Miracle on 34th Street

[PDF] Miracle on 34th Street | by ✓ Valentine Davies Tomie dePaola - Miracle on 34th Street, Miracle on th Street Generations of believers in hope and goodwill have made Valentine Davies Miracle on th Street a treasured part of their holiday traditions Millions of copies of this award winning story have sold si

  • Title: Miracle on 34th Street
  • Author: Valentine Davies Tomie dePaola
  • ISBN: 9780152163778
  • Page: 401
  • Format: Hardcover

[PDF] Miracle on 34th Street | by ✓ Valentine Davies Tomie dePaola, Miracle on 34th Street, Valentine Davies Tomie dePaola, Miracle on th Street Generations of believers in hope and goodwill have made Valentine Davies Miracle on th Street a treasured part of their holiday traditions Millions of copies of this award winning story have sold since its first publication in delighting readers of all ages A facsimile edition of the book is now faithfully re created offering a new generation and fans of the oGenera [PDF] Miracle on 34th Street | by ✓ Valentine Davies Tomie dePaola - Miracle on 34th Street, Miracle on th Street Generations of believers in hope and goodwill have made Valentine Davies Miracle on th Street a treasured part of their holiday traditions Millions of copies of this award winning story have sold si

  • [PDF] Miracle on 34th Street | by ✓ Valentine Davies Tomie dePaola
    401 Valentine Davies Tomie dePaola
Miracle on 34th Street

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  1. Valentine Davies Tomie dePaola

    Valentine Davies August 25, 1905 July 23, 1961 was an American film and television writer, producer, and director His film credits included Miracle on 34th Street 1947 , Chicken Every Sunday 1949 , The Bridges at Toko Ri 1954 , and The Benny Goodman Story 1955 He was nominated for the 1954 Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay for The Glenn Miller Story.Davies was born in New York City, served in the Coast Guard, and graduated from the University of Michigan He wrote a number of Broadway plays and was president of the Screen Writers Guild and general chairman of the Academy Awards program.He wrote the story for the 1947 film Miracle on 34th Street, which was given screen treatment by the director, George Seaton Davies also did a novelization of the story, which was published as a novella by Harcourt Brace Company in conjunction with the film release Miracle on 34th Street earned him an Academy Award for Best Story.


  1. First airing in theaters in 1947, and based on a story by Valentine Davies though the actual screenplay was by George Seaton Miracle on 34th St is one of America s better known and beloved classic Christmas movies In contrast, the novelization, done by Davies himself, is so little known that I had to add it to the database myself when I began reading it two days ago I started reading it because one of my groups has a thread for classic Christmas books, and I wanted to contribute something to tha [...]

  2. This is the first book that I have read where the author admittedly wrote it for a screenplay then translated it into book form It reads that way and I loved it I felt I was reading the movie but in a explored, in depth way I loved the experience.I loved following Susan s path from skeptic to unabashedly believing in the existence of Santa Claus I mean, if the United States Post Office believes in the guy, who can refute that Reading about Doris s thawing from her divorce, which is alluded to b [...]

  3. I can t do anything really crafty, but I can fill in the cross stitches if you give me a counted cross stitch kit I like the looks of those better than the printed ones I ve been working on and off for years on a tree skirt kit It has dark blue fabric, and the picture is of some beautiful animals and a seriously awesome St Nicholas, wearing pale blue and looking rather fierce.I chose this pattern because I ve never really liked the traditional Santa Claus all omni benevolent and generically swee [...]

  4. I am currently reading a book called Miracle on 34th Street, by Valentine Davies I really like it because it is a great book for this coming up holiday, Christmas I like it because the author does a really good job describing the characters, for example, Kris Kringle If you searched every old folks home in the country, you couldn t find anyone who looks like Santa Clause, Davies mentions He was a living, breathing incarnation of the old gent white beard, pink cheeks, fat tummy and all, Davies d [...]

  5. I feel like a Scrooge but this Christmas story just wasn t for me I haven t seen the movie but I m not sure is want to It s just okay I didn t like all the business involved and some things weren t really explained and I just wouldn t read it again Meh.

  6. Even after watching both movie versions over over again, the BW version when I was still a child, I had never read the book I loved every little bit of it

  7. This is the most charming story about Santa that I know of Reading Miracle on 34th Street will put you in a Christmas mood like no other I know it did for me The book closely follows the old black and white film of the same name, and the book also has a true vintage quality to it, making it seem timeless It s enjoyable for any age, I believe.Finally, I found a book that is worthy of rivaling A Christmas Carol of taking the title of THE CHRISTMAS BOOK for me, anyways It s a book that puts holiday [...]

  8. The 1940s Christmas classic moves from the big screen to between covers in this beautifully written story Miracle on 34th Street reminds us Christmas is not just a day, it s a state of mind of wonder and joy The perfect book to read with a steaming mug under your Christmas tree For on Miracle on 34th Street, we discussed it as a community towards the end of our November Book Club meeting.

  9. This is a case of a movie that becomes a book I ve seen the movie so many times I know every line, but it was still an enjoyable holiday read

  10. Valentine Davies got the idea for this well know novella while standing in line at a store during Christmas season He took the idea to a friend who wrote and directed the screenplay Valentine Davies wrote the story and they were released at the same time It was a pleasure reading it though the story line was the same as the original 1947 movie The story did help clarify who was who some because the men all looked alike to me in the movie with the exception of Fred, Mr Macy, and Kris Kringle.An a [...]

  11. Written clear back in 1947 and it s still as warm and humorous today I don t know where I even got this book, probably it was one I inherited from my mother in law s collection of books It just seemed like a good little story to read for the Christmas season My only complaint is that I wished for a little development of the romance I think what I wanted was a little longer story, really I suspect the movie adds all those missing details Now I ll have to go watch that Can I borrow yours, Jana Mi [...]

  12. I usually watch this movie every year, but really enjoyed reading it this year The book was written after the movie, and it obviously follows the movie exactly A very quick read I liked the historical background at the end about Valentine Davies life, and some info on the movie It was interesting to read the Valentine Davies died at 55 in the midst of a hearty laugh My favorite quote from the book Anyone could have faith when everything was fine But real faith meant believing, rain or shine.

  13. This is my favorite Christmas movie and until I ran across this book in a used book store, I did not know there was a book version It s a very quick read and mirrors the movie Still loved it even though I knew the plot by heart A true heartwarming classic The introduction was very interesting as it discussed the author and how the book and movie came to be Definitely recommend to any lover of the movie

  14. This may be the first ever novelization of a film It was written by the screenwriter and published just before the film was released I loved the story and as I read the film the original played in my mind which wasn t so bad because it s one of my favorites of the season Faith is believing when common sense tells you not to is the famous quote from the story film.

  15. What an awesome way to start off the holiday season There were, of course, no surprises in this book as I ve seen the movie several times, but what a joy to read This book will have to be a tradition at my house around Christmas to be followed by the movie of course Highly recommend.

  16. A far better story than I remember and I am glad that I have taken the time to revisit this piece Quick fun read that helps with the season s spirit.

  17. Santa lives at Macy s Even though I knew the ending cause I knew the movie, still made me cry I m not sure you can mingle reviews in with political posts but I finished it as the world is learning Moore did NOT triumph in Alabama There is indeed a Santa Merry Christmas to all

  18. I watch this movie every year It s been my favorite christmas movie ever since I ve watched it the first time I was looking for some christmassy reads this year when I first discovered that my all time favorite christmas movie was actutally a book as well I was nearly crying when it came in the mail Even though I watched the movie again this year I really enjoyed reading the book also The book was written after the movie and it obviously follows the movie exactly except for a couple of things fa [...]

  19. On a library visit just before Christmas, I checked out several books from the Christmas display On Christmas Eve I decided to read Miracle on 34th Street to the kids, and we finished it on Christmas day Previously I didn t even know there was a book of this story I d thought it was just a movie I picked up the book because it s illustrated by Tomie DePaola I remembered seeing illustrations by him for Oz, and I like good illustrations for children s books.The short novel is written by Valentine [...]

  20. This is one of my favorite Christmas movies, but I never realized it was a book until this year which should have told me something I would probably give it 3.5 stars it s not the best Christmas book either but it s definitely worth reading.I found the book to be pretty close to the movie but not an exact replica The book read a lot like a script to me usually when you read a book, you feel connected to the characters than you would during a movie But I felt the exact opposite while reading thi [...]

  21. I have almost always loved the movie I can now say that I love the book If you love the movie, and, if you love to read, then, you should consider reading Miracle on 34th Street True, it is not substantially different from the movie But there are subtle differences, I found I liked these differences small as they may be The book is sweet and charming in all the right ways I liked spending time with Kris Kringle, Doris and Susan Walker, and Fred Gayley The book moves quickly, from scene to scene [...]

  22. I m one of those few people who have never seen the movie That said, I decided to read the book I was basically familiar with the story It is a sweet story, a story of hope While I really enjoyed the plot line and the idea behind the story, I thought the writing was a little simplistic But I ve seen this before with other books that were originally movies plays That negative point aside, it is still a good book worth reading The particular book that I read had illustrations by Tomie dePaola He i [...]

  23. This book reads like a poorly written adaptation of a movie It s so bad, I m not even going to bother finishing it because I ve never seen this movie gasps and I d really like to one day At this moment, if I never see the movie I d be fine and how sad is that I d recommend avoiding picking this up at the library if you do so happen to see it by chance and get excited thinking it s the perfect holiday read, like someone coughMEcough did Peace out.

  24. I find it interesting that the movie book s popularity have declined in recent years Is this because we have ceased to believe in people s goodness In magic Or is it that the style a lawyer who can prove that Santa exists, a subtle love story, a plot moved by dialogue than action that doesn t draw an audience Still, I love the simplicity of the story, its hopefulness.

  25. I read this book in the late 1960s while home from college for Christmas It is a short book and I finished it in one evening I had taken a course in logic and remember thinking how the author proved there was a Santa Claus and that it was Kris Kringle I started believing in Santa again myself.This is a wonderful little book that should help put anyone in the mood for Christmas.

  26. It is always hard to separate novel from motion picture when it comes to a classic, trying not to carry over residual emotions from the screen to the page, or counting omissions of plot or character against the movie, which is usually shorter than its print counterpart Perhaps when it comes to Miracle on 34th Street, however, no such separation between the book and original movie should be made Rather than a novel being adapted to the big screen years after its conception and publication, the cr [...]

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