Armand el vampiro

À Armand el vampiro ↠ Anne Rice - Armand el vampiro, Armand el vampiro In the latest installment of The Vampire Chronicles Anne Rice summons up dazzling worlds to bring us the story of Armand eternally young with the face of a Botticelli angel Armand who first appeare

  • Title: Armand el vampiro
  • Author: Anne Rice
  • ISBN: 9788498720310
  • Page: 147
  • Format: Paperback

À Armand el vampiro ↠ Anne Rice, Armand el vampiro, Anne Rice, Armand el vampiro In the latest installment of The Vampire Chronicles Anne Rice summons up dazzling worlds to bring us the story of Armand eternally young with the face of a Botticelli angel Armand who first appeared in all his dark glory than twenty years ago in the now classic Interview with the Vampire the first of The Vampire Chronicles the novel that established its authorIn the latest i À Armand el vampiro ↠ Anne Rice - Armand el vampiro, Armand el vampiro In the latest installment of The Vampire Chronicles Anne Rice summons up dazzling worlds to bring us the story of Armand eternally young with the face of a Botticelli angel Armand who first appeare

  • À Armand el vampiro ↠ Anne Rice
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Armand el vampiro

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    Anne Rice born Howard Allen Frances O Brien is a best selling American author of gothic, supernatural, historical, erotica, and later religious themed books Best known for The Vampire Chronicles, her prevailing thematical focus is on love, death, immortality, existentialism, and the human condition She was married to poet Stan Rice for 41 years until his death in 2002 Her books have sold nearly 100 million copies, making her one of the most widely read authors in modern history.She uses the pseudonym Anne Rampling for adult themed fiction i.e erotica and A.N Roquelaure for fiction featuring sexually explicit sado masochism.


  1. I have no words for how unendurably horrible and boring this book is Armand knows only how to cry, beg people to love him and seemingly can t get his head around Christ He is a pathetic wanker that can do nothing on his own, with an unhealthy obsession with Lestatwhom he both loves and hates He s 17 when turned a vampire, but when he s 500 years old and still 17 in his head, all you want is to strangle him Apart from that the narrator being an idiot and a madman the book lacks plot Absolutely no [...]

  2. First of all, Armand is one of my favourite characters The way he showed himself in the first two books was utterly fascinating and captivating Second, I m confused why some people complain about the sexuality and erotic scenes with young boys It may not fit to our culture but it should be remembered that times were different then and this book was about that time also.Now, I don t know what went wrong but I didn t get the same feeling from this Armand s autobiography Though I liked the descript [...]

  3. For all I adore this book and reread it whenever I feel down, underline some thought provoking passages and short phrases Anne Rice uses and admire her writing style for it s uniqueness, I still believe that Anne Rice showed her crazy in the second half of The Vampire Armand.Armand is the Botticelli angel, as many call him, and he delights in it, I think, purely so Rice can start the book by having him rip a victims scalp off and stomp on it to spite David Talbot, who asks his to stop He does pr [...]

  4. I m completely unable to like this book I just can t I only read it because I m a fan of Anne Rice s Vampires series I was never really Armand s fan and this book only made me hate him even I even tried to see the story through his and Marius point of view, but no matter how beautiful may be the story of a mature man trapped in a angel like boy, the constant and exhaustive repetition of this fact is simply annoying Armand himself thinks he is too much of an adult, but during the WHOLE BOOK his [...]

  5. Horrid Egg yoke Seriously She doesn t know the difference between yoke and yolk Armand is in a new room.She spends an hour describing that room.Then spends an hour describing the clothes they wear while standing in that room.Then spends an hour explaining how Armand feels about the clothes they are wearing while standing in that room.Halfway through the chapter she reminds you why they are in that room.Which is good because after all that useless filler bullshit I ve completely forgotten that Ar [...]

  6. Lestat lies in a coma like sleep in a chapel and while vampires gathers around him, Armand tells his story to David Talbot, Lestat s former Talamascan fledgling Armand takes us with him through his childhood in Kiev from where he is kidnapped and sold to slavery, to Venice where Marius saves him and eventually gives the dark gift and to Paris where he led his Satanic Vampire cult Maybe I should start this telling that this was 4th or 5th time reading this and yep, I still love it Armand s always [...]

  7. I am giving this book two stars only because Anne Rice is a talented author, and I can t bear to give this a single star rating though, honestly, it might deserve it Man, what a bummer I loved the last four volumes in this series, but this was a mess Written after a short hiatus from the Vampire Chronicles, this volume follows Memnoch the Devil, which Rice said was supposed to be the series finale That would have made sense, and it would have been a fine note to end on Instead, three years later [...]

  8. This is where I stopped in the series Anne Rice had the habit of making all her characters extremely homo erotic from the beginning, but I could deal with it because the stories were excellent I had to draw the line at this book though Reading about ancient vampires giving and receiving head from little boys is not my idea of entertainment.

  9. What I got from this Novel, is that it is a book about Love, and secondary of Faith Now u may be saying wait a minute, oh no, must of have been a pre cursor to Twilight, which BTW I have not read yet This is hardly a book bout Puppy Dog teenage loveAlso I have noted some controversy amongst other reviewers about the elements of Homosexuality in this book I, as a Heterosexual, was not offended by these passages, and thought they were portrayed rather artisticaly, and not in a pornographic manner. [...]

  10. Well, this is my second favorite book in the Vampire Chronocle series the first is Blackwood Farm, then this, then The Vampire Lestat The reason I love this book is not only the character Armand, who is without a doubt my favorite Sorry Lestat You re second , but also the fact that he dictates his story from when he was a boy and how he grew up for a few years in Venice, Itlay with Marius during the Renaissance That time happens to be my favorite modern 1500 s to present historical time period T [...]

  11. For me, The Vampire Chronicles are the be all end all of vampire novels And while I have my favorites within the series, I find myself comparing every other vampire novel I read to the entire set So, if you want to discuss them, go ahead and send me a note And if you re new to the vampire genre, you can t go wrong with Anne Rice This one is my second favorite of the series.

  12. Una historia aburrida, que no despega nunca quiz s porque no hay un hilo argumental que lleve la historia, quiz s porque los personajes son contradictorios, d biles y poco interesantes, quiz s porque hay una combinaci n de todo esto El conflicto religioso de Armand Amadeo Andrei no tiene ni pies ni cabeza y sus cambios de personalidad son tan violentos que resultan incomprensibles.La nica raz n por la que le doy dos estrellas en lugar de una es porque Anne Rice sabe much simo de historia, arte y [...]

  13. I was good up to about a quarter of the way into the book where suddenly all plot and personality of beloved characters fell to pieces and into a train wreck of a novel I didn t finish the whole thing because I couldn t bring myself to watch as the corpses of perfectly good characters where poorly forced around the novel After finishing Armand s origins just close the book, put it down and walk away After reading what I did of this book I had to go into a detox using Let The Right One In to rega [...]

  14. Another in depth book about Armand, one of the characters in the vampire series for Anne Rice Excellent, in depth, book that explains his wonderful character, that the other books just touched upon Great read.

  15. This next installment in the Vampire Chronicles continues from the end of Memnoch the Devil David Talbot approaches Armand to convince him to share his life story with him Up until now, we have only viewed Armand through the lens of others and from a distance, knowing him to be the Botticelli Angel , the beautiful eternal adolescent We now get taken back to Venice 500 years prior to where Armand is a young slave brought over from Russia and rescued by Marius, the ancient vampire, who takes him i [...]

  16. The Apassionata has been the official soundtrack of this book ever since Armand described how wonderful it was Sybelle playing it I confess that my very favorite sonata from Beethoven has always been the joyful and sarcastic Path tique but, yes, I agree that the first one fits better the waves of different feelings Anne Rice was able to depict in another good novel And as I have always been very fond of the imaginary surrounding the Vampires, of course it was yet a great pleasure reading this di [...]

  17. Overall, my favorite part of this book doesn t even begin until than three quarters of the way through Armand has a VERY tragic story, and I do enjoy getting to see exactly how he became the immortal monster he is today And Venice of any age is a great setting for a story But so often things get bogged down in the details Armand s love affair with Marius, his fight to keep from remembering his life as a poor Russian artist and Marius fight to resist making Armand into a vampire too early, it s [...]

  18. I wish I hadn t bought that book Anne really screwed up this opportunity to shed some light on a key character in her Marius Lestat arc but she blew it If only his years at the cult would have been revealed, and the two orphans from WTFland would have been removed the book would have become a wonderful piece of fiction.

  19. When we first meet the vampire Armand, it is in Interview with the Vampire, but we never get the story about his early life and how he became one of the Children of the Night In the sixth novel of the Vampire Chronicles, Rice paints a broad and evocative canvas, from the young boy sold into slavery, only to be rescued by the wealthy Roman vampire, Marius Marius brings young Amadeo to Venice, where he runs a vast home for other orphans, educating them on the ways of the world None of them questio [...]

  20. Soy completamente parcial con este libro y ni siquiera quiero ocultarlo,la nica raz n por la que pude terminarlo y no lo deje a medio camino fue porque es la historia de Armand y el es mi personaje favorito Si hubiese sido cualquier otro me estar a dando la cabeza contra una pared porque el libro es leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeento como una tortuga y no tiene trama Aparte del deseo de David de documentarlo todo,en el libro de Armand no hay realmente ninguna b squeda de la verdad como con Louis o Lestat q [...]

  21. I had a lot of expectations when I first started this book But I have to say, it definitely lived up to my expectations Anne Rice has done other interviews, including The Interview With The Vampire and The Vampire Lestat So I assumed it would just be a re write of one of those But The Vampire Armand paints a totally different picture Instead of her usual New Orleans setting, this book takes place in Russia, Italy, and even France She definitely did everything she could in this book, she even man [...]

  22. When I read a book by Anne Rice, I know what ll dominate the plot rich, picturesque descriptions that overwhelm you and NOT lowers the value of the plot She makes you see what she writes I could smell the flowers and taste the delicacies she describes The beauty of the human body is always so emphasized in her books and can make the most homophobic men fall in love with the same gender and so she can tell you about thousands of years ago the life story of an immortal.Unfortunately, I read this b [...]

  23. Me gusta mucho como escribe esta autora y siempre disfruto ley ndola, pero hay un par de aspectos que me gustar a comentar sobre este libro en particular que lo han catapultado simplemente a las 2 estrellas Al principio me sorprendi que el contenido er tico es mucho m s acusado que en los libros precedentes de las Cr nicas Vamp ricas, si bien esto no lo suelo ver necesariamente como defecto, en este caso ha hecho un uso tan profuso de ello que la historia en s misma llega a verse relegada a un s [...]

  24. The Vampire Armand is the 6th novel in Anne Rice s Vampire series and as such, it is probably best to have read the previous novels to get the most out of this one It follows the same writing formula as her previous novels and is neither fast paced nor a boring shuffle Certainly not for those seeking a lot of action and thrilling, shocking horror Some of the style of characters can get a bit monotonous especially with the way she characterises those born in the modern world.I think it is a fanta [...]

  25. Aviso tiene spoilers que ocult y puede que cierta informaci n tambi n lo sea, considerando que ya es el sexto libro de una saga La sensaci n de terminar un libro y dejarlo a un costado con total indiferencia me desespera Es horrible Y si ya desde el principio una historia que se menciona al pasar me interesa m s que los hechos principales, entonces hay un problema grave Si bienArmand el vampirono es un completo desastre siempre me pregunto si un libro bien escrito merece ese trato , tiene cierto [...]

  26. By far, this wasn t my favorite book in the whole series, but it came at the right time One book in a row with Lestat as the narrator may have made me pull my hair out And, Ms Rice certainly couldn t have put this book as third in a row of interviews with different main characters That would seem to repetitive So, I think it came at the perfect time Armand deserved to have his story told, and I ve been wanting to hear it for a while.However, there were parts that I really liked and parts I real [...]

  27. Some time ago i decided to read all the Vampire Chronicles I started with Interview With The Vampire and Blood and Gold These books were great, i was so fond of Anne Rice s works I liked everything in her books characters, stories, all the dark romantism So i went on with The Vampire Lestat and The Queen of the Damned I was very inspired, and wanted to know all the stories about all the characters.After some time i ve got The Vampire Armand into my hands Armand very mysterious and somber, with h [...]

  28. And so it seems I may have been a little premature in my heartbreak at the end of Memnoch the DevilArmand didn t die after all, but survived to dictate his story to David Talbot, as seen here.Having only seen Armand through Louis and Lestat s eyes through the previous books , this made incredibly interesting reading and fleshed out one of the enigmatic and fascinating vampires of Rice s world Born in Russia and kidnapped into slavery in Constantinople before being taken under the wing of Marius [...]

  29. Upon finishing Interview with the Vampire six books ago I awaited reading The Vampire Armand I wanted to read this series in order and I was surprised when it went so deeply into Lestats story As richly fascinating as all Anne Rice s characters are the main focus is pretty much Lestat, until The Vampire Armand I had thought Claudia, being my favorite character of book 1, would somehow be brought back, and there s been some teasing hints that she might But, as the Chronicles continued Lestat beco [...]

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