The Stepmother: A Novel

The Stepmother: A Novel Best Download || [Carrie Adams] - The Stepmother: A Novel, The Stepmother A Novel A refreshingly honest realistic and clever look at family love and the tangling up of several lives I absolutely adored this book Kate Jacobs bestselling author of The Friday Night Knitting Club

  • Title: The Stepmother: A Novel
  • Author: Carrie Adams
  • ISBN: 9780061232657
  • Page: 374
  • Format: Hardcover

The Stepmother: A Novel Best Download || [Carrie Adams], The Stepmother: A Novel, Carrie Adams, The Stepmother A Novel A refreshingly honest realistic and clever look at family love and the tangling up of several lives I absolutely adored this book Kate Jacobs bestselling author of The Friday Night Knitting Club From Carrie Adams the bestselling author of The Godmother comes an addictive and wonderfully true to life story of jealousy regret reconciliation and love Parenting m A ref The Stepmother: A Novel Best Download || [Carrie Adams] - The Stepmother: A Novel, The Stepmother A Novel A refreshingly honest realistic and clever look at family love and the tangling up of several lives I absolutely adored this book Kate Jacobs bestselling author of The Friday Night Knitting Club

  • The Stepmother: A Novel Best Download || [Carrie Adams]
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The Stepmother: A Novel

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  1. Carrie Adams

    Contemporary fiction writer Previously wrote four crime novels under the name Gay Longworth.Carrie worked on a game reserve before university, and went on to hold her own in the alpha male world of the oil trade She s now married to theatre producer Adam Spiegel, who is responsible for putting Dirty Dancing on the London stage, and they have two young daughters.


  1. Being a first wife, I sang with Ms Divine, Goldie and that skinny chick who s name I can never remember about the First Wives Club I knew that if my husband ever got remarried to some perky lil thang, nothing would ve pleased me than making her life and his absolute hell Not only that, but I planned to delight reminding her that no matter what she did, how much harder she tried, or how adorable she wase simply was never going to measure up That is, right up until I became the second wife Luckil [...]

  2. the stepmother is a novel that will have you laughing one minute and crying the next Filled with the highs and lows of REAL relationships Ms Adams brings out all the painful AND wonderful experiences that make up life Even though this is a sequel to her first book, the godmother, it can definitely be read as a stand alone My heart and sympathies were torn between both Tessa and Bea I couldn t put down this fast paced thought provoking novel and even days after I finished it the story and charact [...]

  3. I simply don t like this book It s not my cup of tea So, I won t force myself to finish this book There are still a lot of books out there that needs my love and attention.

  4. I wish I had read this book before I married a man with three daughters It would have helped a lot in understanding the differences in being a support system step parent vs a primary caregiver father mother.This is a must read for anyone contemplating becoming a stepparent My favourite quote is I get jealous and that makes me feel insecure, and insecurity can turn even the most level headed woman into a fruitcake A dangerous one at that It s easy to see why stepmothers can become so evil Our hus [...]

  5. Ehh I really did not care for this sequel Tessa was a bit mature than in her debut in The Godmother, but she still acted closer to her shoe size than her age And though I did not think it was possible, Bea, the first wife, was even unsympathetic and unlikable character And again, for a book that is marketed as chick lit, there was very little romance involved Once , James was of an idea, a figment of a man, than actual character Really, the whole plot was a predictable cliche And frankly, it [...]

  6. The Stepmother is a story that is very relatable to most people and it keeps you on your toes while reading it because you keep thinking about what s going to happen next It s about a woman named Bea who is trying to rediscover herself after a divorce She has three kids and they are her whole world After her divorce she is confused and still is in love with her ex, Jimmy All Bea wants is her family to be together again but Jimmy is getting married to someone else named Tessa Tessa tries to be th [...]

  7. St le dookola tam rovnak knihy new adultky, sla rny a podobn kratu k kni o ky M te tam dobr , mil , ikovn , m dru atd hrdinku t mrchu a r zne stupne zl ho sladk ho chalana ktor je v skuto nosti naozaj zo zlata Machocha je nie je t k to kniha iadna mrcha, iadna skvel hrdinka ani bezchybn hrdina Je to asi prv kniha, pri ktorej som si uvedomila, e takto nejako to naozaj vyzer a autorka sa to nesna nijako vylep i po ah uj cimi okolnos ami V skuto nom ivote nikto nie je bezpodmiene ne zl ani dobr , n [...]

  8. I picked this book up because the Godmother had been recommended to me, but it was not yet available at the library It became available before I started this one That being said, I had no idea until I got to the third chapter that this book was a sequel to the earlier novel I enjoyed the book, but like many other readers liked the godmother better I think it s possible for an author to pull off a book with than one narrators, but it s really challenging This one fell a little flat In the first [...]

  9. reviewed at Mama Kucing Books The Stepmother by Carrie AdamsThere is really no right or wrong in this book It depends on ones perception At first, I hated Bea for divorcing James and then wanting him back But then later on she gave good reason.Then I hated James for not being there when Tessa needed him and when he refuses to see reason when Tessa tried to reason with him However, he managed to admit his mistake and he was doing what he had thought is best for everyone.As for Tessa, she seems so [...]

  10. A great second book from Adams I highly recommend reading THE GODMOTHER first, because this book doesn t go into in depth recaps that some sequels do thank goodness This book stayed with me throughout the course of a week I stole time here there, whenever I could, and completely enjoyed the entire story Adams writes about circumstances that are sometimes unfortunately extremely realistic But she writes about them in a fabulous, funny style, and gives every person a character or point of view to [...]

  11. So horrid I was insulted How do these people get crap like this published I have nothing against chick lit except for when it is so freaking typical and unoriginal and boring and bad that it hurts my eyes.I am so sick of books with apples on the cover.I thought this was a different book when I checked it out of the library.Unless things took a drastic turn for the better after page 61 I will file this under rubbish.

  12. Really wanted to like it me good things Interesting dynamic but not well developed Emotions of the characters were way too sporadic to hold my attention, especially those of Tessa who seems unreasonably jealous and whiny to me It might just be my mood tonight I am irritated in general, but I have tolerated too many books recently I just don t have the patience for this one I need a break from the mediocre and feel the real need for another page turner right about now.

  13. The emotional depictions of each of the characters as they intertwine with past and present keeps you reading from page one The characters are so real And quirky I especially like that Carrie Adams writes in a way that is not prudish but clever and honest But you must read The Godmother first

  14. Man what a sequel to Godmother It was unpredictable, funny, heart wrenching and hopeful all at the same time We return to Tessa King s life and her relationship with James Kent, who just started getting to know each other at the end of the first book Her and James embark on life together and with his 3 daughters Oh and his ex wife Bea Her perspective is written in this book, which I happen to love First wife meets second wife And it s not so pretty A lot of things happen the kids are having a ha [...]

  15. I didn t enjoy reading the first half of this book, as I found both lead female characters incredibly unlikable whiny and annoying even with having been familiar with Tessa s character from Adams first novel, The Godmother Perhaps if the book would have started from her point of view rather than Bea s, I might have felt differently from the start Then again, maybe I would have been biased towards Tessa Regardless, I spent the first half of the book hating both characters By the end, I can t day [...]

  16. I was going to give this four stars, a few chapters before it ended, but something that happened I don t want to give away too much of a spoiler but basically the fact that the husband thought buying his wife s love was important than supporting her through a tragic time in her life that really pissed me off That was ridiculous that she just let that slide because OMG, an expensive thing 1 is way important than being there for her He never changed throughout the god damned book and she never d [...]

  17. I started to read this book just to kill some time and ended up not being able to put it down It s not my normal choice for a read, but I m glad I was too lazy to go through my books to find one I know I would like because I would have missed out on a good story.I found myself siding with different characters as I read on The person I hated in one part of the book, I started to sympathize with in another It was a roller coaster of emotions and cynicism and yet hope This book captivated me becaus [...]

  18. This is one of those books that makes me want to go back to every other book rated 5 star and have a rethink This book, in my opinion, is really deserving of the top rate I give it I was slightly wary of reading it due to the ready badly designed cover How can publishers get it so wrong What an opportunity missed not to market it to readers of Joanna Trollop is every bit as clever as hers, if not so The cover,,,a pink background with a line drawn,sihouetted top modellooked like chic lit at its [...]

  19. I SO enjoyed this book There are a great many stories about stepmothers and family dynamics, but this one is uplifting The characters are great and the storyline brilliant.Jimmy and Bea have been married for a number of years and have three daughters The eldest is 14 Amber then LuLu is quickly followed by Maddy They have been, and are, the center of Bea s word Four years ago, Bea left with the girls and went to stay with her mother Exactly what happened is eventually revealed as the story unfold [...]

  20. I didn t like this book But then I read all the reviews you should gain 500 pounds for the having of babies that woman was clearly satan blah blah blah and now I kind of want to give it one other star.And it wasn t just I m selfish and don t want to get fat It was also debilitating depression as well But I guess she just should have dealt with it because babies Really, people I guess it figures though Considering the types of people that would be drawn to a book like this the DRAMA I picked up t [...]

  21. Stieft chter und andere Katastrophen ist meiner Meinung nach um einiges sch ner und vor allem vielschichtiger, als der Klappentext es dem Leser eigentlich vermittelt Die vielen unterschiedlichen Charaktere, die miteinander agieren und in diesem Patchwork Familienchaos ihren Stellenplatz versuchen zu finden, haben interessante Pers nlichkeiten in so vielen unterschiedlichen Facetten und obwohl jeder dieser Personen seine Schw chen hat, liebt man jedes einzelne Familenmitglied Die verlassene, alko [...]

  22. I thought this book would be a delightfully catty tale from the stepmother s perspective of the difficulty and ridiculous expectations of blended families But instead, it was a pretty serious book with lots of difficult real life stuff in it and all three dimensional characters It actually started from the first wife s perspective and alternated between her and the stepmother to be It didn t take long at all before I wanted them both to win and be happy kind of impossible since they both wanted [...]

  23. The summary alludes to Tessa and Bea finding out that they need each other That, oddly enough, they understand where the other is coming from However, this encounter does not happen until well past the halfway mark And the encounter is nothing that I expected, and their future interactions are surprising as well Yet we watch as Tessa and Bea both come to terms with themselves, with each other, and their love for James Kent.Carrie Adams does an excellent job with capturing both women s perspectiv [...]

  24. It s a good story and I think the relationships are fairly realistic I believe Tessa s confusion when handed three children and her initial yearning to make it all stop, and I believe Bea s need to have her children there to validate her existence, even before we hear about her main motivation My problem really is with some of the dialogue between Tessa and James It makes me squirm half the time, all the my loves and such, I don t know, it didn t seem real, just a romantic novel tacked onto a pr [...]

  25. This was a good book British novels are so different, though It was good, but very jumpy at times I did enjoy it though I could totally sympathize with the feelings and emotions of the Stepmother a woman stepping into a family with three girls A woman feeling jealous of the daughters and their relationships with their father her soon to be husband It sounds crazy, but it happens I also liked that it really was unpredictable Some of the story came without warning, and I like that It seems like it [...]

  26. Loved The Godmother and really looked forward to this book and was very excited when I discovered that it was about Tessa Part of why I liked The Godmother was that Tessa ended the book single so many books these days have the strong single heroine at the beginning and by the end she finds true love and realizes that life is much better as a couple As a single gal I don t like the way literature portrays single as a negative thing, so when Tessa was unmarried at the end of the book I felt like i [...]

  27. As someone who has had a stepmother for close to 30 years, I was ambivalent about reading this book and it sat on my shelf for a year before I picked it up But when I did, boy was it worth it.Beautifully written, The Stepmother gave me some insight into how my stepmother might have felt stepping into a ready made family with two daughters and an ex wife down the street, but mostly it is its own story, and, in the British tone in which it is written, I can honestly say it is simply a bloody good [...]

  28. This is a great book for all those women out there who are stepmothers It almost was like having coffee with other women who are in the same role as yourself I commend Tessa King, the woman in the book who is engaged to the man with 3 daughters I wish I would have had the heart she had to be a better stepmother to my stepsons The story has it all Bea Kent the single mom and what she encounters raising her daughters on a day to day basis The only drawback is, unless you have been exposed to the B [...]

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