A Song of Home: A Novel of the Swing Era

↠ A Song of Home: A Novel of the Swing Era à Susie Finkbeiner - A Song of Home: A Novel of the Swing Era, A Song of Home A Novel of the Swing Era Pearl Spence has finally settled into a routine in Bliss Michigan far from her home in Red River Oklahoma Like all the other kids she goes to school each day plays in the woods and does her chor

  • Title: A Song of Home: A Novel of the Swing Era
  • Author: Susie Finkbeiner
  • ISBN: 9780825444821
  • Page: 205
  • Format: Paperback

↠ A Song of Home: A Novel of the Swing Era à Susie Finkbeiner, A Song of Home: A Novel of the Swing Era, Susie Finkbeiner, A Song of Home A Novel of the Swing Era Pearl Spence has finally settled into a routine in Bliss Michigan far from her home in Red River Oklahoma Like all the other kids she goes to school each day plays in the woods and does her chores But there s one big difference Mama is still gone and doesn t seem to have a thought for the family she s left behind Escaping from her worries is another ↠ A Song of Home: A Novel of the Swing Era à Susie Finkbeiner - A Song of Home: A Novel of the Swing Era, A Song of Home A Novel of the Swing Era Pearl Spence has finally settled into a routine in Bliss Michigan far from her home in Red River Oklahoma Like all the other kids she goes to school each day plays in the woods and does her chor

  • ↠ A Song of Home: A Novel of the Swing Era à Susie Finkbeiner
    205Susie Finkbeiner
A Song of Home: A Novel of the Swing Era

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    Susie Finkbeiner is the bestselling author of A Cup of Dust A Novel of the Dust Bowl Kregel, 2015 and A Trail of Crumbs A Novel of the Great Depression Kregel, 2017 and A Song of Home A Novel of the Swing Era as well as My Mother s Chamomile WhiteFire, 2014 and Paint Chips WhiteFire, 2013 Susie is a wife, mother of three, and avid reader She enjoys time with her family, coffee dates with her good friends, and quiet moments to read and write.


  1. Vivid, heart mending, like coming home after a long journey I closed A Song of Home with a beautiful blend of emotions I have a full heart because of story well told, than a hint of sadness that this Pearl s last story, and yet a deep contentment at how events unfolded for her I know that there is no way that I can possibly do Pearl justice in this review, but I ll do my best I stretched out this book for as long as I could, but the farther I got, the faster I seemed to read I hated to put it d [...]

  2. Susie Finkbeiner is a master at characterization Few books I ve read take me as deep into another person s experience as this author takes me into Pearl Spence s As a reader, I gobbled this book up and found it completely and utterly satisfying as a book on its own, and especially as the culmination of this series As an author, I will read it again, this time to take notes on how to draw and shade characters so richly A Song of Home is the perfect ending to a series like none other Original, fre [...]

  3. As expected, the conclusion to the Pearl Spence series was beautifully written and moving I was glad to feel closure on some things and to hang around with Pearl a little I highly recommend this realistic, relevant historical series to anyone

  4. Susie Finkbeiner has done it again in this third book in the Pearl Spence series, the author keeps us engaged with the characters I fell in love with in the first two books, and helped me fall for the new characters I love the way strong characters are woven into a strong, moving plot that helps us get a real look at an era, I must admit, I knew very little about.Pearl is getting settled but not at home at her new home in Bliss, Michigan, far from her hometown in Oklahoma The family deals with l [...]

  5. Such a sweet readbut like life Difficulties to overcome, decisions to be made, broken hearts, and sweet relationships They are all a part of life, but it s so much easier to handle if you have a comforting place to call home.Such vivid characters, realistic settings, and in a way this book has a songa song of longing, sadness, and lossbut also a song of contentment, joy, and hope.The endearing characters will find a home in your heart so be sure not to miss this reador the other books in the ser [...]

  6. A book that concludes this trilogy, but I could keep on reading about this family We have come a long way from a kidnapping, dust bowl storm, moving to Wisconsin, and then Mama leaving Yes, you might want to start at the beginning, and I highly recommend that you do, but this can be read alone, even though I never wanted it to end.The author helps us to understand the reasons why Mama went away, and we also get to meet prejudice head on, and yet we see those that are full of compassion for all. [...]

  7. What can I say My first book by Susie Finkbeiner and I loved it A SONG OF HOME This is book three and it can stand alone but, oh my I am already over halfway through book one now I have the second book waiting I have found a new author for sure A story through the eyes of a young girl that told things the honest way she saw life Heartbreaking, prejudice to deal with, love and forgiveness all in one story Pearl and her Dad had great kindness toward Opal and the kindness of Opal to Pearl when she [...]

  8. Title A Song of Home Pearl Spence Book 3 Author Susie FinkbeinerPages 312Year 2017Publisher KregelMy rating is 5 out of 5 stars.The Pearl Spence series begins with A Cup of Dust followed by A Trail of Crumbs before completing Pearl s tale in this book It would be helpful if readers read all three to get the most out of the continuing story and characters that go with each book Pearl s past heartaches that she experiences are shared in the first two books and there are aspects of those in the thi [...]

  9. A Song of Home by Susie Finkbeiner The third book in the Pearl Spence series.I came to know Pearl Spence first in A Cup of Dust Tensions mount, Secrets are revealed, and danger arises for Pearl In A Trail of Crumbs, I really fell in love with the spunky and brave little girl Pearl was really developing into Pearl and her mama and daddy move to Bliss Michigan along with Pearl s best friend Ray whom her parents take in and take care of The move is both difficult and exciting for Pearl, a new start [...]

  10. In this third book of following Pearl Spence s young life, we pick up shortly after the second book left off Pearl is in a new town, new school, new home, her mother has left the family so the only constants she has is her father and Ray who came with them from Oklahoma to live with them Pearl has gone through a lot, especially for a young girl I could understand her wanting to find some happiness and stability after the tragic circumstances of the first two books I like that she has found a res [...]

  11. This is my first Pearl Spence novel, and what a captivating surprise it was With an eleven year old narrator who is finding her way during a tumultuous time, A Song of Home hits all the right notes.Pearl s life isn t perfect she s left her beloved Oklahoma behind and her mother has left but the young lady strives to show kindness where she can Her young heart feels deeply for those she sees struggling around her the girl in school who has so little, the young woman who has darker skin than most [...]

  12. Still tormented by her mother s desertion and failure to return, Pearl clings to her father and Uncle Gus and Aunt Carrie Her dearest friend, Ray, is both brother and soul mate, a youngster whose own pain is raw and disheartening Opal Moon, hired helper and caregiver, is discovered to be a swing dancer Pearl is enchanted and begs Opal to give her lessons, creating a reason to blossom, a diversion from her haunting reality.Pearl has become a part of my life Her grit, determination and gentle spir [...]

  13. Life doesn t always go the way we expect We experience pain, disappointment, grief, loss, anger We often feel alone, far from home, wandering in a wilderness of broken dreams and lost possibilities In her short life Pearl has walked through so much So now, what does she choose Anger or forgiveness Resentment or peace She faces choices and people that will present her with varying paths to follow With her Grandmother s voice in her heart, and the companionship of some incredible people walking th [...]

  14. she Meemaw would say to me, God ain t far off Don t matter how you feel about it He ain t far at all No matter where you re at, you got home with God right there The trouble is, Pearl Spence hasn t felt at home for a good long while Leaving Oklahoma after a personal tragedy during the Dust Bowl years has landed the Spence family in Michigan near an aunt and uncle only to witness her mother s devastating desertion and leave Pearl wondering what kind of melody must be written in order to lure her [...]

  15. This is the third in the series following the life of Pearl Spence This book reads well on its own as the back story is subtly included in this novel The previous novels are very good so I would suggest they be read to thoroughly enjoy this one.Finkbeiner continues to create novels with a good understanding of human nature and why people behave the way they do We see in this novel how Pearl s mother reacts to tragedies that are than any one person should bare We also see how people react to the [...]

  16. Through the voice of an 11 year old girl, the author has managed to draw readers into an era characterized by some very adult realities Prejudice, poverty and a desire to escape through music are all vividly portrayed in this third novel in the Pearl Spence series Finkbeiner s delicate handling of sensitive issues surrounding life in the 1930s do not leave adult readers lacking in a full appreciation of a formative time in our nation s history Even those not interested in history will be drawn i [...]

  17. I am so sad to be finished with Pearl s story While all the Pearl Spence books deal with heavy, hard, and terrible experiences, there s still a theme of hope and growth I m surprised that I enjoyed a series set from a young girl s standpoint as much as I did, but the I think back on these books, the perfect I think the setting is a naive and innocent little girl who faces so much struggle in her life, who ponders deeply, and comes out the other side stronger These books aren t quite like any o [...]

  18. This series has been so beautifully written Life at its finest, at its darkest and at the places in between Characters you want to meet in real life, and those you are glad you haven t The underlying story of forgiveness in this book, was evident in the quiet strength of Pearl s Dad And although at times I thought it might go a different way, it came back to the central theme of this book, that of Home A great work, Susie.

  19. A Song of Home was an excellent read To be honest, I wasn t sure what to expect I d heard good things about the author s writing which is why I requested this book for review, but I still wasn t sure what to expect from the story However, this book delightfully surprised me, and felt so comfortable.It is the third book in the Pearl Spence novels, but that didn t hinder my enjoyment of it In fact, it left me craving to go back and read the first two I must get my hands on copies of those The writ [...]

  20. What makes your home HOME If you move, when does the new place become home Is home a place or your immediate family Do neighbors and neighborhoods matter Do people outside your immediate family help you maneuver life s ups and downs What happens when one parent abandons the family How do you create or maintain home without her What happens if that parent returns, but isn t really the parent she was before You will be considering all these questions as you read A SONG OF HOME by Susie Finkbeiner, [...]

  21. A Song of HomeBy Susie FinkbeinerIt just can t get any better than this A third book in the Pearl Spence series Some times when there are installments in books they tend to get watered down and a bit repetitive Not with Ms Finkbeiner s books Each one exceeds the other Pearl and her family have just moved to Michigan to start a new life after surviving the dust bowl and experiencing horrific tragedy While the beautiful green land and new experiences were wonderful, Pearl and her family found it a [...]

  22. A Song of Home by Susie Finkbeiner speaks to the issue of home and just how tenuous the concept is Set in the mid 1930s its historical setting is spot on showing the depth of research undertaken by the author But its message is universal, making this novel than just genre fiction I fell in love with main character, Pearl Spence, in the first book in the series Her voice is strong in spite of her young age This third installment is no exception and earns a highly recommended rating from me.It ha [...]

  23. This will not be an easy story to forget I like that in a book because the author has done their job of transporting readers back to a place some of us have only heard about It was not easy growing up in the 1930s Families struggled to buy food and clothing while scrimping by on low salaries I remember going to my granddad s farm in Oklahoma every summer when I was little He had over 200 acres and I loved being there Off in the distance sometimes I saw this weird thing in the sky The sky would t [...]

  24. A Song of Home A Novel of the Swing EraPearl Spence 3By Susie FinkbeinerLife for eleven year old Pearl Spence has taken on a new normal but she still longs for Mama to return home to them But living near enough to visit with Aunt Carrie and Uncle Gus is nice And the family no longer has to worry about too little food Escaping with a library book is one of Pearl s favorite past times and Aunt Carrie has taught her how to climb a tree in a ladylike fashion, something Mama wouldn t approve of.Bliss [...]

  25. There are just a few characters in literature that have a defined voice in my head whenever I read them Other characters may have one as I read their stories, but a few have that same voice, no matter what They are so clear, they re almost audible Jo March, Professor Albus Dumbledore, Anne Shirley, Atticus Finch, Aslan and Pearl Spence.Young Miss Spence is a girl after my own heart She s imaginative, loves to read, and just the tiniest bit precocious She processes the events around her in a way [...]

  26. A Song of Home is the third novel in the Pearl Spence series In this novel we find Pearl living in Bliss with her father and Ray, leaving the thoughts of Red River Oklahoma and her mama far behind her Pearl settles into a new routine of school, helping Aunt Carrie at the farm, hanging out with Ray or getting lost in a good book and then Opal shows her how to dance But things change when Mama comes home unexpectedly and pregnant It isn t the happy return that Pearl had wished for This is a deligh [...]

  27. I ll say this I don t gravitate to historical fiction, but Susie Finkbeiner s Pearl Spence books are healing me from that Susie Finkbeiner weaves God and humanity together on the stage of a real history, taps with her fairy godmother wand, and creates characters you forget aren t real I originally bought A Cup of Dust, because the main character was named Pearl It was a dark tale, and, truth be told, I phoned a friend for a spoiler But the characters and story drew me in Maybe I m biased since i [...]

  28. Pearl s story is full of fun, loss, sorrow, anger, hope, and Susie Finkbeiner has done an outstanding job of filling this book with emotions that draw you deep into the storyline Pearl has so much to endure in her young life, and you can t help but feel sorry for her at first But then you read on, and see what a truly strong and amazing young woman she is Sure she has her faults, but given the circumstances I d say she did pretty good.Although I love Pearl, I think my favorite character was Opa [...]

  29. A Song of Home by Susie Finkbeiner is an amazing story a story of Pearl, an engaging young girl who has captivated this reader s heart and will not easily be forgotten The book could be read as a stand alone novel but there is so much to Pearl s story in the previous two books A Cup of Dust and A Trail of Crumbs that I encourage readers to begin at the beginning In this final book of the series, the author tackles the gritty subjects of racism, depression, adultery, abandonment, and grief and d [...]

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