Place of Refuge

Free Download Place of Refuge - by David G. Woolley - Place of Refuge, Place of Refuge The third volume in the Promised Land series is the story of faithful Jews in search of a Place of Refuge from the storms of history that terrorized their faith and threatened the foundations of Jewis

  • Title: Place of Refuge
  • Author: David G. Woolley
  • ISBN: 9781591564119
  • Page: 361
  • Format: Hardcover

Free Download Place of Refuge - by David G. Woolley, Place of Refuge, David G. Woolley, Place of Refuge The third volume in the Promised Land series is the story of faithful Jews in search of a Place of Refuge from the storms of history that terrorized their faith and threatened the foundations of Jewish society around the turn of the sixth century before Christ Free Download Place of Refuge - by David G. Woolley - Place of Refuge, Place of Refuge The third volume in the Promised Land series is the story of faithful Jews in search of a Place of Refuge from the storms of history that terrorized their faith and threatened the foundations of Jewis

  • Free Download Place of Refuge - by David G. Woolley
    361 David G. Woolley
Place of Refuge

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    David G. Woolley Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Place of Refuge book, this is one of the most wanted David G. Woolley author readers around the world.


  1. The detail in Woolley s books is amazing Sometimes I would find myself skiping over geographical detail to get on with the story because the story itself was compelling I loved having these characters clothed with personalities that seemed real dealing with dangerous circumstances This series is a great addition to my appreciation of the real thing.

  2. Continuation of the series Some of the ways he weaves in parts of the history are interesting others seem like a stretch I am still a little indifferent on the whole series I will probably finish it.

  3. It is six centuries before Jesus of Nazareth will be born, and Jerusalem is in turmoil After the conflict with Babylon escalates, the ruling class of Judah threatens any who dare opposes their tenuous power The Holy City is destined for destruction But amid the mayhem, two prophets of God come forth Lehi and Ezekiel However, both are in danger of losing their life Zadock, Chief Elder of the Jews and Laban, Captain of the Guard, desparately seek to eleminate all voices of opposition as they attem [...]

  4. Some much information about the regional geography and Lehi s probable exodus route s from Jerusalem Much of this story is based upon the 1995 finding of a hidden valley deep in the N.W mountains of the Arabian peninsula with a year round stream and many date palms able to sustain life This is the ONLY year round river in that region, and it resides in the Hajiz Mountains on the Gulf of Aqaba coast The mountains are also know as the Border mountains, and the Gulf of Aqaba used to be called the F [...]

  5. Good, not great I still LOVE how it paints the pictures of Lehi and his family They came to life especially Laman I cannot believe the hate that he carried for his own father, plotting and conspiring to murder him It also brought to life the sorrow that Sariah must have had to witness the gulf that developed in her family not to mention her being pregnant in the wilderness bleh Meanwhile, I felt like there wasn t enough MEAT to the book all these sobplots and side stories and characters that wer [...]

  6. It has been interesting to read about some of the Old Testament prophets and prophets from the Book of Mormon This has caused me to go to the Old Testament and history books to see what is knows about the some of these Old Testament Prophets.My biggest problem with this series is that it seems to include so much information and leave other parts unclear I m not sure if I just missed it as I read but the only hint I have that the prophet Uriah was put to death was his wife s feeling that he would [...]

  7. This is the third book in The Promised Land series It takes place during Lehi s time and is about his family It brings to life Laban s character Lehi leaves Jeruseleum with his family and Laban tries to kill him He turns to the Babylonian inspector to give him aid Which ends up back firing on Laban because the inspector comes to know that Lehi is a prophet Their are many characters and stories intwined to make this interesting The one question I have is if their is a 4th book coming out It will [...]

  8. I really enjoy these types of books I ve said it before I loved this one the third in the series as it continues the story of Lehi and his family as they have fled from their homes and are now in the wilderness This book read a little bit slower than the others hence my reasoning for only giving it 4 stars , but there was a lot to pack into this one I love reading about how life was in old Jerusalem It is so interesting, and fascinating to me I love how the author brings these people and prophet [...]

  9. I enjoy how the author includes so much historical information he does a good job at creating the characters I do not believe that Lehi s family was split into three segments during the main push of their journey I do understand the author using the mechanism to show the three possible routes taken, but the spirit dow not confirm this aspect of the plot the author create But, that is what happens when you need to make a story out of a historical time frame without a lot of details I do think he [...]

  10. Book Three in the Promised Land Series is the continuing story of Lehi and his family In this volume the family is forced to leave Jerusalem to seek safety in the wilderness The faith and courage of Lehi and Nephi are beautifully displayed The murmuring and lack of faith on the part of Laman and Lemuel are also vividly told I have loved this series and feel like I am actually a part of their lives Again, I love the author s endnotes to help me keep track of what is factual and what is fictional [...]

  11. it s the 3rd book and they still haven t chopped off Laban s head I do like the subject and the author knows his background info, it s just taking FOREVER to get done I found myself just reading the first sentence of the paragraph or the page and not wanting to read all the details for everything The library doesn t have the 4th book, so I may never know what happens to Lehi s family Wish it was just one book instead of a series.

  12. I m really enjoying this series Although his writing style is sometimes a bit off for me, I like having some fictional background about Book of Mormon prophets and people to ponder and consider I think Woolley has done an amazing job at coming up with likely situations to fill in the background of 1st Nephi This was book 3, and I think the plot is still based on the first chapter of 1st Nephi Gives me a lot to think about.

  13. Strike number 2 for me and my book choices these last couple weeks I have thoroughly run out of patience with this author and interest in this series He s dragging it out, the dialogue is trite, the characters aren t developed which makes me apathetic to their plights This series started out pretty good and has steadily gotten worse.

  14. I feel very much the same about this book as I did about the second one It s interesting to read and learn about things experts have found out about what could possibly have happened, things that aren t in the BOM As far as the actual story goes, not that great It just doesn t hold my interest, and now I m just reading to get it done.

  15. I have to admit that reading Volumes 1 3 in just a few weeks was daunting and by the middle of this third book my interest began to wane however, I pushed through and finished it My interest was piqued again and now that I have finished it, I am glad that book four is out so that I can continue on.

  16. I am exicted to read the next one In this book, Lehi s family finally makes it to the Valley of Lemuel I guess if you have never read the Book of Mormon that would be a spoiler, but for those of you that have, it is amazing that it takes Woolley three books to get there and Nephi made it in two or three chapters comprising three or four pages His story is interesting and compelling.

  17. This is the third book in a series of fictional history covering a very trying time in Jerusalem The book places fictional characters in historical settings and does a great job of using their emotions and fictional experiences to develop the historical context of the time Can t wait to read the 4th one in the series

  18. You have to finish a series right Well the first book is a favorite of mine that I ve read multiple times, but this one didn t quite do it for me It s a historical fiction about Jerusalem during Lehi s time.

  19. I read it this year as part of my 999 book challenge It was very good and I really didn t remember all the ins and outs, the twists and turns this book takes you through It was soooo much fun to read again.

  20. I was a little disappointed by this one because I knew it was going to leave me hanging my hubby told me that Woolley didn t write any in the series after this It kept referring to book 4 in the notes, which doesn t exist I just heard that he s writing another now, though Hooray

  21. I didn t realize there was so much factual basis behind this novel The author did a lot of research and capitalized on the investigation and study of others Don t forget to read the historical notes at the end of the book for each chapter.

  22. some interesting scripture references and the like The description of the fortress got a little dry for my taste Still, definitely worth the read.

  23. Book 3 of the Series This is an exciting chase out of Jerusalem into the wild country southward I got to know the lay of the land where Lehi s family found refuge Plus an amazing story.

  24. The story line kept me interested even though I kinda knew what was going to happen The research done about Lehi s family s journey in the wilderness was interesting.

  25. This book was a little slower than books one and two,however, it was still a good read Reading this book made me really look forward to book four I love a series.

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