Substance Mort

☆ Substance Mort ✓ Philip K. Dick Robert Louit - Substance Mort, Substance Mort Dans une Am rique imaginaire livr e l effacement des singularit s et la parano a technologique les derniers survivants de la contre culture des ann es ach vent de br ler leur cerveau au moyen de l

  • Title: Substance Mort
  • Author: Philip K. Dick Robert Louit
  • ISBN: 9782070415779
  • Page: 494
  • Format: Ebook

☆ Substance Mort ✓ Philip K. Dick Robert Louit, Substance Mort, Philip K. Dick Robert Louit, Substance Mort Dans une Am rique imaginaire livr e l effacement des singularit s et la parano a technologique les derniers survivants de la contre culture des ann es ach vent de br ler leur cerveau au moyen de la plus redoutable des drogues la Substance Mort Dans cette Am rique plus vraie que nature Fred qui travaille incognito pour la brigade des stups le corps dissimul souDans une Am riq ☆ Substance Mort ✓ Philip K. Dick Robert Louit - Substance Mort, Substance Mort Dans une Am rique imaginaire livr e l effacement des singularit s et la parano a technologique les derniers survivants de la contre culture des ann es ach vent de br ler leur cerveau au moyen de l

  • ☆ Substance Mort ✓ Philip K. Dick Robert Louit
    494Philip K. Dick Robert Louit
Substance Mort

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    Philip K Dick was born in Chicago in 1928 and lived most of his life in California In 1952, he began writing professionally and proceeded to write numerous novels and short story collections He won the Hugo Award for the best novel in 1962 for The Man in the High Castle and the John W Campbell Memorial Award for best novel of the year in 1974 for Flow My Tears, the Policeman Said Philip K Dick died on March 2, 1982, in Santa Ana, California, of heart failure following a stroke.In addition to 44 published novels, Dick wrote approximately 121 short stories, most of which appeared in science fiction magazines during his lifetime Although Dick spent most of his career as a writer in near poverty, ten of his stories have been adapted into popular films since his death, including Blade Runner, Total Recall, A Scanner Darkly, Minority Report, Paycheck, Next, Screamers, and The Adjustment Bureau In 2005, Time magazine named Ubik one of the one hundred greatest English language novels published since 1923 In 2007, Dick became the first science fiction writer to be included in The Library of America series.


  1. I used to wonder how Phillip K Dick came up with all the trippy concepts in his stories until I read A Scanner Darkly That s when I realized that the drugs probably had a lot to do with it.Originally published in 1977 and set in the mid 90s, the book tells the story of Bob Arctor Arctor appears to be just another burned out druggie who lives with a couple of other dopers, and they spend most of their time getting high on Substance D and assorted other drugs Bob is actually an undercover narc for [...]

  2. This was a fascinating story if somewhat terrifying about LA in the 90s seen from the 70s and the future is grim In a lot of ways, PKD s predictions have not bourne out we don t have scattersuits and no one was using cassette tapes any because of the CD However, the long term effects of hard drug use are not that off mark I suspect that Substance D or death as it is known on the street would today be some kind of crystal meth like Heisenberg s on Breaking Bad, but ingestible with tablets Its wid [...]

  3. A Scanner Darkly can be described as follows begin with Hunter S Thompson s Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, mix in a pinch of The Big Lebowski, a dollop of A Beautiful Mind, a scene from Crime and Punishment, the shadows and penumbra of One Flew Over the Cuckoo s Nest, whispered apprehension of Invasion of the Body Snatchers, a hint of thirty year in advance anticipation of reality TV, stir in a portion of dystopian science fiction and mix it all together with Philip K Dick s weird genius This i [...]

  4. I have seen myself backward Philip K Dick, A Scanner DarklyA Scanner Darkly Philip K Dick s searing, hyperrealist tale of a specific time late 1960s , a specific place California , and a specific mentality seek maximum happiness now since tomorrow you might die set in 1994, enough in the near future for the author to inject massive doses of his signature wild imagination into the mix As most readers will know, director Richard Linklater employed distinctive digital technology and animation in cr [...]

  5. Be happy NOW, for tomorrow I will be writing Take the cash and let the credit GOI ll write MY review tomorrow Let US all be happy And play AGAIN.ToMORROW So, I wrote a review I was really proud of today during lunch Four or five paragraphs I liked it a lot So, I was rather disheartened when my computer froze and I had to do a hard boot to unfreeze it Lost everything but the vague outlines of what I wrote Even those vague outlines seem difficult to grasp right now I m kinda demoralized Alas, I ca [...]

  6. God, how dark it is here, and totally silent Nothing but me lives in this vacuum Philip K Dick s darkly atmospheric novel about drug culture and how drugs affect society is a well written, impactful story It s a realistic view of how drugs affect the mind and relationships The story follows the character of Bob and his friends, who are both using and selling a mind bending drug called Substance D We also follow Fred, a cop who works for a form of drug bust squad The hook is that Bob and Fred are [...]

  7. I ve started and restarted this review a number of times With that in mind, I m going to take a page from mark monday user show 13 and share a multi perspective review.The f summation Recipe for A Scanner Darkly 1 Take moderate amounts of the drug of your choice recommend one with highly hallucinogenic and paranoiac qualities 2 Allow to simmer while reading Less Than Zero3 Stir in a random amount of a second drug preferably one with potential for permanent brain damage current versions of the re [...]

  8. Find all of my reviews at 52bookminimum Not even February and I m already behind on 2018 s reviews Good thing I didn t tell myself I d lose weight The one thing I have always told myself is I need to read a Philip K Dick story Imagine my surprise when I cued this one up on the ol Fiat s Bluetooth and heard that it was written by Philip K Dick I m not sure one book can be a quantifier for his entire set of works, but in the immortal words of Larry David, this was Whoops I mean Since I listened t [...]

  9. 3.5 stars rounded to 4 after the epilogue.One day I figure out all of a Philip K Dick novel Ah, who am I kidding, lol Truthfully, I like the challenge Love the ideas The guy was brilliant But let me tell you, some of the situations and conversations I experienced in this book could possibly be the wildest I ve come across since reading my last Dick novel In an epilogue, he offers his reason for writing A Scanner Darkly It is poignant to say the least He adds that there is no moral to his story W [...]

  10. My favorite PKD books tend to be those published in the 60s when he was writing wacky fun reality warping sci fi like Ubik, The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep etc Of his 70s books that I have read Flow My Tears the Policeman Said is my favorite, whereas VALIS I could not as yet finish I think the later PKD novels tend to be serious and introspective though the weirdness is always present.A Scanner Darkly is one of his early 70s books and I find it ground [...]

  11. This is my second time reading this wonderful novel, and I see no reason to revise any of my initial impressions It s still very enjoyable Again Maybe I have a soft spot in my heart for all those wonderful novels that either deal with the nature of reality, of conscious identity, of drug use, or just plain consequences of one s actions.Fortunately for me, I ve got so many of my favorite themes in one novel To me, it builds on the success of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and only mildly resonate [...]

  12. The weird and trippy 1970s drug scene in California ala PKDOriginally posted at Fantasy LiteratureIf you were choosing any Hollywood actor to narrate an audiobook of PKD about dope users in Southern California in the early 1970s, who would you choose Random House Audio got Paul Giamatti to read A Scanner Darkly, and who could better I tried to distill the vibe of the book in the following passage I assembled on my own Imagine him reading it if you will Hey man, it s not easy for a doper trying t [...]

  13. Science fiction classic from 1977 that explores the complex and ultimately deadly interplay between capitalism, surveillance, mental illness and drug addiction, predicting the much corporate controlled, disciplinary, panoptical, drugged society we live in today It reveals the absurdity and hypocrisy of what would become known as the war on drugs, as it uncovers the corporate roots of the whole cynical enterprise.One of my all time favorites.

  14. I had a whole lot of fun reviewing this alittleteaalittlechat.wordpresBut there is a serious side In the novel, Fred s mind and brain are regularly tested by police department psychologists, owing to the stress of both maintaining a dual identity, and taking drugs as part of his undercover life Dick avoids the off the shelf clich s of ink blots and electric shocks, as the author describes realistic test scenarios and recognisable neuropsychological tests Worryingly for Fred, the results of divid [...]

  15. Written in the 70s and set in the 90s this is Dick s semi autobiographical description of drug use, abuse and addiction It s set in Orange County in California The main protagonist is Bob Arctor, who lives with a group of drug users Arctor is also an undercover police agent called Fred Also central in this book is a drug called substance D a new, very addictive drug also called D and Slow Death and Fred is tasked with trying to find a way to the suppliers Fred Bob become increasingly blurred as [...]

  16. What a great book I had read other works by Dick Blade Runner and Flow my Tears, The Policeman Said , which were both good, pleasant reads, nice and compact Nothing too heavy, not overly deep, but I could sense there was to this author than that This book has confirmed my suspicions and exceeded my expectations, and so Philip K Dick has managed to take me by surprise even when I was expecting to be surprised by this author at some point.Before reading this book, I had no idea what I was getting [...]

  17. I ve made it I have finally reached the summit of the second Library of America collection of Philip K Dick books, Five Novels of the 1960s 70s With my flag firmly planted atop the snow capped peak of this book I can look back upon two weeks of paranoia, time travel, authoritarian governments and experimental drugs than you can find outside of a Merck testing lab, with the self satisfied air of a man who has plumbed the depths of speed induced psychosis and made it through the other side What b [...]

  18. 5 10I seem to struggle with classic sci fi, the last few have fallen flat for me I like sci fi but I felt like I was too sober for this one I need to have had a road trip with Hunter S Thompson for a few months beforehand to get into the mindset I think there were a lot of interesting ideas on this and the way drugs take a hold on someone s life But I just didn t enjoy reading it and I guess that s why I read, for enjoyment It s a good job it was short and I was able to plough through it Any lon [...]

  19. In this novel there are two types of people, those who are addicted to substance D, and those who haven t tried it yet Substance D is the ultimate high, and highly addictive This book is the story of Fred, the narcotics agent, and Bob Arctor, the substance D dealer, who he is investigating Of course, Fred and Bob Arctor are one person who is having his personality split apart by copious abuse of substance D.This book is simultaneously hilarious and heart breaking and it is a really excellent por [...]

  20. A dark, haunting masterpiece A Scanner Darkly isn t just a great book, it s an IMPORTANT book Phillip K Dick s A Scanner Darkly follows the journey of Bob Arctor, an undercover police officer code named Fred trying to ingratiate himself into the drug culture in an attempt to bring down the suppliers of Substance D, a highly addictive mind altering drug that can eventually cause permanent brain damage Tragically, Arctor himself becomes an addict, first only taking Substance D to earn the trust of [...]

  21. I like P.K Dick, but this just plain sucked No narrative tension, the writing is awful I would quote some of it as proof, but I already got rid of my copy , and the most potentially exciting elements of the book drug subculture and its lingo and take on friendship, multiple identities are handled with the zest and elegance of a cut rate rectal exam Does that analogy even make sense I don t think so, but neither did this book.I ve heard this was the first book he wrote after he kicked drugs which [...]

  22. The authors note at the end of the novel is really powerful In it PKD talks about how many people play with drugs and end up paying too high a price for the choice It s well said and resonates deeply in the context of just having finished this novel Even if you don t read this, pick it up in a book store and read the authors note at the end It gives a perspective on drug use that most people haven t considered The story itself is fantastically written and wonderfully weird in true PKD style I re [...]

  23. I watched the Richard Linklater film version of this again over the weekend, and besides confirming that it s my favorite Dick adaptation it also reminded me how much I love the book Besides being a perfect exemplification of out there paranoia the circular structure really turns the screw on this , like almost every book of his it s also firmly and tangibly rooted in the things and relationships of mundane daily life This book gives me a paranoia contact high.

  24. Moram da priznam da mi knjige Filipa K Dika nikada nisu legle itao sam Ubik na fakultetu, ali nisam zavr io, ne se am se ta no razloga, ali mislim da sam jednostavno izgubio interesovanje Pro itao sam Sanjaju li androidi elektri ne ovce, i ta knjiga je bila zanimljiva u pojedinim delovima, naro ito onda kada se bavila identitetom i ispitivanjem granice izme u androida i oveka Me utim, kao to sam ve rekao, to su bili delovi, dok je ve i deo knjige bio nerazumljiv i ak pomalo apsurdan ljudi dr e i [...]

  25. 3.5 stars One of Dick s best novels, this semi autobiographical novel is masterful in its description of drug use and the effect it has on the people taking them The dialogue between the characters is often very funny and I would find myself laughing at their nonsensical conversations until I remembered that the reason for the funny dialogue was that these people were so messed up on substance D that they had become completely psychotic No one other then PKD could have written this novel and it [...]

  26. Edit November, 2016 I read this four years ago This novel is an expose of the world of druggies The science fiction elements are simply a platform PKD uses to write a somewhat polemical novel about the destruction of the body and brain from a hypothetical drug which happens to mirror actual drug destruction from addictions I am not a fan of consistent constant use of illegal drugs or pain killers, although I am not a teetotaler or against occasional recreational use I grew up in an abusive home [...]

  27. One of the first things I noticed about this book was how quickly I was drawn into this world Set in 1994 unless you were told or already knew then I highly doubt you d pick that it was written in 1977 It could have been set today and still I would have believed it Philip K Dick was always well ahead of his time and his writing holds up as well now as it did when first written.This book delves into the murky world of psychedelic drugs and the police trying to stop it but not in a typical crime s [...]

  28. Police informant in a dystopic future America begins to fracture his consciousness as he takes increasing quantities of drugs to maintain his cover.Hm This is a confused, rather disarticulated book, so I have no problem talking about it in the same manner Like a lot of dystopic futures, this one feels incredibly dated Dystopias are projected anxieties, and this particular projection of America rapidly losing the drug war is so specific to Dick s personal trauma, and to a specific moment in Ameri [...]

  29. Everything in life is just for a while Wow I never thought a Philip K Dick novel could be so achingly sad As wonderfully philosophical, paranoid and imaginative as it is, it s one of the saddest novels you ll read from the author Dick plays down the science fiction to the point where it is grounded in reality Even the scramble suit sounds convincing, given the masterful technological description by Dick The California setting is Orwellian due to the character s living in a world where they re co [...]

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