

  • Title: Run to Ground
  • Author: Katie Ruggle
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 304
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Run to Ground Best Read || [Katie Ruggle], Run to Ground, Katie Ruggle, Run to Ground He lost his mentor He lost his K partner He almost lost his will to live But when a ruthless killer targets a woman on the run Theo and his new K companion will do whatever it takes to survive and save the woman neither can live without Grieving the death of his partner Theo Bosco has no room in his life for distractions Though his instincts scream that he should avoiHe lost his Run to Ground Best Read || [Katie Ruggle] - Run to Ground, Run to Ground He lost his mentor He lost his K partner He almost lost his will to live But when a ruthless killer targets a woman on the run Theo and his new K companion will do whatever it takes to survive and

  • Run to Ground Best Read || [Katie Ruggle]
    304Katie Ruggle
Run to Ground

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    A fan of the old adage write what you know , Katie Ruggle lived in an off grid, solar and wind powered house in the Rocky Mountains until her family lured her back to Minnesota When she s not writing, Katie rides horses, shoots guns not while riding, although that would be awesome , cross country skis badly and travels to warm places where she can scuba dive A graduate of the Police Academy, Katie received her ice rescue certification and can attest that the reservoirs in the Colorado mountains really are that cold A fan of anything that makes her feel like a bad ass, she has trained in Krav Maga, boxing and gymnastics You can connect with Katie at katieruggle , facebook katieruggleb, or on Twitter KatieRuggle


  1. This review can also be found at Carole s Random Life in Books.I really liked this book I have been wanting to read Katie Ruggle for a while and since this was the beginning of a new series, I thought that this would be a good place to start The fact that this is a series about a K9 unit also really appealed to me since I am a huge dog lover I was hooked to the story pretty much right away and was really wondering how everything would work out This was a really exciting read that kept me guessin [...]

  2. Ending ruined my rating I am about to rant.So I was really enjoying this book It was fast paced, I LOVED the dog and the kids were not annoying It dealt with really tough subjects but I liked the way those issues were handled except for one There was not much romance very slow burn I think only one sex scene in the book but I was still enjoying it The suspense was awesome Right up until the every end I listened to it on audible and I looked down and there were 4 mins left and the big secret betw [...]

  3. I loved Katie Ruggle s Search and Rescue series so I was happy to hear she was writing a new series based in a town not too far from Simpson, Colorado Jules Jackson has just moved to Monroe Colorado with her four younger siblings She actually kidnapped them to save them from her horrible stepmother, seriously horrible With new identities and a guarantee from a shifty character that her stepmother wouldn t be looking for them or else she s sets off hoping to start their lives anew When you re try [...]

  4. I was really looking forward to this new series by Ms Ruggle The premise of it seemed right up my alley with K9 officers and their human partners, a woman and her siblings on the run and hiding out in Colorado and a not so nice group of individuals with bombs and weapons All the elements of a good series was there and the preview provided in After the End was very intriguing.However, it took me a while to get through the book and for the most part I was disappointed So what went wrong I needed [...]

  5. I requested this book and didn t get approved I was slightly bummed about it I then requested book 2 and with a shrug I thought I wouldn t get it Colour me surprised that I did Now I need any old excuse to buy a book and this was the perfect one Seeing as I have book 2 I just have to buy book 1 I felt like reading a paperback so I did After a run of bad luck but with some good fortune thrown in Jules takes things to the extreme to protect her brothers and her sister They start a new in Monroe, C [...]

  6. Coffee Dates with Run to GroundFirst Date Ruggle hooked me from the first chapter as Jules gathers up her siblings and they embark on a new life far from the past they are trying to outrun They move to a dilapidated farmhouse in the rugged town of Monroe, located in the Colorado Rockies where Jules accepts a job as a waitress at the local diner Theo Bosco, an officer with the local police force, is grieving the loss of his former K9 companion and his human partner He lost one to cancer and one t [...]

  7. This is one of those books that started out a little rough for me but the I read, the I got invested in the characters and their plight By the end, I was hooked It helps that there are 4 adorable children that you can t help but fall for and one K9 dog who needed a bit of healing Jules is risking everything for her 4 siblings and all she needs to do is keep a low profile It s kind of laughable how she catches the attention of a cop her first day at work Theo is immediately suspicious of Jules [...]

  8. Another I wanted to love this book, I really did I like the idea of a series about a K9 unit, and I enjoyed Ruggle s Search and Rescue series quite a bit I simply never got completely invested in the story or the characters enough to care enough what happened in the storyline or with them I especially disliked the flashbacks the first few chapters of the book I m not a huge fan of flashbacks and it was only a few weeks, couldn t the author have put it in a prologue and go from there in present t [...]

  9. Three and a halfHaving thoroughly enjoyed this authors Search and Rescue series I really looked forward to getting my hands on this book Still set in beautiful Colorado but this time it s the K 9 unit that the author tries to capture The story really begins with Jules a young woman who is desperate to get her younger siblings away from her stepmothers abusuve control When I say desperate I don t use the word needlessly because Jules has been working for very shady characters indeed , the sort th [...]

  10. This author is an expert in small town, sweet n slow burn romances, centered around emergency services first responders in one form or another I loved her Search and Rescue series, and I enjoyed the first in this series too.We kick off the review with a kidnapping Jules, a twenty something accountant to the mob, takes her four younger siblings from school and runs She has help from the brother of the mafia type chap she cooked the books for, though she s an otherwise law abiding woman The kids l [...]

  11. Run to Ground is the 1st book in the Rocky Mountain K9 Unit series by Katie Ruggle This first book introduces us to Jules, her siblings, and Theo Theo is still mourning the loss of his friend mentor and partner when he meets Jules Jules has just moved herself and her siblings to Colorado to begin a new life when she catches sight of Theo Neither is ready or willing to start a new relationship but things begin to heat up between the two until a deadly threat threatens to rip them apart before the [...]

  12. After enjoying Katie s Search Rescue series, I was than excited to start a new romantic suspense series by her This book had all the thrills and romance that fans can expect when it comes to a book by Katie I will admit that I didn t like this book AS much as the books in her previous series, but still was an exhilarating read The main male character, Theo, was a little hard for me to warm up to at first He was very demanding and moody I understood why he was acting that way, but it was still h [...]

  13. i had some issues with this one I won t go into them here Suffice it to say i don t do well with books were one of the characters is lying to the other in a big way And you know that the lie is going to eventually wreck everything so you just can t relax Plus it s hard to believe their connection when one of them keeps something so important from the other Theo s a cop with depression i thought Ruggle did a good job fleshing out Theo s issues He was a miserable person which made him an interesti [...]

  14. 4 starsThis was a really good story and beginning of the series If you ve read Ruggle s Search Rescue series, then you wont be surprised to find that while the romance ends happily at the end of this story, there appears to be an overlying series storyline that probably wont be completed until all the books are complete although I can t say positively Also, the story actually ends at page 351 408 the 74% park on my Kindle After that, there s some deleted scenes from Run to Ground that are intere [...]

  15. 3.25 starsIt seems like there are so many loose plot threads that did not get wrapped up, so Run to Ground gets a knock for that full review Once I saw the cover for Run to Ground, I knew I had to read it I mean, look at that shepherd That happy K9, with his happy wolfish grin Viggy, sadly, was not quite so carefree in the story Both Viggy and his handler, Theo, are battling PTSD, and it puts them both in danger many times I can t understand why that sad, traumatized dog was expected to effectiv [...]

  16. I quite liked this It took a little to get going, but it was worth out Wish the ending was a little resolved but that s all my own reading tastes I want to read in this series.

  17. I won t rate this book If you want the rant on why I dnf d it at 15%, keep reading view spoiler As mentioned in my previous progress update, we get flashbacks to a week and less prior Start the book a week earlier and tell the story Flashing back to four days prior is ridiculous.The heroine She laughs, wants to laugh, almost laughs, chokes back a laugh, or tries not to laugh at everything Nervous laughter, surprised laughter, genuine laughter, hysterical laughter I ve known a few people like thi [...]

  18. Run to Ground is a great story filled with suspense, lovable characters, an adorable dog, and a surly hero Jules has moved to Monroe, CO with her four siblings Four siblings that she actually kidnapped from their abusive step mother With the help from some shady characters, Jules is able to get her siblings, escape across the country, and set up shop in a little town in Colorado She knows she needs to lay low, however, it s becoming increasingly hard when one of the local officers who apparently [...]

  19. Two haiku review She s running awaySettles in small mountain townMeets cop, gets involvedInteresting plotLiked her sibling familySetup for next book

  20. 3.5 Stars 3 Flames After being a huge fan of Ruggle s last series, Search and Rescue, I couldn t wait to jump in to another similar series This is the first installment to what looks to be the beginning of another suspenseful series Jules is officially an outlaw No, she hasn t killed anyone, but she s taken something that doesn t exactly belong to her Now she s living in the small town of Monroe, trying to start a new life Figures that the first male to show interest in her is a cop Geez What lu [...]

  21. Jumpy waitress Juliet Young first meets K9 Unit s Theo Bosco at the breakfast bar, carrying the weight of her legal troubles on her shoulders as she sort of tries to make a new life for herself in Colorado But clearly she is hiding something and this falls on the wrong side of law enforcement , raising Theo s internal alarm and setting them on a course where they re on opposing sides Meanwhile, Theo is dealing with his own grief about his partner and dog, while having a hard time bonding with Vi [...]

  22. This is my first Katie Ruggle book and it will not be my last Run to Ground is the start of a brand new series, which I believe is off to a good start I must admit that I was sceptical about accepting this book for review as the author was new to me I had promised myself I would not accept new review requests from authors I did not work with before, but after reading the synopsis, I could not resist Yeah, I know I am weak, but it was all worth it, in the end.What the story is about.Run to Ground [...]

  23. I love character driven stories And this one has a bomb sniffing K9 officer I couldn t wait to dive in.First, there s Jules Jackson She rescued her younger siblings from cruel relatives and is on the run Help from an unexpected source lands her and the kids in the picturesque town of Monroe in the Rocky Mountains But maybe hiding in a small town, even with new identities, isn t the best idea Those pursuing her won t stop searching.Next up is Theo Bosco I love that name He s reeling from the loss [...]

  24. Well, that ended abruptly but I still loved it My first Katie Ruggle book Full Review I don t read romantic suspense very often but when I doI rely on Kimberly at Caffeinated Book Reviewer for book recommendations She reads a ton of these types of books.I recently read Kimberly s review for Katie Ruggle s Run to Ground and besides sounding like a great story, it was my chance to get in on a first book in a new series from Ms Ruggle.Set in a similar small town in Colorado as Ruggle s previous ser [...]

  25. Running from trouble to a small Colorado mountain town with frightened siblings in tow and encounters an irascible K 9 cop with a few suspicions and a whole lot interest in the present than the past Trouble finds them all in this exciting new romantic suspense series.Run to Ground is the first book in the Rocky Mountain K 9 Unit series and is part of the same world as the author s earlier Search Rescue series I was all set to get comfortable and fall in love with a new series by the author and [...]

  26. My review and an extended sample of the audiobook are posted at Hotlistens.I became a fan of Katie Ruggle with her Search Rescue series So I jumped on this book when I saw it was available It has the same first responder in a small town feel to it It is set in a small town not far from the Search Rescue series There is even a character cross over, but feel free to start with this book You will not be at all lost if you haven t read Search Rescue before starting this series though I highly recomm [...]

  27. Three and a half stars A romantic suspense focused on healing and new starts.Theo s constant companion over the last couple of months has been anger He is furious that is mentor and partner committed suicide, leaving behind a mess Theo isn t the only one who is in shambles Viggy, a K9 companion, is a shadow of the dog he used to be Viggy huddles in fear, and is unable to sniff out explosives Together, Viggy and Theo are a broken and damaged pair Meanwhile across the country in Florida, Jules is [...]

  28. The author has bravely given us two protagonists who are both heroes and antiheroes, so that we don t quite identify with or admire them The lady waitress starting work in Monroe, Colorado, has technically kidnapped her younger siblings from their guardians, although the kids were keen to go with her Her bold move is born of desperation at red tape, but she is the most adult in the small family and her judgement means that the kids will have to hide away, live under false names etc We aren t tol [...]

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