The First Days

The First Days Best Download || [Rhiannon Frater] - The First Days, The First Days Two very different women flee into the Texas Hill Country on the first day of the zombie rising Together they struggle to rescue loved ones find other survivors and avoid the hungry undead

  • Title: The First Days
  • Author: Rhiannon Frater
  • ISBN: 9781438250809
  • Page: 164
  • Format: Paperback

The First Days Best Download || [Rhiannon Frater], The First Days, Rhiannon Frater, The First Days Two very different women flee into the Texas Hill Country on the first day of the zombie rising Together they struggle to rescue loved ones find other survivors and avoid the hungry undead The First Days Best Download || [Rhiannon Frater] - The First Days, The First Days Two very different women flee into the Texas Hill Country on the first day of the zombie rising Together they struggle to rescue loved ones find other survivors and avoid the hungry undead

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  • The First Days Best Download || [Rhiannon Frater]
    164 Rhiannon Frater
The First Days

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  1. Rhiannon Frater

    Rhiannon Frater is the award winning author of the As the World Dies zombie trilogy Tor as well as independent works such as The Last Bastion of the Living declared the 1 Zombie Release of 2012 by Explorations Fantasy Blog and the 1 Zombie Novel of the Decade by BN Book Blog She was born and raised in Texas where she currently resides with her husband and furry children a.k.a pets She loves scary movies, sci fi and horror shows, playing video games, cooking, dyeing her hair weird colors, and shopping for Betsey Johnson purses and shoes.


  1. I cannot understand what everyone sees in this book I was expecting Thelma Louise plus zombies, and that srtawhere it started, but it just got worse and worse as it went along To begin with, the somewhat interesting action scenes did not in any way make up for having to hear about everyone s feelings every three seconds About halfway through the book, I felt like I d gone from Thelma Louise zombies, to The View zombies I think if it had been written in first person that aspect might not have bee [...]

  2. Zombie stories are my guilty pleasure They re exciting, full of action, gory, but they terrify me to bits Surviving a zombie apocalypse is no easy feat So, as expected, I read this with my heart pounding from start to finish, knowing that these people are most likely doomed no matter what, because zombies always win always It was such a rush An incredibly frightening zombie story The First Days, as the title conveys, starts at the very beginning of a zombie apocalypse People are getting bitten, [...]

  3. I wrote this novel, so I ve read it times than I care to count I think I almost have it memorized.

  4. Back by request It s time for another game of THIS was round 1.Onward to round 2 Edit All spoiler tags are safe to click on The tags are only here for the purpose of the game.Although, really, this could have been dude round 2 More than a few instances had me thinking the word again How could you not, when there s blood and guts flying everywhere And here we goAn abused housewife is forced to leave her house in a hurry when her jackhole husband and two children one of whom was a toddler become z [...]

  5. Could it be Is this really a zombie novel with two bad ass heroines kicking butt and taking names Oh No It isn t.I ll give Frater credit where credit is due this story starts off like a really awesome slap in the face We re introduced to Jenni, who is staring at the tiny baby fingers of her toddler son reaching under a crack in her door Why Because her abusive and zombified husband is having him for a snack Her other son has been bitten by her husband, too, and is trying to claw out of the house [...]

  6. On the heels of my Walking Dead obsession, THE FIRST DAYS fit the bill perfectly and I would recommend it to anyone who s a fan of the zombie genre From the very first page I was hooked, I mean how could you not be both intrigued and freaked out by passages like this Tiny fingers So small So very, very small The fingers pressed under the front door of her home were so very small She couldn t stop staring at those baby fingers straining frantically to reach her as she stood shivering on the porch [...]

  7. I absolutely loved this book Love, love love it.In less than a day, the world dies, when it gets taken over by zombies Yes, zombies The idea alone made me laugh as well Until I read this book My smile faded pretty quickly.This is the story of two different women, who come from different worlds, who somehow manage to from a bond that runs deeper than blood Together, they are stronger, smarter, and better I feel about as fiercely protective of Katie and Jenni as they do of each other, despite thei [...]

  8. At the heart of it, aren t most zombie books movies the same The crisis starts and the challenge becomes dodging flesh eaters while reuniting and rediscovering humanity One of the things I love about the apocalypse is that everyone is prey Division of sexes, ages, races, sexualities all become so arbitrary when it s human versus undead What do people do then Further divide or overcome difference This book Cherry Twizzlers all the way, baby You know, you eat one and it s cherry goodness, so maybe [...]

  9. OH MY GOD Where do I start From the very FIRST paragraph I was hooked Jenni with an i is standing on her front porch staring at tiny fingers trying to claw their way out from underneath the front door Her terror IS MY terror from the very beginning, as she recounts the events of her family being transformed into flesh eating zombies before her very eyes.Her abusive husband had come home the night before claiming that a homeless man had bitten him, slept on the couch and Jenni was awakened by the [...]

  10. You can read all of my reviews at Alluring Reads.I bought the first days after reading many glowing reviews on GoodReads, I went into it with pretty high expectations I wouldn t say I was let down per se, but my expectations definitely were not met with this one The First Days by Rhiannon Frater is about two women essentially banding together to face an unexpected zombie apocolypse It chronicles their journey to save Jenni s stepson and get to a safe haven in a small Texas town The book started [...]

  11. 4 Disturbing Intriguing Stars So small So very, very small.The tiny fingers clawed desperately under the edge of the door.Straining fingers Straining to reach her Benjamin, please stop, she whispered This was disgustingly good Two women, Jenni and Katie, find each other among the chaos of the walking dead, both have lost everything dear to them This is the story their survival, finding others who live, and creating a new life in the face of death Great read anytime, but with Halloween right arou [...]

  12. Interested in of my reviews Visit my blog No one except for Rhiannon Frater Her vision of a Zombie Apocalypse was far gruesome, gory, slightly funny and violently delightful The CharactersKatie is an ex prosecutor in pre zombie days who was married to the love of her life, Lydia When Katie drove back home to get Lydia, well Lydia was in the front yard chewing on the mailman So, Lydia didn t make it past the first day so Katie flees and seeks shelter somewhere and ends up running into Jenni.Jen [...]

  13. Amateurish, badly written and repetitive Premise My kids got eaten and turned in to zombies but he has such a nice ass, she giggled to herself.

  14. I really wanted to like this book The imagery is striking, but the writing left a lot to be desired It felt barely edited, and the quality of the writing kept pulling me out of the story I couldn t stay interested because from the beginning, small details kept confusing me The whole part with the baby fingers under the door was so convoluted We kept jumping from the husband to the other kid to the baby and how she felt about the house and random mentions of blood and it felt way overdone This at [...]

  15. This book reminds me of so many movies It s Thelma Louise meets Mr Mrs Smith meets Pulp Fiction meets The Killer meets The Day of the Triffids It s something of a Bullet Ballet with two very cool heroines killing zombies in just about every way imaginable Everything from bull bars to shovels and of course bullets There is so much carnage in this book that it becomes cartoonish which is pretty much par for the course with zombies It s over the top, up in your face, and pretty damned funny.

  16. The First Days is the first book in a new zombie series by Rhiannon Frater Originally self published all three books in the series are now being released by Tor US in fairly quick succession As soon as I heard about this series I knew I had to read it, and squealed with delight when Tor offered me the first book to review well, you know how much a love the zombies The First Days is an action packed, character driven novel and was immensely enjoyable and fun to read I had difficulty putting it do [...]

  17. As a woman with a taste for apocalypse stories, I went into this novel with high hopes After the first two chapters, I knew I should stop reading but I finished anyway What spurred me on was the potential this book had two female protagonists who survive and flourish during a zombie apocalypse Count me in Unfortunately, the quality of the prose was severely lacking Frater often repeats herself and falls into the age old trap of telling, not showing when it comes to emotion and character developm [...]

  18. After finishing The First Days the first book in the As the World Dies trilogy I came to one conclusion about all Zombie books The main characters have only two choices in this world Plan A Let what happened crush you, or in Jenni and Katie s case let the lose of those you love bring you to inaction Then ultimately you will join the reanimated dead.Plan B You could put your big girl panties on and fight with everything you have.They had to keep calm They had to keep strong They had to survive It [...]

  19. I bought the trilogy based on recommendations I found on another forum I made it 64% of the way through before giving up It really wants to be a great story, but it gets bogged down by over explanations The character development reminded me of Robert Jordan give each character Their One Trait, then never pass up a chance to cut n paste The One Trait into the narrative, even if it breaks the flow of the story.The action is thin and predictable, but I kept reading through it expecting the characte [...]

  20. I m almost at a loss as to what to say here because I know next to nothing about zombies or this type of book I picked this up for two reasons and two reasons only One was because the reading challenge I m doing this spring has a task where I needed to read a sci fi book I asked my friend Felicia what she would recommend and she sent me this book I figured that at worst I would be able to plow through it and at best it would be milding entertaining I ve always been way of a non fiction person b [...]

  21. As the World Dies The First Days is a fantastically scary zombie read that has you cheering the strong survivors until the end in a world that had slid sideways into hell The story begins with Jenni, a strange, strange girl in a strange, strange world , muttering to herself while watching those tiny fingers pressed under the door tips of tiny fingers raw and skinless We quickly come to realize that those tiny fingers belong to her now undead son Somehow she manages to flee the house and is rescu [...]

  22. 5 Zombie StarsThis was just a straight up good Zombie book, and has basically everything I look for in a Zombie adventure Lots of time in cars on the highway, lots of foraging, the building of forts and the banding together of people It s nicely paced so it goes minute by minute and day by day without skipping large sections of time, the zombies are how zombies ought to be with nothing fancy thrown into the mix, and the writer s got the goods as far as world building goes and paints what one can [...]

  23. Full review to come when I have time to write it, but for now, here sDAVE S FINAL JUDGMENT THE DEFENSE Some of the shocking and brutal moments will please hard core horror fans Author doesn t play it safe and takes many risks while telling her story The action almost never slows down The events remains interesting, even when the story really doesn t work, which brings us toTHE PROSECUTION Frequent convenient plot devices may strain the reader s eyes by causing them to roll so much Lead characte [...]

  24. Ahhh I m jumping back in to the Zombie books again and what a way to start with this one It delivered but didn t WOW it has all the normal cliches of a zombie apocalypse but with an added bonus Our heroine is introduced as a lesbian and is fighting her inner turmoil over her lost wife and the chance to have a new relationship with Travis I loved the characters but got really pissed off at some of the townspeople and their narrow mindness over the LGBT lifestyle It s weird but I found myself conn [...]

  25. I forced myself to finish this as about a little than half way through I was ready to give up So not my kind of zombie novel.

  26. DNF at 50% I tried with this book I really didThis book kept showing up on my recommended list, and the blurb sounded good A zombie story with two women kicking ass Sounds great, right Unfortunately, for me, the story just didn t follow up on the promise.I think it was a combination of several things that didn t work for me Mainly it was the way the author describes well everything A lot of it seems like it doesn t have any place in the story Like it s been put in as a page filler Over time this [...]

  27. I have never been afraid of zombies but I am now This book is so intense that I ended up with a cramp in my hand because I was holding on to the book so tightly GOODNESS Action packed and fast paced Readers should be warned that it is fairly graphic in it s descriptions I found the first chapter to be the most difficult to get through so if you can make it through it then you have no worries about being able to handle the rest.Loved the characters and I m really worried that some of my favorites [...]

  28. If you like fast paced, action packed, gore filled, apocalyptic zombie stories, then this is one you don t want to miss I had a helluva good time reading it even though at times a few of the characters Jenni and some of the dialogue seriously grated on my nerves In Book 1 of a trilogy, Frater offers up a textbook genre zombie story, borrowing a lot from Romero canon who she gives ample homage to and a little from Danny Boyle damn those quick moving zombies So while there are really no surprises [...]

  29. Holy Bajeebers I could literally NOT put that book down Yesterday I read about 3 chapters, and then today it was like a freight train I couldn t stop reading if my life depended on it.Where the heck do I even start The book starts off with the most heart wrenching scene I ve ever read before, or it s up there at least This is a mild spoiler, I suppose, but I m not hiding it because it is actually the very first scene you will read The book starts off with a woman standing in shock on her front p [...]

  30. This didn t do anything to me It s probably of a 2.4 because of it did not get on my nerves I didn t like it either Just another zombie apocalypse and a handful of lucky human beings who realize what is going on or saved by someone before they re ripped apart themselves Katie who s been saved by a vet, saves Jenni in turn Together they make a run for it in a truck and end up in a small, fortified town They both get the hots for the same guy, Travis The clinch Katie says she s lesbian eventhough [...]

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