A Spring of Weddings

✓ A Spring of Weddings Ø Toni Shiloh Melissa Wardwell - A Spring of Weddings, A Spring of Weddings A Proxy WeddingCarly James values loyalty and friendship above all so when her best friend calls asking her to be a proxy bride she says yes How hard can it be to say I do so that her best friend c

  • Title: A Spring of Weddings
  • Author: Toni Shiloh Melissa Wardwell
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  • Page: 137
  • Format: ebook

✓ A Spring of Weddings Ø Toni Shiloh Melissa Wardwell, A Spring of Weddings, Toni Shiloh Melissa Wardwell, A Spring of Weddings A Proxy WeddingCarly James values loyalty and friendship above all so when her best friend calls asking her to be a proxy bride she says yes How hard can it be to say I do so that her best friend can be with the one she loves Only Carly never counted on the feelings that began to swirl around with the proxy groom Damien Nichols likes life lined up from A to Z buA Proxy We ✓ A Spring of Weddings Ø Toni Shiloh Melissa Wardwell - A Spring of Weddings, A Spring of Weddings A Proxy WeddingCarly James values loyalty and friendship above all so when her best friend calls asking her to be a proxy bride she says yes How hard can it be to say I do so that her best friend c

  • ✓ A Spring of Weddings Ø Toni Shiloh Melissa Wardwell
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A Spring of Weddings

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  1. Toni Shiloh Melissa Wardwell

    Toni Shiloh is a wife, mom, and Christian fiction writer Once she understood the powerful saving grace thanks to the love of Christ, she was moved to honor her Savior She writes to bring Him glory and to learn about His goodness.


  1. A Proxy Wedding by Toni Shiloh I loved everything about this story The characters were awesome The road trip they went on was so fun, I especially loved all the great pins on Toni s Pinterest board for this book, it totally made me feel that I was taking the trip right alongside them I have seen proxy weddings in books before, but it was always only party that had a proxy, not both So the idea of a double proxy wedding was something I found fascinating Toni did a fabulous job writing this story [...]

  2. A Spring of Weddings is delightful Two beautiful novellas encased within one book Although they are both stories of love, they are entirely different from each other in an interesting way A Proxy Wedding by Toni Shiloh Just keep it together, Nichols A few days in her company before you part ways again and all will be right back to normal Carly and Damien have been asked to stand in as proxy bride and groom by their best friends Brenda and Adam This proxy wedding was to take place in beautiful M [...]

  3. A Spring of Weddings Two Spring Wedding Novellas by Toni Shiloh and Melissa WardwellWhat an enjoyable read The two novellas were so very different, yet both were full of hope, love, and joy What fun could I reader have than watching two friends stand in as wedding proxies or learning to appreciate and respect a culture that is so very different than yours, yet not all that different when it comes to ones faith, values, love, and the meaning of family Grab this one for a joyful, lighthearted and [...]

  4. A Spring of Weddings is collection of two stories about, as I m sure you guessed, Spring weddings I don t normally like Romance books, but there were a few things that made this collection special.I give this book 4 5 stars.Category Fiction Contemporary Christian Romance The first story in this collection is A Proxy Wedding by Toni Shiloh This was the first book of hers that I ve read, though I like her blog I have to say, the unique premise of this story caught my attention right from the start [...]

  5. These two stories couldn t be any sweeter I loved them both equally, no need to choose a favorite The overall theme in both was love conquers all Not just our love for each other, but God s love as well Both of these authors do a fantastic job in showcasing God s love and message in their stories which is why they are such a delight to read Let s start with A Proxy Wedding First of all, I have never even heard about this so it was an interesting read Is this real That s what I was thinking the e [...]

  6. My thoughts A Proxy Wedding was the first book I ve read by Toni Shiloh It was a unique premise I never read a story with a proxy wedding before It was weird, but a very sweet romance as two strangers complete opposites were forced together for a week, even standing side by side as a judge pronounced them man and wife in their friends names, of course And what better than a wedding to make you think romance The black moment seemed a little off Carly completely changed personality there So did Da [...]

  7. Both of these were good, quick reads Neither is a story you will want to stop and put down but rather sit down and read to the end In a Proxy Wedding, we meet Damien and Carly The two are both good at heart but opposites in personality Though they are different, there are similar outlooks and I enjoyed seeing the attraction and personalities grow change In Hope beyond Savannah, it is another opposites story but on a wider scale in my opinion Lilly and Nik are together and the issue they mainly h [...]

  8. A Spring of Weddings is a delightful pairing of two contemporary romance novellas A Proxy Wedding is the first Toni Shiloh book I ve read, and I was not disappointed The plot idea is clever the best man and maid of honor must step in and get married on behalf of the bride and groom and the characters are realistic and believable Their cross country adventure was fun, and I enjoyed riding along with Carly and Damien Hope Beyond Savannah by Melissa Wardwell is an exploration of the challenges face [...]

  9. I think this is the first thing I ve ready by Shiloh The first story is cute It s a about a proxy wedding That is something I already knew about, so I wasn t surprised at the premise The story unfolded about like I thought it would, but it s still cute enough The second story was fun, and snuggly, and made me want to cuddle up with my sweetheart It s full of romance While very opposite of each other in all kinds of ways, the things that matter the most are united in this sweet story of Hope beyo [...]

  10. This was two sweet modern romances I m always a sucker for happily ever afters Toni Shiloh is a new to me writer The plot was a fun twist and I really enjoyed the characters and the way the story unfolded It was a predictable ending, but enjoyable nonetheless Then we come to story number two Melissa Wardwell took me on a 160 turn around I really enjoy her writing style but this one blew me away From interesting facts and research about a different culture to two night and day characters this was [...]

  11. These two novellas were perfect to brighten my mood on a warm summer afternoon If you need a quick read between heavier full length novels, A Spring of Weddings is for you

  12. A spring of weddings has two stories in it by two different authors Both stories are delightful and very enjoyable They are both centered around a wedding The first one is by Toni Shiloh and I read another book of hers awhile back and remember really liking it too so I guess you could say I have become a fan of her books now Hers is a Proxy Wedding Can you imagine asking your best friend to take your place and stand in for you at your wedding That is exactly what happens here but with it comes s [...]

  13. A Proxy Wedding I had never heard of a proxy wedding and found it to be an intriguing idea I had to look it up I liked Carly and Damien They both grew through the story and learned to trust God It is a novella, so things move fairly quickly, but with the epilogue being a year later, it helps to slow things down Hope Beyond Savannah This story was interesting in that the main characters were already a couple when the story started, so the story isn t a typical romance where we see them fall in l [...]

  14. I really like these authors writing style They pull you into these characters lives so quickly You hurt when they hurt and when the laugh you cannot help but laugh with them Characters who are opposites always intrigue me I wonder how the authors are going to make the readers believe their relationship will last Carly James , Damien Nichols, Lily Allman and Nikotemo Nik Lagatuo are reminders that sometimes we need to let go of our plans for our lives and let God do his things The strengths and w [...]

  15. Two contemporary romance novellas with delightful characters with real life problems and flaws These enjoyable fast paced reads were hard to put down.

  16. A Spring Of Weddings has two delightful stories one by Toni Shiloh and one by Melissa Wardwell They have similar themes but both are unique and wonderful warm reads that will speak to your heart.A Proxy Wedding by Toni Shiloh was the most delightful contemporary Christian romance Such a sweet story with characters that warmed my heart.God was very much a focus He could be seen in nature Toni Shiloh s delightful descriptions gave me a view of this landscape Prayers to Him were very much a part of [...]

  17. A proxy wedding, and being able to read about a new culture to me, all in one book As Damien put it Relationships are so confusing and both these gals have written books that tackle real life moments, and give a beautiful faith boost to the confusing parts.Toni s story about the proxy wedding was truly fascinating I spent a ton of time looking up a proxy wedding definition Never the less, this book may tackle a subject unknown to some, but it is full of sweet love, tender moments that lead Damie [...]

  18. Sometimes you read books that you fall in love with, and with reveiwing it s often pretty hard when you read a book and the love just didn t click Maybe I was being a little to harshI don t think I was I m not normally like that I just didn t enjoy myself while reading it For you, it may be different, but while I read it I couldn t stay enthralled in it like I could other books.A Spring of Weddings isn t getting a five star rating from me I am sorry to say I know authors work doubly hard to make [...]

  19. These authors have created a lovely pair of unique and especially creative love stories which are sure to delight readers drawn to this genre A real 5 star winner for each story and both authors A Proxy Wedding Toni Shiloh This story s premise is truly unique an actual proxy wedding What How Who With such an intriguing storyline, you ll be brought immediately into the lives of these characters and how they are drawn together in a most improbable way.Shiloh is known for her stories of improbable [...]

  20. Both of these authors are new to me, but they are truly talented I wasn t sure what to expect when I started reading these two sweet stories, but I was pleasantly surprised I was so glad that I had the chance to read these captivating stories of love and hope.The characters in both stories quickly weave their way in to your heart to stay forever Damien, Carly, Nik and Lily were complex and beautifully created Watching these four characters grow in love and become just who God intended them to be [...]

  21. A Spring of Weddings is a double blessing The book has two novellas, A Proxy Wedding and Hope Beyond Savannah In A Proxy Wedding, Toni Shiloh has crafted an engaging tale of love, trust, and faith involving two strangers on a single mission to help their best friends get married while the bride and groom are deployed overseas The reader is drawn into the story from the first sentence through Shiloh s captivating writing and by the vulnerability of her characters and their need to trust God to fr [...]

  22. A spring of weddings Two good stories in one book but very different from each other The first one called a Proxy Wedding is definitely different Carly and Damien who never met before is asked to stand in for their friends to get married but have to travel to a different state that does proxy weddings They have a long way to drive together I really enjoyed this different wedding story The second is about Lily and Nik planning a wedding in a short time and have a hard time with Nik s mother I fel [...]

  23. I d never heard of a proxy wedding before I didn t even know they did that So the premise was interesting and unique for Toni Shiloh s story I like interesting and unique

  24. A short and sweet collection of unexpected love One story is of a soon to be daughter in law and her fiance s mother and the other is about a couple doing a favor for their friends June is usually the time for weddings but in this collection Spring is the time for love I loved both stories and quickly Was involved in the storyline A Proxy Wedding Carly wasn t too thrilled to go on a car trip with a stranger But this car trip changed her life.Hope Beyond Savannah Lily adored her fiance But his mo [...]

  25. Two very sweet, unique stories of love and weddings Each story tells of a couple and their path to marriage Ups and downs, family opinions, cultural differences, helping friends and so much is told in these special stories I enjoyed reading A Spring of Weddings and look forward to reading by these authors I was given a copy of this book by the authors and publisher and this is my personal honest opinion.

  26. These two stories are really nice and sweet stories Obviously these stories are about weddings but they are as different as night and day.In A Proxy Wedding Carly James and Damien Nichols are complete strangers and completely opposites, and are asked to be stand ins for their best friends at a proxy weddings.While reading A Proxy Wedding I thought what a cute story and then I thought I am going to look on google and see if there is such a thing as a proxy wedding and THERE IS, BUT OF COURSE IT I [...]

  27. What would it be like to marry him for real A Proxy Wedding by Toni Shiloh is about two people asked to stand in as proxies for their best friends who are in the military separate bases and want to get married It s not really a marriage of convenience tale but it has a similar feel so of course I loved it Carly and Damien are polar opposites, yet deep inside they re really a lot alike Watching them fall in love is romantic and fun though not without its speed bumps and I appreciated the epilogue [...]

  28. When you think of springtime, don t you always think of approaching weddings I sure do This wonderful season makes me think of new life, new beginnings, new relationships Before reading Toni Shiloh s story, entitled A Proxy Wedding , I did not realise that this ceremony even existed This work of fiction was a whole new learning experience for me Toni s story exhibited her unique talent of dealing with the unusual in a realistic way, that had me living alongside the characters as they fought thei [...]

  29. Two lovely stories that anyone will enjoy Proxy Wedding by Toni Shilohis filled with surprises, fun and a wedding by proxy Free spirited Carly meetsDamien who is OCD about order Can they help their friends by standing infor them Melissa Wardwell s Hope for Savannah brings together Lily and Nik in aunexpected way A delightful story of overcoming obstacles to be with theone you love Will their relationship endure the test Both books are great reads Read them to find out about these intriguingStori [...]

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