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Love Poems Best Read || [Anne Sexton Diane Wood Middlebrook] - Love Poems, Love Poems Twenty five poems celebrating the sensual frontiers of Sexton s time

  • Title: Love Poems
  • Author: Anne Sexton Diane Wood Middlebrook
  • ISBN: 9780395957776
  • Page: 113
  • Format: Paperback

Love Poems Best Read || [Anne Sexton Diane Wood Middlebrook], Love Poems, Anne Sexton Diane Wood Middlebrook, Love Poems Twenty five poems celebrating the sensual frontiers of Sexton s time Love Poems Best Read || [Anne Sexton Diane Wood Middlebrook] - Love Poems, Love Poems Twenty five poems celebrating the sensual frontiers of Sexton s time

  • Love Poems Best Read || [Anne Sexton Diane Wood Middlebrook]
    113Anne Sexton Diane Wood Middlebrook
Love Poems

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  1. Anne Sexton Diane Wood Middlebrook

    Anne Sexton once told a journalist that her fans thought she got better, but actually, she just became a poet These words are characteristic of a talented poet that received therapy for years, but committed suicide in spite of this The poetry fed her art, but it also imprisoned her in a way Her parents didn t expect much of her academically, and after completing her schooling at Rogers Hall, she went to a finishing school in Boston Anne met her husband, Kayo Alfred Muller Sexton II , in 1948 by correspondence Her mother advised her to elope after she thought she might be pregnant Anne and Kayo got married in 1948 in North Carolina After the honeymoon Kayo started working at his father in law s wool business In 1953 Anne gave birth to her first born, Linda Gray Two years later Linda s sister, Joyce Ladd, was born But Anne couldn t cope with the pressure of two small children over and above Kayo s frequent absence due to work Shortly after Joy was born, Anne was admitted to Westwood Lodge where she was treated by the psychiatrist Dr Martha Brunner Orne and six months later, her son, Dr Martin Orne, took over The original diagnosis was for post natal depression, but the psychologists later decided that Anne suffered from depression of biological nature While she was receiving psychiatric treatment, Anne started writing poetry It all started after another suicide attempt, when Orne came to her and told her that she still has a purpose in life At that stage she was convinced that she could only become a prostitute Orne showed her another talent that she had, and her first poetry appeared in print in January 1957 She wrote a huge amount of poetry that was published in a dozen poetry books In 1967 she became the proud recipient of the Pulitzer Prize for Live or Die 1966 In March 1972 Anne and Kayo got divorced After this a desperate kind of loneliness took over her life Her addiction to pills and alcohol worsened Without Kayo the house was very quiet, the children were at college and most of Anne s friends were avoiding her because they could no longer sympathize with her growing problems Her poetry started playing such a major role in her life that conflicts were written out, rather than being faced Anne didn t mention a word to Kayo about her intention to get divorced He knew that she desperately needed him, but her poems, and her real feelings toward him, put it differently Kayo talks about it in an interview as follows I honestly don t know, never have known, what her real, driving motive was in the divorce Which is another reason why it absolutely drove me into the floor like a nail when she did it On 4 October 1974 she put on her mother s old fur coat before, glass of vodka in hand, she climbed into her car, turned the key and died of monodioxide inhalation She once told Orne that I feel like my mother whenever I put it the fur coat on Her oldest daughter, Linda, was appointed as literary executor and we have her to thank for the three poetry books that appeared posthumously.


  1. These poems were remarkably good from one of my favourite poets, it s difficult to pick a favourite, THE INTERROGATION OF THE MAN OF MANY HEARTS , FOR MY LOVER, RETURNING TO HIS WIFE , THE BREAK , THE BALLAD OF THE LONELY MASTURBATOR , and Us featured below , were probably my top five I was wrapped in blackfur and white fur and you undid me and thenyou placed me in gold lightand then you crowned me,while snow fell outsidethe door in diagonal darts.While a ten inch snowcame down like starsin smal [...]

  2. Diciamocelo, sono stata di passaggio.Un lusso Una scialuppa rosso fuoco nella cala.Al mio amante che torna da sua moglie Anne Sexton Lei tutta l.Per te con maestria fu fusa e fu colata,per te forgiata fin dalla tua infanzia,con le tue cento biglie predilette fu costrutta.Lei sempre stata l , mio caro.Infatti deliziosa.Fuochi d artificio in un febbraio uggiosoe concreta come pentola di ghisa.Diciamocelo, sono stata di passaggio.Un lusso Una scialuppa rosso fuoco nella cala.Mi svolazzano i capelli [...]

  3. I love this book of poems and have for many years because of one poem it contains which has a grace and beauty and truth that I recognize and admire and that breaks my heart each time I really think about it I hope that despite a messy if only for its failure to be epic or stormy or contented and sweet past love life I will never know the pain that the the speaker of this poem knows I hope that this poem, if nothing else, will remind me to secure my heart from loving men such as these, regardles [...]

  4. 3.5 Having now read three Sexton s, I find her to be a bit of a hit and miss The only thing is, when she hits, she hits so damn hard.

  5. Everyone in me is a bird.I am beating my wings.They wanted to cut you outbut they will not.They said you were immeasurably emptybu you are not.They said you were sick unto dyingbut they were wrong.You are winging like a school girl.You are not torn.Sweet weight,in celebration of the woman I amand of the soul of the woman I amand of the central creature and its delightI ding for you I dare to live.Hello, spirit Hello, cup.Fasten, cover Cover that does contain.Hello to the soil of the fields.Welco [...]

  6. La Sexton, genio folle e visionario, sensuale poetessa femminea, attrice sul palcoscenico della vita, crea poesie che non possono lasciare indifferenti Maestra dello stile cos detto confessionale , come Lowell o la Plath, esibisce i suoi demoni, le sue fragilit , i suoi ruggiti, le sua sensibilit ferita, la sua carica sensuale e anticonformista, lo stile selvaggio e dissacrante NEL PROFONDO MUSEODio, Dio mio, in che angolo strano mi sono cacciata Sono morta o no Il sangue che scorre dal palo,i p [...]

  7. A lot of mentions of birds, animals, flowers, and the weather, but for the most part sticking to the subject promised.About a third of the collection is comprised of the long poem, Eighteen Days Without You December 4th , December 15th , and December 18th are the best sections, methinks Other poems worth noting The Ballad of the Lonely Masturbator Barefoot Mr Mine She is the sum of yourself and your dream.Climb her like a monument, step after step.She is solid.As for me, I am watercolor.I wash o [...]

  8. One of my favorites Knife twisting in your inside feeling parts Completely necessary If I had enough skin I would have Eighteen Days Without You tattooed somewhere.

  9. I m rereading all of Anne s poetry books I ve technically got The Complete Poems but since aside from The Book of Folly s short stories it really is a complete collection of her work I decided to split it up Imo Anne only got stronger with each book in her capacity to literally transcribe emotion into words I m not a poet at all though my high school era notebooks show evidence of me certainly TRYING to be one but when I read these poems I feel like I know the depths and emotional definitions of [...]

  10. I m very glad I own this collection and can unwrap these poems over multiple reads Each poem is multi layered, dispair and deep sensuality wove together by sharp imagery and well constructed metaphors doesn t list the edition I own 2 Printing Hardcovered book printed in 1969

  11. 2.5I fully understand that this is Anne Sexton the legend and that she won the Pulitzer Prize for poetry but this just did not do it for me II picked this up at the thrift store and I probably never would have read it anyway but it was short so I gave it a shot and I really had a hard time getting through it.It was really gritty but overly so, kind of a dark love poetry I guess, but had long bumbling metaphors that I didn t connect with and didnt make much sense at all.As a result, this 67 page [...]

  12. What a lovely little collection Engaging Examines desire in a very beautifully sexual, yet sexually understated way.

  13. Poetry I liked this set of poems by Anne Sexton, and I think it helped with the introduction, which gavea bit of context and inspiration for the poetry It essentially arcs an affair, from the female point of view, which was very ahead of its time when released in the sixties There s masturbation, adultery and even a small poem about the orgasmic feelings of having the back of her knee kissed Really interesting and I can see the influence she had on Sylvia Plath Favourite quotes In Celebration of [...]

  14. My two favourite poems in this collection were possibly the least lovey ones in it For My Lover, Returning to His Wife p 21 The Ballad of the Lonely Masturbator p.33 Reading this, made me realise how much I censor myself when writing my poetry I have a feeling it s going to be a hard thing to overcome, but I ll try anyway, even if the poems only end up being for my eyes I think the problem is that I write them, already imagining the reactions of the people they re about.

  15. This could be my own fault, but a lot of these poems just went over my head I honestly just kept reading to get it over with.

  16. in the grand tradition of jane austen, sylvia plath, and anais nin, I have fallne helplessly in love with suburbia once

  17. Eighteen Days Without You hurts the way that being apart from your lover hurts It s excruciating and lonely, filled with remembrance and longing I pined along with her.

  18. Per la prima volta mi trovo nell impossibilit di dare un giudizio coerente non poco incide la straordinaria personalit dell autrice Una raccolta di audaci poesie d a ondivaga ne ho adorate alcune, e detestato la poca grazia ritmico espressiva di altre di certo non mi hanno mai trovata indifferente Un far poesia che scardina ogni tab soprattutto per quanto riguarda corpo e sessualit femminile e che racconta la risurrezione della carne Non ho sempre trovato la messa in pratica all altezza del pers [...]

  19. While reading this wonderful anthology, all I thought about washow could someone write so delicately and personally about love, relationships, the body,but then it s Anne Sexton, so yeah.

  20. Anne Sexton was one of the first poets I really got attached to in college I had my first access to the internet and there weren t very many websites about poets, but there was one about Anne Sexton It included some of her poems.I never read through a whole book of Sexton, I only read specific poems It was great to read through a whole book.I read about half of the poems before and loved reading them again I liked the poems best when they weren t in form The poems were so full of life and feelin [...]

  21. I really enjoyed this book of poems I had never read Anne Sexton s work, and so I felt like this was a good place to start,Although the title suggests lovey dovey, mushy poetry, a lot of them are quite the contrary Her narrative tend to be very sad particularly, For My Lover Returning to his Wife and You All Know the Story of the Other Woman They revolve around heartbreak, and the sunken feeling that comes with having an affair with a married man It s an interesting perspective that Sexton gives [...]

  22. I think perhaps that Anne Sexton gets a little overlooked sometimes, perhaps a little overshadowed by Plath don t get me wrong I love Plath But this collection of poetry is great Sexton writes from the woman s body and does so so sensually, yet she manages to make these poems narrative of a love affair politically motivated She creates a world where the difference between people can melt into a union of tenderness Excellent collection.From Eighteen Days Without You December 11thThen I think of y [...]

  23. Why so many love poems lately I dunno, but I am enjoying the day trips From this collection, I loved Again and Again and Again and The Ballad of the Lonely Masturbator and For My Lover, Returning to His Wife I loved them even though I don t normally love graphic and explicit I think for their cadence and physicality and heartonsleeve ness For instance, from The Ballad of the Lonely Masturbator She took you the way a woman takesa bargain dress of the rackand I broke the way a stone breaks.I give [...]

  24. I just could not get into this collection as much as Live or Die no matter how much I wanted to Perhaps some of the poems are too ethereal for me I m not exactly sure what it is, but I found myself dozing off while reading some of them, while others jolted me out of my seat their use of language was so powerful and evocative My favorites from this collection are The Touch , The Breast , That Day , In Celebration of My Uterus , For My Lover, Returning to His Wife , The Break A bird full of bones, [...]

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