Second Nature (Blood at First Sight Series, #1)

Second Nature (Blood at First Sight Series, #1) Best Download || [Marie Lavender] - Second Nature (Blood at First Sight Series, #1), Second Nature Blood at First Sight Series She never expected it Desiree Edwards has a problem She s been attacked kidnapped and forced to get along with a vampire of all things It s something right out of the story books she reads or her wo

  • Title: Second Nature (Blood at First Sight Series, #1)
  • Author: Marie Lavender
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 419
  • Format: ebook

Second Nature (Blood at First Sight Series, #1) Best Download || [Marie Lavender], Second Nature (Blood at First Sight Series, #1), Marie Lavender, Second Nature Blood at First Sight Series She never expected it Desiree Edwards has a problem She s been attacked kidnapped and forced to get along with a vampire of all things It s something right out of the story books she reads or her worst nightmare But sometimes he s not the monster he appears to be He seems so humanlike that she can t help it when her emotions betray her when her b Second Nature (Blood at First Sight Series, #1) Best Download || [Marie Lavender] - Second Nature (Blood at First Sight Series, #1), Second Nature Blood at First Sight Series She never expected it Desiree Edwards has a problem She s been attacked kidnapped and forced to get along with a vampire of all things It s something right out of the story books she reads or her wo

  • Second Nature (Blood at First Sight Series, #1) Best Download || [Marie Lavender]
    419 Marie Lavender
Second Nature (Blood at First Sight Series, #1)

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  1. I received this book as an ARC copy.When Marie Lavender said that this was not your ordinary vampire story she was not playing This book took me through every emotion I own Before I could finish this book I was calling and texting my friends to recommend this book From the awesome attention to detail to the dips and turns I love this book Officially, I am stalking all blogs and emails for the release of the next book I am truly looking forward to the second book in this series.

  2. I was lucky enough to receive an ARC of Second Nature by Marie Lavender Having enjoyed her novel Magick Moonlight a lot, and being a huge fan of vampires, I dove in eagerly and I loved the book It was great to see things through both protagonists eyes and really understand what motives them and what characterizes them The heroine and the hero were both very well fleshed out, acted credibly and had me hooked from the start I loved it that the author didn t just make Desiree a weakling who blindly [...]

  3. I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange of an honest review 4 starsWhat a beautiful book And What an enjoyable journey I really loved Alec He s such a gentleman and a great person that it was hard sometimes to think of him as a vampire I loved their story even though I wasn t a 100% satisfied with the ending Too many things left unfinished for me But still this is a great book for any one who loves a good paranormal romance with a sexy vampire

  4. Ok lets see nowHot Vampire CheckLove at first sight CheckHot Lovin CheckLove with a stranger fantasy checkOk yeah this book has a bit of something for the dark romantic in all of us I tore through this book in two days, and I really enjoyed the read You are thrown into the book in the first chapter and its a take no prisoners romance that leaves you fanning yourself and turning the page for Marie Lavender is an award winning author, and has published some 20 titles This one is great, I really l [...]

  5. Second Nature Marie LavenderAlec was a vampire and he was on the scent of blood so sweet that he could not help following it The scent was driving him to the point that he had to have it He could tell that it was female and he had always craved them but only the legal aged ones and only if they were willing enough to want a moment with him He also always protected himself and his food source by wiping their memory and healing their wound that way he never had to worry about humans discovering th [...]

  6. A cup of tea never goes out of fashion, nor do the kind of books that guarantee cosiness to go with it We are, of course, talking here about romance And Marie Lavender has a knack for serving it well.As the author notes about the protagonist a vampire, All he d ever hoped for, when you looked past the bitterness of fate, was acceptance He had foolishly wanted to be accepted despite his supernatural flaws And that just wasn t possible That ironically is true for the very genre of romance in the s [...]

  7. Second Nature as an urban fantasy set in a contemporary world much like our own, with the exception of vampires, werewolves, and possibly other creatures we have yet to be introduced to Desiree is a young divorcee who has immersed herself in her work to start a new life since the divorce She has friends and family close by but is starting to feel like she needs a change of pace in her life or work She hasn t decided which yet.The story is told expertly through alternating viewpoints so well that [...]

  8. Initially I found this story somewhat disconcerting It started out with the heroine being stalked by the hero because he found the scent of her blood appealing Eventually, he makes a move on her and this led to them having a sexual encounter It may appear that the heroine was raped, but it depends on how you as the reader interprets this particular encounter He then proceeded to kidnap her to protect his identity because he had difficulty erasing her memories However, has the story progressed, I [...]

  9. I received an ebook in exchange for an honest review This book is a paranormal romance book and it starts off a bit on the odd side It begins with Alec stalking Desiree based on one glimpse and smell of her I thought that the story was a bit slow going for the first few chapters but once Desiree and Alec actually meet the story gets much interesting and has a much quicker pace.The author made sure that the fact that Desiree was weary of men, relationships and getting close to anyone jumped righ [...]

  10. Marie Lavender s Second Nature continues the vampire human romance concept with a dark and daring approach, effectively dovetailing horror, paranormal mystery and romance in a disturbing blend.I m not a big romance fan myself, but I found this one held my attention very effectively It builds slowly, the heroine, Desiree, crossing a misty border between realities Are the strange impressions she s been getting just dreams, or psychic visions Is she really being stalked by a vampire, or is the shad [...]

  11. Reviewed for Readers FavoriteAlec is not your ordinary drop dead handsome man, he is a vampire, and he smells the most amazing blood he has ever met He is looking for it when he finds it at a festival Desiree is a young woman with a broken heart and soul She has been unlucky in love, but she thinks she is ok Alec has to know about her, he wants to know her not just have a taste of her blood, which is something he has never done Desiree is strong than she thinks and her mind is even stronger, sh [...]

  12. 3.5 Fiery Hearts I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review Desiree thought she had the life until she caught her husband in bed with another woman, now she s just trying to make a life for herself With her sister newly married and expecting it s a little heavy on her heart, but she s truly happy for her and continually shows it.Alec has been around a long time, he s had his love and lost her to her own demise, but he never ever expected to find someone who made h [...]

  13. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.The rating for this book was 3.5 stars It had vampires, oodles of sexy times, and heartbreaking romance This book is primarily a romance It starts a little strangely, but heads right into the kind of romance that makes each partner want to sacrifice themselves for the other Alec finds Des at a festival by tracking her yummy blood He s instantly attracted and probably experiences love at first sight Des, being completely oblivious to [...]

  14. I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review I really enjoyed this book It was hot, sweet and cute Even though the beginning wasn t all that inspiring, what with the attack for a bite turned into almost rape that was actually consensual but still really weird Yeah, it s complicated It was a bit surreal that scene But then after that it got much better I m still not a huge fan of insta love but I guess we could say they were soul mates and fated to be together Needless to say, I loved [...]

  15. One of the Best Vampire romances I have read I really enjoyed reading this book Very well written and easy to read This book is on my favorites book shelf to be treasured This story has it alld best part is the happy ending Left me wanting to read about these two, and their future adventures together If you are looking for a great Vampire romance I Highly recommend this book I am looking forward to reading many stories by this author

  16. A bittersweet romance, beautifully written Alec is a powerful vampire who is drawn to Desiree, a beautiful independent young woman She is not yet fully aware of her special powers The author is tender and empathic in describing how their love blossoms and how they gather strength to face challenges A must read And it s a series

  17. All the makings of a classic vamp rom Strong, spunky female heroine, tortured, hot, male vampire, and an unlikely and mysterious connection between the two Great character chemistry Solid writing Good foundation for future novels in the series.

  18. Really a fun read It s a paranormal vampire book.I have learned to like this type Excitement, intensity, well created characters, love, funVery enjoyable I m looking forward to Book 2 in this series

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