The Demon Princes

↠ The Demon Princes ↠ Jack Vance - The Demon Princes, The Demon Princes This SFBC Edition contains all of the stories previously printed in Vols The Star King The Killing Machine The Palace of Love The Face The Book of Dreams

  • Title: The Demon Princes
  • Author: Jack Vance
  • ISBN: 9780739451038
  • Page: 500
  • Format: Hardcover

↠ The Demon Princes ↠ Jack Vance, The Demon Princes, Jack Vance, The Demon Princes This SFBC Edition contains all of the stories previously printed in Vols The Star King The Killing Machine The Palace of Love The Face The Book of Dreams ↠ The Demon Princes ↠ Jack Vance - The Demon Princes, The Demon Princes This SFBC Edition contains all of the stories previously printed in Vols The Star King The Killing Machine The Palace of Love The Face The Book of Dreams

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The Demon Princes

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    Aka John Holbrooke Vance, Peter Held, John Holbrook, Ellery Queen, John van See, Alan Wade.The author was born in 1916 and educated at the University of California, first as a mining engineer, then majoring in physics and finally in journalism During the 1940s and 1950s, he contributed widely to science fiction and fantasy magazines His first novel, The Dying Earth, was published in 1950 to great acclaim He won both of science fiction s most coveted trophies, the Hugo and Nebula awards He also won an Edgar Award for his mystery novel The Man in the Cage He lived in Oakland, California in a house he designed.


  1. 4.0 to 4.5 stars This omnibus collects all 5 volumes of the excellent, and under rated, Demon Prince series by Jack Vance Kirth Gersen is the sole survivor of the Mount Pleasant Massacre that was perpetrated by five arch criminals known as the Demon Princes Each book follows Kirth as he tracks down and gets revenge on one of the Demon Princes I have reviewed each of the individual installments elsewhere so I will just reiterate my basic impression of Vance as a writer in this series Vance is a m [...]

  2. I would like to review each book individually at some future point, as it s something I intend to re read soon For now though, I can t hold back from offering some general commentary on what is, in my view, one of the most rewarding multi volume sagas in genre fiction Revenge We re told from a young age these days that it s not such a noble motivation Nevertheless, society counters this by making revenge the theme of hundreds of movies, books and shows Some of these are undeniable classics, wher [...]

  3. Jack Vance s Demon Princes series, written over almost twenty years, is an amalgam of the three styles at which he excelled And a curious hybrid beast it makes, perhaps the most distinctive example of Vance s always distinctive style, if not always the best of his books.The books are nominally science fiction, and scrupulously observe all of the tropes of the genre It is great fun to see how Vance obeys the rules while blithely doing his own thing no professional genre writer was ever less const [...]

  4. Jack Vance died recently so I thought I ought to devote some reading time to him Apparently a lesser known but highly regarded Sci Fi writer I know I ve read some of his short stories but this is the first novel length book for me It s actually 5 books in one stretching from 1964 to 1981 Started last night and already happy with my choice It s a fairly standard quest revenge tale set in the future of humanity in and on new worlds in outer space , but very literate and well written Notes The cove [...]

  5. The Demon Princes 1 5 omnibus This edition contains all 5 of the Jack Vance s The Demon Princes series The Star King, The Killing Machine, The Palace of Love, The Face , and The Book of Dreams Star kings are nonhuman, asexual, alien beings who have changed their appearances to look like men When our main character, Kirth Gersen, was a 9 years old, five of the star kings organized an attack one of the colonies on a planet where all of the people, including his parents, were killed or enslaved exc [...]

  6. Jack Vance is my favorite writer, and my number one biggest creative influence It s hard to name a favorite character of his that stands out There s a bunch of characters of his that are absolutely wonderful to me There are types of characters that he created that influenced almost everything I write.After his truly great magicians from The Dying Earth and Lyonesse, my next favorite character types of his that Vance was really good at creating were his villains, the best of which were featured i [...]

  7. Absolutely five stars Jack Vance has the deftest touch, and when it comes for intricate plotting, brilliant dialog, dry wit, and unbounded imagination he can t be beat He s in a class of his own, and this collection of the Demon Princes is him at his best There are very few novels that I find an absolute delight to read, where I am so comfortable and eager to just sit back and enjoy the tale, that stumbling across this series made it an absolute pleasure.I ll skip the summary, since that should [...]

  8. Can t remember the last time it took over a month to finish a work of fiction of course collected all together this saga is about 1000 pages Vance s best work after his two Cugel novellas.An interesting dynamic is at play with these stories The protagonist is nothing but a cypher, a type of everyman version of a badass He investigates intergalactic criminals who once wronged him and ends them in fitting ways But the real stars of these novels are the villains he must learn the weaknesses of in t [...]

  9. There was some imaginative world building and fascinating inter planetary societies in these interrelated stories, but I found that the pacing of the narratives wavered Many of the stories tried to draw suspense from narrative twists that were too predictable and at times, I found the endings anti climatic, too pat for the kind of morally grey world that the Oikumene seems to be The treatment of the female characters also annoyed me for the most part, they felt like flat characters there to serv [...]

  10. One of the collections that established Jack Vance among the all time greats of science fiction This Omnibus of five novels follows Kirth Gerson as he gains his revenge against the five villains who massacred his planet Vance s greatest achievements for me are the ways he invokes so many different human cultures with telling detail that ties directly into the plots Characters speak using terms that Vance gives wonderful twists that heighten the feeling of being there This collection is must read [...]

  11. My favorite series by Vance Works great as action, science fiction, mystery, and psychological thriller And I love the double meaning of the demons that torture the hero.

  12. Jack Vance is extremely underrated, as a Sci Fi Fantasy author, and as a writer in general indeed, his command of the English language ranks him among the most eloquent English language authors of all time The Demon Princes is a story of revenge Kirth Gersen yep, this series is packed with Vance s patented weird and awesome names hunts down the 5 Demon Princes i.e notorious criminals to exact revenge for the massacre and enslavement of his family and entire town Only Gersen and his grandfather s [...]

  13. This is Jack Vance s attempt at doing what Fleming did with James Bond There are lots of references to exotic locations the protagonist regularly indulges in luxury hotels, the finest clothes, bizarre foreign delicacies etc There is a different villain for each novel, each with his own seductive blend of vices and charms, and at least one sometimes several intoxicating women who are invariably attracted to our stoical protagonist.If I compare it to the other Vance sagas I ve read it s nowhere ne [...]

  14. Ah, Jack Vance.So this is a bunch of short novels in a shared setting, focused as much on the setting as the characters or plot The setting is, at the surface, generic Golden Age science fictional a core of relatively civilized worlds with a wide expanse of lawless territory The tech level is bog standard Astounding Stories FTL, anti gravity and rayguns butting up against punch card computers, though Vance is a bit prescient on the nature of information networks than his contemporaries He s eve [...]

  15. There s a total of five books in this series Let me sum up every single one in a single review Manly Man Hero goes looking for Bad Guy who killed his family Manly Man Hero meets Love Interest who s being held captive, raped, or threated with rape Manly Man Hero rescues Love Interest and is then rewarded when she sleeps with him instead, because nothing screams romance like being rescued from sexual assault When he s not being distracted by his exploits, Manly Man Hero is still searching out Bad [...]

  16. Vance might be best author ever.To me only 3 contend AE van vogtMichael moorcock when hes onRobert E howardDemon princes should be 5 movie film masterpiece like lord of the rings.Its slightly pro capitalism tiny makes education and democrat media hide jack vance or he would be assigned in all the lit class.

  17. Great read from one of the Masters It took me a few pages tp get started, but I soon grew accustomed to Jack s style and thoroughly enjoyed this omnibus edition of some of his best books.

  18. This volume is a collection of five books originally published between 1964 and 1981 The flavor of the stories changes a bit as they go on, but the overarching themes of vengeance, redemption, and space adventure stays pretty consistent even though the stories were written across a nearly two decade period To be fair to the individual stories I ll do a short review of each book contained in this collection.The Star King This volume sets the stage and introduces us to our protagonist and to the f [...]

  19. Innanzitutto, perch questo volume intitolato I cinque re stellari Due risposte possibili 1 chi ha scelto questo titolo si letto soltanto e molto di sfuggita qualche pagina del primo libro, e ne ha tratto delle sue personali erronee conclusioni 2 l ha fatto perch cos suona pi fantascientifico che non I cinque principi demoni , e potrebbe vendere meglio.In entrambi i casi, una presa in giro del lettore.Noto che anche nella recente edizione di Urania il curatore della quarta di copertina insiste su [...]

  20. At a young age, the small settlement where Kirth Gersten lives is raided by the five infamous demon princes and him and his grandfather barely escape with their lives In this five book saga he seeks revenge on each one in turn Vance has a strange way of writing, the books feel very detached and unemotional On one level it feels a bit boring, but at the same time it seems congruent with Gersten s damaged upbringing The many worlds described by Vance are great, the universe he describes is impress [...]

  21. Things to help you read Vance His characters are beside the point they are not bourgeois exercises multi dimensional, versimilitudinous sic character Rather think of what it would be like if Henri Mattisse and Gustav Klimt got together one day to do some cut outs for their backyard kabuki theater.His protagonists are cardboard by design, pure functionality to drive you through his world.His plots are quite another he didn t win a nebula and an edgar for nothing underlying all of this is an admit [...]

  22. The Demon Princes is similar to Lyonesse and Planet of Adventure Tschai in that it s a collection of novels featuring a continuous story that becomes stronger with each part, the first few novels being considerably weaker than the latter As such, just like The Dirdir was the third and best part of Planet of Adventure, so too the stories of the takedown of the last couple of Demon Princes are far compelling than the first few I found they were compelling enough however to justify a five star rat [...]

  23. The Demon Princes is a conventional story from a less conventional author It keeps Jack Vance s signature style, but tones it down a bit and applies it to a procedural story It s a fun read, but I doubt anyone will list it as their favorite of all time If you want an easy way to get acquainted with Jack Vance, and a Sci Fi spy story sounds good to you, then check it out If you really want to get to know Jack Vance though, go read The Eyes of the Overworld.

  24. I m slowly coming to terms with the fact that rather than being representative of his other works The Dying Earth was a once in a lifetime burst of genre bending creativity from Jack Vance I plodded through The Star King, The Killing Machine, and most of The Palace of Love before I dejectedly returned The Demon Princes to the library There s nothing era genre substandard in this work, but the paralyzingly pedestrian nature of the tale was too much to overcome.

  25. Five different novels dealing with the same theme, revenge of the Demon Princes for killing his family.I made the mistake of reading the first three novels back to back to back During the third I could feel myself losing interest as the stories were too similar to allow that kind of reading.So, I spaced the 4th and 5th novel out months apart, and was I rewarded Jack Vance s descriptive style of writing, his world building and narrative style proved interesting and entertaining.

  26. Not worth 20This was a horribly boring book I lost interest in book 4 and put it down for a month Picked it up again but really skimmed through The excerpts at the beginning of every chapter were annoying as were the many throughout The ending was so abrupt it left me angry I at least wanted to know what Gerson did with himself after everything happened Im a big Jack Vance fan but this book is a flop and definitely not worth 20 for an ebook.

  27. I read the first two books of the omnibus I enjoyed the first book quite a bit, but by the end of the second the intentional lack of characterization of the main character was getting to me and I petered out in the third I get that the most interesting people were supposed to be the demon princes but most of the action of the book takes place away from them I wanted demon princes

  28. Jack Vance is one of the most underrated authors that I am aware of I began reading Vance s Dying Earth series but then discovered his other works The Demon Princes is my favorite Vance book Buy a copy and read it You will want to re read it Very low key and subtle.

  29. Star King 4 starsThe Killing MachineThe Palace of LoveThe FaceThe Book of DreamsA little dense and hard to get through way back when I was reading it.Began reading The Killing Machine when I stopped.

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