Driftwood Summer

[PDF] Download ✓ Driftwood Summer : by Patti Callahan Henry - Driftwood Summer, Driftwood Summer Three sisters responsible Riley vivacious Maisy and fun loving Adalee reunite to save the family s beach community bookstore But summer also marks the return of Mack Logan whose choice of Maisy ove

  • Title: Driftwood Summer
  • Author: Patti Callahan Henry
  • ISBN: 9780451226884
  • Page: 469
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Download ✓ Driftwood Summer : by Patti Callahan Henry, Driftwood Summer, Patti Callahan Henry, Driftwood Summer Three sisters responsible Riley vivacious Maisy and fun loving Adalee reunite to save the family s beach community bookstore But summer also marks the return of Mack Logan whose choice of Maisy over Riley years ago destroyed the special closeness between the sisters Now Riley a single mom is hiding a shattering secret about their mother Maisy a California desigThree sisters [PDF] Download ✓ Driftwood Summer : by Patti Callahan Henry - Driftwood Summer, Driftwood Summer Three sisters responsible Riley vivacious Maisy and fun loving Adalee reunite to save the family s beach community bookstore But summer also marks the return of Mack Logan whose choice of Maisy ove

  • [PDF] Download ✓ Driftwood Summer : by Patti Callahan Henry
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Driftwood Summer

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    Patti Callahan Henry is the New York Times Bestelling novelist of eleven novels Her latest is THE BOOKSHOP AT WATER S END with Penguin Random House Berkley


  1. Once again I sit here with eggs on my face This book comes from a genre that I have publically loathed and snubbed I am the fantasy sci fi chick who looks down at girls who spend their time reading stupid chick lit drivel I think I have good reason to dislike romance books I think they put unfair and impossible standards on men to which they can never achieve and make ALL women feel inadequate I mean, if your man won t fly across the world and bust into your office during the year end meeting to [...]

  2. this was a truly beautiful book i think i finished the entire second half today because i just couldn t bear to put it down this book has it all love, family, secrets, hurt, betrayal, and so much , all wrapped around my favorite two things books and the beach a perfect summer read, if you can get your hands on this book it s a must read

  3. If I could give a book 10 stars, I would give it to this one Better review to come but overall, a wonderful great read updated July 10 In a word, I would call this book, refreshing This was one of those books that had me laughing out loud, crying at certain moments, and at the end, I was sad it was over.We start off with Riley, the oldest of the three sisters, who runs a bookstore with her mom and young son Mama as all good southern kids call their mom, took a stumble down the stairs and is now [...]

  4. I went back and forth between 3 and 4 stars I think it s a good vacation read Funny how I ve gravitated that way lately No actual beach vacation for us this year so I m reading books about people who live at the shore I liked the author s writing Having 6 sisters, I think Patti Callahan Henry did a great job portraying the Sheffield sisters relationships with each other It may have gotten a little dramatic and intense at times but that was believable as well Another aspect of the novel that I en [...]

  5. A book about a bookstore Sign me up Although at first glance this appears to be little than summer chick lit, it was throughly engaging and I could not help but love all the name dropping of books and authors However, I had difficulty comprehending how the grudge between the two eldest sisters carried on for so many years Get over it already people Overall, a worthwhile read and a welcome bright spot during the winter months.

  6. This is a reread from long ago s one of my favorite books and I forgot how much I loved it until I picked it up again

  7. Beach read breezy, not substantial The setting, which is, in fact, a beach town, is described beautifully The character development is not as well done Two sisters return home where mom a 3rd sister live run a bookstore The town is buzzing with the anniversary of the store historic home, which is being marked with a week of celebratory events One man returning is the guy two of the sisters were in love with the last time they saw him, back when they were in their late teens This also lead to som [...]

  8. This was my first introduction to Patti Callahan Henry and really it was a good one I enjoyed the audiobook version I liked the story of the three sisters, all different but when it comes down to it family is important I liked the setting and the bookstore within Driftwood Cottage and all the characters that entered that store Riley s story I particularly liked and lastly I liked that it was the sisters that bonded together and saved the day.

  9. I just finished driftwood Summer I highly reccomend it it is written by Patti Callahan Henry, it explores the relationship between 3 sisters who need to keep the family bookstore up and running when their Mother is injured in a fall, the complicated realtionships and deep resentments between the sisters comes out and are brouht to light, I choose it because I love southern fiction But anyone who enjoys contemparary fiction would enjoy this book

  10. Driftwood Summer is the story of three sisters, all raised in small beach side town where people flock every summer to get away from their busy city lives Although they were all raised there, the oldest, Riley, is the only one permanently living there, along with her son Brayden The two live over the bookstore that Riley and her mother own Maisy ran away from the sleepy little town twelve years ago, and the youngest sister, Adalee, has been busy at college But now it s the bookstore s 200th birt [...]

  11. Best book I ve read in about a year I ve never really been into chiklit books, but this I found from my local book swap shelf and decided to give it a chance over the Holidays I got instantly totally hooked All the characters are just like from real life and they struggle with normal family issues that are very easy to understand and to feel what the characters are feeling No weird characters or crazy plot twists I liked the down to earth atmosphere and the easy going of the story Very beautiful [...]

  12. What can be better than a bookstore and the beach Not much in my opinion This is a really sweet book about family.ers coming together to help their mama, trying to face the past they ran away from, tell the secrets from years before, face lost loves and teenage summer romances Really a great readI enjoyed the characters, setting, and the conclusion of this book I will certainly be looking for additional books by this author

  13. Whew, with four whiney women as characters, each of them blamed a singular event for their inability in achieve complete happiness Now, they need to cooperate to save the family business As the story unfolded, I lost patience with the characters.

  14. This book was just okay The editing in the edition I read was poorly done and very distracting for instance, for two pages a character named Ethel was referred to as Edith I often found myself frustrated with the characters, too.

  15. This is your classic beach tale of sister struggles Sick mom, estranged siblings, brought together by sickness and an economic crisis It was good and a quick read, but it wasn t anything that hasn t already been done.

  16. was a great find for me, 2 things I love TOGETHER BOOKS AND THE BEACHI can do books without the beach, but not the beach.

  17. My first Patti Callahan Henry book and I fell in love This book was beautiful I laughed and cried rolled my eyes a lot.

  18. I really loved reading Driftwood Summer The bookstore, The Driftwood Cottage, was the setting for the book The Driftwood Cottage is located in small coastal town about an hour outside of Savannah, GA I love books that are written about the low country for this is where I grew up Patti Callahan Henry always delivers wonderful stories about the low country and Driftwood Summer is no exception.The characters in the book are described so well that you feel you could be friends with them or even feel [...]

  19. Although this is not my favorite book by Patti Callahan Henry, it was still a good read I wish I could have given it 3.5 stars, instead of 3, because of the plot s predictability But on the other hand, it kept me interested, and I am glad I read it I m not sure if Southern Writers seem to have a thing about writing about sisters, but that is who Driftwood Summer is about 3 estranged sisters that get together one summer to honor the demands of their 70 year old mother.Each sister in this family h [...]

  20. This book is about three sister that have grown up in a small beach town The story is about their relationships with their mother, each other and a man in their lives Very good story about the book store they owned and the interaction with all the customers.I feel this book is mostly about what happened when two sisters in high school care for the same man and feel betrayed by each other Then when they are hurt by each other, how they dealt with their pain and those are their secrets spoken abou [...]

  21. Driftwood summer by Patti Henry CallahanBook starts out with Riley, raising her son above the bookstore We learn of how the store got to be where it s located.Alternating chapters from the 3 sisters as the story unfolds.200th year anniversary week long party is planned, something for everybody She learns when her mother falls down the stairs that she also has cancer in her bone that will be treated after the party.Her sisters are to come also to visit, which they are not to be told about the can [...]

  22. Sweet little story, nothing special The ending wrapped everything up in a neat little bow I made the following post about two chapters into the book, and my feelings remain the same after completing it So far, the dialogue in this book is kind of awkward and the story already seems a bit cliched and overly melodramatic Writing style only meh Reasons I have to read it anyway 1 Cozy little beach town setting ftw I want to live in a beach town way too badly 2 I can pretend I own a book store, like [...]

  23. It took me awhile to get into this book It started off a little slow and because of that I put it down for a few years and just forgot about it Once I started reading it again I actually really enjoyed it I loved the story between the two sisters and the drama between them loving the same boy It held my interest as I waited to see who would end up with him.The story reminded me of The Summer I Turned Pretty series Except in this case it was two sisters in love with the same boy instead of the tw [...]

  24. The Sheffield sisters are from a small seaside town called Palmetto Beach During the summers, tourists would flock to the town Riley is the oldest and every summer hangs with Mack Logan, a summer resident She is in love with him and the summer she thinks something might happen, his attention shifts to Maisy, the middle sister In a fit of jealousy, Riley gets Maisy in trouble and Mack Logan leaves and doesn t return the following summer That causes a ripple effect on the all three Sheffield siste [...]

  25. I did not enjoy this book It was an easy, quick, light read, which I think it what the author intended But I thought the writing was so lazy that it became a distraction from the story The dialogue was unnatural, and reminded me of pre teen books I used to read growing up In addition, some elements of the story just did not make sense such as the large age gap between the mother and youngest daughter.Because of the distraction of the writing, I never really felt attached to the characters I can [...]

  26. I just finished this yesterday, and it would be a lovely beach read if anyone s looking for one The Sheffield sisters have secrets, all kinds of secrets Mama has some secrets of her own Even though all three sisters have drifted away from their mother and each other they come together to try to save the bookstore where the oldest, Riley, lives with her son.Each of the three sisters does some interesting growing in this book It s told from the oldest sister s and the middle sister s POVs but in t [...]

  27. Ok, I would rate this three and a half stars, but I think I consistently round down on here I read Driftwood Summer today The whole book It moved extremely quickly, in part due to the simplicity of the characters, partially because of the predictability of the plot, and partly due to Patty Callahan Henry s smooth writing style I definitely enjoyed the story, but I m pretty sure it will blend into every other Lowcountry chick lit novel I ve read, within a few weeks The characters are mired in cli [...]

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