Parasite Eve

[PDF] Parasite Eve | by ã Hideaki Sena Tyran Grillo - Parasite Eve, Parasite Eve Filled with scientific acuity and existential challenges in the tradition of Ghost in the Shell and Frankenstein this medical fantasmagoria is a disorienting look into the consciousness and will have

  • Title: Parasite Eve
  • Author: Hideaki Sena Tyran Grillo
  • ISBN: 9781932234190
  • Page: 106
  • Format: Hardcover

[PDF] Parasite Eve | by ã Hideaki Sena Tyran Grillo, Parasite Eve, Hideaki Sena Tyran Grillo, Parasite Eve Filled with scientific acuity and existential challenges in the tradition of Ghost in the Shell and Frankenstein this medical fantasmagoria is a disorienting look into the consciousness and will have you questioning the future of human evolution New life begins at the cellular level but when that cell contains restless mitochondria it will aspire to be much than jFilled with scient [PDF] Parasite Eve | by ã Hideaki Sena Tyran Grillo - Parasite Eve, Parasite Eve Filled with scientific acuity and existential challenges in the tradition of Ghost in the Shell and Frankenstein this medical fantasmagoria is a disorienting look into the consciousness and will have

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  • [PDF] Parasite Eve | by ã Hideaki Sena Tyran Grillo
    106 Hideaki Sena Tyran Grillo
Parasite Eve

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    Hideaki Sena Tyran Grillo Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Parasite Eve book, this is one of the most wanted Hideaki Sena Tyran Grillo author readers around the world.


  1. There are two things you will learn from reading Parasite Eve1 How to do a kidney transplant In fact, by the time you finished reading, you will likely be able to perform one on yourself Wouldn t recommend you try it though.2 Everything about mitochondria I didn t know what mitochondria was I looked it up The information in the novel seems very accurate in the science department, although I suspect there is a lot of speculation about the evolution of both Mitochondria and human cells But this is [...]

  2. My god, where do I even begin with this book.Let s start at the top with this This book is the WORST Worse than Caliban Cove , which has now retroactively become a two star book This book put me to sleep at least three times, though I had hoped my Australian girlfriend didn t notice In fact, having someone you love read it to you with a cute Aussie accent is its one saving grace, and I can t imagine that s what Hideaki Sena had in mind so I refuse to give him credit for that So what exactly is w [...]

  3. Many people have complained over the years to the fact that movies and games that are taken from books almost never turn out to be as good as the original source Happily, there are some gems that are hidden in the crowd of mediocrity Parasite Eve is an older Playstation game that was actually the sequel to a popular Japanese horror novel of the same title The book and game are tied tightly together, and they demonstrate that one really can have an extremely well done game based from literature.P [...]

  4. Mitochondri Aaaaaaaahhh I still kinda see this as the guide for optimum blend of hard science with fiction and suspense Yes, there is a story to be told, but if I find a kidney transplant fascinating enough to describe to you in depth then I m bloody well gonna do it

  5. Si tuviera que calificar la pura historia tal vez si le hubiera dado cinco estrellas sea por mi afici n al g nero del terror porque simplemente me gust me aterr la premisa del libro Lo malo es que el ritmo, para mi gusto, est un poco fuera de balance El principio es bastante lento y las descripciones m dicas a veces detalladas en exceso Por all del 75% comienza lo interesante Otra cosa que en lo personal me desagrada un poco es que abusen de las regresiones est bien ir descubriendo m s sobre los [...]

  6. When I had read enough of this book to know that I wanted to write a review of it, I had planned on opening said review with the line Contains one of the ickiest rape scenes I have ever read, and having read The Bighead, I ve been exposed to etc etc However, I wish to rescind that as my opening and start with this new line This book contains two of the ickiest rape scenes I have ever read, etc etc.Those who assume I am being facetious for some humorous purpose are incorrect in their assumptions [...]

  7. How to best describe this book It was terrifyingly gross and pretty darn awesome Usually books that start heavy on the medical biological aspect tend to bore me, and Parasite Eve starts a bit like that Slow, full of details about biology and further on, medical transplants that you end up wondering if there was any need to read about at all, or if they were just there to either drag the story or prove the author could indeed write about it Despite that I endured, because the writing style was in [...]

  8. Parasite Eve is a different kettle of fish than I m used to reading It is a horror novel, though pretty tame, and in my opinion of a thriller It starts off very slow indeed, a key criticism of the novel would be how 70% of it is devoid of action, and centres instead on fairly technical scientific dialogue That said, Eve eventually picks up the action, the premise is unique and fascinating, and I learned a fair bit about bio chemistry and molecular biology just by reading this puppy Moreover, it [...]

  9. Parasite Eve begins with the death of Kiyomi Nagashima While driving, she suddenly blacks out and has the same dream she had previously only had on her birthday, a dream in which she is a worm like being swimming through fluid She recovers from her dream just in time to hit a telephone pole Toshiaki Nagashima, Kiyomi s husband, is a researcher specializing in mitochondria When he hears about Kiyomi s accident, he drops everything and rushes to the hospital Unfortunately, Kiyomi is brain dead Tos [...]

  10. the author is a Japanese pharmacologist, professor and novelist.enpedia wiki Hideakie novel is the collaboration of the thriller and science fiction.

  11. Mitochondria are specialized subunits of those cells which contain nuclei, or eukaryotic cells, whose basic function is to provide energy for the cells with which to do their thing, as well as in assisting with other functions, such as controlling the cell cycle, the cell growth and the cell death The word mitochondrion comes from the Greek words for thread and granule Mitochondrial genes are not inherited the same way as their nucleic brethren Basically, mitochondria are matrilineal, meaning th [...]

  12. Parasite Eve is to Kidney Transplants as Moby Dick is to whaling This book was my first foray into Japanese written horror, and overall it was an interesting one You can definitely see the differences between Western and Eastern horror within this book as the action moves along and slowly builds The author knows his stuff, being a member of the scientific field he decided to write about, so the details within this book are above and beyond anything you would see in a standard horror novel in the [...]

  13. I became interested in this book because I had heard of the video game of the same name I never played the video game but I had a general idea of what it was about For those of you who, like me, have also heard of the video game, I ll just tell you now that the game is based off of the book, but the plots are very, very different As different as they are, the book is pretty good, in my opinion.In Parasite Eve, a woman named Kiyomi dies in an automobile accident Her husband, a mitochondria resear [...]

  14. I m squeamish and frighten easily Not what you d call a horror fan I picked this up because back in the 90s I d played and remembered really enjoying the Parasite Eve videogames Somewhere on the internet I saw mention that the story in the game was based on a book that had only gotten an English translation in the past decade Needless to say, I was intrigued Put it on hold at my fantastic library AADL, represent , and had it in my hands within a week Only after getting into it a bit did I rememb [...]

  15. Wow Just no I m not even going to bother mentioning my affection for J horror, because this book does not deserve it It takes a killer premise, that our symbiotic relationship with mitochondria could also be our species downfall, and stomps on it with all the fury of an enraged bull elephant.Avert your eyes from the next two paragraphs if you care about spoilers.Those mitochondria, the maternal ones y see, have hatched a plan to enslave their host organism, but due to an error in judgment and an [...]

  16. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this I ll be checking out Hideaki Sena s other works down the line I only played the game for a few hours a long time ago but after reading this, I feel like giving it another shot.One thing that is common for writers is to write what you know Hideaki did just that Some of the casual readers may find the constant medical and biology jargon a bit headache inducing but guess what There s a glossary of sorts in the back of the book The pacing was excellent Starts off a [...]

  17. This book, though short, took me a while to get through.I just wasn t impressed with most of it It started somewhat slow and almost seemed weighted down with all the medical scientific language than once I felt amazed that someone had translated such heightened language from Japanese It really wasn t until the last third of the page that I got into the story and was pulled in.There are multiple adaptations of this story in other mediums, I m somewhat interested in seeing the movie but I don t t [...]

  18. Freaky and scary, this import is one of the most terrifying books I have read this year This is a must read

  19. This book has different ratings based on your background I am a biologist who likes body horror as a subgenre of horror, so it s basically perfect for me If you like gross body horror, that doesn t fully kick in until near the end of the book and you might get bogged down by the biology To be fair, the science is clearly explained and there is a comprehensive glossary of terms at the end but if you get frustrated with jargon even technically correct jargon showing up in your horror, this is goin [...]

  20. It s difficult to scare others when you fear nothing therefore, the best and most lasting horror fiction comes from societies and eras that maintain a number of taboos I find it hard to dismiss as coincidence the connection between Victoriana and horror similarly the cultural quicksand of the American 1960s and the Japanese 1990s and 2000s, eras in transit with social identity crises Parasite Eve combines the standard J horror elements of social unease, body horror and queasy sexuality with a Mi [...]

  21. This is a weird book.It s a good mix of horror, thriller and a bit of sci fi The premise is very creative, though I was a bit spoiled because I already knew the main twist because of the video game based on it I haven t played it, but I already knew the overall plot I think it must have much impact if you don t know anything about it.The pace is a bit slow, the first third of the book basically describes an entire kidney transplant procedure from start to finish And the writing is weird, specia [...]

  22. This book sat on my shelf for a few years, until I finally read it, and I totally wish I had read it sooner I was a fan of the psone game as a teen, and it definitely didn t disappoint, though the feel was quite different This is a prequel to the game It s a slower, creepier story with some truly amazing, scary bits interwoven with scientific accuracy, which makes for some truly clever writing If this was a movie, it would be directed by David Cronenberg, because of its mix of body horror and da [...]

  23. As far as horror novels go, this was adequate A scientific background may be required to truly appreciate how scary mitochondria can be I wasn t particularly inspired by this plot, but my doctor friend gasped when I explained the story to her, and said that was terrifying So there s that.Also I learned enough about surgery, chemistry, and mitochondria that I am now intimately familiar with how some medical procedures are performed, so that was fun to learn However, this was a slow read.

  24. First half reads like Michael Chriton and focuses on the science behind kidney transplantation and mitochondria Hideaki slowly reveals the antagonist at play and its implications, while delivering competent characterizations that kept my interest The last act is what would happen if Takashi Miike directed The Thing after watching Splice.This was a very niche novel that I enjoyed, but I would only recommend it to fans of J Horror and Michael Chriton.

  25. Don t expect this book to be anything like the video games at all The book was good, but I enjoyed the richness of the video game so much The book starts slow, but finishes strong The detailed descriptions about the kidney transplant were extremely long and drag on in my opinion, but if I hadn t played the video games I m not sure I would like this book.

  26. The horror elements were decent, but they didn t make up for the dry and boring info dumps about biology I m still glad I read it, but only because I wanted to see what the basis for the video game was like.

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