Hugger Mugger

[PDF] Download ☆ Hugger Mugger : by Robert B. Parker - Hugger Mugger, Hugger Mugger Parker presents Spenser with a deceptively dangerous and multi layered case Someone has been killing racehorses at stables across the south and the Boston P I travels to Georgia to protect the two ye

  • Title: Hugger Mugger
  • Author: Robert B. Parker
  • ISBN: 9780399145872
  • Page: 356
  • Format: Hardcover

[PDF] Download ☆ Hugger Mugger : by Robert B. Parker, Hugger Mugger, Robert B. Parker, Hugger Mugger Parker presents Spenser with a deceptively dangerous and multi layered case Someone has been killing racehorses at stables across the south and the Boston P I travels to Georgia to protect the two year old destined to become the next Secretariat When Spenser is approached by Walter Clive president of Three Fillies Stables to find out who is threatening his horse HuggParker present [PDF] Download ☆ Hugger Mugger : by Robert B. Parker - Hugger Mugger, Hugger Mugger Parker presents Spenser with a deceptively dangerous and multi layered case Someone has been killing racehorses at stables across the south and the Boston P I travels to Georgia to protect the two ye

  • [PDF] Download ☆ Hugger Mugger : by Robert B. Parker
    356 Robert B. Parker
Hugger Mugger

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    Librarian Note There is than one author in the database named Robert B Parker.Robert Brown Parker was an American crime writer His most famous works were the novels about the private detective Spenser ABC television network developed the television series Spenser For Hire based on the character in the late 1980s a series of TV movies based on the character were also produced His works incorporate encyclopedic knowledge of the Boston metropolitan area Parker was 77 when he died of a heart attack at his home in Cambridge, Massachusetts discovered at his desk by his wife Joan, he had been working on a novel The Spenser novels have been cited by critics and bestselling authors such as Robert Crais, Harlan Coben and Dennis Lehane as not only influencing their own work but reviving and changing the detective genre.Robert B Parker was one of contemporary fiction s most popular and respected detective writers Best known for his portrayal of the tough but erudite investigator Spenser, Parker wrote over twenty five novels over the course of his career, which began in 1973 Parker s acclaim and his thorough background in classic detective literature helped earn him the somewhat unusual commission of completing a Philip Marlowe novel that the great Raymond Chandler had left unfinished Promised Land and the other Spenser novels spawned the movie Spenser For Hire and a string of made for TV movies.


  1. I somehow skipped this book in the Spenser canon, and once I had read it, I wished that I d read it much sooner It s as if Parker longed to return to the early days of Spenser, and wrote a throwback He sheds for the largest part most of the formulaic earmarks of the series readers have come to expect at this point i.e Boston, because this one is set in rural Georgia, and Hawk, who is in France with a woman There is a phone conversation with the most interesting character in the series, Vinnie, a [...]

  2. Spenser tracks down a vicious mugger who has been terrorizing Boston, and then he gives him a great big hug.No, I was just making sure you were paying attention Actually Spenser gets hired by Walter Clive who is the wealthy owner of a racing horse stable in Georgia Someone has shot several of Clive s horses, and an attempt was made on his prized thoroughbred named Hugger Mugger Spenser journeys south but the attacks on the horses seem so bizarrely random that finding a suspect is impossible Also [...]

  3. O Parker, you must have had an idea for this book but could not put it all together A very weak 3 stars, ladies and gentlemen In a way, I am pained after reading this novel All of the quirky Parkerisms are present pithy dialogue, interesting set pieces, Susan and her psychobabble although I could live without this , and Spenser and his humor But the pieces all seemed to be forced into place For me, Parker said to himself I have an interesting idea for a novel It is going to take place in Georgia [...]

  4. Spenser is hired by Walter Clive, the owner of the Three Fillies Racing Stable in Georgia, to find out who has been shooting at his horses He is particularly worried about the two year old thoroughbred Hugger Mugger, who has the temperament and instincts of a champion Clive has hired a firm to guard the horses, but wants these apparently random attacks to stop, and figures Spenser is just the man to do it Soon Spenser is enmeshed in family intrigue, featuring the three fillies themselves, widowe [...]

  5. The word maroon appears 7 times in this novel Hmmm The who dunnit and pacing of the story are good, but the resolution is terrible It s like Parker suddenly got tired of the story and just left it almost incomplete Coitus Interruptus style And the villains don t appear again in subsequent books, as far as I can tellThere were some good quotes, and some good interactions between the characters, and a delicious femme fatale Delroy was not developed enough as a character, nor were several other imp [...]

  6. Spenser is employed by a Georgia based horse racing family to look into the shooting of some of their equines Soon, he s embroiled in the shadows of their dysfunctional family dynamics.

  7. Another good installment in the Spenser series Something I notice often in the books though, people want Spenser to investigate something or do something, yet they don t want him to ask questions, or get mad when he does I always love this coming up in the series How s he supposed to do his job if he doesn t With what they re all apparently wanting, they re better suited going to Hawk, not Spenser The book was enjoyable and funny, and all over the place as well as I ve come to expect of this ser [...]

  8. Hired to investigate some horse shootings and to protect Hugger Mugger, the prize horse at the Three Fillies stable Spenser is soon caught up in murder, deceit, bath houses, amorous Southern Belles and bent security firms Briskly told, with a fine atmosphere, this is a real return to form I stopped reading new Spenser novels in the early 90s, as they felt padded out but this from 2000 is a real turnaround The mystery works well, the wisecracks and put downs are as funny as ever and there are som [...]

  9. This outing of Spenser takes him to the South where he s trying to find the culprit who s shooting horses Hugger Mugger is a big up and coming horse, and he may be next up on the hit list Spenser s kind of a fish out of water, but there s always great dialogue and fast pacing The one very odd thing about the book is that one of the characters is a possible pedophile and it s tossed around like no big deal His crimes were covered up by the patriarch of the family, and there s no sense from Spense [...]

  10. love Parker this book isn t why dull, duller, dullest.I think I ve read them all and re read them with pleasure need I say be forewarned.

  11. I came across this in a grocers in a small Breton fishing port I don t know why, but they had a basket full of English language books with the invitation to take any we might want I took this, but I must admit it was because I confused Robert B Parker with a different American thriller writer I read it just after finishing Henry James The Bostonians The Bostonians is about a Southerner who goes to Boston, Hugger Mugger is about a Bostonian who goes Southbut that is about as far as the similariti [...]

  12. I said recently that the Spenser novels were really just westerns writtten in a modern day setting The last two of these novels I ve read certainly seemed to be such In both cases Spenser investigates enough to tick off the bad guys, then gets challenged to show up for a showdown, which he does, where he ambushes the bad guys Spenser s dialgoue is full of both grit and wit, but is not enough to carry a decent mystery novel In the case of Hugger Mugger, Parker glosses over the so called mystery i [...]

  13. It was a pretty straightforward case a shooter was hitting a stable in Georgia, killing one horse, maiming another, and hit a third, which wasn t serious the Clive family of which Walter Clive owned the stable, and daughter Penny ran the particulars wanted protection for their horse Hugger Mugger, a soon to be champion and possible target could Spenser find out who was attacking them and make it stop As Spenser dives into the case, things are definitely not what they seem, and after Walter Clive [...]

  14. Addicts of Robert B Parker will have different favourites The really greedy hope for Susan Silverman, Pearl the wonder dog, Hawk, Charlie Cimoli, Quirk and Belson, posibly even Jo Broz Many are missing from Hugger Mugger, notably Hawk, without whom there can t really be five stars.The consolation is a lot of Susan, justification for Parker s smart dialogue Boston doesn t feature Spenser is in Georgia at a racing stables inhabited by a vicious, conniving, amoral family like being in a Tennessee W [...]

  15. This is what I would call the ultimate summer read Atlanta s not enjoying summer or spring weather consistently yet lots of gardening this weekend, but driving to work this morning, March 22, SNOW FLURRIES Anyway Hugger Mugger was very enjoyable, particularly because Spenser was experiencing the muggy Georgia heat throughout Georgia heat sure can be a character in itself I do love the casual voice of these books Not too serious and in this confrontational day and age, voices absent of belligeren [...]

  16. PB Spenser is hired to go to Georgia to find out who has been shooting horses on a thoroughbred farm Before he has a chance to get very far, the owner who hired him is killed and his youngest daughter who was running the farm fires him Later back in Boston he is hired by the dead owner s friend or as she puts it his concubine, to look into the will which was supposed to include her son Spenser is Spencer and Hawk is off in Europe A light and quick readBN 0 425 17955 9, Suspense, Pages 321, Print [...]

  17. This is classic Parker, although Hawk is absent and Susan is all too present A good plot, the usual great dialog, and a fitting ending As with most of the Spenser series, the attraction is Spenser and his supporting characters The rest is a bonus It doesn t even matter that this series has gotten pretty formulaic No one does this sort of thing better than Parker.

  18. My screen is jumping Hugger Mugger is the name of a horse in Georgia, being threatened His owner is killed Which of the three daughters, ex wife, present girl friend, etc, wants the horse business Can Spenser find out in time

  19. Spenser goes to Georgia to investigate a threat to a race horse, Hugger Mugger He goes without Susan, and he misses her when she is not there He also goes without Vinnie and Hawk, but he doesn t miss them I do.

  20. Good, solid Spenser This one takes place in GA at a corrupt horse stable Good book, but Hawk is in Europe for this novel, so I miss the interaction.

  21. In this Spenser adventure he goes to Georgia to find out who is shooting racehorses owned by the Three Fillies stables Three have been shot so far, one of them being killed After Spenser begins his investigation the owner of the stables who hired him is killed What s going on Three Fillies stables is left to the three daughters The three girls have interesting lives One is married to a drunk who is having affairs all over the place The second is married to a man who likes little boys The younges [...]

  22. This isn t a review of the book Just my personal notes I have read all of Robert B Parker over the years, including the newer books post death I ve said before that his estate did take care to secure multiple writers to take on the voice of Parker and his creations with success, although for me, there will always be that something missing In looking at Good Reads, I realized most of what I had read wasn t showing because I read the books so long ago At first I was going to skim the books to add [...]

  23. I ve not read much from the Parker Spenser literary industrial complex When I found this one number 27 and a Parker original rather than a ventriloquized version at Goodwill, about all I could remember from the series was a penchant for unrelenting streams of snappy, smart a comments This one certainly did not disappoint in that regard, and I enjoyed waiting for the next one than I had anticipated That sense of anticipation kept me reading, in fact, than other aspects of the book I felt my 1 f [...]

  24. Boy, this was close to a two star for me The plot logic is stretched amazingly thin for a Parker he must have been in an off period for this one On the other hand, there weren t endless paragraphs about Susan eating one molecule at a time and the main plot twist did make me say, Huh, didn t see that coming Given those two things, I ll go with three star.

  25. An extremely enjoyable book This was my first Spenser novel and I found it fascinating While I found the mystery itself a little slow earlier on, I enjoyed getting to know Spenser during the early part of the book The mystery then picked up and I couldn t wait to solve the mystery I look forward to reading Spenser novels in the future.

  26. Not even close to one of Professor Parker s best it reads as if he rushed it, or wrote it in his sleep The new characters are cardboard replicas of his past characters, and all are overdone stereotypes He was a damned fine writer when his heart was in it, but this is about as bad as he ever wrote I d give it an F for effort a C for technique.

  27. I listened to this in my car I have gotten used to the narrator the story was fun and entertaining I wish Good Reads had an audio book category I am in my car at least 10 hours a week so I listen to at least one book a week.

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