The Tale of Hill Top Farm

The Tale of Hill Top Farm Best Read || [Susan Wittig Albert] - The Tale of Hill Top Farm, The Tale of Hill Top Farm The author of Peter Rabbit and other tales Beatrix Potter is still after a century beloved by children and adults worldwide In this first Cottage Tale Albert introduces Beatrix an animal lover an

  • Title: The Tale of Hill Top Farm
  • Author: Susan Wittig Albert
  • ISBN: 9780425201015
  • Page: 345
  • Format: Paperback

The Tale of Hill Top Farm Best Read || [Susan Wittig Albert], The Tale of Hill Top Farm, Susan Wittig Albert, The Tale of Hill Top Farm The author of Peter Rabbit and other tales Beatrix Potter is still after a century beloved by children and adults worldwide In this first Cottage Tale Albert introduces Beatrix an animal lover and Good Samaritan with a knack for solving mysteries With help from her entourage of talking animal friends Beatrix sets out to win over the human hearts of Sawrey where shT The Tale of Hill Top Farm Best Read || [Susan Wittig Albert] - The Tale of Hill Top Farm, The Tale of Hill Top Farm The author of Peter Rabbit and other tales Beatrix Potter is still after a century beloved by children and adults worldwide In this first Cottage Tale Albert introduces Beatrix an animal lover an

  • The Tale of Hill Top Farm Best Read || [Susan Wittig Albert]
    345Susan Wittig Albert
The Tale of Hill Top Farm

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  1. Onvan The Tale of Hill Top Farm The Cottage Tales of Beatrix Potter, 1 Nevisande Susan Wittig Albert ISBN 425196348 ISBN13 9780641806636 Dar 286 Safhe Saal e Chap 2004

  2. In 1905, Beatrix Potter is a best selling author mourning the loss of her fiance and trying to become independent of her demanding parents She has just bought Hill Top Farm in the Lakes District in Yorkshire She loves the beauty and remoteness of the area and hopes to enjoy many getaways there She can not yet take possession of the farm house for it is rented to the Jennings family, the tenant farmers Miss Potter intends to stay with Miss Abigail Tolliver, a spinster in the village of Sawrey, bu [...]

  3. I had recently watched the movie Miss Potter, with Ren e Zellweger, so I had great images of English country life at the turn of the century and of the sweeping landscapes of the Lake Country of Britain to accompany this book The author has a great grasp of small town America which seemed to translate well to turn of the century British village life But as with her China Bayles novels, I did not get a sense of the greater landscape in which the novels take place This is a shame as Beatrix Potter [...]

  4. Part one in what I believe is a series of 8 books, whilst I felt that The Tale Of Hill Top Farm had many things to recommend it there were some things that troubled me.Not normally one to quibble about the use of American spellings why should I be when so many of the books I read are by American authors it did however seem incongruous to me that a book featuring the quintessentially British novelist, Beatrix Potter, should be riddled with such spellings Color, Organize, Neighbor I could go on bu [...]

  5. Lake District, 1905 Absolutely charming This is a delightful country cosy mystery, featuring Beatrix Potter, villagers of Far Sawrey and various talking animals I very much enjoyed Miss Read s Fairacre and Thrush Green novels, also set in villages during the early part of the 20th century, and The Tale of Hill Top Farm reminded me of these, with the cosy mystery element added It really amazes me that Susan Wittig Albert, like Deborah Crombie, both Texans, can write such British novels I shall de [...]

  6. The Tale of Hill Top Farm is the first book in the extremely cozy mystery series The Cottage Tales of Beatrix Potter These are my absolute favorite books to read They let me wander around the charming English village of Near Sawrey, visit with my dear old neighbors and friends, share pots of tea, and hear the latest village gossip The books are not particularly dangerous or suspenseful they are just a wonderful place to spend your time while learning a bit about the life of Beatrix Potter The st [...]

  7. 4 1 2 stars This is such a departure from the stuff I ve been reading of late I m not sure if I m just in the right mood for it, but I THOROUGHLY enjoyed this little book This is the coziest of cozy mysteries so much so that there s not even a murder to solve What you get is an enchanting, charming story featuring a fictionalized Beatrix Potter and her new purchase of Hill Top Farm This is almost like a children s story for grown ups, but in the best meaning of the word simple, but not simplisti [...]

  8. While I place this in the mystery genre, it s a cozy mystery with a heavy emphasis on cozy This book is about an idyllic English village with thatched cottages, a bumbling vicar, several eccentric old maids, hard working farmers, prosperous ladies who gossip over afternoon tea, and beautiful gardens The townspeople all know one another intimately, as do the animals The animals are delightful They eavesdrop, talk, lament that humans are too stupid to understand them, and generally save the day B [...]

  9. Not my usual genre, but needed a change of pace Because I ve been to Hilltop and have read many B Potter s bios, I found this an uplifting albeit unusual read Not really enad by animals talking but for some that might be part of the charm.

  10. Read this over the last few days It s not terrible, I m not sure it completely works The animals talking to each other borders on gimmicky It s saved by the fact that they can only talk to each other and not humans.Also, this was shelved in the mystery section, and the two predominant mysteries seemed to be what happened to the parish register, and who stole the school s roof repair fund I mean, the lack of murder was refreshing, but there s also not a lot driving this.On the other hand, I do fi [...]

  11. The plot and setting of this cozy mystery Beatrix Potter buys a farm in the Lake District were interesting, and Virginia Leishman s narration of the audio book really pulled me in and kept me listening But I am not entranced nor charmed by talking animals in books aimed at adults I do recognize that Potter made her living writing about talking animals who wore clothing, but her books were for children Most of the animals in this book talked to each other, and were annoyed when humans couldn t un [...]

  12. Some of the characters are real and some are fiction in this delightful tale set in England, 1905, when children s book author Beatix Potter buys a farm in a small rural town Beatix is hoping to heal after the death of her fiancee but finds the quiet town is anything but when a villager dies unexpectedly This was a charming cozy mystery and I admire the author s imagination Susan Wittig Albert also writes the China Bayles mystery series for those who are familiar with it I m definitely looking f [...]

  13. This is a current trend that I ve not heard explained, though I think I get it The Tale of Hill Top Farm offers up Beatrix Potter as a heroine detective, along side books that forward others like the members of the Dante Club and Jane Austin Certainly there must be other authors out there masquerading as characters in books, espcially detectives Sure, whatever works It s a bit of pretty harmless fictional revisionism, but does run the minor risk of making readers believe they know something abou [...]

  14. In 2009 I experienced England Its Peak District was beautiful My friend from there, said Lake District is beyond compare and that he must take us another time In 2010 I discovered this novel on a charity table, drawn to talking animals This realm was very much a delight, in that the village pets are granted their opinions, tasks, and are integral The approach completely new to me was utilizing real author Beatrix Potter as the protagonist, blending recorded facts about her life, extrapolating wh [...]

  15. This book, which is the first of an 8 book series, will definitely not be everyone s cup of tea It is, however, mine I don t recall reading her books as a child myself, but I did read and reread them to my children, and now to my grandchildren.Set in the Cumbrian village of Near Sawrey, the real life home of Beatrix Potter, as well as nearby Far Sawrey and Hawkshead an ancient market town , this is the coziest of cozy mysteries, with a fictionalized Miss Potter as a character along with her anim [...]

  16. 1 in the Beatrix Potter historical cozy mysteries set in early 1900 s Sawrey, UK First of a very cozy mystery series centering on Beatrix Potter author of Peter Rabbit and other children s books beginning when she bought Hill Top Farm not long after the death of her beloved fianc and publisher Norman Warne The mystery here centers around the death of one of the villagers and Miss Potter and the village s animals along with her own menagerie eventually solve the crime I don t think it s easy to t [...]

  17. I started listening to this novel and it began with a bewildering array of characters, plus talking animals who were addressing humans but I was unsure if the humans were answering back and overall I was a little lost So I pulled out the novel because I often alternately read and listen and found that the novel was clear on some points First off, it was easier to keep track of all the initial characters after seeing them in print, and Ms Albert s publishers helpfully put the animals dialogue in [...]

  18. I read all of the books in this series, The Cottage Tales of Beatrix Potter, and I really enjoyed all of them The books are mysteries that take place in and around the small hamlet of Near Sawrey where Beatrix Potter bought a farm The books not only have a good mystery, which are solved by the Beatrix and her animals, but they give the reader a view of the life of author Beatrix Potter as told through animals These are the same animals that inspire her stories such as Peter Rabbit While some may [...]

  19. This is a delightful tale based loosely on the life of Beatrix Potter while she was staying on a village farm in the lakes district which she bought with the proceeds of her books It is a combination of the Miss Read tales with The First Ladies Detective Agency books There is a mystery here, but it is secondary to the goings on of the village This is especially charming because the village animals and Ms Potter s pets also talk to each other to move the plot along and provide commentary.In her d [...]

  20. This book is in many ways different from what one would expect The author normally writes murder mysteries this is NOT In fact the few mysteries scattered in it are pretty domestic This is good, because to turn Beatrix Potter into a sleuthing adventurer would be rampant fiction, and this book instead feels like a pretty good reflection of what her life and actions could have really been The author even consulted with a Beatrix Potter biographer to confirm that her approach was valid.At least as [...]

  21. This was my second reading of this book It is so well written it was like reading it for the 1st time I love this book Very sympathetic rendering of a time when young women were expected to stay home and take care of their parents and never have a life of their own This tale of Beatrix Potter, her pets, trials, and victories the sorrow of her losing her future husband within a month of becoming engaged In this day and age of we can not comprehend how limiting life was for some and how they had t [...]

  22. How lovely I really enjoy books about authors turned detectives the Stephanie Barron series featuring Jane Austen is very good but this is even better The author doesn t try to turn Beatrix Potter into the amateur sleuth she really isn t Instead, the novel is reminiscent of those Miss Read books about village life and indeed have to do with a newcomer settling into a tiny village and learning about all of its inhabitants than it has to do with a mystery Surprisingly enough, I loved the passages [...]

  23. This has been on the TBR list for quite a long time, but I m really glad I finally got around to reading it Like the Aunt Dimity books, its a good example of a mystery that doesn t need a murder to keep it going The human characters were entertaining, and it was also very reminiscent of Rita Mae Brown s Mrs Murphy series, in that the animals had their own voices, their own plans, and were just as instrumental in solving the mystery as the humans The author didn t quite get all the English termin [...]

  24. I read this 5 6 years ago, right after I was so charmed by the Renee Zellweger movie Miss Potter I ll give it a quick re read to refresh my memory, and see if I want to continue with the series.UPDATE Yes, this was just as charming as I remember I think that watching the movie before reading this book helped me to have clear pictures in my mind of several of the characters especially those I didn t meet in this book, but only got mentioned.This has a Miss Marple vibe, with lots to do with small [...]

  25. Susan Wittig Albert, noted Texas Hill Country author of the China Bayles series, among others, has taken the basic facts of the life of Beatrix Potter and woven them into a fascinating mystery If you are able to take a little walk back to your childhood or if you are into your second one as I am , where animals have personalities and can converse among themselves, you too will enjoy this gentle little story In addition, you will learn a great deal about the life of Miss Potter, creator of Peter [...]

  26. If you love Beatrix Potter, you ll love this series of 8 books beginning with Miss Potter s purchase of Hill Top Farm in 1906, and fictionally chronicling her growing romance with Mr Heelis til their marriage in 1913 In each enchanting title, Miss Potter s keen mind is called upon to solve a mystery with the help of the animals that live in the farmlands surrounding her They are the inspiration for her tales and come to life whimsically in this series blending childhood fancy with grown up cozy [...]

  27. Think fireplace cozy A delightful tale of talking animals, Beatrix Potter and an English village Beatrix Potter plays the part of unintentional sleuth when things turn up missing in the village My audiobook had excellent narration This series is up there with Alexander McCall Smith s The Number One Ladies Detective Agency Volume 6 series for mysteries that I like Thanks to my GR friend, MintyMedley for recommending 4.5 stars

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