The Pendragon

[PDF] The Pendragon | by ↠ Catherine Christian - The Pendragon, The Pendragon The story is told through the eyes of Bedivere Arthur s milk brother and first companion and covers the period from Arthur s childhood to his King making and inevitable death

  • Title: The Pendragon
  • Author: Catherine Christian
  • ISBN: 9780446323420
  • Page: 274
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] The Pendragon | by ↠ Catherine Christian, The Pendragon, Catherine Christian, The Pendragon The story is told through the eyes of Bedivere Arthur s milk brother and first companion and covers the period from Arthur s childhood to his King making and inevitable death [PDF] The Pendragon | by ↠ Catherine Christian - The Pendragon, The Pendragon The story is told through the eyes of Bedivere Arthur s milk brother and first companion and covers the period from Arthur s childhood to his King making and inevitable death

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  • [PDF] The Pendragon | by ↠ Catherine Christian
    274 Catherine Christian
The Pendragon

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  1. Catherine Christian

    Born in 1901 in Chelsea, London, as Mamie M hlenkamp, Catherine Mary Christian was the daughter of businessman Christian John M hlenkamp, and his wife, Catherine Harriett Ellett The family was of German extraction, although they had been settled in England for some time before Mamie s birth They changed their name some time during the First World War, in order to avoid being identified as German Mamie was educated at Croyden High School, and became involved, some time in the 1920s, in the Girl Guide Movement She edited The Guide the journal of the movement from 1939 1945 Her friend and flatmate, Margaret Peg Tennyson, edited The Guider during that same period, and published guide novels under the pseudonym Carol Forrest sometimes erroneously attributed to Christian After the war, Christian and Tennyson moved to Devon, where Christian was, for a time, Curator of the Salcombe National Trust Museum The two were involved in the Guide International Service, and helped the former Polish Chief Guide run a home for war orphans Christian died in 1985.Christian s life long interest in Guiding is apparent in her many children s books, which often feature Guides In addition to her children s stories, she also wrote historical fiction and Arthurian fantasy for adults, and published four Ranger books under the pseudonym Patience Gilmour.


  1. I didn t end up finishing this Perhaps because it was a book I read for my dissertation, and I was just reading for certain details, perhaps because it just feels dated and too much like everything else I ve read The closest comparison is with The Mists of Avalon, which I also disliked, if that helps.There s nothing wrong with it as such, it s just the whole Celtic nostalgia thing doesn t work for me, particularly when you un Celticise the most Celtic character of the lot Cai.

  2. It was so good to read an un messed about version of the Arthur story, telling it straight and giving explanations for the magic that could go either way And the end was beautifully done, very light touch I still cried a bit.

  3. While the core story of Arthur, Guinevere and Camelot is the same, there are variations as this book proves It is well paced and elegantly written with characters who seem real The tale is told by Bedivere, Arthur s friend from childhood and his constant companion, confidant and self appointed protector There are some surprises in what we traditionally think of as the Camelot legend, and this is a gentle telling in many ways Quotes Bedivere I was not happy I had never known loneliness before, s [...]

  4. This was a wonderful book I ve been trying to find a copy again, for ages Now that I ve found it on this site, I m going to try again I read Mists of Avalon some time after reading this book and I was convinced that the author, Zimmer Bradley, basically used Catherine Christian, and used The Pendragon heavily for her idea In fact, there s one spot, where Lancelot is bringing Guinevere to Arthur, where one paragraph is extremely similar, but I d have to have the books again to check The Pendragon [...]

  5. This is not your usual Arthur In this telling, there is no magic The sword in the stone was a gimmick rigged by the merlin The merlin is an office, the chief of the Celtic spies, named after the bird Arthur is a Celtic nobleman raised in a Roman household during the end of the Empire He represents the best of both worlds in a climactic fight against the invading Saxons It s all situated in the real world and it s all quite plausible It isn t fantasy it s history.

  6. Unfortunately, this book is a lost gem among the plethora of Arthurian novels, many which attempt to follow the exemplary Mary Stewart first person narrative style and falling woefully short of the mark I remember picking this novel up right after I had read through Barbara Leonie Picard s juvenile rendition of the Arthurian legends, followed up by T.H White exquisite tetralogy on the matter Aching to find a copy of Malory or some Penguin editions of Arthurian classics Malory, I devoured whateve [...]

  7. This is an INCREDIBLE book.The seamless blending of legend and fact makes for the most accurate representation of The Arthurian Story that I have discovered thus far.It is a historical type text, similar to the style of J.R.R Tolkien s The Hobbit, in that it chronicles events with limited pathos.Highly recommended for anyone interested in 1 The Arthurian Story2 History3 Legend and FolkloreAnd for any one who enjoyed The Hobbit.

  8. I love this book I ve read it a couple of times before, it was one of those things that my dad found for me in the church basement, with all the stuff for the church fair tag sale he knows I m into this kind of thing, and he s found me some real gems in there.This is a fictional retelling of the King Arthur legends myths that incorporates some of the recent evidence from historical and archaeological research regarding the times and places that birthed the stories we ve become familiar with.As [...]

  9. This one started out quite strong for me I liked the characters, I liked the story lines, I liked the twist on the usual I was annoyed however at, although using a side character to relay the story is often clever and fresh, it also does just thatputs you on the sidelines and very often not privy to certain things Consequently, I felt and removed from the story and felt a little bored with the character we were following He never married, he rarely dallied and certainly did not recount it for [...]

  10. I first read this book many years ago, and upon revisiting, I find that it remains my favorite telling of the Arthurian legend This book moves me in ways I can t easily explain, but Christian s framing of the story recounted to historical minded monks from the deathbed of Bedivere is powerful Her narrator is a soldier and a practical man, who views the mystical with a reverent but distanced eye, and his grounded nature makes the story feel immediate and real It s a melancholy tale, but then all [...]

  11. No matter how close I got to the end, it seemed I would never actually finish the book More pages kept popping up out of nowhere I enjoy King Arthur legends, and this was one of the best For the first time I saw how Arthur spent his years before the great sword in the stone debut The spelling of the names was different, and it took me forever to realize that the name Cai was pronounced Kay and did not rhyme with sky One I tumbled to that little clue, the rest of the names were easy to figure out [...]

  12. Interesting story of King Arthur from a friend s point of view I am not really familiar with this story other than the Disney cartoon of The Sword in the Stone This is not what I wanted my kids to be reading as it had treated men and war and desires in a way not respecting of virtue and principles, so I figured I d spend my time better elsewhere Anyone know of a good version of King Arthur that 8 year olds could enjoye Magic Tree House has Peter interested in the story.

  13. A well structured retelling of Arthur s story in a dark age setting But it had quite a lot of anachronisms, chronological inconsistencies, and unrealistic achievements Supposedly the story related by Bedvyr to brother Paulinus, but what we are reading is clearly not what Paulinus would have written, which I find annoying Some clever inventions regarding the Grail quest.

  14. I have read this book several times before , but I keep coming back to it as the end makes me cry, and sometimes a girl needs a good cry It s the 5th century Arthur, and the story is told by Bedivere as he lies dying in a monastery after the defeat and death of Arthur The characters are wonderfully real

  15. Three things no man can alter the stars in their courses the flow of the tides and the pattern that unrolls from the given world.

  16. Out of all the many books about King Arthur, I think this one is my favourite, as it takes a very different, very personal look at the entire story.

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