Thing-Thing Best Read || [Cary Fagan Nicolas Debon] - Thing-Thing, Thing Thing Thing Thing was neither a Teddy bear nor a rabbit not a stuffed dog or cat It was something like each of those and nothing at all you could name But it had something special It had the hope that one

  • Title: Thing-Thing
  • Author: Cary Fagan Nicolas Debon
  • ISBN: 9780887768392
  • Page: 200
  • Format: Hardcover

Thing-Thing Best Read || [Cary Fagan Nicolas Debon], Thing-Thing, Cary Fagan Nicolas Debon, Thing Thing Thing Thing was neither a Teddy bear nor a rabbit not a stuffed dog or cat It was something like each of those and nothing at all you could name But it had something special It had the hope that one day it would find a child to love it and talk to it and make it tea parties and take it to bed A child it could love back Certainly Archibald Crimp was not that child HeThing Thing was nei Thing-Thing Best Read || [Cary Fagan Nicolas Debon] - Thing-Thing, Thing Thing Thing Thing was neither a Teddy bear nor a rabbit not a stuffed dog or cat It was something like each of those and nothing at all you could name But it had something special It had the hope that one

  • Thing-Thing Best Read || [Cary Fagan Nicolas Debon]
    200 Cary Fagan Nicolas Debon

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  1. Cary Fagan Nicolas Debon

    Cary is an award winning author for children His kids books include the popular Kaspar Snit novels, the two volume Master Melville s Medicine Show, and the picture book Mr Zinger s Hat, winner of the Marilyn Baillie Picture Book Award and the IODE Jean Throop Award He has also won the Jewish Book Award and been shortlisted for the Silver Birch Award five times , the Rocky Mountain Book Award twice , the Hackmatack Award twice , the Norma Fleck Award, the Shining Willow Award, and others.Cary Fagan is also the author of six novels and three story collections for adults His books include A Bird s Eye finalist for the Rogers Trust Fiction Prize, an Best Book of the Year and the story collection My Life Among the Apes longlisted for the Giller Prize, Best 100 Books of 2013.Cary was born and raised in Toronto, where he lives with his family.


  1. I am still shaking my head over the reviewer who said she d cut out the stories on each level of the hotel.Without those stories, you d basically have 1 Spoiled boy gets toy2 Spoiled boy throws toy out the window3 Toy falls 5 flights into a baby carriage The end.No, the fun of this story is watching Thing Thing fall past each floor and the reactions or lack thereof, of the people inside, finally leading up to Thing Thing getting the perfect owner and Spoiled Boy getting his comeuppance.You could [...]

  2. I did not really enjoy this book It is a story about a young boy, Archibald, who is spoiled by his parents and very selfish and ungrateful He insists on a new and expensive toy he doesn t already own His father finds thing thing, who is not expensive, but very special Archibald hates him and throws him out the window He makes his fall into the lap of a crying baby, he immediately calms down and loves him I think the story was too confusing for children, even with the pictures to help guide the w [...]

  3. There is something about this book that I just really really liked The fact that almost the whole story takes place while Thing Thing is falling out a window The funny quirky characters The sweet ending I don t know it just adds up to something I liked A lot.

  4. Perhaps this book appeals to me due to my lifelong affinity for The Island of Misfit Toys from Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer But that s only the beginning Thing Thing tells the story of what happens when a spoiled brat named Archibald Crimp no doubt, a second cousin of Veruca Salt unceremoniously rejects his father s latest desperate birthday gift, pitching it out a sixth floor window of the Excelsior Hotel.That gift is Thing Thing, a strange stuffed animal not quite a bunny, but not quite a do [...]

  5. Thing Thing is not quite a bunny rabbit, but not quite a dog either He s some kind of stuffed animal that Mr Crimp buys for his son s birthday But Archibald throws Thing Thing out of the Excelsior Hotel s sixth floor window Instead of being loved by a child and made sticky with jam, Thing Thing finds himself falling to an uncertain future On his way down, a variety of people catch glimpses of him from within their hotel rooms In each case, Thing Thing s brief presence makes a small difference to [...]

  6. This is a quirky little addition to the favorite toy category Thing Thing not quite a bunny rabbit, but not quite a dog either, not a bear, or a cat for that matter is thrown from a 6th floor hotel window by a spoiled child, and sees a little bit of a story through each window that he passes on the way down AHA, I just got the story story connection Hmm, another interesting category would be something like story house books movies that move in and out of small vignettes within a hotel, apartment [...]

  7. Cute predictable story of a stuffed animal neither teddy bear nor rabbit nor stuffed dog or cat is thrown out the 6th floor window by a bratty boy who doesn t like his parents last ditch attempt at a novel birthday present Thing thing falls through the sky and from disdain to love that s the predictable part But what its thoughts as it falls and the glimpses into people s lives on each of the floors on its slow mo descent are insightful sweet, and fun.There s too much text for the preschool stuf [...]

  8. Very cute book a spoiled boy has a birthday, doesn t like any of his presents, throws one a stuffed animal named Thing Thing, because it s not really a rabbit, not really a bear, not anything really out the window of his hotel room on a very high floor Thing Thing is a bit disconcerted, and as it falls it notices all sorts of interesting things happening on the floors as they pass Thing Thing thinks of how it had hoped to be given to child who would love it, and talk to it, and make it tea parti [...]

  9. One of my favorite children s books of all times A spoiled kid who has everything reacts with disdain when his desperate parents present him with a stuffed animal that s not quite a dog, cat, squirrel, rabbit, or mouse As poor Thing Thing falls helplessly past window after window of the high rise hotel building, we see tiny vignettes about what s happening in each room and how the sight of Thing Thing affects each person who sees it I couldn t believe how much depth of story Fagan and Debon pack [...]

  10. In an attempt to placate his discontented son Archibald on his special birthday weekend in the big city, Mr Crimp finds Thing Thing, a undefinable stuffed animal, on the top shelf of a toy store down the street from their vacation hotel Ungrateful Archibald throws the toy out the hotel window upon setting eyes on it, and the bulk of the story involves the people Thing Thing encounters during his plummet several stories to the hotel lobby below What will become of Thing Thing Read the book and fi [...]

  11. Dizzying perspectives, deadpan musings and the small scale dramas of everyday life turn a slo mo tumble from a sixth storey window into an entertaining peek at excess, ingratitude and the thrill of being loved.You can listen in on our chat about this book on ourJust One More Book Children s Book Podcast.

  12. This is a dear, if slightly odd, story about a stuffed toy that isn t quite a rabbit or a dog or a bear that is thrown out of a window by an odious boy As poor Thing Thing falls many stories, he observes life going on through the windows and has hopes that he will find someone to love him The people inside the windows are all at various stages of finding meaning in their own lives and notice Thing Thing as he falls past It s a lovely little optomistic story.

  13. I loved this book it is really silly, and then it is really funny, and then it is really sweet I think that for a book that parents would enjoy reading to their kids and then the kid would ultimately enjoy reading on their own, and finally that you might want to go on and read to your kid, this is a good never heard of it book to get for a new baby.

  14. A story of whiny privilege vs appreciation, and a falling not quite dog thing, and several glimpses into the lives of people Thing Thing passes on its way down Did you notice that Thing Thing gets gendered pronouns as soon as someone loves it A bit wordy for an audience with a short attention span, but not in a way that it s a flaw in the book Those are needed words.

  15. A naughty, spoiled child think Charlie and the Chocolate Factory , heaves his parent s last ditch present effort an undefined stuffed animal hence thing thing out the window of their skyscraper hotel Thing thing catches the eye of many people has he plummets to the ground All ends well for thing thing when he finally makes a soft landing.

  16. I like that Thing Thing holds a different value for everyone who meets it As with all things and peopleFavorite Quote But I can t really look out for the ground, thought Thing Thing It is like the ground should look out for me.

  17. I have an affection for this book that is not justified by the story inside it I like the art, I like the snapshots of life, and I like the end Also, since everybody s glad the bratty kid isn t theirs, I like the beginning.

  18. Wonderful miniature stories within this story of a stuffed animal defenestrated by an evil child It shows what he sees through the windows of a seven story building on his way down to the ground floor and a new life.

  19. This is an utterly fantastic picture book I actually felt anxious as the suspense built, and the ending, while somewhat predictable, also held some surprises The art is wonderful, and it would lend itself well to a storytime Bravo.

  20. Novel perspective I like it, but I m not sure if children will get the story In order to fully appreciate the story, you may need life experience than your average child could bring to it.

  21. The text and story bring this picture book above the preschool level, and into the 1st grade and up category A good recommendation for a read aloud mystery reader.

  22. uhm that was kind of stupid i guess it was like a cause and affect sort of thing but really it was too long for the level it seems to be intended

  23. At first I was very turned off because of the really bratty spoiled child at the beginning of the book and the parents reaction to his fit, but I did wind up loving the ending.

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