The Abracadabra Kid: A Writer's Life

[PDF] Read ☆ The Abracadabra Kid: A Writer's Life : by Sid Fleischman - The Abracadabra Kid: A Writer's Life, The Abracadabra Kid A Writer s Life The autobiography of the Newbery award winning children s author who set out from childhood to be a magician

  • Title: The Abracadabra Kid: A Writer's Life
  • Author: Sid Fleischman
  • ISBN: 9780688158552
  • Page: 317
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Read ☆ The Abracadabra Kid: A Writer's Life : by Sid Fleischman, The Abracadabra Kid: A Writer's Life, Sid Fleischman, The Abracadabra Kid A Writer s Life The autobiography of the Newbery award winning children s author who set out from childhood to be a magician [PDF] Read ☆ The Abracadabra Kid: A Writer's Life : by Sid Fleischman - The Abracadabra Kid: A Writer's Life, The Abracadabra Kid A Writer s Life The autobiography of the Newbery award winning children s author who set out from childhood to be a magician

  • [PDF] Read ☆ The Abracadabra Kid: A Writer's Life : by Sid Fleischman
    317Sid Fleischman
The Abracadabra Kid: A Writer's Life

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    As a children s book author Sid Fleischman felt a special obligation to his readers The books we enjoy as children stay with us forever they have a special impact Paragraph after paragraph and page after page, the author must deliver his or her best work With almost 60 books to his credit, some of which have been made into motion pictures, Sid Fleischman can be assured that his work will make a special impact.Sid Fleischman wrote his books at a huge table cluttered with projects story ideas, library books, research, letters, notes, pens, pencils, and a computer He lived in an old fashioned, two story house full of creaks and character, and enjoys hearing the sound of the nearby Pacific Ocean Fleischman passed away after a battle with cancer on March 17, 2010, the day after his ninetieth birthday He was the father of Newbery Medal winning writer and poet Paul Fleischman, author of Joyful Noise they are the only father and son to receive Newbery awards.


  1. The author s purpose in The Abracadabra Kid by Sid Fleishman is to show Sid Fleishman s early life experiences One can learn a great deal if they stop, listen, and think about what is happening around themselves If one does not limit themselves, but instead strives for than what is required, they will be successful Sid Fleishman stops and thinks about being a magician and then ponders about how he project his talents into writing He does not limit himself as a magician, he instead pursues writi [...]

  2. This is the biography of Sid Fleischman It talks about his life starting from when he was younger, which was when he did not like to read He pursued becoming a professional magician once in his life After that, he became a Hollywood screenwriter Finally, he found what he loves to do writing This book is inspiring and easy to read I liked how it talked about all the different phases of his life when he jumped from one career to another until he found what he really loves to do It would be a good [...]

  3. The entertaining memoir, The Abracadabra Kid by the distinguished, Newbery award winning author and screenwriter Sid Fleischman, is highly recommended to readers 7 8th grade and above the book doesn t contain any mature content, but the reading level is somewhat difficult to adult The memoir is long, because it elaborately explains the author s life from birth to present Also, it contains many facts about Sid Fleischman s ancestors and backgrounds The Abracadabra kid appeals to audiences who lik [...]

  4. While Sid Fleischman s earliest passion was magic, he collected mental observations, impressions, and details from his young life for use when he reluctantly began writing as a profession Straw scarecrows, San Diego s Fifth Street, European tall tales, and expressions like useless as eating soup with a fork grew into novels for adults, screenplays, and eventually children s books He offers excellent advice to young writers Improvising allows one to begin writing a novel without knowing the endin [...]

  5. Fun autobiography with useful information for authors such as It s the job of the hero or heroine to solve the story problem and The main character should be changed by the events of the story.

  6. Sid Fleischman s memoir contemplates the process through which he became and Author Beginning with his grandparent s immigration to the United States, Sid writes of his years as a traveling magic act with Buddy Ryan, as a sailor in World War II, and his persistent struggle to support his family through writing The success of performance shows that the business of entertaining is needed by everyone, rich and poor, even during times of financial crisis The author demonstrates the need for societie [...]

  7. I think that children and teens that have experienced and have some awareness of their own emerging creative process will get this book on many levels Plus they will learn history about immigration, journalism, magic, Hollywood, politics and humor He was one funny guy I liked the way that two of his loves, magic and writing, evolved in his life He talked a lot about his creative process and insight as to how he worked Personally I am interested in magic, so I enjoyed learning how he developed in [...]

  8. This book is a autobiography by Sid Fleischman, about his life from the start to the near end He was born during the Great Depression and lived a normal American life going through the ups and downs As a young boy he was very interested in magic In fact he read books about magic and he later joined a club to learn advanced tricks He then later had a partner and the both of them traveled around the US getting paid descent money He then later enlisted into WW2 and fought and did various jobs for [...]

  9. The Abracadabra Kid by Sid Fleischman is about a person named Sid and he can saw someone in half and put them back together Suspense is in the book Fleischman was up on the stage about to saw someone in half with a ribbon and the crowed was waiting excitedly Also there s characterization Sid made a big speech to say to a lot of people and he didn t care what to where and he wore a tuxedo, leather shoes, and pants Last of all the book has foreshadowing Fleischman saw a girl with a book that said [...]

  10. I read Sid Fleischman s books when I was a girl, and some of his sons in my twenties I selected this memoir because of its great reviews and hysterical opening However, the book did not hold true to its fun opening and wit If you ve read his books, it may have been a differnt experience for you My hat is off for my students who read this from start to end since it was a challenging read for me.His narrative jumps around a bit, and the common thread of the magician doesn t hold to the end I loved [...]

  11. This autobiography describes in great detail the life events and unique circumstances that lead Sid Fleischman to becoming a Newbery Award winning author Fleischman grew up in San Diego during the Great Depression His pursuit to become a professional magician began in the fifth grade Little did Fleischman know that this lifelong obsession with magic would give him the literary tricks necessary to propel his writing career I recommend this book for intermediate students 4th 6th grade Teacher Tip [...]

  12. A chatty, cheerful autobiography by the author of many good books for kids including THE WHIPPING BOY I was surprised to learn that he had also written for movies He makes his knockabout life seem easy and enjoyable, shows how his experiences as a magician, newspaper writer, and screenwriter informed his writing, and gives some excellent advice for would be fiction writers The short chapters make this a good snacking book, not something I would read in one sitting He certainly interested me in h [...]

  13. This was a fun book about how following one s dream can open up surprising opportunities I enjoyed it as a memoir because it provided colorful local history of California in the years surrounding WWII Also appealing was how he wrote about his life Each event was as significant as any other, none special nor dramatic, and that seems to be his approach on life Come what may he takes it as it is However, having the element of magic in his life did make his story fascinating and entertaining The b [...]

  14. Fleischman makes narrative and humour as deftly impish and grin inducing as an abracadabra on stage his autobio bounces along with the same energy and storyteller s turns as his fiction Maybe living an authentic life learning new curiosities each day is exactly what gave him the means to write such good fiction Life is stranger, after all Good stories Fleischman s life makes a good case for their origin being in living one.

  15. San Diegans will love this, he grew up in Golden Hills and North Park.Wonderful autobiography for kids, he started as a traveling magician, then became Newbery winning author and father of Newbery winnng author The book reads like an adventure story he even references the inspiration for McBroom.

  16. i really liked this book it has a lot of different things in it and it was pretty interesting it showed how is carrer changed from when he was a kid to an adult as a kid he wanted to be a magigian but ended up on a battle ship in the middle of a war and then wrote children s books that is why i like this book.

  17. Sid Fleischman s autobiography is told with the same brevity and wit represented in his novels How his journey led him from life as a vaudeville magician to one of the most beloved of children s authors shows how determination, moxie and serendipity can lead at least to a fantastic existence.

  18. The autobiographer reveals how he became a writer of children s books how he gets ideas for names of characters and how he organizes research materials.

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