Starting Over

↠ Starting Over Ñ Robin Pilcher - Starting Over, Starting Over Robin Pilcher bestselling author of An Ocean Apart returns readers to contemporary Scotland where the simple life has grown somewhat complicated but the shortest distance between lonely hearts will

  • Title: Starting Over
  • Author: Robin Pilcher
  • ISBN: 9780312983413
  • Page: 181
  • Format: Paperback

↠ Starting Over Ñ Robin Pilcher, Starting Over, Robin Pilcher, Starting Over Robin Pilcher bestselling author of An Ocean Apart returns readers to contemporary Scotland where the simple life has grown somewhat complicated but the shortest distance between lonely hearts will always be loveSometimes The Hardest Thing In LifeLiz Dewhurst has witnessed quite a bit in her thirty seven years the birth of her son the death of her mother Robin Pilcher bestsellin ↠ Starting Over Ñ Robin Pilcher - Starting Over, Starting Over Robin Pilcher bestselling author of An Ocean Apart returns readers to contemporary Scotland where the simple life has grown somewhat complicated but the shortest distance between lonely hearts will

  • ↠ Starting Over Ñ Robin Pilcher
    181 Robin Pilcher
Starting Over

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  1. Robin Pilcher

    Robin Pilcher was born on 10 August 1950, the eldest son of author Rosamunde Pilcher, n e Scott aka Jane Fraser and Graham Hope Pilcher, also he had a brother and two sisters He has been a cameraman, a songwriter, and a farmer, co managed a mail order business, and has had numerous other jobs He lives with his wife and children near Dundee, Scotland, and in the Sierra de Aracena mountain area of Andalusia, Spain, where he plans to establish a writing institute supported by the Pilcher Foundation of Creative Writing.


  1. So here s the thingere is nothing great about this book In fact, it s very mediocre It s a light, quick read, not particularly well written, it s sentimental, sappy and the premise is highly improbable But I LOVE this book Why Simply because it made me feel good After I read it I didn t read anything else for a couple of days because I wanted the feeling to last I never had that feeling before and I haven t had it since I don t keep many books, but this one I kept because I want to be able to go [...]

  2. Years ago I read a book called The Shell Seekers by Rosamunde Pilcher and fell in love with it After that, I read several of her other books Some were better than others When I saw this book on the shelf in the library used book store, I wondered if Robin Pilcher was related to her Turns out he is her son.I mostly enjoyed this book, although I had a little difficulty getting into it at first because there is a lot of detail about golf and golf courses, which did not interest me Rosamunde s books [...]

  3. This is a lovely book about getting over the bad things that happen to us and learning to know yourself again Liz Craig is a woman whose husband has left here for another woman She lives with her 18 year old son and her father on a farm in Scotland The farming business is a losing proposition and a local group has opted to buy her farm, and her husband s farm, to build a golf course She is very opposed to this, but has no choice but to sell Then an unexpected chance of a trip to Spain gives her [...]

  4. 2.5 stars The blurb on the back of my version of this book was misleading I was expecting of a romance and mainly only one main character There were about 5 mains and very little, or too subtle romance I might have enjoyed it if I d expected this type of story But, then again, maybe not.

  5. I really enjoy books by RObin Pilcher It must be in his genes and he takes full advantage of making the story such a fine read I went on to read several by him.

  6. This book started out very good I thought, and went down hill By the time I was 2 3 of the way through I scan read the rest.

  7. Okay but not greatThe story s okay but the long descriptions are often clunky and I wouldn t read through all of them Skip it Not his best.

  8. Liz Dewhurst was born and raised on a farm in rural Scotland, near the iconic St Andrew s Golf Course When her husband publically runs off with another woman, Liz and her son move across the fields and into the farm owned by her father Unfortunately, the neighboring farms are tied together financially and both are sinking fast When developers offer to purchase the land for a new golf course development, it has the potential for bailing the family out, but at the expense of losing the land they v [...]

  9. Added above the title are the words, rediscover the power of family, friends, and love Robin Pilcher shares his story with rich descriptions of his beloved Scotland and a warmth and thoughtfulness to each character he introduces into the storyline The characters come alive to the extent that I wish I could go and spend some time with them I would especially love to have some girl talk with Liz and Annabelle For someone that loves golf, they might be thrilled to spend some time with Roberta or Al [...]

  10. Liz is a farmer who lives near St Andrews in Scotland An American firm want to build a golf course on her land Not the normal setting for a novel, but it s a great book of endings and beginnings, lovely characters, and very believable.A little confusing in the early chapters as characters are introduced in quick succession, including an unexpected leap to Australia But the storylines soon weave together in expert fashion I found rather too much description about places, farming methods and golf [...]

  11. First a few pages made me feel that it s just not my type Then i got the grip and the way Liz dealt with her broken marriage followed by the death of her mother had made me put myself in her shoes reflect how i would have reacted.To me if someone walks out you just close the door behind them However, her actions taught me there is a lot to consider than your impulsive actions All in all, with the unexpected twist in the end it was worth reading especially for yet to be wives.

  12. I liked that the book was based in Scotland Nice lingo It was a good story Kind of dragy in places The main woman was recently separated from her cheating husband Went off on a vacation with a professor friend and had a brief fling with the professor s son hm He farther was a prominent figure in the book also He also got into the romance scene with a golfer woman who had recently lost her father Some interesting scenes I like the laziness Then again I got bored with it as well.

  13. liz has lived on a scottish farm all her life, first with her family then after getting pregnant and married with her husband h e it all starts falling apart when she separates from her husband, they r losing money with the risk of foreclosure and their land is wanted by an american company to turn into a golf course then other people enter their lives and their future is strangely reshaped but is it for the better or worse just surprised that they did not push for money as the consortium were [...]

  14. This is a good story with a lot of imagery The character that felt the most true to me was the grandfather, Nathaniel Craig His actions and motivations felt consistent with the life he d lived His grandson Alex was also drawn well The other characters were a little puzzling for me in that they made choices and behaved in ways that were the exact opposite of where they seemed to be headed The scenery is lush and the good descriptions of the locales allows the reader to be present there It is a pl [...]

  15. Boring, the only good part was Spain It had too much scenery descriptions of the farm and not enough of the characters The introduction of a whole new character in the middle of the book makes me want to put it down So I liked Miss Roberta Bayliss but I did not need to meet her sister, explaining her situation as she is golfing would have been PLENTY I hope I have no other books from Robin Pilcher on my book shelf, if I do maybe I should give them away.

  16. This book was ok I liked it because it has elements of Rosamunde Pilcher s writing in it The characters are similar, but the sentences are not as carefully constructed and the descriptions tended to make my mind wander I liked the story and thought the ending was a good one not a typical and expected fiction ending.

  17. Robin Pilcher has written a wonderful story about getting over the hurt when you lose someone you love Liz Dewhurst the main character experienced the pain of having her husband leave her for another woman, followed by the death of her mother several months later What remains is a shell of the person she once was Her anger and hurt are affecting those who are still there, her father and son I was so caught up in the lives of these people that I could not put the book down.

  18. By the son of Rosamunde Pilcher Quite amazing And a very good, heartwarming book for a man to have written I understand better about showing and it s using the action verbs, it seems to me The author skillfully uses a number of coincidences people arriving from Australia or in Spain to create new and lasting relationships and to solve a major problem the financing of the golf course Of course, we had no idea Roberta was rich we thought all along she was frumpy A very good book.

  19. I want to give this book 3 1 2 stars I really liked the scenery in this book Scotland and Spain are both described beautifully, and I feel as if I were there I like the characters too The story line, about a family whose farm is being pursued by developers to be turned into a golf course, fell a bit short to me I felt like the book ended too soon with two many ideas unexplored However the beautiful writing did a lot to make up for that.

  20. I just finished this book and was totally amazed at how great it was It had several stories all weaving in and out of the book at the same time and all were easy to follow I am excited about reading another book written by Robin soon This book tells the story of many people starting their lives again after tragedies All different ages and all with different solutions Very inspiring

  21. This is my first experience with Robin Pilcher I enjoyed how all characters in the book were working through transitions divorce, death, college Just as time continues to pass when working through these changes in real life, Pilcher keeps the characters moving through their own personal problems and changes All characters seem to round out nicely, except for Mary.

  22. Twists and totally unexpected turns, family history, love of the land even after farming has gone bust and recovering from gut wrenching marriage failure, but Liz Dewhurst forgives her husband for his year of infidelity and they move on as friends and the parents of Alex A lovely read that I didn t want to put down or it to end.

  23. Good story with interesting characters I was surprised and a little disappointed in the ending, but it was still worth reading The story could take place in many areas of the world as farming is supplanted by development and tourism This one was especially poignant as the family involved, father, daughter, husband, and son discover other interests and possibilities for their futures.

  24. KurzbeschreibungInmitten weiter Felder an der Ostk ste Schottlands liegt die Farm, um deren Erhalt Liz seit Monaten k mpft Erst als Arthur in ihr Leben tritt, nehmen die Dinge eine unerwartete Wende Ein spannendes Buch, zum Weinen und zum Lachen sch n Dieser Text bezieht sich auf eine vergriffene oder nicht verf gbare Ausgabe dieses Titels.

  25. This is a very good book written by Rosamunde Pilcher s son This story takes place in Scotland A woman is cheated on by her husband which divides the family farms This was a great book I am sorry its over.

  26. Nicely written, made me wish I could be in Scotland a while The characters are interesting, but I was a bit put off by the suggestion that an extra marital affair could be good for a failing marriage What poppycock Still, a good read.

  27. This is one of those books I reread every summer It s perfect for when you just want something cozy to curl up with at the cottage or on the beach I ve had a brief email exchange with the author and he s as friendly and nice as you d expect from his warm and engaging characters.

  28. It took me a few chapters to get into the book This always happens when new characters are being introduced in each chapter Once I was into the book, it was a nice read, similar in style to Maeve Binchy.

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