תרנגול כפרות

[PDF] Unlimited î תרנגול כפרות : by Eli Amir אלי עמיר - תרנגול כפרות,

  • Title: תרנגול כפרות
  • Author: Eli Amir אלי עמיר
  • ISBN: 9789651302282
  • Page: 368
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Unlimited î תרנגול כפרות : by Eli Amir אלי עמיר, תרנגול כפרות, Eli Amir אלי עמיר, [PDF] Unlimited î תרנגול כפרות : by Eli Amir אלי עמיר - תרנגול כפרות,

  • [PDF] Unlimited î תרנגול כפרות : by Eli Amir אלי עמיר
    368 Eli Amir אלי עמיר
תרנגול כפרות

About "Eli Amir אלי עמיר"

  1. Eli Amir אלי עמיר

    Amir was born in Baghdad, Iraq He immigrated to Israel with his family in 1950 He won the Yigal Alon prize for outstanding pioneering service to the Israeli society Amir is well known in Israel for his lectures, articles, radio and television programs and especially for his book, Scapegoat, a semi autobiographical novel that depicts the integration of an Iraqi Jewish youth in an Israeli transit camp soon after the establishment of the state This and other novels by Amir are included in the secondary school sylabus.From 1964 to 1968 he served as adviser on Arab affairs to the Prime Minister of Israel, and as envoy for the Minister of Immigration Absorption of Israel to the United States In 1984, he was appointed Director General of the Youth Aliyah department of the Jewish Agency.


  1. It is a terific insight to the early days of the State of Israel and the paradox of individuals and the idealist community of kibbutz as well as the clashes of different cultures Nice and easy read, but hard to classify it as a novel, and even as an autobiography as there is no plot to follow and it the story captures bits and pieces of events and themes When the book is finished, you don t get the feeling of completeness and contentedness I expect from good literature.

  2. This is the first full length novel I read in Hebrew, as part of my Hebrew book club It wasn t bad I valued it less as a novel and as primary source material an autobiographical novel which offered insight into the experience of an Iraqi boy who came to Israel in the 50s and was separated from his family and sent to a kibbutz It also wasn t too hard to read I think they assign it to Israeli high school students.

  3. teenage refugee Arab jews from Baghdad find themselves at a kibbutz in Isreal Autobiographical in nature Interesting but a bit strange The kibbutz system is made real and harsh and not idealized as is often the case A gift from Amanda s Jeff on his trip to Isreal in January Interesting

  4. Extremely interesting semi autobiographical account of a teenaged Iraqi Jew who moved to Israel with his family in the 50 s, and his experiences on a kibbutz and attempts to integrate with the Ashkenazis already there You feel close to the protagonist, but I wish the book were longer in order to do justice to many of the other characters.

  5. Excellent book Middle one in the Jewish Iraqi aliyah trilogy and by far the most literary and the least stilted, most thought provoking and with a deeper understanding of the mizrachi experience in Israel, or any one experiencing a new culture as an outsider.

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