Homies, Lovers & Friends 5: A Brooklyn Love Story

↠ Homies, Lovers & Friends 5: A Brooklyn Love Story Õ Jahquel J. - Homies, Lovers & Friends 5: A Brooklyn Love Story, Homies Lovers Friends A Brooklyn Love Story The gang is back for one last ride Milli is in love with being a family man but can t help but to think why Kelsie doesn t want to give him a baby Kelsie is still dealing with the emotions from the l

  • Title: Homies, Lovers & Friends 5: A Brooklyn Love Story
  • Author: Jahquel J.
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 246
  • Format: Kindle Edition

↠ Homies, Lovers & Friends 5: A Brooklyn Love Story Õ Jahquel J., Homies, Lovers & Friends 5: A Brooklyn Love Story, Jahquel J., Homies Lovers Friends A Brooklyn Love Story The gang is back for one last ride Milli is in love with being a family man but can t help but to think why Kelsie doesn t want to give him a baby Kelsie is still dealing with the emotions from the last time she was pregnant with Milli s baby Will this cause them to drift apart Or will Milli pull his pants up and be there for his woman like a man ↠ Homies, Lovers & Friends 5: A Brooklyn Love Story Õ Jahquel J. - Homies, Lovers & Friends 5: A Brooklyn Love Story, Homies Lovers Friends A Brooklyn Love Story The gang is back for one last ride Milli is in love with being a family man but can t help but to think why Kelsie doesn t want to give him a baby Kelsie is still dealing with the emotions from the l

  • ↠ Homies, Lovers & Friends 5: A Brooklyn Love Story Õ Jahquel J.
    246Jahquel J.
Homies, Lovers & Friends 5: A Brooklyn Love Story

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  1. Love it I love this book because it realistic because some things in life don t always work out the way we want them too I m so happy that everybody got their happy ending exclude Kenyatta petty ass She claim she s happy and married but yet to calling up her sons father to fuck her, some people just don t know when to quit but all in all I m glad she found someone I just hope you could just forget at Karmello and truly love her husband I m looking forward to book 6 with the Kendel story and wher [...]

  2. EehhhIt was ok I didn t like Michelle s attitude towards Thor in this book I mean I know she was pregnant and everything but the way she acted was just horrible Nice to see things work out for Kelsie and Millie though I can not believe how things ended for Patsy She sooo got the short end of the stick Everyone got their happily ever after even Melo and she gets nothing, not even her dad came around On a side note I could not stand his side story Then to top it of Walt was a dud, he couldn t even [...]

  3. DangMan I know they say all good things come to an end, but dang that didn t want to see this series to end Although I was hoping and wishing Melli and Pat worked it out I m glad they was able to be friends and she got the apology she deserves So happy Milli and Kels are having a baby YAYY The way he lived for her and Miracle was beautiful.I thought it was really crazy and small works how Mello is now dating Kels long lost sister WOW.Walt was soft and I m so glad thy Patsy dodge that fool Thor a [...]

  4. GreatOmg the series is so damn good.I swear the relationship between Mellow and his wife is crazy and I swear he deserves whatever comes to him Then the drama that happen with Walt and a Pasty was not wat I expected.He was wrong for that.I am glad Marcus is having a child that is gonna have a problem because of how he did his other daughter.Milli and Kelsie finally got it together and I m so glad and I m so glad they have a little family.Michelle and Thor are way too cute and I m so glad they go [...]


  6. Amazing book Keeps you up at night, late coming back from your lunch break at work Loved this series, i just miss how books used to be when it was only one book I almost forgot about book 5 seeing it wasn t available when i finished book 4 Glad i had the mind to check The story was amazing especially when it came to Pat Hello wished it turned out different Now Nikki Kelsie, I wanted to come through the book and slap them 2 sometimes Michelle Michelle Michelle, man so many women go through what s [...]

  7. I don t know I m not sure whose growth and maturity I loved Milli or Mello It was good to see the brothers finally made up Now I loved the way Milli loved Miracle from the start, he stepped up big time Just because you re a daddy does not make you a father Mello he finally took responsibility for his part in the failure of his marriage, in glad Patsy lived herself to know her worth Thor what can I say, he was very patient and understanding with Michelle because a few times I wanted to put hands [...]

  8. Awww itsoverI really enjoyed this series The realness of the characters is refreshing I was really happy to see how Patsy would turn out I m glad she got her happiness back Through all the ups and downs these characters found a way The relationships really blossomed with some additions It funny how life works even in stories I like how Choc was, even glad she was find what she was looking for The series over is a very details and a great read I can t wait to read Kendel s story, she just full of [...]

  9. Great endingThis series was by far one of the best yet I personally was routing for mello and patsy but what they ended up having was great Btw Thor and Michelle great couple that signifies real true love and I love their life Milli omg that is my man he won my heart when he adopted miracle so Kelsie to me has the real MVP most valuable partner And last but not least momma Kim that would be me a boss chick who raised 2 sons alone for the most part but found love

  10. This book did not disappoint I wish the author would use an editor, because little stuff like repeatedly saying they were going into meditation instead of mediation got to be a little annoying Despite that and a handful of other things, I was right back invested into the lives of each of these characters like I was when I read the last installment Most people evolved and everything didn t always work out as expected, but it was all good in the end I enjoyed it

  11. Kinda boringNothing in this last book did it for me I think I m just upset Patsy and Mello didn t find their way back, even if they didn t why give Mello a satisfying ending He did wrong, he didn t deserve to move on so fast I hated it Everybody else was boring I kept skipping through the book trying to find the good stuff guess it never happened for me.

  12. Love it so muchI love the fact that we got to see all the characters have their happy ending I am also glad that Pasty stood her ground letting women know that you done have to always go back This book was so amazing and cant wait to read plenty books from you Thank you so much for this great read.

  13. HLF5It was good to catch up with the crew I m happy for Patsy I think she needs that time to figure out what she really wants No need to jump in something I m proud of Kelsi and Milli Michelle and Thor will always be my fav Kim shocked me with her man lol Kenyatta was still her lame self Good story.

  14. Nice Way to EndThis was a bittersweet ending for me but it was such a good story that was told I liked how Mello and Patsy got themselves together Milli was just as funny as ever but he kept everyone grounded Overall this was a nice way to end the series hopefully our favorite couples will show up again.

  15. OMGWell I m glad Melo finally Amanda I was really hoping and praying on him and Patsy because you know true love really never dies and he really really deserve another chance specially after all it I don t know about talking when she came from but it s nice to know she s Indian but she s not for mellow pets em along with Melo at 1 46 already bought six at freaking stand

  16. OmG I loved this series I just finished the 5 series in less than 3 days Awesome read it s like I was in each scene my self screaming at Mello in this book Don t get me started on Flamboyant Ms Erick treating my girl Patsy like that A couple of times I wanted to pinch Michelle acting like she was acting with my homie Thor.

  17. Beautiful love storyThis book was good from beginning to ending I couldn t decide who s relationship I liked most Thor Michelle or Milli or Kelsie It was emotional as Mello went through his changes, but once he took responsibility for his mistakes I loved him again Keep up the great work Jahquel

  18. Love this seriesBeen a fan of this story line since the beginning I was hoping for for Patsy and Mello I was definitely surprised by Choc s presence and how that all unfolded Not in the least surprised that Kim got her man back Felt like that was bound to happen and the circumstances fell right into place on that Itching to find out what happens with Kendal.

  19. MUST READ No I don t want it to end This is one of the best books series I ve ever read It is most definitely a must read I laughed so much I m so glad how everyone s lives turned outd by the way I can t wait for the spin off Jahquel did the darn thing with this series What a way to end itJust great

  20. What words can I say but what a wonderful, beautiful, awesome, fantastic, well written, well formulated, well executed series this was Loved it and hate to see it end Maybe we can hear about Choc, mello and kelsie.who knows Nah that s pushing it Fantastic job

  21. Great endingLoved the ending to a great series I m glad that the couples wound up happy in the end This was a great series Jaquel, you pleased me with this one Not going to do a spoiler alert in my review, but I m definitely reading this series again

  22. Love itI love you books Jahquel I can t get enough of them Keep them coming I am so happy my Michelle and Thorn Pat, you go girl Mello and Choc, what a new beginning And last but not least, Million and Kelsie finally got it together Yessssss

  23. Amazing book This is an awesome series So much drama, love, craziness all in one It s a must read believe me Jahquel J is amazing author who s storytelling is real and a page turner

  24. Great Read I really enjoyed the book I m glad that Pat and Mello could become friends after everything they went through It seems like everyone is coming into their own Great story.

  25. This was a good ending This series was a good one.I was loving every chapter to this read.I hope it s a new part because I want to see Kelsie have her baby and Ser what happens with Moon.

  26. Excellent readJahquel girl You are a amazing writer and this book deserves than 5 stars All 5 of the books in this series were EXCELLENT and I m patiently waiting on your next series Bravo love keep up the good work.

  27. Loved this SeriesWow I really enjoyed this series It was nice to read something with a out all the extra , this was about finding yourself, Love and happiness This is a must READ

  28. Great EndingEnjoyed this series but I m probably not going to read book 6 Felt like this book ended well enough for me plus I read the reviews from book 6 so I know how everything will end.

  29. Homies, Lovers Friends 5 I so love this series each and every character was the truth, while Thor and Michelle hold the bar But I m so sad it s over would have love a part 6 lol Will Kendel have a story cause she hard headed or will Patsy get her happy story

  30. Good ending to a great seriesJacques know she did her thing with this series Everyone had their happy ending, even Kim Michelle got on my nerves, but her mom got her straight All in all want a great ending to an amazing series Great job Jahquel

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