The Everafter War

↠ The Everafter War ☆ Michael Buckley Peter Ferguson - The Everafter War, The Everafter War Picking up after the dramatic cliffhanger that ended Book Six Sabrina and Daphne s prayers are finally answered when their parents awake from their sleeping spell But their happy reunion is short liv

  • Title: The Everafter War
  • Author: Michael Buckley Peter Ferguson
  • ISBN: 9780810983557
  • Page: 236
  • Format: Hardcover

↠ The Everafter War ☆ Michael Buckley Peter Ferguson, The Everafter War, Michael Buckley Peter Ferguson, The Everafter War Picking up after the dramatic cliffhanger that ended Book Six Sabrina and Daphne s prayers are finally answered when their parents awake from their sleeping spell But their happy reunion is short lived as they are caught in the middle of a war between the Scarlet Hand and Prince Charming s Everafter army As the family works to help the prince s ragtag group of rebels aPicking u ↠ The Everafter War ☆ Michael Buckley Peter Ferguson - The Everafter War, The Everafter War Picking up after the dramatic cliffhanger that ended Book Six Sabrina and Daphne s prayers are finally answered when their parents awake from their sleeping spell But their happy reunion is short liv

  • ↠ The Everafter War ☆ Michael Buckley Peter Ferguson
    236Michael Buckley Peter Ferguson
The Everafter War

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    New York Times bestselling author Michael Buckley was born in Akron, Ohio He tried his hand as a stand up comic and lead singer for a punk rock back before attending Ohio University After graduating with honors he moved to New York City to be an intern on the Late Show with David Letterman which led to stints developing programming for Discovery Networks, MTV, MTV Animation and Klasky Csupo producers of Nickelodeon s Rugrats Today he lives in Brooklyn, New York with his wife, Alison, and their son Finn Librarian Note There is than one author in the database with this name See this thread for information.


  1. bestok.ever.i couldnt put it down i got it sunday the 3rd of may at like 11 30am 12 00pm and didnt stop reading till like monday the 4th at like 4 45pm i could not stop reading it best book everrrrr i really hope the sequel s come out soon this is like one of my fave book series of all time as well as twilight and harry potter 3 anywho, best book ever i was reading it and i couldnt put it down and my friend olivia was all hey whats that book and im all its the sisters grimm go read it NOWWW and [...]

  2. This was an amazing book I could not put down ,literally, I read this book in one sitting It had everything I wanted in it and all the characters I love Through out the book it seems the end is near The wars are on and everafters are going to the scarlet hand But, who is the Master and why is he doing this Will Sabrina and Daphane s parents wake In this book that and is revealed It is definently worth reading.

  3. Overall, I really really loved this book.It had danger, consequences, huge reveals, and character development.I needed to know what was going to happen and I was satisfied with the results although I saw most of them coming but not overtly obvious There was one major plot point that I completely missed and was shocked to discover Things just got real, y all.There was one scene in the book which threatened to knock at least a half star off but enough space came between that section and the end of [...]

  4. I m pretty much only still reading this series out of sheer perseverance to complete the storyline and find out what happens to everyone I need my happily ever after However, Buckley is just stretching it out for all it s worth, probably literally.Pros Sabrina finally gets some character development All she has been up until now is an angry pre teen There haven t been any moments of true understanding or growth little flickers, maybe, that quickly get extinguished by returning to her typical ang [...]

  5. It s no secret that I have been a huge fan of this series ever since it came out a couple of years ago, but I must say that this new one is my favorite except maybe for the first one There is so much action Plus, a few good surprises to keep you on your toes And you will never believe who The Master is If you like fairy tales, you MUST check out this series.

  6. I ll be the first to admit that I thoroughly enjoy reading books that are, apparently, meant for children This series, recommended to me by a friend, is no exception However, while the series is undoubtedly tailored to a younger audience, it would also be a mistake for an older reader to discard it.The series is, for one, a lot scarier than any other children s book I ve read And there are other themes that are mature and complex than one would really expect from a children s book It s somethin [...]

  7. My kids and I are probably a little demented but we LOVE this series and laugh at all the awkward moments between Puck and Sabrina for they are just so much fun So often my kids and I listen to books that are so serious and young adult, but a little complex or mature This is just great for the story is complex yet the humor is appropriate and even a little immature pegausus fed chili dogs and prune juice for a week It is a continuation of the Master VS the Grimm Family and in this story the ide [...]

  8. I believe that this series has already been completed and I am grateful that I can just read through them and not be stuck on one of the cliffhangers that Buckley uses I rather think that I am done with reading series and this may be my swan song, but I am now invested and I will finish This chapter in the saga did move to a darker place and that is necessary but also sad You really cannot have a war with out some casualties and usually some betrayal, especially in fairy tales Now, I will move f [...]

  9. In this book, the Antagonist is the Scarlet Hand because they threaten to wipe out the human population In their way are is the Protagonist which is the Grimm family, and they intend to defeat the Scarlet Hand before they can complete their evil plans In this part of the series, the Grimms go head to head with the Scarlet Hand This time the Grimms come with an army, but the Scarlet Hand intends to wipe out the Grimms with their overwhelming numbers In this book, the theme of the book is that the [...]

  10. I m starting to dread the end of this series I ve gotten so attached to these characters and the stories behind them that it s going to be like loosing a best friend when the series is done I mean, because I was so interested in Puck and his story, I read A Midsummer s Night Dream and I loved it because I had that other connection to the book In the 6th book I believe it was King Oberon, Queen Titania, Moth, and one of the other faries from the play were in the Sisters Grimm too I think it s int [...]

  11. Is this series over yet What There are still TWO MORE BOOKS after this one I am so over this series It s just this series is the equivalent of silly putty that somehow keeps stretching It s not even pretending to be a mystery series any, and it s been a long time since I ve read a series where I felt that even the author was over his creation prior to this one, the last one was Sherlock Holmes shortly before ACD killed off the famous detective.While I liked The Everafter War than Tales from the [...]

  12. An open rant I could get really detailed in my review, talking about the prose, strengths of writing or not, and the handling or failing to handle subtle plot points.But why Just because I think these books are great does not make them so, but to detail everything that is wrong with them would not help anyone s experience In my opinion, at least It s not the best one out of the series, yet, but I m not giving up hope Have you ever read something that just takes you to another world Where you can [...]

  13. I read this book months ago I was eager to to find out who the Master was I was suprized but at the same time it made a lot of sense Shortly after the story begins we finally see Sabrina s parents wake up I hate that they don t show the family s reaction to their waking up Sabrina runs away when she thinks they have failed and doesn t realized it worked until her parents come to her rescue We see the parents reactions to what their lives have been while they were asleep The Everafters have taken [...]

  14. The girls Sabrina and daphne finally get their wish their parents have woken up over a sleeping curse that has been put on them Soon as their parents wake up it was not Sabrina expected their was chaos the scarlet hand was still looking for mr.Canis and charming then Sabrina s uncle gets shot with an arrow so their family goes to the woods using a magic mirror When they got the base camp Sabrina s father took the girls and tried to go to New York City but before they got there they got a little [...]

  15. I know this series is meant for of a middle school reading level, at least what is considered the average level, but I started to read this for fun and short in the 6th grade and felt obligated to finish it.I absolutely LOVE how Buckley puts a twist on fairy tails and folklore from all authors The sisters in this series are descendants to Wilhelm Grimm, one of the Grimm brothers, and have fallen into the family traction as Fairy tail detectives I bought these books one after another it was so s [...]

  16. I read this in all hopes and anticipation of this being the last book I quite enjoyed the beginning of the series, I think the author did a pretty good job at setting up the story, it is very creative, I enjoy the characters, etc I just feel like dragging this on to books is now just dragging out the series I am now just sticking with it because I want to see the happily ever after ending I was really looking forward to this being the last book, but alas, my hopes were dashed Better luck with b [...]

  17. These books have really grown on me They tell the story of two sisters who find out the stories told by ancestors, the brothers Grimm, were really about real life everafter characters They are charged with keeping the family legacy alive of keeping these fairy tale creatures out of trouble My two tweens also love this series and we had to fight over who got to read this recent release first.

  18. i thought this book was going to be the last, thank god its not this book brings the sisters grimm to a new point and perspective, the girls are now changing and so are there lives, and finally they find what theyve been looking for, but they also find out something they are not very pleased about, leaving them in a sticky situation

  19. I was under the impression that book 7 would be the last one of this series Thank you, Michael Buckley, for continuing on My kids and I just LOVE this series What a genius Buckley is for using well known and well loved stories and characters to fuel his own creativity and storyline We can t wait for book 8

  20. After finishing this book, I realized I had finally reached a point where the author needs to hurry up and write the 8th book already I never thought that fairytale people could have a real war, but this book proves that anything is possible when Pinnochio and a Magic Mirror and many others combine forces

  21. I have told you all how much I loved book one and the sries as a whole I just have to say it again now that I have finished the 7th book So, so, so great Funny and human characters I actually laughed out loud reading this book at one of Puck s lines I realized that I had missed him I count that as a great book.

  22. Cute book for middle readers and their parents a bit like Shrek with the huge collection of fairy tale characters aka Everafters in one place with clever twists that can be appreciated by kids and adults alike some only by adults, probably A bit of a mystery about who is the bad guy Entertaining.

  23. The most recent book in The Sisters Grimm series is filled with action, adventure, drama, suspense, surprises, betrayal and I CAN T BELIEVE HOW IT ENDED Now I m waiting on pins and needles for the next one to hit the shelves Come on, Michael Buckley, you ve got us all hooked

  24. This is the epic reveal In this book, they tell you who The Master is, and they reveal a shocking betrayal I really like how Jake s love really kicks off with Briar Too bad their love isn t eternal I love how the author slowly reveals all troubles READ IT

  25. Maddy is dead yet in the afterlife she can see objects that she had lost in her life She discovers that she can touch these objects and go back to a moment in her life where she lost that item Maddy discovers that she can change events But can she ultimately change her death

  26. I m surprised, but I m actually enjoying this series The characters are pretty nice, and the plot is fresh and exciting I love the dynamic between Sabrina and Puck, and can t wait to see from them in the future.

  27. This book The everafter war is a great book It is about these fairytales who tale sides deciding whether to be good or evil The bad ones are in a group called scarlet hand The good ones are making a camp that helps them practice Overall it should be a 10 star book

  28. This is our favorite book of the series far My kids are really enjoying the time and the story as I read it aloud to them They hate for me to stop reading because they re dying to know what happens next Just one page, Mom is something I hear a lot.

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