Anne Sexton: A Self-Portrait in Letters

Unlimited Anne Sexton: A Self-Portrait in Letters - by Anne Sexton Lois Ames - Anne Sexton: A Self-Portrait in Letters, Anne Sexton A Self Portrait in Letters An expression of an extraordinary poet s life story in her own words this book shows Anne Sexton as she really was in private as she wrote about herself to family friends fellow poets and student

  • Title: Anne Sexton: A Self-Portrait in Letters
  • Author: Anne Sexton Lois Ames
  • ISBN: 9780618492428
  • Page: 166
  • Format: Paperback

Unlimited Anne Sexton: A Self-Portrait in Letters - by Anne Sexton Lois Ames, Anne Sexton: A Self-Portrait in Letters, Anne Sexton Lois Ames, Anne Sexton A Self Portrait in Letters An expression of an extraordinary poet s life story in her own words this book shows Anne Sexton as she really was in private as she wrote about herself to family friends fellow poets and students Anne s daughter Linda Gray Sexton and her close confidant Lois Ames have judiciously chosen from among thousands of letters and provided commentary where nece Unlimited Anne Sexton: A Self-Portrait in Letters - by Anne Sexton Lois Ames - Anne Sexton: A Self-Portrait in Letters, Anne Sexton A Self Portrait in Letters An expression of an extraordinary poet s life story in her own words this book shows Anne Sexton as she really was in private as she wrote about herself to family friends fellow poets and student

  • Unlimited Anne Sexton: A Self-Portrait in Letters - by Anne Sexton Lois Ames
    166Anne Sexton Lois Ames
Anne Sexton: A Self-Portrait in Letters

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  1. Anne Sexton Lois Ames

    Anne Sexton once told a journalist that her fans thought she got better, but actually, she just became a poet These words are characteristic of a talented poet that received therapy for years, but committed suicide in spite of this The poetry fed her art, but it also imprisoned her in a way Her parents didn t expect much of her academically, and after completing her schooling at Rogers Hall, she went to a finishing school in Boston Anne met her husband, Kayo Alfred Muller Sexton II , in 1948 by correspondence Her mother advised her to elope after she thought she might be pregnant Anne and Kayo got married in 1948 in North Carolina After the honeymoon Kayo started working at his father in law s wool business In 1953 Anne gave birth to her first born, Linda Gray Two years later Linda s sister, Joyce Ladd, was born But Anne couldn t cope with the pressure of two small children over and above Kayo s frequent absence due to work Shortly after Joy was born, Anne was admitted to Westwood Lodge where she was treated by the psychiatrist Dr Martha Brunner Orne and six months later, her son, Dr Martin Orne, took over The original diagnosis was for post natal depression, but the psychologists later decided that Anne suffered from depression of biological nature While she was receiving psychiatric treatment, Anne started writing poetry It all started after another suicide attempt, when Orne came to her and told her that she still has a purpose in life At that stage she was convinced that she could only become a prostitute Orne showed her another talent that she had, and her first poetry appeared in print in January 1957 She wrote a huge amount of poetry that was published in a dozen poetry books In 1967 she became the proud recipient of the Pulitzer Prize for Live or Die 1966 In March 1972 Anne and Kayo got divorced After this a desperate kind of loneliness took over her life Her addiction to pills and alcohol worsened Without Kayo the house was very quiet, the children were at college and most of Anne s friends were avoiding her because they could no longer sympathize with her growing problems Her poetry started playing such a major role in her life that conflicts were written out, rather than being faced Anne didn t mention a word to Kayo about her intention to get divorced He knew that she desperately needed him, but her poems, and her real feelings toward him, put it differently Kayo talks about it in an interview as follows I honestly don t know, never have known, what her real, driving motive was in the divorce Which is another reason why it absolutely drove me into the floor like a nail when she did it On 4 October 1974 she put on her mother s old fur coat before, glass of vodka in hand, she climbed into her car, turned the key and died of monodioxide inhalation She once told Orne that I feel like my mother whenever I put it the fur coat on Her oldest daughter, Linda, was appointed as literary executor and we have her to thank for the three poetry books that appeared posthumously.


  1. It s difficult to give this book a rating because I couldn t finish reading it I tried my utmost and even passed the halfway mark, but her words and her emotions stayed with me and drained me In some of the letters you really get to know her as a happy person Her relationship with the monk, for example, can only be said to have been a good one But all her letters have a desperation about them that you just want to meet her in person and tell her that all will be fine Take her time in Europe They [...]

  2. I had this sitting on four stars because I just didn t feel as if I loved it but when reading it, I couldn t put it down I so rarely find that in books these days I always feel as if I am forcing myself to plod through them So really, I d rate this 4.5 I think maybe I expected a little bit , I thought her letters might ve been interesting I don t know what it was, maybe I was anticipating diary like revelations but she was quite restrained, particularly towards the end I mean, she was a flaili [...]

  3. Anne Sexton A Self Portrait in Letters As you say, I do act aggressive I think the trouble is that my mind, my thinking mind, is aggressive I am a machine of ideas I adore in a funny way to think I mean in a class like that I am very stimulated but in fact, I do not mean to really be there after I have spoken I often think of your analysis I would like speaking, but not being there It would be like your Red Studio And that turns us back to figuring YOU out I like figuring you out You are so hu [...]

  4. I had a severe love hate relationship with this book I was determined to get through it, but prolonged attempts at reading it would usually result in my throwing the book across the room Sexton is a tremendous poet, but this collection of her letters brought her lesser qualities into plain view Normally that s one of the things I appreciate about letter journal collections, but in this case it worked against my opinion of her.

  5. This is an interesting read, but if you are anything like me, you have to take a break from it every now and then or you will feel like you are going a little bit crazy yourself It is a very intense trip throught the mind of a brilliant albeit very mental unstable woman.

  6. I want to give this at least four stars, because it was a fascinating read, but the fact that it s edited and put together by her daughter makes me feel somewhat dubious It s not a rose colored portrait, but it s the portrait of a daughter Totally recommended reading though for anyone who likes auto biographies or Anne Sexton or both.

  7. I m not sure I d have wanted to know Anne Sexton personally, but it was wonderful to get this personal glimpse of her private self as presented to friends, family, and colleagues Charm and craziness co exist here, as well as intelligence and a passion for her art.

  8. Really, really tough to rate this kind of book I mean, it s someone s personal letters I do appreciate that someone saw fit to publish them they re insightful and help flesh out the woman human behind the poems.

  9. I remember this being very good, but I need to read it again now that I m older.I m sure the difference in reading this book at 33 with half grown children half a postsecondary education 45 with a career an empty nest is a much greater span of life than just 12 years.I ll likely be really reading it for the first time.

  10. It s a hard read and a slow read, but also a good one First bunch of letters is youthful, very recognisable in a way of trying to happen to the world , as Anne later writes in one of her last letters to her daughter Linda All of them are great in being totally unapologetic not in the words, but in personality There s much chaos, volcanoes without trying to lessen, tune down, or narrow anythingYou also have to admire her negotiation skills, boy, she needed no lean in To get what she wanted.It s g [...]

  11. I give this book four stars because I honestly do not like Anne Sexton as a person or as a poet really I was very curious about her so I read Anne Sexton A Biography and found that I didn t care for her as a person I then read Searching for Mercy Street My Journey Back to My Mother, Anne Sexton, Anne Sexton and found that I really disliked her it could be I m biased because my own mother was mentally ill So having said this, why did I feel the need to read her letters I LOVE reading women s lett [...]

  12. I first heard about Anne Sexton in one of my American literature classes in college, when we studied some of her works Even though I was interested in a few of her poems at the time, I was quick to put her and her writing out of my mind It wasn t until a few years later that I rediscovered Anne at the library where I work I happened to see a book called Anne Sexton A Self Portrait in Letters on the sale shelf Curious, I flipped through some of the pages and started reading fragments of her lette [...]

  13. I started this book a while ago and find myself picking it up from time to time it s revealing than I expected her letters are manic, self absorbed ups and downs of mood.As I recall, Plath s letters were sterile, writing about the craft as if it were a self negating chore of achievement Nin wrote about living, loving, sex how to become a writer by embracing life and Paris.I m having difficulty getting into the Sexton book because of her focus on herself and the way her mental state impacts her [...]

  14. I read most of the book, but can t bring myself to rate it I had no previous knowledge of Anne Sexton s work, and must admit that I don t have the poetry gene I appreciate poetic language in the form of a well stated idea, I enjoy many song lyrics, but there is something about poetry that I just don t get Anne Sexton got it, and her letters reveal a woman who rabidly pursued her art and actively sought to better her words in poetry I deeply admire that quality in anyone, and fervently wish I had [...]

  15. A collection of letters written by Anne Sexton, edited and annotated by her eldest daughter, Linda, and her closest living friend, the poet Maxine Kumin, illustrated with several photographs While Sexton s poems are often tangled and mysteriously symbolic, her letters are often exuberant, unabashedly unfiltered, unedited, and wildly passionate She tends toward words in all capitals, long strings of exclamation points and question marks, and ellipses A refreshingly honest, often funny, and very h [...]

  16. Anne Sexton was a crazy, brilliant, brash poet She was also a suburban Boston housewife I loved how she accepted the conventional in some measure in her home life and still created a type of poetry that hadn t existed before Even remarkable, she did this almost entirely on her own without a college degree or much of a writing community of any kind She just started writing in her kitchen in her spare time.

  17. It was an ever present memory, unlike any journals or letters that I ve read from authors who have unfortunately ended their own lives In all those other ones, there s always a glimmer of hope that in that moment, someone could have done something and changed it all drastically But reading this, one gets the feeling that Anne Sexton was born with a block cement tied to her feet, pulling her steadily down throughout her life.

  18. What can I say, I fell in love with Sexton s work at sixteen As a young poet, she was one of the first to inspire mewith her unruly and unapologetic style With her poetry, she left the door open to her soul, which I thought was very brave and awe striking She is the queen of confessionalismd this book of her letters tells her story better than any autobiography ever has my opinion A must read for Sexton fans

  19. The I appreciate myself, the less I have to pretend that I don t love Anne Sexton being a teenage girl is hard because you re not listened to or taken seriously especially if you read Sexton and Plath I had to pretend to love Austen, Charlotte Bronte, George Eliot, even when I didn t prematurely just to feel like I had of a chance of being listened to.

  20. Sexton s writings were so raw and almost needy sounding, but not in a bad way You could really get a grasp for what she may have been feeling, and the constant need for validation sort of broke my heart It was tough to get through, but still worth the read.

  21. gee scary how much sense her madness makes to me comforting, at the same time one thing about her, though this woman s a fucking machine of a writer and so tenderly humble.

  22. The last hundred pages or so are terrible to read it s this rapid, weird spiral downwards that is unstoppable It s sad.

  23. This is the edition I own The edition I first read was a beautiful library hardcover I think I d like a copy like that as well I love this book in much the same way as I love her poems.

  24. I found this book at Rhino Records, used, for 4.99 I was so thrilled and it s at my bedside, waiting to be finished.

  25. A different book One I would like to buy just to be able to underline my favorite parts The rest is okay.

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