Skeleton Lake

Ý Skeleton Lake ☆ Mike Doogan - Skeleton Lake, Skeleton Lake Nik Kane struggles with a killer from his past in this latest entry in the Shamus Award nominated series Author Mike Doogan has been hailed as a fine addition to the list of crime writers who call Ala

  • Title: Skeleton Lake
  • Author: Mike Doogan
  • ISBN: 9780399154928
  • Page: 369
  • Format: Hardcover

Ý Skeleton Lake ☆ Mike Doogan, Skeleton Lake, Mike Doogan, Skeleton Lake Nik Kane struggles with a killer from his past in this latest entry in the Shamus Award nominated series Author Mike Doogan has been hailed as a fine addition to the list of crime writers who call Alaska home by The Seattle Times Twenty years ago Alaska was a different place rougher violent Danny Shirtleff was the kind of cop needed to keep the lid on AnchoragNik Kane struggles wit Ý Skeleton Lake ☆ Mike Doogan - Skeleton Lake, Skeleton Lake Nik Kane struggles with a killer from his past in this latest entry in the Shamus Award nominated series Author Mike Doogan has been hailed as a fine addition to the list of crime writers who call Ala

  • Ý Skeleton Lake ☆ Mike Doogan
    369Mike Doogan
Skeleton Lake

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    Mike Doogan Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Skeleton Lake book, this is one of the most wanted Mike Doogan author readers around the world.


  1. This was my least favorite of the 3 Nik Kane books There isn t a lot of action I really left me with my questions than answers Was Dylan really Nik s son Was Teddy really Nik s father

  2. Skeleton Lake by Mike Doogan is the third book of the Nik Kane mystery series set in Anchorage Alaska In 2007, Nik Kane is recovering from nearly fatal injuries resulting from a tragic shootout Chapters alternate between Nik s recovery in 2007, and his childhood memories from 1963 5, and his first major murder case as a rookie detective in 1985 Nik s life has been filled with turmoil.Nik grew up living hand to mouth each child in the family worked, underage or not, so they could eat His father d [...]

  3. This book is one that tells the story of a man at three different times in his life 1962, 1985, and 2007 Each chapter switches eras It was not until page 200 of 300 that I realized that there were actually two completely separate mysteries going on in the book I kept waiting for it all to come together and it never did The book was the development of a man with a very sad life than it was an intense mystery thriller If you are looking for the biography of a fictional character who had a lot of [...]

  4. A very depressing detective mystery novel, which kept me guessing to the very melancholy end.It was mixed with the main characters home life and youth filled with poverty and a longing to know what happened to his missing dad.I read it because it took place in Anchorage After reading it, I d never want to visit or live there.This book leads you to believe that most people are depraved and wicked It was horrible, with little hope.At least I couldn t figure out who the killer was And when I did I [...]

  5. I zipped through this book when I came down with a cold Good reading for an illness, not too demanding Doogan uses a very interesting construct in this book, going back and forth in time while the main character is recovering I am getting a little sick of the obsession with the missing father, miss the main character s wife where did she go and thought the kids were cyphers The main character also shows little grief for the ending of the last book Capitol Offense so in my mind, the main characte [...]

  6. Best of the three in the series so far provided you have read the first two I had wondered how Doogan was going to go forward from the conclusion of the second volume, and he manages the task very well indeed The story unfolds in flashbacks to Nik s childhood and early days as a detective The conclusion resolves the mystery, but there is personal business left hanging I look forward to the fourth story.

  7. hmm.on the fence with this one I guess my main problem is he ends the book just when its getting somewhere.It begins after Nik wakes up in the hospital after being shot He struggles with memories of his dad s leaving and his first case as a detective a unsolved shooting of a fellow police officer To relieve boredom and keep his mind off the death of his son, Nik goes through the old case file and opens up a cold case that hits closer to home than he realizes.

  8. Without the topicality of being in Juneau that kept the last episode in this ongoing series engrossing, I m back to a ho hum attitude I m not sure I really like the protagonist and so I m sort of indifferent to the pressures that are driving the series plot And with this episode pretty much interior, the whole portrayal of Alaska part is much less compelling I ll probably read the next, but this series is on notice to perform or not be worth the effort beyond that.

  9. I enjoyed this Nik Dane is the primary detective, and the setting is Alaska There is the former cop who is killed, the broken marriage and some typical cop kinds of themes Kane finds out that the dead man was quite a ladies man and made the rounds of many women in the areacluding those who are married An easy read, but still somehow kept my attention.

  10. This book left me confused All the bouncing back and forth from past to present Maybe I just couldn t get into the characters but at the end I was still wondering who was who I was also irritated with the names Cee Cee, Jackie Dee, Jackie DeeTwo Won t be reading any of his books if this is as good as it gets.

  11. Doogan captures the Alaska feel of course he lives there but I would have liked a little town descriptions and even Alaska charm This one read like a typical could be anywhere mystery His character is gritty enough without being too raw.

  12. Good Continuing character Nik Kane fairly confusing story bouncing back and forth between time periods in Kane s life, alternating between a storyline about a murdered cop and Kane s long missing father

  13. I saw after I read this, that this was the third in the series It had an interesting jumping of time and hooked me in The murder mystery became somewhat predictable, but overall an interesting read.

  14. First 3 or 4 pages were about some cops discussing a case and the language was so bad I just decided to not even finish the book

  15. The unfolding of Nik Kane s back story just gets better and better and the Alaska setting is gripping and realistic This is the third book in the series Watch out for those cliff hanging endings

  16. I decided to read this book because it was set in Alaska As far as a sense for place, it could have been Manhattan Basically your run of the mill detective story.

  17. This was not as good as I thought it would be Authors who jump around need to be sure to keep track of their own storyline There were spots in the book toward the end that made no sense.

  18. I almost gave up on this book after a few chapters, but then it grabbed me, pulled me in, and I m glad I finished it Hope his next book comes out soon.

  19. This is the 3rd of a series I think it would have helped to have read the first two first Was expecting a little Alaskaness to it.

  20. This is the second Nik Kane mystery I have read It s part police procedural, part hard boiled I enjoy both the setting and the complex characters.

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