The Unscratchables

[PDF] The Unscratchables | by ↠ Cornelius Kane - The Unscratchables, The Unscratchables Animal Farm meets The Simpsons in this inventive twist on the hard boiled detective novel featuring a world made up exclusively of cats dogs and one ruthless foxBull terrier Crusher McNash is a no

  • Title: The Unscratchables
  • Author: Cornelius Kane
  • ISBN: 9781416596417
  • Page: 242
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] The Unscratchables | by ↠ Cornelius Kane, The Unscratchables, Cornelius Kane, The Unscratchables Animal Farm meets The Simpsons in this inventive twist on the hard boiled detective novel featuring a world made up exclusively of cats dogs and one ruthless foxBull terrier Crusher McNash is a no nonsense homicide detective who eats out of the can and only bathes when his boss orders him to He s just been thrownaboneaboutagruesome case involving RottweilersAnimal Farm meets [PDF] The Unscratchables | by ↠ Cornelius Kane - The Unscratchables, The Unscratchables Animal Farm meets The Simpsons in this inventive twist on the hard boiled detective novel featuring a world made up exclusively of cats dogs and one ruthless foxBull terrier Crusher McNash is a no

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  • [PDF] The Unscratchables | by ↠ Cornelius Kane
    242 Cornelius Kane
The Unscratchables

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  1. Cornelius Kane

    Pseudonym used by Anthony O Neill


  1. When I was reading The Unscratchables by Cornelius Kane I could not stop smiling I just really enjoyed reading this book And when it was done, I was sad to know that he never went on to write in what easily could have been and entertaining series of novels But when I sat down to write this review and really started thinking about why I liked the book I became stumped Why did I like this novel Looking at it critically all I can do is scratch my head in confusion and wonderment.Let s start out by [...]

  2. The observant among my followers and friends may have observed that I added this book to the Currently Reading shelf and it moved to the Read shelf in less than 24 hours.This celerity reflects two things 1 I m on vacation at the moment and have even time than usual to read and 2 the literary heft of this social satire.It s not a bad or unenjoyable read Kane creates a world of Dogs and Cats that mirrors modern Western civilization in its growing inequality between Haves mainly the Cats and the H [...]

  3. Crusher McNash is not thrilled when a murder case gets him paired with Siamese cat Cassius Lap Crusher, a bull terrier, is not only worried about his image having to be seen around town with a cat, he also doesn t like the way Lap is able to make him obey commands The pair investigate some mysterious murders where rottweillers are torn apart by an ordinary housecat, which is only the tip of the iceberg in a nefarious scheme While they try to solve the crime, Lap makes McNash aware of the psychol [...]

  4. L arcinoto dilemma se faccia pi notizia un cane che morde il padrone o viceversa si adatta bene a questo tentativo, tutto sommato non privo di interesse, di portare una critica di stampo sociale non proprio originale in una realt a quattro zampe.Una serie di omicidi rischiano di portare a galla la trama che si nasconde dietro una campagna elettorale strana e gettano squarci di luce sinistra sul tentativo del gotha finanziario di prendere il controllo dell umanit Pardon, della caninit e della fel [...]

  5. When I started reading this, I thought I might not get far as it seemed kind of corny at first, the feline and canine puns were a bit much But as I ventured further into The Kennels and Kathattan I realized this crime tale was much than cheesy jokes It really had claws, it had bite, and actually turned out to be a decent social commentary on today s society Very good read, I m glad I stuck with it.

  6. Interesting read I both loved and hated it Hilarious at some moments and idiotically inane at others, it has a brilliance unto itself As a writer, I can t imagine how complicated rewriting our world into a world of cats and dogs, so in that way, I tip my hat to Mr Kane I can t say the book was completely my taste however relying on puns and turns of common phrases into dog and catspeak.

  7. This was a fun and surprisingly good murder mystery set in a world entirely populated by anthropomorphized dogs and cats When two canine gangsters are murdered, no nonsense bull terrier Detective Crusher McNash is paired much to his chagrin with a cultured Siamese from the Feline Bureau of Investigation, Cassius Lap Together they make a sort of Oscar and Felix combo As you may predict, the pet puns come at you a mile a minute With so much wordplay, it s not surprising that many of the gags fall [...]

  8. So there s a dog detective trying to solve a gruesome murder Clues begin to point to the murderer being A CAT So a prissy cat from Kathattan, from the FBI Feline Bureau of Investigation joins the investigation But the dog detective hates Siamese cats Will they get along No But then yes.There are all the archetypes of the dime store novel, but as dogs or cats Mob bosses, corrupt side kick cops, insane serial killers, etc The Hannibal Lector character is named Quentin Riossiti Q Riossiti Get it Th [...]

  9. I found this book on the shelves in the rehab facility and it was peculiar, but intriguing.The name Cornelius Kane is the pseudonym for a well known Australian author, but I have no idea who this might be I went to the Cornelius Kane page on Simon and Schuster and enjoyed reading Author Revealed comments For example Q WHAT ARE YOUR MOST OVERUSED WORDS OR PHRASES A Do that again and I ll kill ya Q WHAT DO YOU REGRET MOST A Last time I said that See at authorsmonandschuster CBack to the book The [...]

  10. This is one of the most unique and funny books I ve read lately It combines the style of a Raymond Chandler novel with the whimsy of Babe Picture a world inhabited only by animals, where cats and dogs are the dominant species, but they go about their daily lives and jobs as humans would in our world.The writing is brisk and sharp I found it amazing how many items, acts, and events in our world could be transposed into feline and canine descriptions, as well as animal characters McNash s down to [...]

  11. This was a surprisingly good book The author, Australian Cornelius Kane, has an impressive understanding of the noir genre He has the ability to write a noir story with cats and dogs as the main characters, and write it as well as Dashiell Hammett or Raymond Chandler.The Unscratchables is the story of a dog a former POW and veteran of the Siamese war who has to team up with a Siamese cat in order to capture a feral cat on a murderous rampage in the Kennels of Kathattan island I don t want to giv [...]

  12. I will open with the one negative thing I have to say I had trouble telling what the time frame was supposed to be Based on Crusher s past, it seemed like it might be post WWII or possibly Vietnam since the main genre focus is on the 1950s detective genre But there were references to Wizard Whelp, Jack Russell Crowe, and other modern pop culture phenomena It was hard to tell.Other than that, Kane did a great job painting it like an animal s world with language janglers instead of phones, bobble [...]

  13. Great flop house reading Loved it Grab a bowl of cream and a red rubber bone.So many good lines in this book Two that I remember 1 the umbrella was so small it could ve been use for a pina colada2 insanity the diminished responsibility defenseSo many great concepts in this book reflecting the likes of our human society I suppose you think populations are suppressed with infantilization, Mr McNash is that what Dr Riossiti told you Nothing of the sort They suppress themselves With consumerism With [...]

  14. When a couple of gangsters are brutally murdered and a unique killer is suspected, Detective Crusher McNash is forced to team up with a well dressed, Jaguar driving, FBI agent The two must overcome their initial dislike as well as deeply held prejudices in order to work together to find the killer and unravel an awesome conspiracy that reaches from fixed boxing matches all the way to the Presidential election Just your average hard bitten crime story you think Not quite McNash is a take no priso [...]

  15. Humor, fiction 2009 A familiar theme cat Feline Bureau of Investigation vs dog police force detective , but must work together to achieve set in a crime thriller This book was a hoot Totally enjoyed the plot development, the movie references, the social references, the whole book I found myself laughing frequently as I raced through the story to find out who dun it after all I don t know if it would do as a series, as part of the fun was the surprising way in which common phrases were morphed in [...]

  16. A detective novel set in a New York without humans, where the civilization consists of sentient dogs and cats with 1940s era technology Must Not Make Puns In true noir style, there are mobsters, drop dead dames, and corruption in high places But this isn t Who Framed Roger Rabbit The fantasy elements aren t played for laughs they re an integral part of the story Which isn t to say the book isn t funny in places but what it sends up is crime movies, with homages to many of the genre s classics Ab [...]

  17. I was intrigued by the premise of the book when I read a review somewhere The cover definitely caught my eye I liked the story for the most part, but had a hard time getting through the dog talk, cat talk, etc It started distracting me from the story I did finish it and if this is a series, I ll likely give the next one a try Now that the relationship of Crusher and Cassius is established, they can get on with the crime solvingd butt sniffing and sandbox kicking and soy milk drinking and biscuit [...]

  18. 3.5 stars I picked up this book at a discount thinking I d just get an extremely goofy, possibly unreadable animal mystery Instead I got an extremely entertaining mystery satire with two likeable leads and lots of nods to the mystery genre AND animals in pup er, pop culture Beware, though, if you aren t into puns There are of them than you can shake a stick at A very fun ride There are some serious themes, but I recommend taking it as a smarter than your average dog noir parody rather than as [...]

  19. Un giallo animalesco simpaticissimo Crusher fa sempre un po la figura del beone e vicino a Lap ogni tanto passa per tonto, ma davvero divertente leggere di due universi cos diversi, come quelli degli abbaioni e dei miagolanti, riuniti in amicizia Che poi Crusher ha bisogno di qualcuno che lo guidi e Lap, con le nozioni imparate al corso universitario di psicologia canina, sa sempre che parole usare Fermo , Qui, subito Uno scodinzolante pu mica resistere E Crusher arriva persino a bere insieme al [...]

  20. Very cute crime novel a la noir stories of the past Except instead of people, the stars are cats and dogs Cats living in the high society streets of Kathattan and dogs, considered the dumber and less worthy species, living in the The Kennels Crusher McNash, bull terrier cop, teams with Cassius Lap, a siamese cat with the Feline Bureau of Investigation, to solve the mystery of murder, mind control, and world domination Fun read

  21. Cat Dog Characters only no humansA noir mystery featuring a serial killer Exerpt nextreads display2pAlthough I am in quite a reading slump, this book didn t even begin to interest me I bought this new to me author s book as I was tickled by the thought of a crime thriller featuring only dogs and cats as characters For me it just fell flat.

  22. This was very cleverly written about Crusher, a police bulldog and Lap, an agent of the FBI Feline who team up to solve a mystery involving what appears to be a serial killer of the large cat variety There are multiple allusions to real life places and celebrities, that take on a whole new meaning when looked at from the point of view of an animal based society.I thought it was very good especially the last line except for the epilogue NOT children s lit

  23. A campy play on the hard boiled police procedural genre In this world there are no humans, and the cats are the superior species who have kept the dogs down for centuries through a variety of subjugation tactics mainly by stalling advances in anti flea medicine I liked the class struggle angle, because without it, this would have just been a cheesy spoof Cassius Lap, the agent with the Feline Bureau of Investigation, is awesome Lots of riffs on popular culture.

  24. What a fun book This film noir style satire was not only hilariously punny , but a well written novel with well conceived, lovable characters and a solid plot My only real complaint was the lack of Australian Cattle Dogs so I do hope that any sequels include this breed And I do hope that there will be a sequel, or maybe even a whole series This is certainly a strong foundation Kane is obviously a talented, not to mention funny, writer and I do hope to see of Crusher and Lap

  25. A great parody of the cop detective novel Hammett and Spillane crossed with every dog and cat pun one can think of A bull terrier police detective is teamed up with a siamese cat from the FBI Feline Bureau Investigation to investigate a murderous cat on the rampage What they find is a secret plot of cats attemtpingto psychologically control dogs.

  26. It took me a little while to get used to everything being cat and dog names, or words that cats or dogs would use to describe everyday items However, once you get used to the style it is a fun and interesting read I definitely enjoyed this book and would recommend this to others who like dogs or cats, or both.

  27. Chock full of cat and dog puns, this hard boiled crime novel is very entertaining I am not usually much of a mystery reader, but a review of this book caught my eye and added it to my list Lots of pet psychology and social manipulation through dog food advertising themes of consumerism and blind following of media messages that resonate with the real world.

  28. The universe Kane has created doesn t bear much scrutiny, but if you run with it, you ll be off on an enjoyable romp.In Crusher, Kane has created a unique noir hero, you average incorruptible straight shooting cop with bad luck in love and a dark history Somehow, giving the cop four paws, a tail, and a feline partner make us

  29. I don t usually read books from dog s points of view, being of a cat person, but this was written in the style of an old noir novel and had such a good sense of humor that it was a fun summer read It s particularly entertaining if you know and love either dogs or cats, or if you re familiar with the New York City area I really enjoyed it.

  30. The eternal tension between cats and dogs, in a noir ish detective story The novel is quite amusing, with some inventive language on the theme of dogs and cats, from the dog narrator, Crusher McNash But after a while it felt mostly gimmicky how many dog cat puns can I think of , and it had me wondering how serious the book was trying to be about its criticism of society media etc.

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