Dead Center

[PDF] Download ä Dead Center : by David Rosenfelt - Dead Center, Dead Center After Laurie Collins left him and headed west New Jersey defense attorney Andy Carpenter didn t expect to ever see her again So he s shocked when his ex girlfriend appears on TV and then calls him pl

  • Title: Dead Center
  • Author: David Rosenfelt
  • ISBN: 9780446614511
  • Page: 493
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Download ä Dead Center : by David Rosenfelt, Dead Center, David Rosenfelt, Dead Center After Laurie Collins left him and headed west New Jersey defense attorney Andy Carpenter didn t expect to ever see her again So he s shocked when his ex girlfriend appears on TV and then calls him pleading for his help Two coeds in Wisconsin have been found brutally stabbed to death As the town s acting police chief Laurie had to arrest a young college student with aAfter Laurie Coll [PDF] Download ä Dead Center : by David Rosenfelt - Dead Center, Dead Center After Laurie Collins left him and headed west New Jersey defense attorney Andy Carpenter didn t expect to ever see her again So he s shocked when his ex girlfriend appears on TV and then calls him pl

  • [PDF] Download ä Dead Center : by David Rosenfelt
    493David Rosenfelt
Dead Center

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    I am a novelist with 27 dogs.I have gotten to this dubious position with absolutely no planning, and at no stage in my life could I have predicted it But here I am.My childhood was relentlessly normal The middle of three brothers, loving parents, a middle class home in Paterson, New Jersey We played sports, studied sporadically laughed around the dinner table, and generally had a good time By comparison, Ozzie and Harriet s clan seemed bizarre.I graduated NYU, then decided to go into the movie business I was stunningly brilliant at a job interview with my uncle, who was President of United Artists, and was immediately hired It set me off on a climb up the executive ladder, culminating in my becoming President of Marketing for Tri Star Pictures The movie landscape is filled with the movies I buried for every Rambo , The Natural and Rocky , there are countless disasters.I did manage to find the time to marry and have two children, both of whom are doing very well, and fortunately neither have inherited my eccentricities.A number of years ago, I left the movie marketing business, to the sustained applause of hundreds of disgruntled producers and directors I decided to try my hand at writing I wrote and sold a bunch of feature films, none of which ever came close to being actually filmed, and then a bunch of TV movies, some of which actually made it to the small screen It s safe to say that their impact on the American cultural scene has been minimal.About fourteen years ago, my wife and I started the Tara Foundation, named in honor of the greatest Golden Retriever the world has ever known We rescued almost 4,000 dogs, many of them Goldens, and found them loving homes Our own home quickly became a sanctuary for those dogs that we rescued that were too old or sickly to be wanted by others They surround me as I write this It s total lunacy, but it works, and they are a happy, safe groupcmillan author davidr


  1. Thrills, chills, kills, humour, and a Golden Retriever named Tara.The thrills after four and half months of being separated from Laurie due to their jobs, Andy receives a phone call from her A case comes up in Wisconsin where she has been filling in for the Chief of Police Even though she officially arrested the suspect in a brutal double murder, Laurie isn t convinced he did it She asks Andy to come and see if he can help determine the truth Andy is not thrilled to give up his angst about the s [...]

  2. Dead Center by David Rosenfelt.Andy Carpenter and his significant other, Laurie Collins, are separatedbut that s soon to change Laurie is currently the acting Chief of Police in a small town in Wisconsin and she needs Andy s help There have been two brutal murders of college students Both these girls lived in a strange cult like community Andy hears Laurie s request and he and Tara are packed and ready to go Andy is there in no time after alerting his usual back up especially Marcus Clark The si [...]

  3. I have read an awful lot of terrible books lately, so I decided to go back to a series which has never disappointed me, and once again it did not Andy Carpenter, Laurie, Marcus, Kevin, Sam et al are entertaining as always here, the fresh setting of Findlay provides some ripe comedic situations, and while the plot isn t the most innovative, the witty dialogue and clever writing keeps the story zipping along and makes the whole journey an enjoyable one.

  4. At Laurie s request, Andy takes on as a client a young man accused of murdering two coeds, one of whom was his former girlfriend The evidence against him is overwhelming, which is why Laurie as chief of police had to arrest him But it didn t sit well with her hence her plea to Andy to defend him Andy is easily talked into the case A religious cult figures in, and something smells to high heaven to Andy Yet he gets to be in the same town as Laurie, so for Andy, things are looking up Andy wants to [...]

  5. Andy and Tara are distressed as Laurie has moved to Wisconsin Some time later Laurie asks Andy to come and consult on case she feels person arrested is not guilty Andy runs into a town who religious beliefs are contray to the normal belief This belief makes in investigation difficult as he not welcome to interview witnesses There are a number of twists and turns in the story The ending might surprise you.

  6. Another fun one, although not quite as tight as the previous ones, either Still entertaining, though I m going to listen to the next.

  7. A good one but not a great one I love the Andy Carpenter series because Andy is a lawyer and acts like one This book was geared toward Andy the investigator There was no courtroom trial Andy s ex lover, Laurie, called him for help from Wisconsin He packs up and moves to Wisconsin assuming he might take a case and when he decides to take the case, the alleged killer commits suicide, or does he The actual defendant, Jeremy Richardson is released The end The story line of the small private town of [...]

  8. DEAD CENTER Legal Thriller Wisconsin Cont GRosenfelt, David 5th in seriesMysterious Press, 2006 HardcoverNew Jersey Attorney Andy Carpenter misses his former girlfriend, Laurie Collins Laurie has moved back to her home town of Findlay, Wisconsin and is acting police chief Laurie calls and asks Andy to come and defend a college student accused of murdering two girls and burying their bodies behind his house Andy agrees but finds investigating the case complicated because the girls are from a near [...]

  9. edited 01 24 14A relatively entertaining audiobook narrated by the inimitable Grover Gardner, no less , but with a host of plot related flaws Right off the bat, I felt that the main character, Andy Carpenter, suffered from a bad case of Mary Sue disease wealthy, powerful, popular, and irresistible to women,he is also a media darling and at least, so we are told a fantastic defence lawyer We are introduced to him when he is still reeling from the loss of his romantic interest and has been celibat [...]

  10. Picked this up as a gamble, give it a try at my local library and so glad I did Turns out it was the earliest in the series the library had in stock and it started me with 5 in a series of 14 Always love when this happens, esp when I enjoy the character and now will be on the search for 1 and go from there Meet Andy Carpenter New Jersey lawyer, recently inheriting a 22 million dollar inheritance, from his father but still in the lawyer game, only much choosier about the cases he takes Having jus [...]

  11. This fifth installment to the Andy Carpenter series was pretty good, I guess, but definitely not my favorite of the series It was still a fun and entertaining read, but it never reached the same level as the previous novels I liked the weird cult aspect and the ending was certainly a surprise, but there was something missing from this one maybe because it took place in Wisconsin rather than New Jersey or maybe because the usual, complete cast of characters wasn t present My only other complaint [...]

  12. After being a little disappointed in the last David Rosenfelt Andy Carpenter Series I was pleasantly surprised by this one Although some of the same patterns were there as in previous books this one had me captivated until the very end And though I had some good guesses for this Who Done It I was never really ready to commit to any of them Just when I thought I might know new developments would arise and I found myself questioning it all over again So with renewed excitement I have now decided t [...]

  13. Andy Carpenter, a New Jersey attorney, travels to Wisconsin to help his ex lover Laurie Collins, the acting chief of police in her hometown She has arrested a young man for murder but she believes he is innocent She wants Andy to represent him as his lawyer Andy Carpenter is a unique and very entertaining character This is the fifth book in the series This book has it all with its lively, witty dialogue, interesting characters and a well paced plot Andy is also a pet lover Highly recommend.

  14. Full review at Smoke Mirrors books n music 201 This is the fifth installment in the Andy Carpenter series and for me, the funniest I laughed while reading this one than the preceding four Of course, there was excellent material for humor, given his relationship or lack thereof with Laurie This series is a winner in my book Always enjoyable, always a good mystery Perhaps a few dead bodies than I typically prefer, but not so much that it detracts from the wry wit and humor And who couldn t love [...]

  15. I received my books from the Library by mail and have read this one already It was very good, but I should have read Sudden Death first They were out of sequence, but DR is just a good writer it did not make a difference Again, Andy, Laurie Tara did a great job keeping my interest These books will never go into my not interesting enough to finish folder I started reading Sudden Death and am enjoying this one also.

  16. Normally I read a book, think about it overnight, then write a review I m not doing that this time as there really isn t much to think about.This book is mildly amusing, reasonably fast paced the only interesting character other than Andy himself view spoiler is murdered half way through hide spoiler If you want to read something entertaining by Rosenfelt, read his bio on GR Now that had me chuckling

  17. One gets the impression that this plot was designed to showcase funny remarks about Wisconsin, and if you ve ever lived there as I have you will get a big kick out of this book Even aside from the jokes about winters and cheese, however, these humorous mysteries from Rosenfelt never fail to entertain me I don t see a Pulitzer in the author s future, but I do see a lot of loyal readers like myself who love having a witty, diverting read.Rating 3.5 5

  18. Another mystery with Andy Carpenter, lawyer and dog lover, that kept me entertained to the end This one was a little different no courtroom antics here or very few.

  19. Last of the series for me Don t get why the author moved the love interest, but generally the story was both too simplistic and too far fetched, as well as just plain boring.

  20. Not the best novel in the Andy Carpenter series, but it still delivered on a great mystery and some funny moments.Andy is struggling in his love life after his girlfriend left him One day, he sees her on tv after 2 college students were killed in her town She calls him and wants him to defend the guy that she just arrested Andy drops everything and goes to Wisconsin to defend the young man I did like the change in scenery from NYC to Wisconsin and how Andy had to adjust to life in a small town I [...]

  21. Andy and Laurie have broken apart and are living in two different parts of the country What should bring them back together but a gruesome double murder In Dead Center, Andy travels out to Laurie s home town where she is currently heading up the local police department When evidence compels her to arrest a local young man that she doesn t believe is guilty, Laurie asks Andy to come and defend him The reader gets to see what Laurie s life is like back in quaint and friendly Findlay We also get to [...]

  22. A fun mystery Attorney Andy Carpenter travels to Wisconsin at the request of his former girlfriend to help a boy accused of murder He takes his dog, Tara, with him and settles in a rented house He works to free his client and find the real killer He works with a local attorney who also ends up dead and so does one of the witnesses they track down The murdered girl is from a closed religious town that has some very odd practices Andy reunites with his girlfriend who is acting chief of police in t [...]

  23. Another good Andy Carpenter novel I liked this one better than the last couple I ve read.His girlfriend, Laurie, has left him to return home to Wisconsin He feels the loss of their relationship but is still reluctant to go and see her when she asks for his help.She is investigating a double homicide She has the killer in custody but feels certain the the young man Jeremy, did not kill the two girls She wants Andy to represent him As ever, Andy does not want the case.Curious to see Laurie, Andy d [...]

  24. his is a really different book in the Andy Carpenter series lawyer with dog interests who takes the underdog as a client The cult of the Centurions makes this a different book, though it s filled with humor and witty comments, there are some spiritual religious aspects to the story Laurie and the others play a big part of this book which takes place in Wisconsin, land of cheese I liked this one for the setting, the characters, the flavor of the Midwest and because it mainly takes place in severa [...]

  25. This is the fifth in the Andy Carpenter series, which I am choosing to read in order Carpenter still makes me laugh This one takes Andy to Wisconsin when estranged girlfriend Laurie asks him to represent the young man she has arrested for the murder of two young women from a local cult Calvin, the local attorney working with Andy is a delightful character Things I particularly love about this series Tara the wonder Golden Retriever and song talking.

  26. As usual, Andy and Tara take on than they bargained for when they head out to rural Wisconsin Though Laurie and the police department are involved, I couldn t quite call it a police procedural Though a religion cut is involved, I couldn t add the religion tag Novelist calls Andy snarky I just enjoy his self deprecating humor And let s not forget the dog 4 stars for those who enjoy cozy mysteries without little old ladies.

  27. Just as hilarious as the first one Yes, purists might argue that it s not a serious crime novel because of its flaws like the mobile being left behind not once but twice and Andy not carrying a camera to record significant events But who cares Grover Gardner s brilliant narrating of this book covered over all the cracks for me and left me with an entertaining read with great characters and laugh out loud lines I m off to read Book Number 2 Highly recommended.

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