[PDF] Read À Roped : by E.M. Gayle - Roped, Roped Please note that ROPED is only available at online bookstores under Eliza s contemporary romance penname E M GayleWelcome to Purgatory A club for every desire Katie has a fetish for rope and she s had

  • Title: Roped
  • Author: E.M. Gayle
  • ISBN: 9781606591291
  • Page: 248
  • Format: ebook

[PDF] Read À Roped : by E.M. Gayle, Roped, E.M. Gayle, Roped Please note that ROPED is only available at online bookstores under Eliza s contemporary romance penname E M GayleWelcome to Purgatory A club for every desire Katie has a fetish for rope and she s had her eye on riggers Leo and Quinn for quite some time Week after week she goes to the club and watches them tie up women from afar while she imagines their rough rope ag Please note that ROPED [PDF] Read À Roped : by E.M. Gayle - Roped, Roped Please note that ROPED is only available at online bookstores under Eliza s contemporary romance penname E M GayleWelcome to Purgatory A club for every desire Katie has a fetish for rope and she s had

  • [PDF] Read À Roped : by E.M. Gayle
    248 E.M. Gayle

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  1. E.M. Gayle

    E.M Gayle is the contemporary romance pen name for NY Times bestselling paranormal romance author Eliza Gayle, who finds it impossible to stick with one genre when there are so many to explore.As E.M she writes steamy, breath taking and often intense emotional romance She is best known for her Purgatory Club series, which is inspired by a goth and fetish show she used to attend when living in North Carolina When not writing, she spends most of her free time reading, watching way too much HGTV, riding her Vespa, or sitting in a dark theater watching the latest action packed or funny movies.


  1. FREE on US today 5 23 2015 Stand alone novella, 30 pages.BLURB Welcome to Purgatory A club for every desire Katie has a fetish for rope and she s had her eye on riggers Leo and Quinn for quite some time Week after week she goes to the club and watches them tie up women from afar, while she imagines their rough rope against her own skin.Now the two hunky men have decided to make their move But is plus sized Katie ready to turn her fantasies into reality ROPED Menage PuFREEBIES are often good for [...]

  2. Since when should an overweight woman only DREAM about fantasy sex Kate is done dreaming and is about to live the dark rope fantasy she longs for with the help of two master rope men Roped by Eliza Gayle is a very short, very detailed erotic read that relies on the cleverly detailed action for the clich d overweight woman who finally gets her day in the ropes If you are looking for a meaningful story line, you won t find it, but you will find pages the sizzle, steam and tease from the first to t [...]

  3. The Purgatory Trio of short stories are very well written BDSM erotica.They are basically BDSM scenes that involve members of the Purgatory Club The stories are well constructed and meet the challenge of short story writing.The other two books are Watch Me Hide and Touch Me, Tease Me, Whip Me.

  4. A nice prequel to another series Very very short so couldn t give full five stars Sorry about that.Hot and interesting Kinks for rope in this one 3.5 stars since I didn t get too much info and all I really got was sex Nice sex but nothing else to be honest Guess the author is saving the rest character development for the rest of the series.

  5. Writing Story Characters Overall rating 3.6An enjoyable, quick, erotic BDSM read dealing with rope work The story, even though uber short, really hit the erotic nail on the head, great lead in and build up I wasn t a fan of the ending, felt like the author just decided she didn t want to write any of this story Shame too, so many great ways this could have gone And that cover beautiful But if you re looking for a way to pull your erotic rope and get tied up in knots during your lunch break, thi [...]

  6. 3.5 Stars I liked that it was short because I m still suffering from book hangover from the previous book I readbut what happened in the end There s got to be right Regardless, it was hot and very very short, exactly what I was looking for.

  7. After a long day, I was looking for a quick short story to read, while scrolling through my Nook, I ran across Roped by Eliza Gayla So I decided to give it a shot BOY, am I glad I did.In Roped, we are introduced to the BDSM club, Purgatory, where Katie s favorite past time is watching 2 hot Doms, skilled in rope bondage She would love nothing better to be tied up by these two sexy men, but doesn t have the courage to present herself to them She doesn t even think they notice her, but she is wron [...]

  8. Welcome to Purgatory It was a nice welcome, indeed Ropes included.The story is about Katie, who is very fond of Shibari She particularly enjoys watching two riggers at the club play with different women, never daring to try it herself But now she gets a chance to turn her fantasy into reality This was a very enjoyable read for me With two skilled Dominants, one willing submissive, and rope, why wouldn t it be It was surprising, too The turn the story took at the end, really took me off guard So [...]

  9. If you re looking for a short, mindless, steamy read Then this might be for you But if you re looking for something compelling, if so, then I don t recommend it Roped is just a short story I wouldn t even consider it novella with little to no plot It s like a scene in fact, there s only one chapter where main character fulfills her fantasy So don t expect much development, story and character wise.

  10. Hmm, where d my comments go ANyway, I really liked this, the only part that disappointed was that the hottest part of the whole thing was in Katie s daydream I would have preferred that be a real event in the book, rather than a fantasy Otherwise, a nice interlud to read on my break, which I did.

  11. This is a short, erotic read Would I have paid for it NO The girl likes to watch two guys tie up other women in a fetish club Then it s her turn, but it s not her turn It s really weird For a short story it was okay I would have liked to know about Katie s background and why she s so self conscious It was touched on, but not expanded For a story to purchase for than.99 No The next story is a few pages longer and.99, but the rest are 2.99 Not happening I m not paying almost 3 for one chapter, w [...]

  12. I m a fan of BDSM erotica and because I didn t want to get involved in a full length novel this late in the day, I needed something short, sweet, and to the point Went looking on my Nook and came across Roped, the first short, in Eliza Gayle s Purgatory series I m not sure how long ago I downloaded this book or why I hadn t read it until now but I m glad I did.Color me intrigued Like everybody else, I have my kinks and though bondage works for me, I ve never read a book based upon the rope fetis [...]

  13. Rope lovers, this is a story for you This is a delightful short story with bondage and rigging There is a little twist in this erotica which caught me off guard and I loved it I love being surprised in a book Katie is a rope lover who lusts after co Tops Leo and Quinn These two men are experts with many a willing bottom wanting to fly through subspace while being bound Katie dreams about her turn.This is a well written piece with a delicious BDSM scene The accuracy is dead on The excitement and [...]

  14. See my review directly on the blog here I am not a fan of short stories Why, you might ask I just don t find them long enough for my taste I am ALWAYS left wanting However, this one left me wanting in a very different and good way.I thought the writing was great and I enjoyed the fact that the protagonist was relatable She was a shy, self conscious plus size woman with a strong interest in this club and the life style It s so short that I don t want to spoil anything but let s just say it s a [...]

  15. Holy Crap When I started reading this I was thinking ROPE How can Rope be erotic other than tying someone up, but that s not what this story was about But Wow Who would have though Now all I keep thinking is Where are the step by step pictures to show me how to tie those knots blush I m actually a little curious now about ropes this is a fiction book, but the idea had to have come from somewhere humm Bigger Blush LOLWow The story is basically what the Blurb says it svery shortso there isn t muc [...]

  16. 2.5 stars.The book was ok I just kind of felt like I was given the middle of a book, like there was something I missed in the beginning that explained things If I look at as just the middle of a book, it was pretty good the writing was good I know it was a short story, but I think a little could have been added to make thing make sense to the reader And I didn t understand the ending Wasn t sure if what was written was true or not.

  17. This is an extremely short but very hot story It s all about BDSM fantasies It takes place in a club called Purgatory I do not want to give to much away because this is a very short story but anyway Katie is observing one of her favorite things ropes being performed by two of her favorite men And the journey begins I know very short review but if I keep going it will give you the whole story.

  18. 3.25 stars This was a short interesting scene I wished it had continued into a full book because I was into it and would love to know what happened next But I liked the writing and the characters from what I knew of them I want to read of the authors full books.

  19. Roped is a sexy short that introduces us to Katie, Leo and Quinn Katie s been admiring Leo and Quinn s Shibari skills at the Purgatory Club What she didn t know was that they d noticed her too An erotic daydream or reality With one word from Quinn, Ours , her dream becomes reality.

  20. This book was just OK for me I liked the Males, and the Heroine was alright but, I just didn t really connect with the whole rope thing Tying someone up with elaborate designs just was eh for me Still, the story was pretty good and somewhat titalating.

  21. Looking for a scorching hot short BDSM story Look no further, rope play, impact play, corset, plus sized red head, two hot Doms, and a very nice twist at the end made this one of the best short stories I have read in quite a long time.

  22. Damn, hotLeo and Quinn are doms, to say there hot and confident is one thing, they ooze sexiness.This is a short sexy Bdsm ropes read and I would say worth the read.

  23. Quinn had told Katie quit watching Leo participate in his BDSM techniques.Leo had every intention of having a M nage trois.Will Katie participate Warning This book contains extremely graphic adult content, violence, or expletive language or uncensored sexually explicit material which is only suitable for mature readers It may be offensive to some readers I did not receive any type of compensation for reading reviewing this book While I receive free books from publishers authors, I am under no ob [...]

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