Notting Hell

Notting Hell Best Download || [Rachel Johnson] - Notting Hell, Notting Hell Meet Mimi Fleming at school surgery the butcher s Mimi Malone at work dinner parties with attractive men Mimi may have it all she has the house the children the part time vanity job the skinny j

  • Title: Notting Hell
  • Author: Rachel Johnson
  • ISBN: 9781416531760
  • Page: 361
  • Format: Hardcover

Notting Hell Best Download || [Rachel Johnson], Notting Hell, Rachel Johnson, Notting Hell Meet Mimi Fleming at school surgery the butcher s Mimi Malone at work dinner parties with attractive men Mimi may have it all she has the house the children the part time vanity job the skinny jeans and the feng shui guru but life chez Fleming it s not as cushy as she d like husband Ralph prefers the trout stream in Wiltshire to the fast lane of W And whenMeet Mimi Fleming a Notting Hell Best Download || [Rachel Johnson] - Notting Hell, Notting Hell Meet Mimi Fleming at school surgery the butcher s Mimi Malone at work dinner parties with attractive men Mimi may have it all she has the house the children the part time vanity job the skinny j

  • Notting Hell Best Download || [Rachel Johnson]
    361 Rachel Johnson
Notting Hell

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  1. Rachel Johnson

    Rachel Johnson is a British editor, journalist, television presenter and author based in London She lives in Notting Hill, London with her husband They have three adult children Librarian s note There is than one author in the database with this name.


  1. Review in French and English Ce livre tait tout ce qu il y a de plus ennuyeux Au bout de 120 pages, lues avec difficult , je n avais aucune id e du but de l histoire, et les personnages taient si mal d finis qu il tait impossible de diff rencier qui tait qui Un livre mal crit, qui ne raconte rien, m me pas divertissant, et qui pour moi n avait aucun int r t Most boring book ever 120 pages in I struggled to reach this point , I still didn t have a clue of what the plot was supposed to be, what wa [...]

  2. Une premi re pour moi la premi re fois que je ne finis pas un livre Ce livre est une esp ce de copie de la s rie Desperate Housewives, cette r sidence de Notting Hill ressemble trangement au Wisteria Lane de la s rie et le pompon ce sont les personnages l pareil, en Clare j ai revu Bree, en Mimi j ai revu Lynette, en Virginie j ai revu Eddy, etc Cela aurait pu tre malgr tout une lecture assez agr able, mais m me pas aucun humour contrairement la s rie , un style lourd, des personnages grotesques [...]

  3. This was a breezy, fast paced and easy read Obviously the author Ms Johnson is a Notting Hillbilly herself and shows us admirably just how frivolous and beyond moral comprehension this state of being is However,the characters are rather likeable and sweet, although I did not detect much change in voice when she switched between the two main characters, Clare and Mimi.The book did not tie up neatly at the end but there is a second book, In a Good Place that possibly will.Enjoyable 35 woman s chik [...]

  4. I thought this book was well written I liked how Johnson wrote from two different perspectives and through the two different lives you can conclude the lives of a whole neighborhood I m not usually a religious star watcher or love reading the gossip magazines and news on tv but I really enjoyed this book It had the talking and gossiping a small community normally would have Though I like to stay out of the spot light, it was fun reading about English woman who couldn t get enough of it.But the e [...]

  5. Didn t finish this one I like British fiction, and the cover promised an interesting premise, but after a good start, the reality became s a little too formulaic and the characters were flat and unlikeable.

  6. Godawful book Imagine, if you will It s 10am, Dec 31, 2017 I have one item left on my 2017 reading challenge a book bought at a secondhand sale I picked this up thinking it was probably bad, but maybe readable Two pages in it becomes apparent it s terrible Horrible Annoying I want to throw it across the room But this book is my only choice finish it, or fail at my reading challenge SO OF COURSE I READ IT By page 60 I was so sick of hearing about brand names and celebrities I made macarons Negati [...]

  7. J ai d me forcer finir ce livre je n aime pas commencer un livre et ne pas le terminer L histoire n a pas beaucoup de sens, beaucoup de personnages, le tout un peu tir par les cheveux

  8. The only reason I gave this two stars rather than one, is that I at least managed to keep going until the end this book was dull on the whole, and lacked the small touches that could have made up for it.The blurb promised a behind the scenes look at the life of Notting Hill, and it did do that, I just expected there to be to a work of fiction than 320 pages of laughing at the how silly upper middle class life can be, and how sleazy some people are Like the worst kind of films, the sleaze didn t [...]

  9. Mlle Alice, pouvez vous nous raconter votre rencontre avec Le Diable Vit Notting Hill Apr s la tristesse de Stephan Zweig et la noirceur de Maxime Chattam, il me fallait indubitablement quelque chose de plus l ger lire au bord de la piscine Rien de la sorte ne figurant dans ma PAL , je me suis accord e une balade dans les rayons de ma librairie la recherche du livre dont le titre et la couverture me feraient de l oeil, et ce fut celui l Dites nous en un peu plus sur son histoire La vie, les poti [...]

  10. Rachel Johnson writes as capably as her brother the irksome Boris of that ilk , and gives a very entertaining account of life in one of the communal garden squares in Notting Hill which I like to think of as London s other Hill The story unfolds in a series of alternating narratives recounted by Clare immensely wealthy, nearly forty, obsessively tidy and increasingly distraught at her continuing failure to conceive and Mimi Clare s slightly younger neighbour, relentlessly untidy, mother of three [...]

  11. As the name suggests this was a bit of a hellish read and I debated whether to write this review because I don t have a lot of nice things to say about it But in all fairness I m going to review all books I read, both good and bad and you never know it just might stop someone from dying from boredom in the near future And hey, it s just my opinion, you might love it you might have your own sexy billionaire living next door that wants to marry you on his yatch, who am I to judge This book is base [...]

  12. You know when you read Vanity Fair magazine and they highlight a garden party or posh affair thrown by British aristocracy and have no idea who any of those people are with the hyphenated last names and why they are important Well, Rachel Johnson takes those elements of British society and gives us a fun, fictional, tongue in cheek tell all This book isn t just Brit Chick Lit It s total cerebral fun Rachel Johnson is such a witty, clever, and intelligent writer She takes a slice of life from a N [...]

  13. Garden designer Clare is an anal neat freak who is dying to have children with her eco architect husband She is the prime example of the upper crust snob who wants to know everyone else s business, yet keeps tight rein on her own Clare monitors all prohibited actions occuring in the private West London compound Anything from adultery to bird watching and no one is off her radar Not even her best friend Mimi, a 37 year old freelance journalist and mother of three adorable children To everyone on [...]

  14. This book won t change your life, but it doesn t set out to do so either Notting Hell provides an ideal options for fans of Chick Lit who just want a bit of fluff to shrug off your day, clear the slate and get a bit lost in the mindless, seemingly pointless lives of the nearly rich and we say we don t want to be famous Rachel Johnson tells her story from the viewpoints of two different women who are worlds apart, but sharing a common garden in the uber posh Notting Hill While one strives to make [...]

  15. So, I was expecting something like Sophie Kinsella or Marian Keyes, you know, fluffy chick lit but actually well written and very funny, even moving at times.This wasn t it.It took me absolutely forever to finally get the tiniest interest in the characters Besides, nothing really ever seems to happen The writing is okay ish at best, and as for fun, it s just not there.I still finished it and all right, the last 100 pages were less boring than the rest but I wouldn t recommend it to anyone.One po [...]

  16. Meet Mimi and Clare and all the other yummy mummies of Notting Hill All share a communal garden and oodles of money or potential oodles thanks to the American invasion of their neighbourhood.Johnson writes the entire story in first person and she has not mastered the art of defining her characters as individuals As each new chapter started, I wanted to scream Whose head was I in And this despite the women s names appearing at the beginning of each one Only when the character started to mention h [...]

  17. As much as the cover and the description of the book makes you want to read it, very soon you understand that it s not worth your time or money Quick resume of the book many rich people living in a private square of Notting Hill Women seem bored, and men too busy with their works People cheat on each other There s one family which is too poor to afford living in Notting Hill but the woman refuses to move away and continue ruining her husband Even this family is cheating on each other And in betw [...]

  18. I read this book three years ago when I lived in London, which made it even enjoyable It s chick lit with a wicked sense of humor It s clever, hysterical, and at time very poignant when you see yourself or a close friend on the pages I really do not care for chick lit, but this was smart, and had me not wanting to put the book down Rachel s descriptions of Notting Hill s row houses in ice cream colours had me pounding the pavement nightly near these homes I d walk past them, wondering if some v [...]

  19. Set in the pose code of Notting Hill, this contemporary comedy of manners unravels the secrets behind those oh so Victorian mansions that share a communal garden in an exclusive London village Chapters alternate between poor Mimi, whose husband s family has owned their home for generations, and garden designer Clare, who longs to be a yummy mummy No idea of the importance of Babington House, Allegra Hicks, or White s There s a Notting Hill for Beginners cheat sheet in the back Wickedly entertain [...]

  20. Local author and journalist Rachel Johnson makes her fiction debut with a wry and naughty expose of life in West London and insight to what is essentially, a very exclusive club A Notting Hill communal garden Where the elite power families jostle for position and local standing, the haves and the have yachts go to a war of British politeness over a garage that nudges its presence in the garden The twists and turns and revealing of sexual secrets and middle of the night antipodean nanny garden ho [...]

  21. Nearly two years later, I finally sat down and finished this book It was a little slow moving at first, but once I got into it, I enjoyed the detailed description of the Notting Hill neighborhood and surrounding area Some of the references, however, were so culturally specific that I had no idea what the author was talking about This was a little distracting as I was reading And although I normally enjoy multiple narrators, I thought this would have worked better with one Mimi I had some trouble [...]

  22. L argent ne fait pas le bonheur m me quand on habite un square priv de Notting Hill, l adresse la plus branch e, la plus recherch e, la plus snob de Londres Prenez Clare et Mimi Elles ont moins de quarante ans, sont mari es, copines, voisines, m nent une existence de r ve Jusqu au jour o d barque un milliardaire am ricain, c libataire, la tentation incarn e Chass s crois s amoureux et intrigues immobili res se succ dent alors sur la verte pelouse et ce coin de paradis si cher pay se r v le infer [...]

  23. Une lecture rafra chissante, parfaite pour l t Je voulais quelque chose de l ger, de frais et divertissant pour les vacances Le roman de Rachel Johnson ne m a pas d ue Les critiques pourtant peu enthousiastes m auront fait craindre le pire mais finalement, j ai pass un agr able moment de lecture La plume de l auteur est de qualit , c est ind niablement bien crit malgr les quelques petites erreurs de traduction qui se glissent par ci par l mais qui fort heureusement ne g nent pas la lecture J y a [...]

  24. Disclaimer, disclaimer I didn t really choose to read this book of my own free will I was stuck in a situation for several days where I had plenty of time on my hands and this was the only book available to me Poor writing, shallow characters, a go nowhere plot, big cold homes, rich people who don t know how to do Any Good in the World Today, adulterers, entitled kids, and an ending that left you thinking, What the heck was that I was the one in Hell If you have someone in your life you don t re [...]

  25. I bought this book in a second hand bookstore for 15 one day between university classes I took it down to the beach to read, and sat under the jetty as it began to rain About half way through the book, I found a receipt for the original purchase of the book, at Exclusive Books in the Johannesburg International Airport for a cash payment of exactly R146.There has always been something a little special about Notting Hell to me It was probably the first book I ever made a personal connection with.

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