The Killdeer Connection

✓ The Killdeer Connection î Tom Swyers - The Killdeer Connection, The Killdeer Connection Looking for a gripping thriller full of twists and turns that you can t put down Try this Kindle Scout writing competition winner ranked as a Top Bestseller in multiple Kindle categories It c

  • Title: The Killdeer Connection
  • Author: Tom Swyers
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 210
  • Format: Kindle Edition

✓ The Killdeer Connection î Tom Swyers, The Killdeer Connection, Tom Swyers, The Killdeer Connection Looking for a gripping thriller full of twists and turns that you can t put down Try this Kindle Scout writing competition winner ranked as a Top Bestseller in multiple Kindle categories It could happen to anyone You re in the wrong place at the wrong time You become a suspect in a friend s murder because the law has nobody else to pin it on Then whenLooking for a ✓ The Killdeer Connection î Tom Swyers - The Killdeer Connection, The Killdeer Connection Looking for a gripping thriller full of twists and turns that you can t put down Try this Kindle Scout writing competition winner ranked as a Top Bestseller in multiple Kindle categories It c

  • ✓ The Killdeer Connection î Tom Swyers
    210Tom Swyers
The Killdeer Connection

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    Blurb from The Killdeer ConnectionDavid Thompson is a lawyer on the run for a murder he didn t commit The FBI wants him dead or alive The real killer wants him dead His family wants him back Only the killdeer a bird can save him But it can kill him too Thompson must unravel the mystery before a terror plot blows up the country and the feds slip him the lethal injection needle Greed Conspiracy Big Oil Family Secrets Deception Prejudice Courtroom Drama Buckle up a riveting thrill ride through the darkest stretches of North Dakota He s often called Tom Sawyer, but he is not the Mark Twain character, though he did marry Becky Thatcher and his best friend is Huck Finn He lives in a nice home with his family near the Mohawk River in Upstate New York and writes from behind a locked basement door when Becky has had enough of him Saving Babe Ruth was his first novel and these are some of the awards it has received Gold Winner, Best First Book Fiction, 2015 Independent Book Publishers Association s Benjamin Franklin Book Awards.Silver Winner, Best Popular Fiction, 2015 Independent Book Publishers Association s Benjamin Franklin Book Awards.Readers Views, Best Regional Fiction 2014 2015 Northeast Finalist, Best New Fiction, 2014 USA Best Book Awards.


  1. THE KILLDEER CONNECTION Lawyer David Thompson Series 1 by Tom Swyers is a Kindle Scout book I won and it is a great win A suspense thriller mystery that is never dull Lots of twists, turns, me guessingtion packed, suspense, of me guessingA great read Another new author for me, I like finding those hiding gems Great read for those mystery thriller suspense fiends that are looking for a bit action in their books Good job

  2. Good legal thriller.Author wrote a really good thriller, entertaining and he made a very good statement about horizontal drilling Drilling in North Dakota, transferring crude oil by train to Albany, NY Injured worker case David Thompson took on against the big oil company His one and only expert witness murdered He left behind many clues Investigating these clues took him to North Dakota This put him and his family in great danger.

  3. I nominated this book on Kindle Scout and I m so happy Mr Swyers won because I received the book for free I would have bought it, though A great plot, well paced and excellent writing means never a dull moment This book caught me from the beginning and kept my attention The subject matter oil, corruption and murder make for a compelling story and Mr Swyers pulls it off perfectly The Killdeer Connection is fiction, but the subject matter really makes you think about what goes on in our world and [...]

  4. I voted for this book as part of the Kindle Scout program I may have forgotten that I don t like legal thrillers I can imagine how hard it must be to write a book, so I feel bad when I give a bad review I will just say that I found it repetitive, I didn t care for the characters, and all the exposition about the oil business and how it is distributed was just plain boring.

  5. I enjoyed this read Far fetched Yes, but it s fiction Interesting plotline and great insights into fracking I recommend to readers of conspiracy thrillers Check it out I received a free Advanced Copy from Kindle Scout.

  6. Gotta love all these New York legal thrillers Got three in my collection so far and I m thinking the top lawyers in each should team up with each other in a fanfic.

  7. A Shaky Plot and Somewhat Preachy Dialog Limits this Book s AppealThe Killdeer Connection is the story of lawyer David Thompson s struggle to clear his name after he is falsely accused of killing an acquaintance, Harold Salar And when a possible link to terrorism comes up, Thompson is fighting for his life One of his main clues A cryptic message in Salar s will that says, always follow the killdeer a message that has a host of meanings, both symbolic and literal.Swyer is an excellent writer one [...]

  8. If this is a debut novel, it s pretty good I didn t realize it was of a legal thriller instead of an adventuresome thriller So it was on the slow side Things just sort of happened, including a long section of time inside a jail Which was enlightening and rather interesting The dialogue is clunky in places There s a lot that s expository in an information dump kind of way, regarding the legalities of the oil industry On the one hand, that s showing not telling, which is an author s bane But on t [...]

  9. Definitely a 4.5 on a scale of 5.Tom Swyers evidently knew my background as a retired legal secretary, and he brought lawyer David Thompson knocking at my door with a stellar mystery involving the oil industry, the environment, and yes, murder Not just any murder but a murder landing Lawyer Thompson in jail.A bit slow out of the gate, Swyers quickly picks up the pace and begins his efforts to clear his character s name I appreciated the character development and scenes as they rolled out, especi [...]

  10. Interesting story I received this book through to read and review Though I found the story interesting the writing style of this author made it difficult for me to engage with the characters There was a lot of superfluous narrative that added very little to the story itself The ending was the best part for me.

  11. A youth baseball coach learns that one of fellow coaches is dead However, not only is the deceased a coach, he is also the key expert in the case that coach attorney David Thompson is brining on behalf of an injured worker against an oil company What happens to David as learns about Harold s death makes for a taut legal thriller in The Killdeer Connection That single death leads David along a path connecting railroad, hydrofracking, and Bakken oil production which produces an explosive gas as w [...]

  12. Swyers is a new author still honing his craft And I see a lot of potential The main character, David Thompson, is running a marginal one man law firm in Albany NY as the novel opens He has financial troubles that are only compounded when his wife loses her job due to a layoff In addition, he has a client who has a personal injury claim against a large oil company that is draining his personal finances as the client has no money to hire investigators or expert witnesses The oil company has been s [...]

  13. Absolutely loved this book From a relatively slow start it kept me reading until the early hours of the morning for two days The dialogue can be a touch wordy occasionally, and living in the UK I maybe struggle to relate to small town America, but the scenes once David, our central character, moved to North Dakota are terrifically gripping, and the deposition chapter is so well written I ve re read it twice already Most importantly the book raises crucial warnings about the safety of transportin [...]

  14. This is one of those stories that has lots of layers that get revealed throughout David is a work from home lawyer who gets caught up in events beyond his control To be honest, I m not sure I would have the courage shown by David but then again, I ve not been in a situation such as his Mr Swyers got me to care about a fictional character and wonder how he was going to find a way through the muck thrown at him.Warning There is Violence as well as Adult language and situations.I nominated this boo [...]

  15. Excellent legal thrillerThis is a new legal writer who deserves to be viewed with grisham and baldachin From page one word you are drawn in until the last word on the last page Steady flow of characters and plot that leaves you thinking you have it figured out to find you are Sorry you have to read it to find out You will enjoy it and then will be looking for books by Mr Sayers This would be a great audio book or one for a book group It is one you won t want to put down.enjoy.

  16. I would give this book a 4 It is a very good thriller fast pace, with lots of twist and turns that will not disappoint any legal thriller fan However, the end was quite forced though I can understand it seeds the next book I look forward to reading David Thompson next adventure Ah Praise to Tom Swyers for creating a lawyer character with a normal life family, friends, facing a professional challenge, committed to his values A very good change in the bunch of somber lawyer characters that legal t [...]

  17. This is an interesting indictment of big oil for its greed and dangers of fracking and shipping unstable oil in old rail cars Main character David Thompson is a courageous yet believable hero and his time in prison is vivid enough to underscore one s resolve to never go there Descriptions of the North Dakota boom town and oil fires are excellent and educational In the ending, the author s attempt to entice the reader to buy his next book seems clumsy and over the top I would rather he had just f [...]

  18. The no so uncommon tale of greed and corruption, well told.Good plot and a good storytelling A well crafted peek into the world of oil production and the toll on human lives and our environment As a writer with several years spent in the Texas oil industry, it rings true to the ear Greed drives the industry If we don t demand enough, they ll simply cut the supply to drive prices higher.

  19. Follow the killdeer This is a dramatic, suspenseful story surrounding the oil industry and their victims David learns of conspiracies while trying to get a settlement for his client who was burned badly while unloading unstabilized oil from a RR tanker He learns that someone he thought he knew had many secrets All of this occurs while he is trying to find a killer and save himself.

  20. David Thompson, has a problem, Harold Salary his expert witness and Friend has died, and David is the prime suspect in the murder I truly enjoyed this book and I can t wait for the next A review copy of this book was sent to me by the author All of the above opinions are my own.

  21. Constant readerI didn t want to stop reading the book as I was anxious to find out what was coming next Had my own idea of what the answer was but I was srong Enjoyed reading the book.

  22. Wasn t for me just couldn t get into the characters or the storyline and when Muslims and possible links to terror got involved it just lost me and felt a bit forced

  23. Recommended readingFirst book read by this author, will no doubt read others Good character development and interesting story line dealing with the oil industry.

  24. GreatI really enjoyed it maybe a litte too much info at times but good info and preesented well Looking forward to the prequel and hopefully the next in the series.

  25. Interesting storyThis is an interesting story I enjoyed reading it Did not think I would read additional books except for the author s hook at the end.

  26. GrippingThis was an excellent story I admittedly picked it up based on its setting although fiction I grew up in the area This story would appeal to any mystery buff

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