The Anome

The Anome Best Download || [Jack Vance] - The Anome, The Anome DURDANE THE IMPRISONEDA world of strange ways and stranger people A land where men and women are marked for life Where they are bound to irrevocable destinies by the proclamations of the Faceless Man

  • Title: The Anome
  • Author: Jack Vance
  • ISBN: 9780440004417
  • Page: 479
  • Format: Paperback

The Anome Best Download || [Jack Vance], The Anome, Jack Vance, The Anome DURDANE THE IMPRISONEDA world of strange ways and stranger people A land where men and women are marked for life Where they are bound to irrevocable destinies by the proclamations of the Faceless Man an unseen power which terrorises and controls the world Durdane is a place where defiance is punished with death But this kingdom of myriad mystery and incalculable peril iDURDANE THE IMPRIS The Anome Best Download || [Jack Vance] - The Anome, The Anome DURDANE THE IMPRISONEDA world of strange ways and stranger people A land where men and women are marked for life Where they are bound to irrevocable destinies by the proclamations of the Faceless Man

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  • The Anome Best Download || [Jack Vance]
    479 Jack Vance
The Anome

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  1. Jack Vance

    Aka John Holbrooke Vance, Peter Held, John Holbrook, Ellery Queen, John van See, Alan Wade.The author was born in 1916 and educated at the University of California, first as a mining engineer, then majoring in physics and finally in journalism During the 1940s and 1950s, he contributed widely to science fiction and fantasy magazines His first novel, The Dying Earth, was published in 1950 to great acclaim He won both of science fiction s most coveted trophies, the Hugo and Nebula awards He also won an Edgar Award for his mystery novel The Man in the Cage He lived in Oakland, California in a house he designed.


  1. Nobody spins the young citizen provocateur who monkey wrenches the status quo and topples the oppressive authoritarian regime story effectively than Jack Vance He s simply great at telling this kind of tale Vance is also adept at giving better bang for the buck when it comes to story content vs page count Few of his novels exceed 250 pages and yet he s consistently weaving intricate stories that feel epic in scope His prose is taut and tightly crafted and there is little or no wasted verbiage E [...]

  2. The Anome is the first book of the three part Durdane series It was first published in 1971 under the title The Faceless Man as a two part serial in The Magazine of Science and Science Fiction It was released as a novel under the current title in 1973 The Anome should be read first, followed by The Brave Free Men It does not work well as a stand alone book The Anome and The Brave Free Men should really be considered one book with The Asutra as a sequel This is the second time I ve read this seri [...]

  3. The Anome tells the story of young Gastel Etzwane s maturing and coming of age Durdane is a planet colonized thousands of years before by Earth renegades and it has evolved as a complex society with many different lands and cultures Etzwane lives in Shant, whose technological level can be compared to early 20th century However, the depiction of this land s society is greatly complex and varied Vance started this discussing issues like individual freedom and social manipulation in quite somberly [...]

  4. Not my favorite Jack Vance, it did not carry the same umph as other novels of his that I have read Still, I never come away from a Vance novel disappointed and this was no exception The complex governments and laws of the world this story is set in are marvelous and the idea of the Faceless Man is brilliant I suppose if I was aware that my head would blow off if I broke a law, I would never commit the simplest infraction It is written with Jack Vance s signature style, with his tight sentences a [...]

  5. Another Vance masterpiece This one is about the musician Gastel Etzwane, the creatures known as the Roguskhoi, and the Faceless Man or Anome, ruler of Shant and their interactions and conflicts As usual, Vance s societies are plausible and unusual, his setting vivid, his details perfect but not overwhelming Highly recommended.

  6. Described on the back cover of the Coronet edition I read, as Science Fantasy, this novel was first published in 1971, and is the first of a trilogy I come late to it via my brother who was disposing of it during a small house clearance I m glad I chanced upon it.The setting is another world the time, the very distant future, when humans have left the Solar System and colonised other planets This is a world without the computer as we know it, though certain of the tools and devices display funct [...]

  7. Mur later renamed Etzwane is from a female phobic religious community from which he escapes He then becomes a musician and later learns of a threat to his country in the form of ravaging mutant creatures For some reason, the Faceless Man, the mysterious supreme authority that rules here, refuses to act against them and minimizes the threat they pose Etzwane seeks out the Faceless man to discover why and to try to get him to take action.This first book of the Durdane trilogy was originally publis [...]

  8. This is my first Vance book, and I really enjoyed it I was hooked from the general premise of a totalitarian ruler known as the Faceless Man whom nobody has seen, yet who can destroy them at any moment by the explosive ring around each of their necks Even if they re just talking badly of him This book had my ideal balance of both science fiction and fantasy elements, with the horrible Rogushkoi creatures roaming around raping women and such, as well as some classic planetary and spaceship elemen [...]

  9. I was told by a reader since I like imaginative and escapist fiction I should read Jack Vance I had heard of Vance s name over the years but never had an inclination to read any of his work I did internet research about the author and found out he has been an inspiration for many science fiction and fantasy s greatest writers Vance s novels were well regarded by mostly everyone in the genre So I decided to read The Anome, Book 1 of the Durdane Trilogy as my introduction to Jack Vance.The Anome i [...]

  10. Young Mur lives in a ridged society His community is ruled by a sect of men who despise contact with women, and he is supposed to become an initiate This is one of many societies in the land of Shant, rules by the Faceless Man, where all citizens where an explosive torc around their necks Mur escapes, visits various places around the world, encounters the threat of a subhuman group of raiders known as the Rogushkoi, who are ravaging parts of the land He tries to get the Faceless Man to take acti [...]

  11. Aunque es corto creo que le sobran p ginas hay situaciones que el autor se saca de la galera Le subo una estrella por la cr tica velada que hace Vance a los gobiernos autoritarios y al fanatismo, representados por el hombre sin rostro

  12. Jack Vance, The Anome 1973 Vance was a master of building baroque worlds of stasis, decay, and a sickly kind of wonder In the Durdane trilogy, he depicts the realm of Shant, a long abandoned colony planet divvied up into cantons, each governed by a different cult rigorously pursuing one or another set of arbitrary rules Overseeing all is the Faceless Man or Anome, who enforces the division and cultural stasis of Shant through the simple expedient of a device that explodes the heads of anyone he [...]

  13. It s been so long, I don t remember much, but I do remember I enjoyed it This three volume work was my second encounter with Vance, I think If I remember it correctly, the first one was called The Last Castle.

  14. Interesting worldbuilding, but the writing style didn t captivate me much The plot is a bit slow but picks up towards the end, when it becomes a pageturner supreme

  15. Pretty cool book 1970s style dystopia, using a distant future to explore politics I m looking forward to the rest of the trilogy BTW, my previous prediction comparing it to Anathem was wrong.

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