Don't Look Twice

[PDF] Unlimited Ù Don't Look Twice : by Andrew Gross - Don't Look Twice, Don t Look Twice A revenge killing A dead public attorney A family caught in the crossfire For Ty Hauck the local detective who gets caught in the cross fire it seems as if inner city violence has invaded his quiet

  • Title: Don't Look Twice
  • Author: Andrew Gross
  • ISBN: 9780007242498
  • Page: 102
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Unlimited Ù Don't Look Twice : by Andrew Gross, Don't Look Twice, Andrew Gross, Don t Look Twice A revenge killing A dead public attorney A family caught in the crossfire For Ty Hauck the local detective who gets caught in the cross fire it seems as if inner city violence has invaded his quiet Greenwich suburb Or does someone just want it to appear that way [PDF] Unlimited Ù Don't Look Twice : by Andrew Gross - Don't Look Twice, Don t Look Twice A revenge killing A dead public attorney A family caught in the crossfire For Ty Hauck the local detective who gets caught in the cross fire it seems as if inner city violence has invaded his quiet

  • [PDF] Unlimited Ù Don't Look Twice : by Andrew Gross
    102Andrew Gross
Don't Look Twice

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    hubby, cook, dad, thriller writer The Blue Zone, The Dark Tide, Don t Look Twice, and coming soon Reckless Love to hear from and meet my fans Hope you enjoy the newest release RECKLESS, coming April 27, 2010.Looking forward to sharing my bookshelf with you all, and hoping to get some new reading suggestions Become a Facebook FanFollow me on Twitter Hope to see you on the tour


  1. Since Andrew Gross has a solid fan base, especially since he co authored books with James Patterson , I feel less guilty commenting on his work Simply put, Don t Look Twice doesn t even qualify as a good beach read The plot is well described by the publisher Detective Ty Hauck and his teenage daughter are grabbing an ice cream cone when a barrage of bullets takes out the store s window, missing them, but killing the the guy standing behind Hauck in line Was Hauck the target The owner of the stor [...]

  2. Much like his mentor, Gross provides a readable, entertaining readMuch like his mentor James Patterson, Andrew Gross has written a readable crime novel with plenty of twists and turns, lots of personal stuff thrown in and written in a pleasant, accessible style Don t Look Twice A Novel is the second in a series about Ty Hauck but you do not have to have read the first to follow what s going on in this installment The story is chock full of short chapters and the trail is complicated, but not imp [...]

  3. I m happy to say I finally found an Andrew Gross book I really liked Don t Look Twice is the second Ty Hauck series book from Gross I thought the first book in this series was somewhat flat, as well as one of his stand alone thrillers I ve read However, Hauck saves the day starring in this crafty suspense thriller With Hauck s relationship with Karen now over he s spending time with his daughter Jessica, 13 While stopping to gas up at a service station and picking up some odd and ends in the sta [...]

  4. I have to say that I didn t like the second Ty Hauck book in this series as much as I enjoyed the first one In this book, police detective Ty Hauck is in a convenience store with his 13 year old daughter Jess when a truck comes howling up and opens fire on the store A federal lawyer is left dead in this town where these things just don t happen Ty s daughter isn t hurt but is taken to the local hospital to be drugged for having seen the incident and her mother, Ty s exwife, comes to pick her up [...]

  5. Good Story but Nothing Groundbreaking.Brief Synopsis Lieutenant Ty Hauck was with his daughter at a gas station when a drive by shooting occurred What first appears to be revenge by a local gang is slowly uncovered as a deeper conspiracy Lt Hauck is told to back off and let it be but Lt Hauck cannot accept that and digs deeper and deeper as the book unfolds.Overall Impressions DON T LOOK TWICE is a fairly standard murder mystery thriller At times, the plot is all over the place, with details com [...]

  6. Best book I ve read in quite some time I think I may have read one of this author s books when he wrote under James Patterson s name If I did, I don t recall being that impressed Maybe it s because I don t like how a group of authors use Patterson s name to sell their novels Perhaps I wouldn t be so disgruntled if Patterson took me under his wing Enough ranting Andrew Gross hit a home run with Don t Look Twice I ve heard the line, I couldn t put the book down a million times, and in this case it [...]

  7. The latest from Gross a former co author of James Patterson , continues his work with Ty Hauck a cop in Greenwich who witnesses the gunning down of a US attorney Its a tidy little thriller that you can while your time away, but its fairly pat and predictable.

  8. Don t Look Twice by Andrew GrossTy Hauck Series Book 24 StarsFrom The Book A drive by shooting rocks an affluent suburb, leaving an innocent man dead A witness to the madness along with his terrified teenaged daughter Detective Ty Hauck launches an investigation into what looks like a vicious case of family retribution But Annie Fletcher, the owner of a hip caf who s attempting to rebuild her life, saw something that does not fit the bloody scenario And the truth is a gathering storm of secrets [...]

  9. A good, fast paced thriller with many interesting twists and turns I m not a big fan of stories about government conspiracies, but I enjoyed this one.

  10. Summary This book is about a detective, named Ty Hauk who is out with is daughter at an ice cream place Ty is also there with a stranger, who lets him in front of them Then, all of a sudden, a man comes and pulls up in a red pickup truck He starts firing at the ice cream place and hits Hauk in his neck, and he kills the stranger Hauk is okay, but then he looks back and sees his daughter laying on a pool of blood, motionless It turns out his daughter was okay, but the stranger next to her wasn t [...]

  11. This is the second in a series involving Ty Hauck by the author Andrew Gross At the end of DARK TIDE, Ty had become involved romantically with one of the key players in his investigation In the new novel, he ends that relationship, and hooks up with another woman who is a witness to a crime which is fundamental to his inquiry The new novel begins with Ty and his daughter at a convenience store one morning, and while standing in line to pay for their purchases, the store is sprayed with automatic [...]

  12. An appropriate title for this book would be YOUR STANDARD THRILLER NOTHING MORE, NOTHING LESS Gross knows how to assemble a decent story, but his authorial apprenticeship under James Patterson has left him with all sorts of atrocious writing habits we can only hope he ll someday outgrow Like Patterson, Gross employs ultra short chapters, one dimensional characters, and Harlequin style romance Perhaps worse, whenever his characters converse, they refer to each other by name in almost every line I [...]

  13. This book s focus was totally off but yet it was good quick read It was confusing and had a lot of twists and turns The whole first part of the book you think it s about one thing like a revenge murder or gangs then midle of the book you are thinking it s gambling then the end of the book it switches focus abruptly I m real unsure of what the author was thinking and why the editor didn t rein him in a little bit However, I can say that I like how the book is set up with short quick chapters It m [...]

  14. I didn t like this book as much as his first two, particularly the first The Blue Zone This is the second in a series featuring Lieutenant Hauck, a detective with the Greenwich, CT police department Without giving anything away, this novel involves government corruption, corruption in a casino, and a whole host of bad guys whom Hauck pursues relentlessly It also introduces a new love interest for the detective While the story line was interesting enough to keep me reading, it seemed to take fore [...]

  15. Andrew Gross obviously learned at the elbow of James Patterson A lot of noise without much story A new chapter every few paragraphs The book is capable enough as a distraction but the audio version was hampered by incongruous choices For example, Ty and his brother sound like they were raised not only in different households but in different neighborhoods Some of the plot makes no sense, Ty is the most guileless lieutenant in the history of the force, and, what a surprise , there s a giant consp [...]

  16. Greenwich, Connecticut police detective Tyler Hauck and his daughter are planning an afternoon out on his boat On the way, they stop at a convenience store While waiting in the check out line, the storefront is sprayed by bullets fired from a car driving by The man in line behind the Hauck s is killed and Tyler s daughter is injured Tyler immediately begins a search for the perpetrators What appears to be a random drive by shooting turns into an intricate web of secrets, lies, corruption, and in [...]

  17. I liked this one better than The Dark Tide which is the first one in the series The plot just held together better than the other one, and the characters started to make sense Read this one on the kindle, so no narrator.

  18. Audio did nothing for me and quit at 50% once I got out of the car have the kindle book and no desire to follow up I was wild over the one man and have been working backwards since then, think he is a great writer and can make my fingers burn through the pages, this just had no hook or urgency to want to finish Excited for his new book coming out, one bad apple don t scare me

  19. I enjoy reading Andrew Gross because he moves fast, I am entertained, and swept along in the story until the end He moves quickly and I enjoy a book that I can t put down I liked his One Mile Down a little better, and am going to read Reckless next, his third in Ty Hauck seriesI find each one gets progressively better My very favourite Andrew Gross so far is The One Man.

  20. Don t Look Twice is another Andrew Gross thriller involving a cop Ty Hauck , his crooked Brother, gang murders, and corrupt power brokers Despite warnings to leave well enough alone, Ty keeps at it as folks are killed.Andrew Gross seems to have a knack for writing these involved mysteries that have the reader hanging onto every word.

  21. Really disappointed with this book after really enjoying the first in the series The Dark Tide It began with promise but soon plummeted and I found it boring.

  22. A poor follow up to the first book in this series Very slow and not much of a story line I persevered but a disappointing read.

  23. Ottimo.Buona storia, buoni colpi di scena, buon tema la corruzione nelle forniture militari.Quache sdolcinatura nelle scene sentimentali stucchevoli.

  24. First time reading Andrew Gross Characters and plot and flow of the book were done nicely Looking forward to reading from Andrew Gross Recommend.

  25. I guess I got the picture with this series.Ty Hauck, a former NYPD detective, who after a terrible event, moves to Greenwich, CT where he gets into huge conspiracies that he just cant t help but get into to.Although from the two books I ve read so far, they do go way out there, they are fast moving and exciting If you like these kind of books, you ll really like this series.

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