Big Planet

✓ Big Planet ☆ Jack Vance - Big Planet, Big Planet The objective of the mission from Earth to stop the ruthless Barjarnum of Beaujolais from expanding his empire on the Big Planetd prevent the world from falling under this tyrant s domination Then sab

  • Title: Big Planet
  • Author: Jack Vance
  • ISBN: 9780575071179
  • Page: 194
  • Format: Paperback

✓ Big Planet ☆ Jack Vance, Big Planet, Jack Vance, Big Planet The objective of the mission from Earth to stop the ruthless Barjarnum of Beaujolais from expanding his empire on the Big Planetd prevent the world from falling under this tyrant s domination Then sabotage forces the craft to crash land and the survivors face an epic mile trek across the dangerous landscape A SF landmark One of the finest writers the scieThe objective of the mis ✓ Big Planet ☆ Jack Vance - Big Planet, Big Planet The objective of the mission from Earth to stop the ruthless Barjarnum of Beaujolais from expanding his empire on the Big Planetd prevent the world from falling under this tyrant s domination Then sab

  • ✓ Big Planet ☆ Jack Vance
    194 Jack Vance
Big Planet

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  1. Jack Vance

    Aka John Holbrooke Vance, Peter Held, John Holbrook, Ellery Queen, John van See, Alan Wade.The author was born in 1916 and educated at the University of California, first as a mining engineer, then majoring in physics and finally in journalism During the 1940s and 1950s, he contributed widely to science fiction and fantasy magazines His first novel, The Dying Earth, was published in 1950 to great acclaim He won both of science fiction s most coveted trophies, the Hugo and Nebula awards He also won an Edgar Award for his mystery novel The Man in the Cage He lived in Oakland, California in a house he designed.


  1. So, here s what you want to know you already know that Jack Vance is the granddaddy of several streams of science fiction and fantasy You already know that Big Planet was the first genuine attempt in the genre to create a full fledged society on an alien planet You already know that Big Planet is the ancestor of masterpieces like Le Guin s Left Hand of Darkness and Aldiss Helliconia So you know it was influential, seminal But here is what you want to know you want to know, alright, it s importan [...]

  2. Jack Vance is a sci fi writer who concocts grand, majestic space operas packed with action, brainless but hot women, and tough, grizzled male heroes He s like the Hemingway of the sci fi world, his prose spare and hard, yet poetic and full of startling descriptions and word choices Big Planet is about exactly what the title suggest an enormous planet inhabited by humans A ship full of intrepid earthlings arrive to check the place out and clean up some of the corruption that s been going on outsi [...]

  3. CVIE vol IIIMost Vance novels include a travelogue in one form or another, as cool but perceptive characters wander through weird and beautiful landscapes Big Planet takes that approach to its extreme as we follow Earthman Claude Glystra, who, having crashed on the planet due to sabotage, must survive a dangerous journey back to the safety of Earth Enclave.The standard Vance tropes are in place here strange fashions, bizarre habits, mysterious strangers There s less of the clever language that V [...]

  4. One of the worst books I ve ever read All aspiring writers should check it out just to get a HUGE confidence boost I ll read your story about a long, slow painful death from dysentery and enthusiastically rate it 5 stars before I ll recommend this book to anyone I knew it was bad when one of the male characters pats a woman on the head without any irony or humor Let me repeat that just in case the gravity of the situation hasn t sunk in A man pats a full grown woman On the head And then the man [...]

  5. A commission is sent from Earth to Big Planet to investigate the new Conqueror and see whether there should be any kind of intervention Unfortunately, the ship crashes due to sabotage and the group sets out on a 40,000 mile journey to the other side of the planet and the safety of Earth Enclave Not Everyone Is Going To Make It Danger Lurks At Every Corner Fantastic Creatures Abound I gather this is an early example of the Quest through a Strange Land type of novel, so you can t fault it for bein [...]

  6. Big Planet is a very early, planetary adventure, science fiction novel by Jack Vance that will probably appeal to Vance fans than the general reader It was first published in the pulp magazine Startling Stories in September of 1952 It was cut and reissued as a novel by Avalon Books in 1957 I would avoid the out of print cut version My copy is the nicely printed, 211 page, oversize, out of print, paperback edition published in 2000 by Gollancz Fortunately Big Planet is in print with a 2017 Spatt [...]

  7. Big Planet by Jack VanceBig Planet is a lawless and fragmented world many times larger than Earth, which is largely self governed, save for a small administrative safe area known as Earth Enclave The story begins as a spaceship arrives at the planet carrying a commission of people from Earth who have been sent to keep up good relations with the inhabitants and to investigate Earth s growing concern with the Bajarnum of Beaujolais, Charley Lysidder, who is trying to unify the various peoples of B [...]

  8. At first I just wanted to write a quick dismissal of Big Planet Even setting aside a casual and complete disregard for women, built for pleasure , as weak willed dimwits, the entire surprise plot is glaringly apparent from about chapter two In fact, you have to believe women are morons for the plot to work These fatal flaws obscure a wittily curlicued prose and some interesting ideas As the shipwreck investigators flee across Big Planet they come across a number of societies In one the high and [...]

  9. This is one of the few books of Vance I didn t read yet I did read the other Big Planet book Showboat World , which was a fun read in the picaresque style of Cugel.Already in the first few pages it is noticable this is one of his earlier works Not as polished, and let s say old fashioned attitudes or should I say borderline misogynistic It reminded me a lot of the planetary adventure of the Planet of Adventure books.Naming things was not Vance s strong point at this time The Bajarnum of Beaujola [...]

  10. Avventura a non finireQui siamo di fronte ad una fantascienza dilatata, non strettamente tecnologica, governata da un senso d avventura che tende a non lasciar respirare il lettore, quasi in corsa contro le pagine Un aspetto, quest ultimo, che restituisce indubbiamente una lettura dinamica, vivace Vance dotato di una frizzante fantasia e in grado di creare differenti atmosfere, con ritmi serrati e affascinanti al tempo stesso , ma col rischio di far perdere al lettore qualche pezzo durante la co [...]

  11. Early Vance, but still worth a read, considering how short it is The story is simple as are most of the characters The main draw here are the strange societies of Big Planet If you are a Vance fan, check it out.

  12. Jack vance is arguably the best Author in all history.To me only AE van Vogt, Michael Moorcock, and Robert E Howard even come close.WOWWhy aren t there movies like this Do the star wars franchise sue anyone with space battles and feudalistic plots heh makes me wonder Inspired me to write some dying earth and future dyaing earth stuff.Enoy the other jack vance stuff like the dying earth, planet of adventure tschai, and basically anything liek magnus rindolf, etc etc etc Reading Vance was once des [...]

  13. Skip this one, it s not worth it I barely managed to wade through 36% of it on Kindle before giving up No character development, no usual beautiful Vancian prose, and the worst crime of all it was extremely bland and BORING This is the worst kind of fifties scifi pulp fiction Go and read Vance s The Magnificent Showboats of the Lower Vissel River, Lune XXIII, South Big Planet you can also find it under the title Showboat world instead, which is a wonderful novel, as entertaining and funny and cl [...]

  14. La Plan te G ante met en sc ne des personnages chou s sur une plan te extr mement hostile Claude Glystra et ses compagnons vont devoir lutter pour leur survie dans ce r cit d aventures bourr d action leschroniquesduchroniqueur.wo

  15. This is a great book Full of nasty things but heavily entertaining because of Jacks unique ideas and grotesque settings This book is not for those who likes to read about how everything should be right, Megan It s an extreme experiment in an attempt to show human interactions in harsh environments No one should take this as the way jack Vance thought the world should be.The underground world was my favorite part Every page of this book made me thinking about how it was even possible to come up w [...]

  16. I picked up this book a few years ago, read the first few chapters, couldn t shake the impression that it was utterly worthless, closed the book, put it down, went on with my life I admit that I m writing this review based on the remembered impressions of the first fraction of a book that I read years ago, but hey If a book is so strongly bad that I gave it up less than a fifth of the way through, I think that s a critical opinion worth sharing.This book is inept and very, very dated I particula [...]

  17. Big Planet is pretty much like Earth only you guessed it bigger Settled over the centuries by various renegade cultures fleeing the home world, there is no central government and an ambitious tyrant, the deliciously named Barjanum of Beaujolais, aims to assert control Earth sends one of its occasional commissions to thwart him, but the spaceship is sabotaged on landing and ends up forty thousand miles away from home base The crew, led by Claude Glystra, must make their way to safety across a dan [...]

  18. Was not all that impressed with the story or setting for the first half of the book.It is essentially an adventure novel, apart from the monsters and strange creatures it could all just as well have taken place on Earth The characters are okay, not as extravagant and well developed as Vance s standard would become but there s some interesting moments with them.Wonderful scenes include those on the wind powered monolines, the fantastical truly Vance style Kirstendale and a gripping intro and some [...]

  19. When I read the blurb I expected an epic novel akin to Planet of Adventure A group of men typical from Earth arrives at Big Planet, their ship is sabotaged and crashes on the wrong side of the planet, leaving them stranded 40,000 miles from where they were supposed to land The survivors have to flee from the wrath of the Barjarnum of Beaujolais, their enemy, and overcome one colourful obstacle after the other The book gets better after a while, but it left me unsatisfied The encounters with diff [...]

  20. One of the first books of Vance I didn t like The story wasn t very interesting The premise, where a party of protagonists have to somehow cross 40,000 miles of planet on foot, seemed implausible at the outset With slightly over 200 pages of book, I was pretty sure they weren t going to make it or there would be a great ellipsis and suddenly we would be years along with 39999 miles behind us The relationship between the lead character and the female lead seemed artificial and rudimentary, but wa [...]

  21. Big Planet is an early work by Jack Vance, and like much of Vance s early output is a little uneven in quality The plot is fairly straightforward Centuries before the events of the story take place, a huge planet is discovered in a neighboring solar system Despite its size around 25,000 miles according to a later novel set in the same setting the planet is of low density, with earthlike gravity and atmosphere, but lacking in metals, making ownership of any metal object valuable.The planet has fo [...]

  22. There are some fundamental science fiction ideas in this novel Overall, a band of Earthmen gets stranded on Big Planet a huge planet that absorbed the diaspora of earthlings hundreds of years previous The little group makes its way across the planet some ridiculously gigantic mileage 40,000 to rid the planet of a power mad villain At points, Vance attempts to describe mechanical things, but it s a little difficult to follow The characters in the book are mostly flat and without much depth whatso [...]

  23. Jack Vance is one of these mythical figures in the world of science fiction I ve met many a Jack Vance fan In fact, knew one who proofread one of the books in the collected works were just put out without seeing the smallest financial remuneration or other He bought the twenty plus volumes like everyone else But this book didn t fit the picture I ve heard tell of wild imagination and brilliant wit.

  24. Early Vance novel but with the vintage style and weird imagination his SF stories is known for This one has a flawed, unconvincing ending but it was enjoyable book Just so many great later Vance books I have read to compare with.

  25. One of Vance s early books Pretty much just an adventure like all his other books The writing isn t as good as his later stories, and that is what came to set him apart from every other science fiction adventure hack.

  26. Good, simple adventure book Starts out as sci fi but quickly descends into fantasy of a quest across a strange land Fast paced, little time is wasted throughout the story, moving from one thing to the next efficiently with a satisfactory ending and plenty of nice twists.

  27. For whatever reason, this little novel found itself the major inspiration for my DD game setting, used from 1976 to the current day

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