Transformations Best Download || [Anne Sexton Barbara Swan Kurt Vonnegut] - Transformations, Transformations The fairy tale based works of the tortured confessional poet whose honesty and wit in the face of psychological pain have touched thousands of readers

  • Title: Transformations
  • Author: Anne Sexton Barbara Swan Kurt Vonnegut
  • ISBN: 9780618083435
  • Page: 378
  • Format: Paperback

Transformations Best Download || [Anne Sexton Barbara Swan Kurt Vonnegut], Transformations, Anne Sexton Barbara Swan Kurt Vonnegut, Transformations The fairy tale based works of the tortured confessional poet whose honesty and wit in the face of psychological pain have touched thousands of readers Transformations Best Download || [Anne Sexton Barbara Swan Kurt Vonnegut] - Transformations, Transformations The fairy tale based works of the tortured confessional poet whose honesty and wit in the face of psychological pain have touched thousands of readers

  • Transformations Best Download || [Anne Sexton Barbara Swan Kurt Vonnegut]
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  1. Anne Sexton Barbara Swan Kurt Vonnegut

    Anne Sexton once told a journalist that her fans thought she got better, but actually, she just became a poet These words are characteristic of a talented poet that received therapy for years, but committed suicide in spite of this The poetry fed her art, but it also imprisoned her in a way Her parents didn t expect much of her academically, and after completing her schooling at Rogers Hall, she went to a finishing school in Boston Anne met her husband, Kayo Alfred Muller Sexton II , in 1948 by correspondence Her mother advised her to elope after she thought she might be pregnant Anne and Kayo got married in 1948 in North Carolina After the honeymoon Kayo started working at his father in law s wool business In 1953 Anne gave birth to her first born, Linda Gray Two years later Linda s sister, Joyce Ladd, was born But Anne couldn t cope with the pressure of two small children over and above Kayo s frequent absence due to work Shortly after Joy was born, Anne was admitted to Westwood Lodge where she was treated by the psychiatrist Dr Martha Brunner Orne and six months later, her son, Dr Martin Orne, took over The original diagnosis was for post natal depression, but the psychologists later decided that Anne suffered from depression of biological nature While she was receiving psychiatric treatment, Anne started writing poetry It all started after another suicide attempt, when Orne came to her and told her that she still has a purpose in life At that stage she was convinced that she could only become a prostitute Orne showed her another talent that she had, and her first poetry appeared in print in January 1957 She wrote a huge amount of poetry that was published in a dozen poetry books In 1967 she became the proud recipient of the Pulitzer Prize for Live or Die 1966 In March 1972 Anne and Kayo got divorced After this a desperate kind of loneliness took over her life Her addiction to pills and alcohol worsened Without Kayo the house was very quiet, the children were at college and most of Anne s friends were avoiding her because they could no longer sympathize with her growing problems Her poetry started playing such a major role in her life that conflicts were written out, rather than being faced Anne didn t mention a word to Kayo about her intention to get divorced He knew that she desperately needed him, but her poems, and her real feelings toward him, put it differently Kayo talks about it in an interview as follows I honestly don t know, never have known, what her real, driving motive was in the divorce Which is another reason why it absolutely drove me into the floor like a nail when she did it On 4 October 1974 she put on her mother s old fur coat before, glass of vodka in hand, she climbed into her car, turned the key and died of monodioxide inhalation She once told Orne that I feel like my mother whenever I put it the fur coat on Her oldest daughter, Linda, was appointed as literary executor and we have her to thank for the three poetry books that appeared posthumously.


  1. Poetry is like wine to me I enjoy it occasionally but I don t have enough knowledge or experience to write elaborate tasting notes.Like wine, I enjoy poetry on a intangible level, the only difference is that of course, I am not likely to go to bed with you if we end up reading poetry for the whole evening.Therefore, I won t write a proper review of Anne Sexton s Transformations But even Kurt Vonnegut Jr didn t write anything sensible in his foreword to this edition Transformations are poetic r [...]

  2. A collection of the mundane deconstructed to resemble the Grimm than the silly and retold in verses oddly anachronistic yet alluring What Sexton transforms is magical than the droll tales of our childhood.

  3. Sexton takes specific fairy tales, starts each with a modern day prologue and then tells the tale in her own fashion while being faithful to the plot of the original Some of the humorous allusions she uses are now dated, such as describing Rumpelstiltskin s body as not being Sanforized but as a whole, each poem extends the universal truth of the Grimm tale, as with Cinderella s prince s marriage meat market I ve probably read a Sexton poem here or there, but this was my first extended reading of [...]

  4. An essential part of my early life feminist awakening Observe Cinderella as viewed by Anne Sexton You always read about it the plumber with the twelve childrenwho wins the Irish Sweepstakes.From toilets to riches.That story.Or the nursemaid,some luscious sweet from Denmarkwho captures the oldest son s heartom diapers to Dior.That story.Or a milkman who serves the wealthy,eggs, cream, butter, yogurt, milk,the white truck like an ambulancewho goes into real estateand makes a pile.From homogenized [...]

  5. He turns the key.Presto It opens this book of odd tales.Which transform The Brothers Grimm.Transform As if an enlarged paper clipCould be a piece of sculpture And it could from The Gold KeyI am reading Transformations as part of The Complete Poems, but feel it should be discussed separately as it differs from this poet s usual style of confessional poetry Although that is not quite true, as each of these fairy tale retellings does have a few stanzas of introduction that are modern reflections up [...]

  6. Anne Sexton puts her spin on seventeen of the classic Grimm Fairy Tales simultaneously funny, twisted and dark Each of her stories opens with a poem that introduces the tale with a comparison to modern culture.For example, for Cinderella she writes You always read about it the plumber with the twelve children who wins the Irish Sweepstakes From toilets to riches That story Or the nursemaid, some luscious sweet from Denmark who captures the oldest son s heart from diapers to Dior That story Or a [...]

  7. Some of the references can be dated for younger readers, the language is beautiful and at times disturbing I can feel some of her suicidal tendencies in her poetry A troubled soul with some wonderful insights into people.

  8. The Gold KeyThe speaker in this caseis a middle aged witch, me tangled on my two great arms,my face in a bookand my mouth wide,ready to tell you a story or two.I have come to remind you,all of you Alice, Samuel, Kurt, Eleanor,Jane, Brian, Maryel,all of you draw near.Alice,at fifty six do you remember Do you remember when you were read to as a child Samuel, at twenty two have you forgotten Forgotten the ten P.M dreamswhere the wicked kingwent up in smoke Are you comatose Are you undersea Attentio [...]

  9. The book is 16 of the Grimm brothers folktales, retold, and an intro poem declaring that we are all a boy who, upon finding a nickel he would look for a wallet This boy Upon finding a string he would look for a harp And, the poem goes on, he we have found a gold key that will open this book, where Grimm s tales are transformed And upon finding the tales, we look for a Sexton recognizes what is ridiculous in these old tales and drily teases it a little in every poem The dwarves who find Snow Whit [...]

  10. I think I ve heard Anne Sexton mentioned in the same breath as Angela Carter so often that I was expecting something along the lines of Carter s twisted retellings that have Little Red Riding Hood seducing the wolf, or Beauty turning into a lion in order to stay with the Beast But instead, what Sexton delivers is mostly straight forward retellings that are surprisingly by the book other than a bit of change to modernize the settings There were a few especially towards the end of the volume that [...]

  11. Incredible You haven t read THESE fairy tales unless you ve read Transformations I FIRST read this for a graduate school seminar Confessional Women Poets I ve returned to it countless times and still have my copy that I purchased in 1982 So many notes and highlighted parts to taste and savor again and again It s fascinating to be reading these stories now at age fifty one and seeing how I felt and what I thought when I was nineteen Takes me back to countless life experiences the fabulous, the go [...]

  12. I like the sense of humour of people who commit suicide As for Hansel and Gretel,they escaped and went home to their father.Their mother,you ll be glad to hear, was dead.

  13. 4.5 5Anne Sexton s dark, twisted and fun poetic retellings of Grimm fairytales While reading these poems I was very much reminded of Angela Carter I m not trying to compare Sexton and Carter, but there you go Highlights Hansel and Gretel , Briar Rose Sleeping Beauty , Rapunzel , Cinderella , Red Riding Hood , Godfather Death , The Little Peasant.

  14. Just stunning Intro by Kurt Vonnegut charming weird first poetry inspired by the fairy tale then poetic re telling of the fairy tale sharp, funny, melancholy, a little shocking a complete experience I am so ready to start this from page one and do it again I can t wait to read even .

  15. Very sad in its entirety, Sexton was and is a very emotional poet, unfortunately her knack for writing good poetry was fuelled by sadness of her life She is in every essence similar to Sylvia Plath, but also like Plath she killed herself It is within the lines of their poetry where the reader gets the idea of how much we should actually strive to live life to its fullest otherwise we may stare into the face of death before our time is really over.There has been an odious suggestion about Sylvia [...]

  16. I feel that I could re read this one many times and find something new to admire or puzzle over each time around A delicious book

  17. I got to know to Anne Sexton as a poet that s influenced by Slyvia Plath, whom I worship Also, since suicide is a major interest of me, Sexton s poetry was something I had to have on my shelves.I bought Transformation without knowing that it s a collection of Fairy Tales Based poems Fairy tales like Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and other Brother Grimm s stories The poems of Anne are magical and innocent and somehow creepy I love it when a story is told as a poem, it s something I personally do a [...]

  18. My god, that was grim Wouldn t have thought the fairy tales could get even disturbing than their original versions, but they have.

  19. In the throes of my renewed passion for all things fairy tale this summer, I decided to pick up my favorite book of poetry, Anne Sexton s or Mother Sexton, to evoke the persona she takes on here collection of Grimm stories, told with her usual biting wit, and her cynical eye for female behavior and gender roles While Cinderella is perhaps the poem that gets reproduced the most in collections Next came the ball, as you all know.It was a marriage market Mainly, I think, because of its common theme [...]

  20. The sharp witted poems collected in this volume are reenactments of seventeen Grimm Fairy Tales, some memorable from childhood Cinderella, Rumpelstiltskin than others the White Snake, Godfather Death Some receive better tangents than others, too, and blessed be those, which are my favorites, especially Red Riding Hood and the Twelve Dancing Princesses Here s a taste If you danced from midnightto six A.M who would understand The runaway boywho chucks it allto live on the Boston Commonon speed an [...]

  21. One of my favorite quotes from this book comes from Kurt Vonnegut, Jr in the Foreword How do I explain these poems Not at all I quit teaching in colleges because it seemed so criminal to explain works of art I also enjoyed these poems by Sexton, just not as much as I hoped I love dark humor, feminism, and quirkiness in poems She manages all that nicely, but I can never shake the feeling that I m feeling her tortured soul every step of the way.Sexton blends modern insight, pop culture, sarcasm, w [...]

  22. So I m not especially familiar with Brothers Grimm fairy tales, and that became glaringly obvious a few nights ago Hey guys, I started, slightly inebriated I m reading this book of poems Anne Sexton Moira asked, as the cover came within her view You re reading Anne Sexton Yes so, these poems are, like, a retelling or reinterpretation or re something of fairy tales At this point, Adam is making noises at his dog, and Moira is rolling her eyes about my latest literary endeavor I, however, am compl [...]

  23. Transformations is a collection of poetic re interpretations of the traditional fairy tales by Anne Sexton They are probably not appropriate for children unless in high school Caution should be made regarding some of the sexual content, not to mention the violence already included in many versions of the traditional tales.Fairy tales are a method to transmit the values of a culture In Transformations, Sexton questions some of the values they teach girls, and in doing so rebels against traditiona [...]

  24. Once there was a witch s garden beautiful than Eve swith carrots growing like little fish,with many tomatoes rich as frogs,onions as ingrown as hearts,the squash singing like a dolphinand one patch given over wholly to magic rampion, a kind of salad root,a kind of harebell potent than penicillin,growing leaf by leaf, skin by skin,as rapt and as fluid as Isadora Duncan Here, indeed, is the witch s garden, though what kind of witch and what kind of garden is up to the reader to decide This earns [...]

  25. I read this collection in college and now realize I never fully appreciated it I chose to revisit it with improved eyes actually, I think the book called me to revisit it and I dedicated myself to the dissection of each poem, line by line I read it twice to be sure I didn t miss anything Just as Vonnegut writes in his introduction, I could never attempt to explain these poems I can hardly write a review of Anne Sexton s Transformations that I feel would do it any justice It is a book to be held [...]

  26. This book was exactly what I expected, with Sexton s strong power of wording and grappling with fairytales of old She does indeed transform the stories with her modern twists and nuances of language, often giving them meanings I had not yet considered Overall an intricate but quick, pleasurable read.Best line It is not enough to read Hesseand drink clam chowderwe must have the answers.

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