The Birthing House

Free Download The Birthing House - by Christopher Ransom - The Birthing House, The Birthing House Als een echtpaar een huis van een eeuw oud betrekt krijgt het verleden van het huis hen in zijn greep

  • Title: The Birthing House
  • Author: Christopher Ransom
  • ISBN: 9780751541717
  • Page: 402
  • Format: Paperback

Free Download The Birthing House - by Christopher Ransom, The Birthing House, Christopher Ransom, The Birthing House Als een echtpaar een huis van een eeuw oud betrekt krijgt het verleden van het huis hen in zijn greep Free Download The Birthing House - by Christopher Ransom - The Birthing House, The Birthing House Als een echtpaar een huis van een eeuw oud betrekt krijgt het verleden van het huis hen in zijn greep

  • Free Download The Birthing House - by Christopher Ransom
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The Birthing House

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  1. Christopher Ransom

    Christopher Ransom is the author of internationally bestselling novels including The Birthing House and The People Next Door He studied literature at Colorado State University and worked at Entertainment Weekly magazine in New York, and now lives near his hometown of Boulder, Colorado.


  1. The Birthing House Worst comes the book you can t even finish I got halfway through and just gave up Forget this book, let it be lost within the rest of the built to fail readings of the horror genre.I ll never get the stain this novel has left on my love for books out I ll never again buy any book without reading countless reviews before hand i mean the truthful reviews Before we even begin to get into the book and start reading we as readers are lied to On the back of the book The Birthing Hou [...]

  2. What a catastrophic disappointment I love thinking about the history of old houses, so this sounded like an ideal spooky read for me Somewhere within the first 50 pages, it all unraveled and became naught but a mess.First, I really don t like the author s style His sentences don t seem to flow at all, only appearing on the page in fits starts There are way too many sentence fragments for my liking In addition to that, the narrator s voice just feels too forced When you suspect someone has threat [...]

  3. Pardon the pun, but this book was stillborn the horror factor was lukewarm, the gratuitous swearing and sex I m sure some readers may think that they weren t gratuitous but they really do feel that way, like they were added for effect rather than organically coming from the book , and the prose were just not doing it for me I got flashes of The Others the Nicole Kidman movie, not the Tyrone book , Amityville Horror, Stephen King, Mickey Spillane and Horror Writing for Dummies Not even halfway th [...]

  4. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA yeah right This is a book about the power of semen It also has a retarded ghost not retarded as in lame literally the ghost of a mentally disabled person who is modeled after the character Nell from the movie Nell the one who says tay inna winn, missy chickobay it is particularly telling of the author s talent that he actually, there on the page, compares this ghost to Nell himself As in, I did not draw this conclusion on my own Somewhere in thi [...]

  5. So, a first novel, published by a major Brit house, marketed as horror and freely available in supermarkets and coming complete with great blurbs and a very favourable comparison to Stephen King and The Shining Does it live up to any of that No, I don t think so The story is fairly straightforward, a marriage is in crisis and in an effort to reinstate the status quo, the protagonists move to the Mid West Except Conrad, a failed everything whose father has also just died, isn t particularly likea [...]

  6. Seeing as the reviews for this seem to be so bad, I thought I d better mention that my review is not a critical one So I don t know if it s just a personal preference and taste thing Or maybe I m just easily pleased compared to others Who knows But I know I seem to be in the minority when I say I really enjoyed this book I found parts of it genuinely creepy, which isn t something I say too often Granted, it s far fetched and slightly confused to be fair, what horror novels aren t but if you take [...]

  7. Very poor book I was seduced by the cover it s great However, the author needs to note that esxcessive use of words fuck and shit and all their declensions does not make a book mature or cool The premise is interesting a guy moves to a new house, where he finds a 100 year old photo of unknown women them his wife.But the writing is bad, the characters cardboard, the relationship so devoid of substance that one might think it came from a Hollywood movieOne of the indirect quotes A man is happiest [...]

  8. I absolutely hate false advertising On the back of the cover of this book it proudly states it s the scariest novel since Stephen King s The Shining This is not true, it s a complete lie and a huge insult to Mr King Like everyone else that has apparently brought this book, I fell for this and I was drawn to the spooky cover and the synopsis on the back of the novel that sounded so good The novel doesn t live up to the expectations of the description on the back What is book really is is an extre [...]

  9. This was chosen because it was constantly on the best seller list in airport bookshops when I was travelling earlier in the year I thought there must be a reason and the blurb on the back about it being the best horror since the shining convinced me to read.About 2 3rds of the way through, I was going to give this poorly written book the benefit of the doubt that the poor reviews here and on were simply due to that comparison it wasnt scary but plodded along However, having read the last third [...]

  10. Greatest line The kid was as quiet as something pretty quiet I wouldn t recommend this book to anyone I have been struggling through this for a few days now, and I wish than ever that I had the ability to just give up on books Christopher Ransom tries too hard to come across as deep through over the top metaphors that simply comes across as shallow and poorly worded Not only have I found this book to be poorly written across the board, it is full of gratuitous sex scenes that do nothing but tak [...]

  11. I was really disappointed in this book It is fairly well written and the premise sounded really interesting but it just didn t deliver I didn t find anything scary at all in it, maybe this is becuase I didn t connect with any of the characters so didn t actually care what happened to them, but I found the so called horror parts boring.Disappointing, I had high hopes for this book, but I will probably try by the author at another time, because I feel he may have promise.

  12. 1.5 I m feeling generous.Every so often you just have to question your life choices I am currently questioning my choice to purchase and subsequently read this book.It started off okay, and each chapter found me increasingly shaking my head and loudly demanding fucking what It s all over the place I m still not convinced that was actually one book Did i actually read something Was it a feverish dream

  13. Perusing the shelves in the used bookstore at my local library, I had to pinch myself when I stumbled upon Christopher Ransom s The Birthing House a month before the official release The Birthing House Delivers on the back cover with all the recommendations from other authors made it sound wonderful Warning save your money A first novel usually falls into one of two categories It is uncommonly bad and full of first timer errors Sometimes it includes brain blackout by the editor It is an arduous [...]

  14. I wanted to like this book It sounded so good when I picked it up, but was ultimately just really confusing Looking at other reviews I see that I am not the only one who totally did not understand the story My main complaints He never really explains why one of the ladies in the picture looks like his wife I don t get what the doctor was doing He kept saying take a life to create a life, but then he killed a baby so the house requires you to kill someone to get pregnant or do girls who don t wan [...]

  15. This book is awful Once again I am kicking myself for being tricked by good graphic design I wish that only books with a good plot were allowed to have pretty typography My husband and I listened to this audiobook on a long road trip and both hated it But husband couldn t give up, he really wanted to find out what happened And honestly, we both wanted the protagonist to die We had high hopes that all the crazy plot lines would be tied up, but alas, were disappointed.I have many, many questions a [...]

  16. This book had a good premise that was poorly executed The characters were very poorly developed, unlikeable, and selfish The reader is supposed to feel for them as they are faced with the horror of the birthing house, but the feeling overall is good riddance Conrad, the main character, is dealing with a lack of closure over the death of his absentee father and the lingering feelings he has for Holly, the one that got away in addition to the potential infidelity of his wife Jo, his wife, is minim [...]

  17. A great concept, appallingly executed The characters behave in bizarre, non believable ways just to keep the plot going When the main character burnt and destroyed the book that was troubling him, I gave up I flicked to the end, what I read there made absolutely zero sense, so I decided I wasn t going to bother with the rest of it if I wasn t going to be given a decent conclusion

  18. First of all, a warning If you do read this book make sure you don t pick it up before you re about to go to sleep, it will keep you awake.Conrad comes home one day to find his wife Jo in a somewhat compromising situation with their mutual friend Jake So it seems appropriate that he s just bought them a new house out in the sticks of Wisconsin This can be a new begining for them, a fresh start.With Jo away on an eight week business course Conrad is left to settle into the house on his own The ho [...]

  19. I can t even What the hell I read the whole book and I m still not sure what it s about I was so confused there was no plot really and the timelines didn t make sense, and the ending well I m not sure there even was one I would give this book no stars if that was a choice Ughhhh I m completely at a loss with this book It was one of the most frustrating reads I have ever read I still don t know why there was so much sex talk when no one was having any sex , and the iced tea thing there was never [...]

  20. What I Learned from this Book Christopher Ransom likes iced tea a LOT So the protagonist drinks a lot of iced tea in this novel, which is supposed to be a scary one full of ghosts, hauntings real and imagined ones, literal and figurative ones , twists and turns, and who knows what else The only thing that works in this novel is that it was only JUST interesting enough to keep me reading until the end When I got to that final part, the one that explains everything to us, dear readers, I was so di [...]

  21. I m not sure why this book has had such bad reviews.It was a fairly tense read, not hairs standing on end scary but spooky enough I admit this wasn t overly well written but i believe this was the authors first book so i m impressed.I would almost give this a 4 star as the plot was good enough The reason i hold back to a three star is i found in places the writing a little too messy and even after re reading sections i couldn t fathom what was really happening and who was who only makes sense if [...]

  22. I really didn t enjoy this as much as I thought I would It was veryodd I think it didn t help that I didn t like the main character in any way, I found him grating And I didn t find the book scary, it sort of fell flat in that aspect Overall I was really unhappy with this.

  23. This book deserves a higher rating if only for the line It was like dancing in a cave with a wet seal , which made me laugh out loud I feel the need to try and boost the overall rating for this book as so many people have given it 1 star I didn t find it THAT bad, and it was his first book so let s give him a chance Some of the best writers take a while to develop their style and if they didn t persevere maybe we d never see their masterpiece in the future I had the advantage of not hearing any [...]

  24. Conrad Harrison takes a wrong turn after leaving his father s funeral and ends up in Black Earth, Wisconsin He stops for food, glances at the paper someone left behind, and sees a listing for a house he decides to check out When he goes to meet the real estate agent, Conrad had to admit that the house made his heart beat faster Faster than you can say sold, Conrad has bought the house Then he returns home to Los Angeles to tell his wife Joanna Except that when he gets home he discovers that Jo i [...]

  25. Conrad Harrison and his wife, Joanna, live in Los Angeles and are having problems keeping their marriage together In an attempt to strengthen their marriage Conrad purchases an old mansion in Black Earth, Wisconsin Conrad feels that getting away from Los Angeles and starting over in a small town will be the answer to their problems.The house he has purchased is over 140 years old and was a birthing house , a house that young girls with unwanted pregnancies would go to and delvier their babies Re [...]

  26. Readers of Christopher Ransom might like to know I read The Haunting of James Hastings or Killing Ghost first I liked this book and I like the way Ransom writes I have to say I enjoyed the Haunting of James Hastings and can clearly see how Ransom has developed his writing since his debut The Birthing House is a good book and those that read it in one, or perhaps a few sittings appear to have had success with it It s atmospheric, it s not as creepy as it could be, but we have, in Conrad a well [...]

  27. 3.0 out of 5 stars What happened in this house , June 28, 2009This review is from The Birthing House Hardcover I like some horror I m a fan of Koontz, King, Langan, and Saul I ve read Clive Barker and Scott Sigler so I m not a newbie to the genre That said, I have to admit that I m not sure what the heck this book was about It grabbed me right away man on way back from dad s deathbed takes a wrong turn and ends up buying a restored Victorian in Black Earth, Wisconsin Now that s intriguing The ma [...]

  28. I have to start out by saying this I can t remember the last time I stayed up all night reading a book I did so last night, with Christopher Ransom s outstanding debut novel, The Birthing House Ransom s protagonist, Conrad, is dealing with marital problems His father passes away, and Conrad sees his inheritance as a chance to get a new start far away from the big city stresses of Los Angeles So, he purchases a rambling Victorian house in Black Earth, Wisconsin, and moves his household.The neighb [...]

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