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Free Read Revenge Gifts - by Cindy Cruciger - Revenge Gifts, Revenge Gifts TARA COLE SPECIALIZES IN REVENGEIn fact she s an expert Lace pillows filled with cat hair for your least favorite most allergic relative boxer shorts that set off metal detectors for your cheating s

  • Title: Revenge Gifts
  • Author: Cindy Cruciger
  • ISBN: 9780765352255
  • Page: 428
  • Format: Kindle

Free Read Revenge Gifts - by Cindy Cruciger, Revenge Gifts, Cindy Cruciger, Revenge Gifts TARA COLE SPECIALIZES IN REVENGEIn fact she s an expert Lace pillows filled with cat hair for your least favorite most allergic relative boxer shorts that set off metal detectors for your cheating spouse and her best seller at RevengeGifts chocolates for your worst enemy so you can watch gleefully as she packs on the pounds Tara s best friend warns her that allTARA COLE SPECIALIZE Free Read Revenge Gifts - by Cindy Cruciger - Revenge Gifts, Revenge Gifts TARA COLE SPECIALIZES IN REVENGEIn fact she s an expert Lace pillows filled with cat hair for your least favorite most allergic relative boxer shorts that set off metal detectors for your cheating s

  • Free Read Revenge Gifts - by Cindy Cruciger
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Revenge Gifts

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    Cindy Cruciger was born on a full moon night in Okeechobee, Florida A few days later, the doctor who delivered her disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle Weird Yes But, she s used to it She graduated from USF and UCF with a degree in computer engineering and is an alumna of the Delta Eta chapter of Kappa Delta sorority She got married, got a job, had a few kids and ended up in Puerto Rico for five years There amongst the Chupacabra sightings, Santeria rituals, and all the usual island life madness, on a full moon night a the height of the summer heat, no air conditioning, fans blowing so hard the cats were skittering over the terrazzo floor trying to get some traction and failing, the scent of night blooming Jasmine so thick in the air that you could wring it out of the curtains she started writing.Her first work of fiction won an RT Book Club contest and for three years she has been chronicling the strange world of an aspiring author, try8ign to be published Her Path to Publishing column appears monthly in RT Book Club Magazine.She is a computer engineer for the University of Miami and freelances for the keynoter a bi weekly tabloid that chronicles everything and anything that happens in the hundred plus miles of the Florida Keys.She currently lives in the village of Islamorada in the Florida Keys until her neighbors read her book and kick off the island.


  1. If you want a break from the ordinary, this is your read Snappy conversation, a spitfire of a heroine named Tara, who accepts the extraordinary as her lot in life, and a touch of the old black magic it s all there in the Florida Keys.Tara Cole builds and operates a website entirely devoted to revenge The kind of revenge she deals is clever and sweet, even while knowing the karmic repercussions will be huge The rest of the story takes us along as she deals with those repercussions, turning into a [...]

  2. Quirky, fun character, conversation and ideas.The main story is about a girl Tara who has the ability to interact with ghosts She has a revenge business selling products like a lace pillow filled with cat hair to give to someone allergic to cats The writing style was different from most romance novels I ve read I was chuckling many times throughout this book, which was full of subtle surprising humor Tara would say or think something that I did not expect or was not used to hearing, and that mad [...]

  3. A story with a difference Want revenge on someone Tara s your woman A funny read with a great storyline I was stoked, after so long, to find the author has another book out featuring this heroine I m off to buy it now

  4. I decided to buy this book due to the glowing reviews and interesting concept I have to admit that the idea of sending chocolates to a weight obsessed boss to make them fat is interesting Boxers with mesh inside that sets off security alarms at airports, priceless Don t forget about the pillows stuffed with your favorite allergens All of those things were great, but that s not what the novel is about The main character runs the business, and that s about as close as we really get to it Someone d [...]

  5. Karma might have its way with most people, but not Tara Cole Tara is the sole owner of Revenge gifts, an online store devoted to providing unique gifts with a cruel twist Tara is aware that karma settles all scores eventually, but hadn t experienced a taste of her own medicine until she discovers she s been cursed The story progresses as leisurely as a day in the Florida Keys, with black animals becoming unwelcome guests hunky investors making tempting offers of partnership a spectral, disapprov [...]

  6. I have to say, I was a bit amazed at just how GOOD this book turned out to be There was a little bit of everything romance, friendship, mystery, murder, humor, mayhem and, of course, revenge Tara s character appeals to the mischevious side in all of us, while maintaining a certain innocence and naivity where we don t feel the least bit guilty to love her I don t often laugh out loud while reading, however I lost count as to how many that happened during the course of the book The read also did n [...]

  7. The author of Revenge Gifts has a nicely warped edgy sense of humor that I can appreciate Her heroine Tara tells the story in the first person and has a dreamy life living in a lovely little bungalow on the Florida Keys rent free in exchange for a bartending gig and sells revenge gifts on the internet Sounds like heaven to me Tara is sarcastic, despises kids and doesn t let any guy get too close Of course, you know, all of that is going to change, right Soon things begin unraveling for Tara as k [...]

  8. This was great I got the best feeling of catharsis from the book while reading from both sides The history of how the entrepreneur unfolds and so does the source of the disturbances in her domesticity In order for the world to be at balance she has to come full circle to be at balance It isn t the trite revenge is best served cold It is like, beware what you put into the world because you and it s energies are tied to each other and if you taunt happy fun ball you may find it taunting you right [...]

  9. I gave up on this book about halfway through with the amount of reading I do, I wasn t going to invest any of my leisure time into a book I wasn t remotely enjoying The initial concept is kind of cute, but I had no idea where the book was intending to go from there The plot was all over the place, and the main character had little depth outside of an oversized Attitude The main romantic interest was at the same time eager fratboy stalkerish and too milquetoast I think some of the bizarre plot [...]

  10. The voice is terrific the editing is quite mediocre even with problems like heel for heal the hero is almost nonexistent the sex is only marginally sexy I think I m not the target audience for this Actually I think the Cosmo reader is the target audience in this Though, like Cosmo, it s very funny in places.

  11. A woman who has built a business dedicated to helping others get revenge deals with stalkers, voodoo, ghosts, witchcraft, persnickety pets and murder There are a few errors in this one, but it was a pretty entertaining romance with paranormal elements.

  12. This book was sort of weird, like a few very different stories all mixed up into one I had to keep reading it though, to see if they all made sense in the end, and I m not really sure that they did Some of it was very detailed, while other bits were too vague.

  13. I really kept wanting to like this book It had elements that were fun and different but it just never fully grabbed my interest.

  14. Loved this book about Tara who helps people get some Satisfaction It s really about getting in touch with our dark side.

  15. Funny book about woman who makes a living creating and sending out revenge gifts things that make you sneeze or give you a rash.

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